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Now, if they had a show where they took some time -- on screen as well as off -- to show the part of modeling that IS skill and not just submissiveness, suffering, sexiness, pretty-perfection-by-birth, the-latest-fashions-and-stylings-hung-on-you -- that would be SO interesting.

As it is now, you get a few dribs and drabs of these things, like, if you tilt up your chin turn to the side so the camera doesn't show giant nostrils.

A real, practical exploration of putting your 3 dimensional self into 2 dimensional space... interesting.
I don't even know if I remember even a smidge of that knowledge being was more like, "In this photo, she looks a little piggy with those nostrils--she's got to be careful about that!"

Snark where snark is not needed, but practical advice is.

Another example of practical advice would be imparting the information that if you allow yourself to be filmed urinating into adult diapers, a pretending to urinate on a bed, or creating any association between yourself and voluntary or involuntary incontinence, you likely won't be chosen to represent Cover Girl.

But maybe you can't blame someone if they'd think that was obvious.
I just hate it when someone finds me at a mall and puts me up in los angeles, does my hair, flies me to Thailand, and puts me on TV. How dare they?!!! They suck!!
I know what you mean, Wombat - it happened to me AGAIN last week, and I was all, like, "UGGCHHHH! Do I have to get extensions, a dye job, or punishing dentistry this time??"

(It was punishing dentistry. Fangs are very in this year.)

I actually dig the Jays, because I can't believe for a second Manuel's not winking at the camera every time he does one of his patented eye-rolls at the camera over someone's temerity, and I just dig the fact that Miss Jay is 6'5". Walkin' on twigs, to be sure - and a hairstying disaster more often than not - but he seems able on occasion to laugh at himself first, and I always appreciate that in a person.
Miss Jay is 6'5"? I had no idea. Maybe because I was so puzzled by the Louise Brooks bob he was wearing with his pull on skirt and knot-front shirt--he looked like Doris Day in that movie where she was busy making ketchup out of this summer's tomatoes while people drove their Oldsmobiles into her swimming pool.

But he can definitely be witty.
Miss Jay is six-five. I didn't know either, until this season. Someone said something about how incredibly tall he was at some point, and Wikipedia confirms he's a big-ole giant. P'raps this helps to forgive those skinny birdy legs?

I love his Doris Day look. It's so unflattering and inexplicable. Hee.
You do have a point, Maimy!

I'm all excited about the show tonight because I want to see what Miss J. sports next.
I get kinda sick of the "mean queen" thing, from him or anyone, but I must say he looks good this season. I like the long hair he was sportin' the first couple of episodes--but then, I am a long-hair-on-men fanatic.

I see from the previews that they're back to torturing the models. Be in pain! Be sick! Can you walk in heels? Can you? Well, how about if you walk on this?! Ooh, you fell! Did you smile when you were getting up?

So, now that they've mixed fashion with "Fear Factor," they need the third element--make them sing. Oh, and may as well add the "voting off the island" feature. Whoever gets the sorority blackball that week suffers penalties.

I can make fun of this show a lot, but I wouldn't miss it.
I've heard that there is some kind of writer's strike for this show, and consequently there is an abundance of idiocy (like Tyra's strident bad acting on the first show, and that elevator challenge last show) this cycle.

But I think torturing the models is just stupid. Why should they do an obstacle course in 6 inch heels or fetish shoes? Why are they supposed to "survive" being treated like human waste, and just come up smiling and pleasant? There is nothing--NOTHING--fierce about that kind of bullying and submissiveness.

And I'm noticing the clothes seem to suck this time around, too.

But, yeah, I'll be watching it this evening, just as I said.
I think Mz Jay is one of the most UNATTRACTIVE persons I have ever laid eyes on. His fashion sense is ick, he looks like an ugly cartoon version of the wicked step sisters on Cinderella, and the snarky things he says about beautiful women make me want to punch him.

If he was not on this show, I would be happy. I like Tango Jay though. His orange skin is glowy, like nuclear waste.

Tyra needs to get it in check. She is starting to look all LaBelle with the big hair wigs, and televangelist wife get ups.
Yeah, what is UP with her? Daughter of Momma Frumpenstein
QUOTE(wombat @ Oct 4 2006, 05:09 PM) *

Yeah, what is UP with her? Daughter of Momma Frumpenstein

I think it is a combo of adjusting to life being able to eat solid food again (I do NOT think she is heavy, chubby, or anything, I think her bod looks FAB, but she is definitely bigger than she was when modeling) and the resurgence of BAD EIGHTIES FASHION.

I know the youngsters think it is rad right now, but having lived through the eighties and seeing it REAR ITS UGLY ASS HEAD AGAIN, they were NOT good times for clothes.

If stirrup pants and shoulder pands come back, I am writing Homeland Security, for I believe those items equate domestic terrorism on my eyes and brain and heart.
Hee. I damn near spat peach sorbet on my poor sweet ole dog's head when Caridee got called out almost last, said, "Thank you for believing in me," and Tyra said, "... Jade?"

*Cue flashbacks of Jade saying the same words about five different times*

I am still missing the magic of Anchal. I don't see a model.

Proud of Miss A.J., though - she and Melrose earned their praises this week. I'm not sure how much I care about Melrose in terms of rooting for her, but she did look quite good in her shot on the runway. I do dig A.J., though. Unlike Bre, who for some reason the judges still imagine can walk, that girl can strut.
Well, the show was just as lame as I expected, but the highlight was worth it: Ms Jay looked like a big fig newton in her cobblestone walk turnout. Those of you of a certain age will know what I mean.

I am tired of the annoying impossible "challenges" (like the practically logrolling catwalk and the ridiculous clothing. Please please end the writer's strike now.

I swear I saw Jade on a tv commercial for salad dressing spray. Anyone else seen that?
Whoeever said this was modeling meets fear factor was right...what are the writers and producers thinking? Its lame and wack to me... I am half way surprised that Monique got the boot (so soon anyway)...I'm surprised she didn't push through and still try to do the challenge, (with all the shit she causes and starts)

I'm sorry, I was soooo embarrassed for the judging panel when they all felt the need to get up and dance and sing about Monique not wanting to be, was that awful. I hope they cringe and turn away in disgust when they watch it.
I was sure that, even though the judges wanted to get rid of monique, the producers would step in and say no, because she causes so much drama. They probably thought she was a health hazard.
I love that o j (orange jay) told the camera that "All these situations are realistic and not pointless." HA!
yeah, jkat, what the hell was that?
Melrose looked very cool in her shot. I didn't see the first episode so I like her still.
I wasn't sorry to see meg go last night.
I didn't Dis like her, I just thought there wasn't much to her personality beyond the stoner rock N roll party-on-dude exterior, except maybe last ditch when she cried in front of the judges and made me feel bad.
she's mostly just young, and possibly permenently stoned. and needs to close her mouth so it doesn't gap open so much. but really, I thought she was ok all the same. her last photo looked like the mona lisa to me, esp thru the eyes. kinda shifty.

melrose is the new bitch. huh. we knew getting rid of monique was too easy on that score.
I didn't see what was all that fabulous about her circus shot, bc she had a Lot of makeup on yes, but it was still done reasonably well. from a greater distance I don't think it would have been all that noticable and I kinda thought she got over. she's got more suckup action than my dyson vaccume cleaner.

aj was Fierce last night! she might just be my frontrunner at this point. she wasn't initally, but she's really grown and worked at it and she was smokin' last night And she's still a pretty decent person.

brooke annoys me. doesn't she Ever stop being rebecca of sunnybrook farm? her pictures have all been so so and her rubber girl left me cold.

still love her but her giant photo could have been better. she should have stood up as tall and straight as she could, and looked down at the props like she was miles and miles above them.
it made me mad to hear melrose trashing on her about how she's pulling a fast one on every one by acting so insecure when it's So Obvious she's the most beautiful woman here.
- and what beautiful woman is immune to insecurity and body immage issues? is't that Part of the THING about being a model in this show and learning how to overcome it?

in the first challenge, I didn't notice any of the girls using any of the contortionist poses they were showed earlier. it was all very grecian statue to me but the judges didn't mention it. so the point was...?
Megg just kept reminding me of all the teenaged, music-playin', pot-smokin' and growin' boys I ran into when I lived in New Brunswick, Canada. So I wasn't surprised when she rattled on about starting a two person band where she could be a model/ was definitely time for her to go.

Hope the first thing on her new agenda, before the band, is to get those extensions out ASAP.

I'm really, really tired of the many, MANY shots of Anchal eating, the many remarks about how much she eats, and even the clever subject selected as her Freak in the photoshoot--GIANT LADY!!! Which, in the old days, was simply known as The Fat Lady. Those photos were all idiotic, from the "bearded" lady for the girl with the horrendous extensions to the elephant girl whose trunk was put on upside down. Special credit for making Melrose be the Old Lady, as that pretty much says it all...but the "direction" given by Orange Jay was insufferable. I'm so glad Jaeda has figured out, with all certainty, that Tyra is going to hate her no matter what she does. I think her obvious anger will take her far (I actually dream she tells Tyra to go to hell).

I wish to God they'd let Stacey McKenzie alone in the same room with Miss J. Now that would be a competition worth watching: but I know Miss J. is trembling already.
"I wish to God they'd let Stacey McKenzie alone in the same room with Miss J. Now that would be a competition worth watching: but I know Miss J. is trembling already."

heee, chacha, that would be worth watching!

how did twiggy not know that jaeda's abs were drawn on?
It's like Jaeda was saying: "People don't know if I'm a girly boy, or a boy-y girl..." Twiggy just assumed she was looking at a girly boy.

Shame on Tyra for that haircut, it really does make Jaeda look like a man. All I can say in Frederick Fekkai's possible defense is he did what he was told to do.
i think so, too, actually, and i am all for short and very very short hair cuts on women. even shaved heads. but there is something about that particular hair cut that is kind of manish. i feel bad for her. maybe if it was shaped a little better...
QUOTE(ambercherry @ Oct 12 2006, 05:07 PM) *

i think so, too, actually, and i am all for short and very very short hair cuts on women. even shaved heads. but there is something about that particular hair cut that is kind of manish. i feel bad for her. maybe if it was shaped a little better...

I agree. that haircut is stank. she needs to grab Meg's extensions and work them in quick. Tyra surprises me with her judgment. Jaeda looks nothing like Halle Berry.
I watched this week when I found out Monique was booted. i couldn't bear watching one more episode showcasing her stupid remarks. made me sooooo maaaaad. (plus her mother telling her to act like a princess on her throne... self-esteem is one thing, arrogance another.)
the freak show pics were as silly as the bulimic one. i also thought Jay's comment about the twins' picture was hilarious. when they start getting incestuous he's like, "wow, they made it so complex." yeah. so deep.

freckleface: i like your quote. i was saddened when fallaci died and though i often don't voice my admiration for her (for fear of being pegged) i do think she was a true original...
I actually don't really know much about her, only saw on a news show she had died and was intrigued, so looked her up and came across that quote and loved it.
if you'd like to enlighten me some, please feel free to pm me.

and yah, the twins & the "complexity", deep. trully deep.

I had the same thoughts about twiggy not knowing about the abs too, like, how involved is she really?
I like her, but she really seems there to be the nice but kinda clueless one.

I love Jaeda's hair! I think it makes her look much more sophisticated than before, I didn't even notice how pretty she was until she got it. Before when she said she was the prettiest girl in school, I thought, "well she is from Iowa, so maybe that is not too hard." wink.gif

Yeah, Brooke is a cutie, not a model. I think they took her brown so she woudl not look so *cute*, but she is going to be cute for ever.

My three finalists are Carrie Dee, Eugena and the Mzzz Fierce, AJ.
Twiggy was never famous for her brilliant mind. She is very sweet, and she's often a little matronly in a way that's firm enough to buffer against Tyra's bitchery...but she's sometimes, evidently, thinking about something else.

But I can't blame her for reacting to the abs: the point was to bring out Jaeda's masculinity in a way that would get to Jaeda, wasn't it?

It did my heart good to see Jaeda's fury when she realised Tyra was never going to be fair with her.
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Oct 13 2006, 05:14 AM) *

Twiggy was never famous for her brilliant mind. She is very sweet, and she's often a little matronly in a way that's firm enough to buffer against Tyra's bitchery...but she's sometimes, evidently, thinking about something else.

But I can't blame her for reacting to the abs: the point was to bring out Jaeda's masculinity in a way that would get to Jaeda, wasn't it?

It did my heart good to see Jaeda's fury when she realised Tyra was never going to be fair with her.

I liked that part too.
jaeda said Thankyou, but it was more of a resigned mumble bc she knew it was the right thing to do.
what is tyra's deal w/ her anyway?
This is my take. I think Tyra sees a LOT of potential in Jaeda and wants her to be the best. I had a former boss that was BRUTAL on me and one day I confronted her, and she said, "You are almost and can be brilliant at this job and it is MY duty to push you." She did not treat the others like that, because she saw something in me.

I am not saying it is the best for morale, but I don't think Tyra hates her. I also think she looks more like woman now and less like a mousy high schooler.
Well, you may have a point there, GGG. But it seems to me that a good leader would be the kind of person who would know when to apply such tactics and when such tactics will not bring about the "supposedly desired" results.

Pull that shit on a nineteen year old who's probably still self-conscious about being tall and masculine looking from her adolescence...and chances are you will get someone who is so out of place, so young, and so trusting that she'll do what she's told no matter how much it hurts her...and then really get angry and mistrustful when she's criticized for doing just that.

Oh well, I guess any competition is a test of your own mental character, even if this one is all about Tyra's very bad clothing, held over jealousies about other very successful and very well known black models and nutty Oprah impressions.
Cha Cha, she wants to be a model. A designer model. If she thinks Tyra is harsh, she won't last two minutes.

I was NEVEr close to that level of modeling, yet I remember one job I did years ago, ( at the time I was 5'9 125 lbs) and this fat, old, bitchy lady, was harping at the person who cast me on how I needed a control top to deal with my huge "potbelly" (there was no potbelly) and how she thought my face was a little crooked and would look deformed under the lights.

This was for a mall, run way show. Nothing like what these girls are going for.

If you can't take the heat, you are in teh wrong industry.
Well, I was never, ever close to being a model (well, maybe for a while, I had the figure; but I'm not tall enough and I do not have, shall we say, a model's face) and I do agree that the ability to take criticism is paramount. That's what I meant about all competitions coming down to that mental stamina and character--you have to believe that you will win no matter what people say about you, no matter what disadvantages others list for you. If you can't do that, you've already lost.

Jaeda is far too young to know that yet.

And for some despicable reason, the attempts to destroy a person's self esteem abound in modelling. So, I do understand it's a competition, and that the industry is severe--but I also don't think the abusing people in this way is the ONLY way to enable a contestant to build her self-esteem and ideas of self-worth despite all obstacles.

It just seems to be the only way chosen on this show--and it always looks over the top and unnecessary.
Still, Jaeda's finally figured out the bullshit--it'll be interesting to see if she sets her mind to winning despite the bitchery or not.
Jaeda's hair is by far more striking and attractive than the dull locks she had coming in. I do, however, fail to see why she deserves quite so much attention. I can't remember most of her photos, to be honest. The only thing I can think of about her is her complaints about her hair; nothing else seems to stick with me.

A.J. is tickling me to death, and I *have* been impressed with Caridee overall.

I will say this for Meg - one, she finally got those wretched extensions COMBED at the very end, and had them looking better than when they were brand new. Ugh. And two, she showed a certain type of grace in her exit. She is the first contestant I can EVER remember from the show whose final words were not all about her superiority, her willingness to keep fighting for this, and/or her bitterness at "losing". I admired her response of working on something else while still being willing to work on this. It just struck me, that difference. She seems a nice girl, I can't take her 100% seriously - but I'm an old woman, and I do think she has a sweetness that will be good for her.
Tyra is *SO* phony. She only did that to Jaeda because Jaeda made it known that she felt pretty and that she felt she was an attractive person. Tyra is only exploiting her (like she does *all* her guests on her talk show). From the start Tyra said she felt that Jaeda had a masculine face and features...So why would she a.) chop off all of her hair making her look more manly, and b.) make her the "masculine woman" for her freakshow thing?
To me she is just trying to make Jaeda feel insecure about herself, because when she first came in she was confident about her looks...IMO...

I feel that tyra gets a kick out of making people feel bad about themselves...Have you ever seen/saw (i don't know which one goes there) her show any genuine sympathy or concern that didn't look forced or rehearsed??? (even on her talk show)
Tyra fat ass sucks!
(even though i watch both of her shows)
free_spirit, not for nothin', but: if you think (a) "fat ass" is an insult, and (b) Tyra Banks is fat, you just slammed a significant percentage of womankind. To say nothing of this Lounge specifically.

Something to think about, okay?

(BTW, it's seen, in that particular context. "Have saw" is never a grammatically correct construction.)

I guess I'm confused as to why Jaeda's hair seems to excite quite so much conversation.
I think it has to do with the amount of emotion that hair cut seems to bring out in her--and the corresponding responses that engenders.

I think a lot of my fury with Tyra is stemming from the recent stunts she's pulling on these girls. The deadly catwalks, the jabby photoshoots, and then the lack of any real opportunities to learn about modeling itself...I don't know, I just think things could be handled a little less childishly. Or maybe all of this emotional warring has me a little scared.

Miss Stacey very capable of imparting useful information that can actually empower a lot of these girls. She's not your typical model, that's for sure--there is nothing "standard" about her looks, in fact many people think she is a man, and not an attractive man, either! But just the way she uses her "disadvantages" to her advantage is remarkable. When I see her photos I "see" an extraordinary beauty because of the way she presents herself.

That's what these girls should be learning--how to do that, despite all the "flaws" you're told you have. AJ, to a certain extent, has this ability down (otherwise she's gangly, her posture's not great, and her chin is weak--yet she always takes a great photo--I think the best photos, consistently). Jaeda could be just as beautiful in her photos if she could figure out how to keep these people for "getting inside her head" where she only doubts herself.
I watched it again tonight on the Sunday night re-run, trying to see whether I'd missed something before about Tyra's kicking Jaeda when she was down, and I had a hard time finding it. Is everyone taking exception to her direction that the photo would've been better if Jaeda had been not fierce, but "la, I can pick up this huge barbell - *yawn*" ... ? Other than that, I was at a loss to see where T had really body-slammed J - and I have to say, I actually kind of dug that direction. I could see clearly enough from Jaeda's ill-disguised disgust that SHE felt she was suffering quite the abuse in general, but I really didn't see whatever it was she perceived as persecution.

Ah, well.
GUESS WHAT!?! I was in the Castro (San Francisco gay neighborhood) last weekend and I saw Megan (the lesbian) and the twins!! There were no cameras around and no one was nagging them or anything,... I didnt say anything to them but it WAS them, without a doubt.

Gotta say Melrose is the only one who could be a spokemodel,..being annoying has its rewards. The shoot today was the funniest ever. I loved Jay-z.
A.J gave up too early, but whatevs. You could tell she didnt care.
I've decided the panel of judges look more like a Cheech and Chong movie every episode. With their inane babbling, Twiggy's cluelessness about pop culture (which they all try to explain to her, but they can't) and their impromptu donut gobbling and Oprah praisin', I had a hard time believing they didn't all come to the party stoned witless and on the verge of serious munchies. I was afraid they were going to start combing the environs for breakfast cereal next.

So it really wasn't surprising they sent AJ home.

Though she takes the best photos, she's clearly been disappointed to find that though she actually thought she'd entered a modelling competition, no one is interested in her ability to model. Those eyerolls were the kind you see the sober, responsible "straight" kid give when she's once again charged with making sure her stoner friends get home without prison sentences. No wonder she had to wear that holey pair of pantaloons on her head the whole episode! That was her way of announcing she truly wanted out.

I sure hope she gets herself to a bona fide modelling agency soon--she's great on film and she'd do well as the face of plenty of other prestigious cosmetic companies. Plus her portfolio will feature far better shots than that "J Lo" fiasco to boot (portfolios aren't supposed to be about unintentional comedy, right?)
I didn't get to see all of last nights epi, just the last 1/2, but I was suprised at it being aj rather than <yawn> jaeda. j is ok, but she still doesn't take direction all that well, still seems kinda whiney, esp thru her big but beady eyes and it wasn't til her jayz shot did I actually honestly remember hearing her Finally say " Oh, I want this now." really, I hope aj finds a much better place to be somewhere in the sun of fame and hits it big elsewhere. she's better than that.

anchal's stedman makeup looked more like groucho marx, but her oprah was impressive. then again, she's so pretty, stick in her in just about anything and she's beautiful. however, I still felt she was more posing rather than channeling anything. stiff.

brook. yah yah, she looked good/did good. but she still annoys me. reminds me almost too much of kelly preston, who I used to really like, before I discovered what a FREAK her husband is and how he sleeps all day and is awake all night and so that is how she & the kids live too and all the freaky scientology weirdness and it is entirely too submissive striking to me. and so yes, THAT is why brook, along w/ her undying Perkiness, irritates me. = end of rant.= (sorry.)

melrose. yup. don't much like her, but she probably is the best of the bunch.
her donald trump was Hysterical and I thought she made a better, prettier melania than the actual woman, who is/was a supermodel in her own right.

I don't really get why eugenia is still there tho, bc she just doesn't make really any impression period.

I thought both of the twins were pretty fantastic last night too.

that is So COOL that you saw them w/ megan greenbean! I wish you would have at least snapped a phone shot for us though laugh.gif .
I know this is completely obvious, and granted it is a game show (more or less), but shouldn't they judge on overall performance rather than sending home whoever sucked the most that week? AJ the strongest until this shoot.

Caridee, my new favorite. Her Angelina was stunning.

Loved Melrose's Donald Trump. Annoying or not, she's the best "model" there. And even when she's playing ugly, she turns out a great picture. She kind of reminds me of a (sober) Lisa.

AJ really annoyed me this time around. yeah, it is a game show, yeah the panle of judges are idiots, but it si not like YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SHOW BEFORE!

Plus, I think she was pouting because Meg was sent home last week, and now nobody in the house "got her". rolleyes.gif Seriously, this is a competition, not summer camp. I also think she sucked at her photos because she did not get Angelina and Brad, so she was not going to try, at all."I really wanted brangelina, whine, whine". She has NO resemblence to Angelina, and, this behavior seems typical AJ, if she does not get what she wants with hair, wardrobe, etc, she pouts and bitches. Se strikes me as the alterNAYtive chick, who is too cool for school, whose identity is too focused on the clothes she wears, the celebs she likes, the music she listens to, etc, instead of being herself. Once you are yourself, none of that shit matters, and if you have a dream, you go after it. I was really dissapointed with her.

Jeada was Bobby Brown, not JayZ. And she rocked her photo. She really tried and did really well. I think she sucked so badly at the interviews, I wanted to smack her, but overall, she stayed because she busted her butt. AJ pouted.

Brooke does look like Kelly Preton, I think she would make a great commercial model.

Melrose rocked this week. She is annoying, but she is good. Caridee is my favorite.
I was irritated with AJ about her attitude but I was more annoyed with the judges last night. AJ has been amongst the top picks for all the weeks, she takes a bad picture, has a bad week, and shes gone. Jaeda on the other hand has been one of the worst overall preformers, she has been in the bottom two at least twice that I can reacall, consecutivly, and she takes a good picture this week, but utterly fails at the challenge, and she gets to stay? WTF?
It seems to me like they're trying to mold Jaeda into the role of underdog - I think their putting her in the bottom three times now and "sparing" her is theatrics, nothing more. And that is annoying most particularly because, really, nobody seems really to be that much behind her ... so the groundswell they need, of people rooting for the underdog, isn't there. So it's ill-written drama falling sort of flat, really.

Also mystified at Eugena's continuing success, but not responding emotionally to it either way.

ChaCha, LOVE the straight kid at the party metaphor. So right on! Hee.
I missed this one but the pictures sound cool. Any idea where I can find them online?
AJ has her annoying parts, but she is still much better than most of em. Let's face it, Jaeda, Brooke, Eugena and the twins are going.

I think they want a blonde girl to win this year, since it's been awhile. You get a sense of what they want.

Caridee is awesome. At first she was kind of flighty and annoying, but now I have a girl crush on her. Not sexual feelings, but more like an innocent delight on the order of: "My! She is so LOVELY!"

I think it's great that she can be a pretty, tiny blonde and not get all obnoxiously phony-nice like Melrose or feel too self-conscious and restrain herself, like Joanie from last season.

A lot of these "also-rans" like Joanie or AJ definitely could have careers if they just walk into an agency on their own.
i can't stand the twins. they just annoy me so much. i don't think they are attractive at all (i mean for a model). i certainly don't think there's a reason for BOTH of them to be on it-i'm sure it's just for drama or whatever.

i thought aj was a great model and was shocked that she got cut instead of jaeda.

i think anchal is amazing, i just think she has to learn how to model. to me, she is the most beautiful and interesting one there, although she seems pretty scared and clueless.
I can't wait for tonight's episode. Stripping away the very last diaphanous SHRED of pretense that this is in any way a modeling competition - we have FABIO guest posing. Oy on a burnt stick. It is like a car wreck I won't cause traffic rubbernecking.

*Must go walk the dog in a hurry, and be home in time to watch*
Maimy, I'm older than you and I believe Fabio is old enough to be my father. In fact, I had a bit of a crush on an older man for a few months a while back...and that guy is probably younger than Fabio. So I'm a bit torn: do I watch and cringe as this nonnino poses with children, or do I stay away and pine 'cause I'll have to contain myself until I can read the recap on TWoP.

Really, it's like every living room becomes Mystery Science Theatre 3000 with this show, these days.

CHUNKSVILLE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! Eek! I would not be able to keep a straight face, let alone take a good picture with Fabio's pucker puss all over my neck! *shudder*

I wanted Jaeda to go sooooo bad last night. I am sick of her bitching about her hair. DEAL WITH IT!

I think Brooke put so much more effort into this than a lot of the remainding girls, I felt badly for her.

Anchal is next to be cut. It is getting to her too much.

I was disapointed in Miss Tyra for not chastizizng the Elite director for saying Anchal needed to get in better shape. Better shape than what? Do a few lines and some smakc, that'll fix ya! Assholes.
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