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QUOTE(morganelizabeth @ Jan 13 2008, 11:03 AM) *
Definitely agree with you freckleface. If there's an intercom in hell, Yasleen's the operator.

That is the funniest thing I've read all week.

At least Saleisha has a better speaking voice. But damn, that girl better get some new hair STAT. The Tootie hair ahs got. to. go.
the new girls

based on the initial photos, i'm diggin on Dominique
Thanks for the link, Knorl. Interesting bunch there. I think Katarzyna is my favorite based on those pics alone.

Thirty bucks says that Fatima gets her head shaved in the make-over episode! biggrin.gif
rose, Katarzyna looks cool.. good call. she's got a somewhat mysterious look about her, almost like she's a smart and soft spoken girl. i'd like to see what her personality turns out to be.

i like dominique because she appears to be a very confident female, like she wont get into any petty girl fights or anything like that. and i see versatility in her look. but hey could be wrong.

also. i totally and completely agree with you about Fatima, what shes got going on now does nothing for her bone structure..

sounds bizarre i realize, but i hope they shave lauren's eyebrows off. she could pull off a very fierce look with that i think. i mean they would obviously paint them on for different shoots, but i would totally dig on her if they took that plunge.

oh. and i think claire will end up with the edgiest look post make over. shes got a very modern feel to her appearance.
I am soooo ready for the next cycle! I hope it's not bland like last time.
When does the next cycle actually start?

Edit: The site with the photos says Feb 20! SO SOON! SO EXCITING!
I swear, if this cycle is boring then I am officially giving up on the show. I can't keep wasting my Wednesday nights if it's just going to get worse!
i think the problem is too many young, immature, dumb and inexperienced chics with no perspective on anything. that for sure is going to make for boring television. i notice what i liked about shows in the past were the fireyintelligentindividual girls who added something worthwhile to the group. you ladies feel me on that?
Totally Knorl.
If this cycle is as bland and irrelevant as the last one, then I've decided that Tyra Banks and her producers are doing that thing that defines insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over again, convinced that this time, the results will be different (insert "captivating" or "stimulating" or even "vaguely interesting").

How hard would it be to create a reality show of interesting, smart, focused, young women, who could become successful models? How hard could it be to set them up so that they do, in fact, end up in lucrative modeling careers (instead of just being laughing stocks?)

Does anyone remember how great the first season was when they were actually kind of smart and had personalities?

It doesn't matter - I'm still addicted to the show... I'll be watching.
a family friend's daughter was on the show. i dont know her personally and i cant remember what season she was on.. but she said that tyra used to encourage cat fights. like on the reunion show she told them they were being too nice to eachother during break and that she wanted them to be more bitchy. i guess she and the producers think drama sells. personally i think it's lame. but it is funny how we all love the show so much despite the fact the chics are dull huh. i think i like the artistic aspect of it.... the photo shoots.. more than i do the models themselves.
I can't believe they kept that Stacey Ann girl who was so annoying and gave Jay a lap dance. Or that blond girl Kimberly who they made seem really stupid. She was from Massachusetts, near where I live, so for that reason, maybe it will be cool that she's on (same for Fatima, the Somalian girl who is from Boston).

I think so far my favorite is Claire, who is a mom. I really loved her hair: buzzed on the side.
caught it on youtube. after getting to know their characters and whatnot i'm of course rooting for lauren but dont really want her to win cause we gotta keep that shit underground yo. almost feel like she's selling out, but nice to see her represent.

still think dominique will win even if she is super shallow. think she's got a lot of potential. and her superficiality will be good for the industry.. vs claire (who i think is too good for the show) because i dont see her being as passionate about it due to her ties to the homelife.
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Feb 21 2008, 06:46 AM) *
a family friend's daughter was on the show. i dont know her personally and i cant remember what season she was on.. but she said that tyra used to encourage cat fights. like on the reunion show she told them they were being too nice to eachother during break and that she wanted them to be more bitchy. i guess she and the producers think drama sells. personally i think it's lame. but it is funny how we all love the show so much despite the fact the chics are dull huh. i think i like the artistic aspect of it.... the photo shoots.. more than i do the models themselves.

At first I thought they were fighting because theres all those girls living so close together. If they are encouraging cat fights than it's working. That stuff really turns me off. I have to change the channel when they go at it, it's so silly it makes all of them look immature and negative. Watching it makes me feel uncomfortable and it really f*cks with my chi.
deschatsrouge: i totally understand. or shows like the uber white trash ones on major network television. make me depressed and embarassed for the people. they look kind of pathetic as far as i'm concerned and i dont revel in others misfortune so it is not at all entertaining to me.

oh well. not meaning to take it too seriously. cause it still can be fun to watch when they are all having a good time. wink.gif
It's funny when they brag about themselves and tell each other how much better they are in front of each other to try to psych each other out. It sounds so stupid when they do it. I don't know what it is but even the girls from Ivy League schools open their mouth and sound like idiots.

Remind me never to go on national television.
Did anyone watch the episode last night? I really like Claire so far she seems so grounded and sensible compared to the other girls. The photo shoot as per usual was tasteless. "Let's highlight homelessness by dressing girls as fashionable hobos!" Not impressed with most of the girls so far though. Also I was sad Twiggy was gone.
QUOTE(LilPinkElectricChair @ Feb 28 2008, 04:36 PM) *
Did anyone watch the episode last night? I really like Claire so far she seems so grounded and sensible compared to the other girls. The photo shoot as per usual was tasteless. "Let's highlight homelessness by dressing girls as fashionable hobos!" Not impressed with most of the girls so far though. Also I was sad Twiggy was gone.

we saw it and with due respects to you LilPinkElectricChair- I am Joyous that twiggy is gone! I hope it's for good too! no more boring nicey nice maiden aunt business with her.
plus I adore paulina poriskova (sp) bc as pretty as she is, she also seems very real and goofy and cool; like she doesn't take herself too seriously. (hello tyra WHO?)

however, I'm w/ you about Claire; she might be my early on favorite, but again, it's early.
Claire reminds me of a young actress, she was in Mona Lisa Smile w/julia roberts but can't remember her name.
the not-russain hawain girl is pretty but irritates already.
marvita needs to back down already, which she did finally, but geesh, not EVERYTHING is a street fight ey. glad the blond girl left on her own, and stacy-ann was it? pretty, but her squeeky valley voice could get old fast. I also like the Iman wana be, but am not sure totally how much yet.
also cannot forget the girl who looks like a man. she Is pretty, but so are some drag queens and they probably require less makeup.
and wth was up w/ the judges critising the young girl (name?) for wearing so much? she had light brown hair, pulled back in the front and from our tv didn't look like she was wearing much at all.
gah they annoy already too! dry.gif

as for the Homeless Photo Shoot?
in how many ways and poses can you say Bad Taste??
I personally thought some of the Actual Homeless Girl's outstaged the "models" by a lot in a lot of the "best shots."
besides the 5 second blurb they gave that shelter director for using the girls, what Else is ANTM going to do for them?
Yup, I watched it. I can't believe that little blonde chick walked out. It's fine if she doesn't want to end up modeling high fashion since most of the winners haven't done that, anyway. She didn't have to drop out! She can still model for Lands End if she wants to!

I like Claire, too. I think she's going to be one of the final 3.

Amis, however, will be gone soon unless she makes a MAJOR turn around.

Lauren has the worst walk I have ever seen in my entire life. Hasn't she worn heels before? I hope she improves soon because I'd like to get to know her better.

They were pretty harsh on Dominique, but they have a point. She really does have a certain transvestite-ness about her.

Marvita annoys the crap out of me. However, I think if she just shuts up and works, she could do well career-wise.

Can't wait to see what they do to Fatima's hair next week!
Marvita needs to calm the f$%^ down.
Hooray for the make-over episode! But I'm really disappointed that they gave Fatima a weave. Boring! I wanted them to shave her head or give her an afro or something.

Speaking of Fatima, she is starting to annoy me. She's one of those people who has a way of making little insults that chip away at people. But then when you confront her, she says, "Hey, how was I supposed to know that you're sensitive about your appearance?!" Bitch, you're smart. So stop saying clueless shit like that, okay? This is a modeling competition. You know that every single woman there is sensitive about her appearance.

All that being said, I'm not sad to see Allison go. I liked her new hair (is it just me or did she look just like Sarah Silverman before?). But she kept resting on her "experience". Hon, if all that experience is so great, then why are you on this show? Oh wait ... you're not.

Yes, I'm feeling catty today. Can you tell? biggrin.gif

Does anyone remember why Lauren wants to be on the show? I only ask because she said she's never worn heels before now & doesn't know anything about make-up. I'm afraid that at some point they're going to ask her why she's there & it'll be her downfall.
Allison did look like Sarah Silverman. I wonder, if she had so much damn experience, why couldn't she listen to orange Jays coaching.

It seems to me Lauren is a connoisseur of new experiences, much like Jael. This is probably why she is trying out modeling. Unless she takes it seriously I doubt she'll last very long.
Maybe Lauren has always secretly wanted to be a model, and they just edit it to make it look like she never has?

Also I'm glad Allison is gone, she was so stuck up it was ridiculous.

As for Fatima, I can't tell if she is intentionally a little uncaring, or maybe she just doesn't realize? Once again we have to consider the editing really...

Also, I agree with Tyra, why the hell did they have to put the 'plus sized' girl in the corset that covered everything up to the point where she couldn't move or breathe? However, the plus size model never wins so I guess it is only a matter of time until she's gone, I would just like to see them give her a fighting chance.
I agree that it was strange they put the plus-size girl in a sausage like casing for the shoot, because in the "sexy" photos they did after the make over I was noting what a great body she had. I felt there was way way way too much weave involved in the makeovers. It might look good in photos but in reality it looks like Barbie hair.
Seriously, way too much weave.
yez yez the amount of weaves were unbeweavable. ha ha ha. sorry couldnt resist.
marvita looks fierce. lauren's my fave. dominique's makeover looks flat. claire is just gorgeous. and the other girls. meh. top models whatever. so glad allison is gone... any of you think her black comment had anything to do with it? ugh. such a horrible thing to say. one of those moments i was like, oh no, what a jackass. in fact her whole persona was just off, and she's not even that "pretty" (inside or out).
Did anybody else notice that they blurred out the naked butts on Allison's Barbie dolls? How ridiculous!!!

I agree that Dominique's hair cut is pretty bleh. It doesn't seem to take advantage of her strong features. But then again, everybody hated Saleisha's hair and she won last year, so who knows.

Claire's hair really surprised me! That short blonde do really surprised me. I loved the way she embraced the change. How cool is it that she can raise that one eyebrow?! Love it!
anna k
Did anybody else notice that they blurred out the naked butts on Allison's Barbie dolls? How ridiculous!!!

I noticed but didn't think about it until you mentioned it. God, they're plastic dolls. Did they just blur them because of the "you take it in the back cuz you're black" comment?

The long Barbie weaves are so boring. The weave on Fatima looks too heavy on her, which gives her more Iman comparisons, which she's probably has heard forever, being proud as looking like the most famous and glamourous woman out of Somalia.
Anna, is that really what Alison said?! Holy crap! I was making dinner while watching the show, so I must have missed that. What a bitch! Now I'm especially glad she's gone.
yeah awful rose. i'm sure they're going to get letters for that. even though they cut her, i'm sure it had enough of an impact on people that they would feel inclined to say something. hmm.

so dominique. i'm completely disappointed any time she opens her mouth. i mean, great, stand up for women who get out of abusive relationships.. but that's the only angle she's got. i dont see much substance to her which is too bad because i still really love her look/build even though -or especially perhaps because- they kept saying she looks like a tranny. give us something new antm, please.. i'm so done with the screaming and the cheering and the annoying little girls who think they're the shit because they're on the show. but not done enough to stop watching. ha.
Tyra made a comment about how they are going to change Dominique's hair colour to what Tyra initially wanted... the hairstylist must be the one responsible for washing her out into what i can only describe as looking like a volvo driving soccer mom.
so i went to youtube and found out who wins cycle ten. hmm. dont worry i'm not gonna spoil it.
Somebody please tell me that the girls where allowed to wear something under the meat panties. Maybe I'm being squeamish, but I wouldn't want raw meat against the various open orifices (orifi?) down there.

I didn't notice a big difference in Dominique's hair. Did anybody else?

I think it was right of them to send Amis home. It was pretty clear to me that she was not destined to make it to the end.

Lauren has GOT to start practicing her walk! Otherwise she may be the next one to go.
I have a confession. I think Marvita is very horse-like.

I didn't see a huge difference in Dominique's hair.

I really want Lauren to improve her walk, she takes such great photo's. It would be so neat to have a rocker chick win.
agreed whole post deschatsrouge, but let me also add: the meat shoot I seriously believe to be The' Worst/Stupidest/dumbest etc etc set yet. and that's considering the 'mermaid/caught fish' shoot from a few cycles ago.
was there a point or a statement they were trying to make w/ it? (besides the lame 'sometimes models are treated like meat' )
I was totally expecting a plug for some pro meat organization or on the other end PETA. The whole shoot reeked of propaganda, but oddly there was none. I was half expecting one of the girls to me a militant vegan and to flat refuse or something. Perhaps that is what the producers wanted, but didn't get. In the end it was just discordant, gross and strange.
RoseViolet thinks that Dominique is annoying. RoseViolet does not feel this way just because Dominique does not know the definition of "racist", but also because Dominique constantly refers to herself in third person. So bizarre!
laugh.gif bahaha RV laugh.gif bc I was just thinking about how Dominique talks about herself in the 3rd person and for that reason & nothing less she needs to G O.

wasn't sorry to see marvita leave either, her nose had huuuuge nostrils but really, it did seem she gave up.
fatima irritates me & has an almost a holly-hobby -glass eye abandoned doll creepiness about her & little expression beyond that. - Next!

claire reminds me now of cindi lauper, which I'm not sure if that's entirely all good or not, but I still dig her.

I really like the girl who's shoes got filched & I think all the judges do too.
I'm a little surprised that Marvita is gone already. She has some gorgeous photos under her belt & I was starting to get interested in what she might have to offer.

What's the name of the girl with the weird accent ... Anya? Something like that. I know the guy at FourFour calls her Anyway so that's all I can remember! Well, I think Anyway will be gone before too long. She's been kinda boring. None of her work has been memorable.

Clair continues to kick ass, which makes me happy. I'm still not totally sure how I feel about the blonde hair. I'd kinda like to see her with bright pink hair instead. Or some other crazy color. I just think she could pull it off better than anyone.
i *hate* whitney. she is so anna nicole.
Hello all! I'm watching the show tonight and after the first 20 minutes or so, I'm convinced that Tyra has finally lost it!

Oh and in gossip news, I heard that Tyra is looking for a new host for the show because she and Jay aren't getting along and she would rather focus on her talk show.
Dammit, I missed the first 15 minutes of the show! So I only have a vague idea of what happened between Dominique, Claire, and Whitney (and anyone else who may have been involved). Oh well. The in-fighting is the worst part of the show in my opinion.

I think it's good that Aimee lost ... simply because she's uncomfortable with nudity. It astounds me that, season after season, these girls who don't want to go nude get cast on this show. I mean, haven't they watched this before? Every season there has been a photo shoot involving nudity. If you can't handle that, then don't audition!
I found it really surprising to see Claire and Lauren involved in the fight, they both seemed pretty cool. I'm pretty sure the producers probably just encourage this behavior.

Also while I liked Dominique's picture she definitely looked drag-queenish. As the cycle goes on I like Anya a lot more, she seems the least prone to fighting.

Candycane girl-Which Jay does Tyra not like? I should hope to god it's brown Jay. God knows I can barely stand watching him with his white-out eyebrows.
I wondering when they're finally going to give Mr. Jay a makeover. He's had that platinum silver spikey thing on his head for far too long.
i know not many people seemed to take to marvita, but her pictures were gorgeous. it's a damn shame she lacked in the personality department because i think she could be a really successful model. sad.gif also, check out this youtube that has pics of some of the girls pre-antm.
It's Jay Manuel aka Mr. Jay that she's not getting along with. Apparently they are barely on speaking terms and she only seems to want to show up for judging days and nothing else.
roseviolet- I agree about Mr. Jays hair. Why doesnt anyone around him say anything?!

I missed the first few episodes...I guess I am gonna have to wait for the marathon.
GD!! why isnt ep. 6 on youtube yet??!! arrggg.

on the silver hair bit... see betty paige, elvis, fabio, etc. i think it's just "his look".
i hate claire too. i'm disappointed that lauren is being so petty and catty. it'd be great if dominique were a bit more intelligent, but hey, i dont think she means any harm. again. i hate whitney. grow up and get over yourself girl. just cause you got a weave doesnt make you a diva.
fatimas photo was ghey.. and i dont think she's a good model, funny everyone loves her. i'm glad amy is gone, i've never been a fan. stacy ann is forgettable. anya is probably my favorite model of the bunch.. she doesnt get involved in the nastiness of the house, and she takes really good photos.
this group is, i suppose, an interesting mix, but not my favorite season.
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