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I loved the new no smoking rule! Cause you know smokers trying to quit cold turkey aren't going to be the least bit bitchy!
Yeah, the smoking thing. That ought to make for some fun times. Another notch in Tyra's Torture the Gals belt. Why not supply them with some smoking cessation aids so that they can actually cut their dependency (which might actually indicate you're serious about the health benefits you're purporting to promote), rather than just turn this into a televised bitchfight with bad make-up? None of this foolishness has to go on in the imported versions of NTM...but it's got to go on when Tyra's around.

As for this Asberger's Disease girl....I think they are hunting for this season's "pity case". The girl seems remarkably well adjusted despite being stuck with a crowd of girls who can't find anything else to do but go on about her "illness" and how they're going to be able to kick her ass in this competition because of it, whenever she's in earshot. She's a little bit more outgoing than I am, fer chrissakes.

I really wish they would have kept that girl from Alaska with the gorgeous Grace Jones cheekbones....the one who called the other rejected girls "punkasses" because they cried when they were cut....I think she would have made things interesting.
Good luck partystar!

I agree LilPink, Tyra definitely inflates the drama factor on the show to a ridiculous degree. The no smoking rule will make for bitchy girls, the 'autistic girl' will inevitably stick around for a while even if she messes up, just to cause more problems, and the stripper and bitchy girl with the red hair will get in massive fights. I can't wait for the makeover week, something tells me that this bunch of girls won't be so accepting of changes.
I found this online
which is such a tragedy, bc I think jaslene sounds like she's trying to keep a bunch of marbles in her mouth when she speaks. for maud's sake, boast about speaking why don't you? ! mad.gif
what was liz claiborne thinking when she hired her for it, or maybe it's pro bono work to get her face & name more out there?

then I also saw YaYa in a print add in Glamour for Olay skin wash.
she was the one w/ really bad-had to see the Dermo- skin right?
I am pretty sure the add ran on tv too in commerical form.

I wonder what cruel and unusal punishment we and the poor girls will be subjected to tonight?

why oh why am I so addicted?
Freckle, M.ChaCha and I asked each other that question just last night, when we of course dropped everything we were doing and thinking to round ourselves up in front of the TV just like the Simpsons do, promptly at ANTM's start.

It's not that entertaining. Tyrah looked like she was coming straight from her job at the insurance agency to attend the judging, and Miss J is starting to frighten me because he seems to be the only one speaking sense, despite the fact that he looks like Nancy from that Nancy and Sluggo cartoon, in his judging outfits and wigs. There was hardly any drama, either!!

But you're crazy if you think we'd miss the makeovers next Wednesday night.
I can't lie, I'm also very excited for the makeovers. I wonder what they'll do? I saw the preview about one of them getting all of their hair shaved off so now I'm curious as to which one it will be. Hopefully the one with the red topped hair, she's obnoxious. I'm glad she got put into the bottom two.
I think they'll do...basically, nothing new. There is gonna be some crying, though, and crying sells this show.

They'll super-Shalom the stripper girl, who does look like Shalom Harlow...they'll very likely shave the girl with the red bangs; they'll turn the fair skinned Victoria into a dark brunette, which will intensify her horsiness, and they will give Heather, the girl with Asberger's, (or take your pick: AssBurger's, ozburger's, ozburjer's....every show equals a revisitation on it's pronunciation) a short blonde do with instant roots that only become more annoying each week.

I bet.

It seems like they're relying even more heavily this year on the sob stories, racial stereotyping (super bad last cycle with Whit and Jaslene), and now reaping the benefits of somebody with a disorder for great reality television. I know other shows do it but this just seems so blatant. And Tyra, it's Asperger's with a "p."

Jaslene marbles? I couldn't put a finger on it but that sounds about right. Isn't it ironic that Tyra gave Danielle so much shit about her accent but I can't understand what Jaslene is saying half the time?

That said, I can't wait for makeovers!
If they chop off Heather's hair I am going to be soooooo pissed. I don't mind much about the others.

I hope they give Ambreal more screen time. She seems like such a fun person! I want more of her!

Bianca annoys the crap out of me ... which probably means she'll be around for a while. Grr.
anna k
Someone's gonna get the Mia-Farrow-in-Rosemary's-Baby haircut. For some reason Tyra is gaga about that look.

I dont feel bad for the girl with Asperger's, because she chose to audition for the show, living in a house with other girls and possibly being eliminated. So her using her social anxieties as a crutch doesn't get much sympathy from me.

I hated when Tyra kept insulting Danielle about her accent, talking in this dumb-Southerner voice to her face. Especially since there are lots of foreign models who sound too cutesy and annoying when they speak English.

I liked it when Jay got mad at the girls who complained about their makeovers after having Frederic Ferrkai work on them, showing how insulting and whiny they were being on a show that was on its sixth or seventh season.

I have to say something about the make-overs and this problem of the girls being unhappy with their new looks.

It's not that hard to imagine that they have a point, in being unhappy about getting an unsuitable cut or colour. After all, they have to sell themselves on their appearance, and if a hairdresser hasn't been capable enough to design the best way to present their features, the impact on their ability to model could be huge.

Frederick Fekkai is a big name in his business, but he certainly gave some regrettable make-overs in his appearance on the show. Which jackass was the hairdresser who worked on Jael's "make-over" do, last season, where they decided to use the harshest and most painful and outdated weave method to subject her to hours of pain for some boring extensions...and then turned around and decided to shave her practically bald because it took them a full day to see how boring those extensions were? Whoever it was also gave one of the other models (Britney) one of the rattiest red haired weaves I've ever seen...she looked so bad for so long!

There are some fantastic, indisputable reasons for feeling dissatisfied with many of the makeovers. Many of those girls sink because the "makeover" they get is just bad, and they are going to feel like they've been hobbled. Who wouldn't be infuriated enough to cry?

Needs to be said.
I just watched this week's episode (thank you, YouTube!).

I think Saleisha looks like Tootie from "The Facts of Life". Ugh. I don't care if she looked commerical before! She looked GOOD!!! Ugh!

I prefer Bianca's shaved head. I know it will take a little time for her to adjust, but I think it helped her a lot.

The biggest tragedy, though, is Jenah. Holy crapulence. The blonde looks okay in the pics from the photo shoot, but not afterwards. I watched the deleted scenes on the CW website & they have this looooong clip of her talking about how much she looooooves her new hair, but all I could think was how cheap and scraggly it looks. Before she looked striking, but the blonde makes her look bland.
I agree about Jenah, the blonde does make her look bland. And I think the other girl who got the straight across blonde bangs and extensions could have benefited from maybe a different colour? Other than that the makeovers weren't really too shocking this year.
What I find interesting is the different ways that so many of the girls have already damaged their hair! Every cycle there is at least one girl whose hair is completely fried and almost ready to fall out. It's no wonder they had to shave off all of Bianca's hair.
What I don't understand is why they thought they could bleach it to start with - I mean, I can tell it's damaged - anyone with pink hair probably has had a lot of product in it.

I hate Salisha's makeover - I think it is a bad look when she looked so good before.

I was laughing internally during the makeover because it is Ken Paves that makes the extensions that Jessica Simpson hawks (or he used to be her personal stylist or something) but when he was her stylist she always looked like a man. When the girl whose head was shaved put on the wig (no doubt, made by Ken Paves) she commented on how much she looked like a drag queen - haha!
Oh no, what has that blonde girl done with her extensions! I feel like my mom watching that - "why don't you run a brush through your hair".

I was actually surprised the kinda-plus sized girl wasn't voted off. But then sometimes I wonder if Jay gives them all the same amount of direction - because she wasn't trying to be gargoyley at all.
As a former figure skater, let me just say that te whole skating/posing challenge was totally crap. Your average female pairs skater is maybe 5 feet tall, so I feel sorry for the poor guy who had to lift those girls. No wonder it was awkward!

Miss Joy, I know what you mean about Jenah's hair. I still think she looks heaps better without the extensions.

Heather better step it up next week! She scared me. If they don't get some full-frontal shots from her next week, then she may be out a lot sooner than I originally thought.

I had a feeling that either Janet or Sarah would be out, so it wasn't a big surprise to me. Janet's photos have been sooooo lackluster IMO.
I actually think that Heather's photos are good - she was one of the few that actually did very gargoylesque poses in my opinion.

I think they kinda seem like they are reaching for something to critique her on - although her figure skating was painful.

It's such a joke about Tyra saying that Lisa looked so sad - you know that the producers inform them of the drama in the house so that they can bring it up at judging.

When the figure skaters came out...I stopped watching. I thought...just like RosieV...they're way too tall and that guy is tiny.
Their centre of gravity is just wrong for this sport, and no matter what they do they'll look like their klutzes and incapable.
But nope...the show had to go on.

I think Twiggy depresses me lately. And the cheapness of the challenge prizes is getting to me. That last show where the challenge winner got a what, 200 dollar shopping spree at Old Navy? Please.

(jeez, the Canadian version...which was far more likely to display some typical cheapness, offered one similar challenge winner a shopping spree on Queen street in Toronto--a new Visa Credit card with a $5000 credit. That's $5000 of designer clothing, not 200 dollars in tee shirts and fleecy hoodies).

These girls deserve better all around. Including better weaves.
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Oct 18 2007, 10:14 PM) *
These girls deserve better all around. Including better weaves.

AMEN, sistah!
Good lord, the hair is bad. Sooooo bad. I think the only girl who genuinely looks better after the make-over was Bianca. Damn Paves and his damn cheap extensions.

I agree that Heather's photos have been fabulous. She's my favorite for the win. But she needs to stop doing the profile poses. I know it will be a challenge for her because people with her condition tend to have problems with eye contact, but I believe in her! I want her to triumph over her adversities and win the whole shebang!

I also hope Ebony starts doing better at panel. Her photos are amazing.

One question, though: what the hell was up with the clothes they had to wear during that gargoyle photo shoot? It all looked like it traveled through a time machine from 1981. Bleh!
I agree about the clothes for that shoot. I'm not good with the girls names, but the one they can't decide whether she is plus sized, she didn't look like a gargoyle - but she was posing in a way that felt as 80's as the clothes. Perhaps she thought that is what they were going for?
Well, 80's clothing is big...or at least it was last year, or the year before....but when you have the 80's clothes and makeup you get the 80's fashion poses. I just don't remember Kim Alexis, Carole Alt, Tatiana Patitz and Kelly LeBrock posing like these strange girls are being asked to pose.

Heather has the mildest case of Asperger's syndrome I've ever seen. Seriously--she's so high functioning you would never suspect her condition unless she told you about it and demonstrated how it affects her. Just ask her to give a full front pose and look you in the eye, fer chrissakes, and stop choosing the shot where she looks off into the distance. It is impossible that that's all she ever gives; and that the photographer is absolutely glued to his spot on the earth during the shoot.
I have to tell you, none of these girls are really stand out for me this year as of yet. that's probably why you can't remember their names missjoy, they are mostly forgettable.
some of them are pretty yah, but aside from heather w/ her Aspberger's, they are all just soft of bland.

and what is up w/ ebony & that stoopid looking toothless gumming of her lips she does every time she approaches the panel? at the start she seemed so firey, and now she just comes across as vacant and lifeless to me.

about 1/2 the time I do not see what the judges oh & ahh over w/ some of the particular pictures.
and gargoyles w/ the '80's style japonese headwrap and dress?
as if.
i see that yale girl around my town (where yale is) and that kind of gave it away before she was eliminated. she was ANNOYING
This cycle= boring.
I really don't see what the big deal is with Lisa. Have we seen anything good from her? It's so obvious (at least I think) that Heather should win. But I bet they will get to some commercial, having-to-speak, thing and put her in the bottom two.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good their psa's were.

I feel like these girls are a lot more mature than some in the past - they aren't having very much house drama and seem to really get along. Which is kind of nice to see but I bet the produces hate it!
now see I really like Lisa; I feel like the other girl's sort of looked down on her in the beginning bc she said she was an exotic dancer, but I don't see any of that coming through in her pictures but yah, it does seem like the girls mostly get along for a change and haven't "targeted" anyone like before.

I agree that it's totally Heather for the Win.

not sorry to see ebony go, even though I totally called it wrong w/ the dynamic of her & heather; I also noticed she didn't once make the weird mouth/gumming face this time at panel. - maybe bc she knew that she was going to quit and it gave her confidence?
Just got done watching this week's episode ...

Hooray for Heather doing face-on work! I just wish they would have shown us the photos from the Mary J. shoot. I really wanted to check those out.

The downfall of Ebony has been a big surprise for me. Remember the first episode when she strutted in, talkin' like she was Miss Thang and that she was a shoe-in to win the whole thing? That front came crumbling down sooooooo fast. I cannot believe she actually asked to go home.

I like Lisa, too. I know Bianca was mean to her at the beginning because of Lisa's past as a dancer. But Lisa grew up in foster care. And the foster care system dumps you on your ass at the age of 18. That's rough! So she put food in her mouth by dancing - not stripping, but dancing - and I can't fault her for that.

The editors seemed to have changed their technique with Bianca ... or has Bianca herself changed? She was so sweet this week!

Heather is still my favorite. I like her shots & I like her personality.
I had completely forgotten that Lisa was the dancer - I have nothing against that, I just find her look a bit blah.

I so wish the girl who was supposed to go home (I'm awful with names) would pull it together because I think she has an awesome look.
I effing hate the wrap up shows or whatever they're called. They had one of those on my other fav show beauty and the geek. Do they not have enough content to make one more actual show?
I know, I was all excited too because the trick-or-treaters stopped in time and then it was a "highlights" show. I really like the photo shoots and seeing the pictures - so I don't even watch the review shows.

I know Survivor does one of those too - it's such a dissapointment.
Did my roommate's recap actually do the show justice - did the 'chubby' girl with the short blonde hair get kicked off for losing weight? actually? I walked in from class as the show was ending, and figured I didn't need to watch it if I already knew who got eliminated, but I might..
They did kick her off. I was kinda pissed, I was kind of expecting one of the panel members to come out and ask her is she was starving herself. they did everything short of that.

Is it Bianca that is really jealous of Heather? I love it in any case. I think Tyra needs to say to her "Yes you silly tart, hate the socially awkward autistic girl, that will get you far."
Yeah, Bianca seemed shocked at how well Heather was doing.

Is anyone else just incredibly bored by this season? I think I'm going to start watching Little Mosque on the Prairie instead.
I would say that this season hasn't been too special, but its still some good mindless fun.

I was so happy that they kicked off Ambreal, she was driving me crazy! She just was oh so clearly not meant for modeling. They probably only put her there because of her bubbly personality, which also drove me nuts.
I never liked what they did with her hair. It just looked so...average.
I read this morning that due to a conflict with her schedule, twiggy won't be in next season's show, to be replaced (temporarily?) by former super model Pauline Poriskova (sp), the one who had been on dancing w/ the stars.
I've always liked her so maybe this will be a good kick in the pants to tyra to stop torturing the poor girls and be a little more serious about it?
That is true, I saw it on ONTD.

Was anyone else annoyed by the way that all the girls were treating Heather last week? I thought Saleisha was being quite a bitch. I mean, hell that bed could have fit three people!
One word: Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I don't even feel like watching the rest of the season now. Granted, I had a feeling she wouldn't win, but I was sure Jena was going to get the axe this week.

Oh well.
Same here. I thought Jenah was being really lame, she was so rude and conceited most of the time.

I soooo wanted Heather to win. I hope she goes out and stomps the crap out of those other girls by have a better modeling career than all of them combined.
I found a great interview with Heather! I love her even more after reading this. smile.gif

As for tonight's episode, I am sooooooooo glad that Bianca is gone. Bitch had to go.
I guess at this point if I HAD to choose, I'd like to see chantal win, but I didn't like her much at all initially. she seems to have the sweeter of the personalities and does take some pretty good pictures, even if I think her eyes are a bit far apart on her head.

I was so happy to see bianca gone!
this season has def lost it's zing.

oh, and could tyra embarrass herself Any More by trying to speak chinese?!
did you SEE the expressions on the faces of the warrior models there at the great wall?

and as pretty as the fabrics were, those Prize Couture Dresses looked off the rack chop shop cheap.
I hated Bianca from the beginning. Her picture last week was soooo bad! I just don't see what's so great about her, in half of her pictures her eyes only look half open. And not in an edgy fierce way!
how very ... anticlimactic .
this season ended w/ a fizzle and I don't really care that saleishea won, only that in next season, we won't be tortured by promo spots of marbely mouthed YaSSSSSSSSSSSleeeeeeeen anymore.
Agreed. I had a feeling all along that Saleisha would win. This whole season has just been booooring.
I never liked Saleisha. She's just so dull. Chantal was at least.... less annoying? And when Tyra got all dressed up in that outfit with the hairdo in the finale she just looked ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.
Definitely agree with you freckleface. If there's an intercom in hell, Yasleen's the operator.
Cycle 10 starts February 20th! Let's hope it will be more interesting than the last one.
Ooo I was just wondering when cycle 10 was going to start. Even if its not that interesting, I'll be honest, I'll probably watch it. But I do hope it is better, and I actually like who wins this time. (I haven't the last two times!)
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