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QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Apr 7 2007, 07:52 PM) *
Okay, I just have to say, what the hell is with Renee wearing that scarf over her head all the time? It drives me crazy, and it looks just like...that other model that I couldn't stand from a few cycles before, dammit I forget her name.

exactly ccg, and I was wondering about it too.
like she's trying to be "exotic" or more interesting? I think her own {bitch} personality can carry itself in a legit'ly way if she'd give it a chance. she's outspoken, that's Not a bad thing all the time.
maybe her biggest issue to overcome is self esteem?

natasha jumping in the pool to me struck me as immaturity.
she's a foreigner, at a celeb party where I'm sure she's always read " wild and crazy things happen all the time" and I think maybe that's what she was thinking.
I like your line of thought better though jojodarling, bc I think natasha (now that she's grown on me) really does seem awfully sweet and in that light I see it too.
It was immature, freckleface7, but they're all early twentysomethings , ergo... wink.gif (Opps! Is my ageist showing?)
I could say all sorts of stuff about tonight's episode, but ...

HOW f***ing funny was Dionne, talking about her sister who has no daughters f***ing with her baby girl's hair. Hee.

AND how f***ing funny was she finding herself conspicuously happy with a girl-girl kiss after sneering "I ain't no LEZbo!" Awesome. Lovin' it.

I've grown to like her. I think I'd like Nata to win, but she will not for one reason or another. Something tells me she just won't be allowed to last. But Dionne might.

Jaslene is looking more and more like (pre-surgical) Janis every week. I hadn't even noticed it until Miss Jay said something about it, and now I can't see anything else. She cracks me up, though, because as well as the girl can do in front of the camera, every.single.week she does her Surprise At This Week's Shoot face, and dang if it is not the most comically unappealing face in the history of ANTM every time. Highly amusing, that face.

Love Brit. Her photo was fantastic.

SO.OVER.JAEL. Home for her now. Next!!

maimy, that was hilarious last night. I loved how Dionne was like "I saw my mom and my sister and then I see my baby and I'm like, wtf is wrong with her hair?!"

I wasn't too shocked at Diane getting kicked off, she was just going downhill. But Jael is just getting more and more annoying and I still can't stand her voice.

Did anyone else notice that even though they were supposed to be showing off Payless shoes, in half the pictures the shoes are barely noticeable?

And also why are they still calling the girls by their made up names from last week?
Yes, CandyCane, the disappearing product shots! Totally. And yet, during the shoot, Jay told several of the models they were doing such a good job remembering to showcase the shoes. I wonder whether this speaks more to Tyra's choice of shots than to the models' actually failing to do their jobs, too. So often you do see them actually working the product or challenge, and then the photos chosen absolutely fail to exemplify "the point" once we see them at panel. Odd.

I also noticed the made-up name thing. What was it the "super name" for the "super self"? (And HOW LAME a description, please ... ??) I like "Nata" and "Brit", but "Brown"? No. Dionne is a great name. Don't even get me started on Witelle.

Whose beauty, now that she is gone, I have to say I never quite saw the way apparently some others did. She's a nice looking girl, but I found her looks generic and bland in the extreme. Nice, but absolutely not striking. And, in a rare move, I'll even agree with Twiggy (!!!!): I did *not* see a model there at all. Of all the plus size models they've ever had, she may well be the least interesting one. For that matter, of all the models. Why single her blandness out for size. I don't like making bitchy comments. But her pretty was pretty whatever its proportions. It was not arresting, really, and not camera-ready in any particular way.
Remember Yoanna House from a few cycles ago? I always thought she was so striking, sadly not anymore. Go Fug Yourself found a recent picture of her, click on the link but caution it ain't pretty.

Yoanna Fug
QUOTE(octobersky @ Apr 13 2007, 03:00 PM) *
Remember Yoanna House from a few cycles ago? I always thought she was so striking, sadly not anymore. Go Fug Yourself found a recent picture of her, click on the link but caution it ain't pretty.

Yoanna Fug

She looks disturbingly thin, especially in her face. (Which only adds to the Lindsay-comparison.)

She had a weight problem pre-ANTM, and apparently lost a lot of weight. I remember Janice harped on her body, which to me looked no fatter than the other girls' save Shandi who weighed about four pounds.
i love top model
re: Yoanna

wtf?! She was one of my favourite winners from ANTM and she just looks awful! The orange hair, the orange skin.

I'm pretty sure she didn't actually have an eating problem before, she said that she lost weight by exercising and never eating anything "good" aka the junk food that just about everyone loves.

She used to be so beautiful. But now she just looks awful.
I said she had a weight problem, not an eating disorder. One episode showed a picture of her before Top Model and she was about 50 pounds overweight. She was thin on the show, but had a bit of a roll over the top of her jeans and wasn't as "toned" as the naturally thin models, I guess.

I know from my own experience of being overweight and losing it, at my thinnest I just looked like a skinny fat girl. Like it was really obvious my "thin" body didn't come naturally. (I'm not skinny now, by the way.) Other than her being a good five inches taller than I am, I was Yoanna sized. She looks nothing like that now, and the skinny face really ages her. (The orange hair is just wrong. Like a bad Top Model makeover wrong.)
Yeah, I remember that. It was barely even a roll though! I felt so bad for her. Is it just me or does it seem like, with the exception of Jaslene, this cycle has girls that are not quite so stick thin. I loved Janice for her craziness but she was a bit much with wanting every girl to be a waif.
OMG, Yoanna looks awful!

Makes me quite sad...
So long Jael.

I honestly grew to love Jael -- she had some of the best one-liners this cycle -- but her commercial was painful to watch.

Renee, resident "bitch" she may be, totally rocked that commercial. She was the only one to fake a reasonably believable "aussie."
Since when did yawping "dingo ite my buybee" become a prerequisite for fashion modelling? Wouldn't Cover Girl just hire an Australian model, if it wanted to have Australian accented dialogue? As for the slang--no one talks like that.

Poor Jael. I knew she was a goner as soon as Tyra learned the word Anarchist, and used it repeatedly. Jael's no anarchist. She just didn't really "get" the commercial. She's a lot less focused about modelling than she perhaps should have been, and she did piss off some of the judges (well, Twiggy despised her). But she was a sweet and thoughtful girl underneath it all and she photographed very well. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see her turn up in some Gaultier/Galliano show or perfume ad soon.
Hi, I've been enjoying all of your assessments lurk-ily and now I'm ready to jump in. Sorry in advance if this one's too long. I'll curb my enthusiasm after this...but I love intelligent discourse on inane topics, and this is one of my faves, so thanks for being here!

Yeah, that whole "Outback accent" thing was retarded BS.
I feel strongly that after the initial exposure, the best thing that can happen to these girls is to be (unnecessary stage whisper) "sent home". Much the same as how being in a band and then landing a gig as a VJ on MTV was most certainly the kiss of death for your band having any hopes of succeeding (case in point: Steve Isaacs), most of the girls that are eliminated have far more interesting things on their horizons than the poor creature stuck modeling Cover Girl crap for a year.
Jael will find her niche. She's a good kid.
That "anarchist" nonsense was KILLING me, though.
Tyra wouldn't know an anarchist if one came up and impaled her on a bondage-kilt safety pin. Jael certainly is not one, and as a true cranky punk in my heart-of-black-hearts, I felt territorial about it. Which is kinda stupid, but I'll cop to that.

Also, Caridee comes into the restaurant I work in regularly. The first time I didn't even recognize her-she had a fresh haircut and looked like Elke Sommers or Brit Eklund or some other exquisite creature that dated Rod Stewart when he was cool. I smiled at her because I thought she looked cool rocking that mid 70's casually glamourous Swede look, and she smiled back her utterly approachable Caridee smile, and it all came together. Now we're BFF! Sort of...
But really, she is sweet and goofy, and would sit there and tap her mom or boyfriend on the left shoulder and then duck right, and pull silly pranks like that while waiting to be seated. It was very endearing.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Wreckingball, welcome. Anyone who comes up with "Elke Sommers or Brit Eklund or some other exquisite creature that dated Rod Stewart when he was cool" should fit in beautifully around here. Hee.

Slightly OT, I've been reading TWOP's recaps of the Janice Dickinson Model Agency reality show. Awesome. Also, when one goes to the JDMA website, there is an interview which is almost wonderful enough to make up for her absence from ANTM. Dude. That woman is mystifying. I can't rip my attention from her, when she's in front of me. I even read some of the excerpt of her latest book at

Holy shite.

I fucking want to buy it and give it to all my friends. It has to be seen to be believed.
I wasn't surprised to see Jael go. I definitely won't miss her incoherent mumbling. And what was with the tutu over the jeans? and the blue wig? She may have thought she was being cool and unique but I felt like most of the time she just looked kinda crazy. I can't stand Renee, I don't like her personality and I don't think there's anything really striking about her look. I don't think she's gonna make it.

I wish I had access to that Janice Dickinson show, does anyone know if it's available on Canadian tv?
Candycane girl, if you have Starchoice, check TVTropolis (524), or FashionTV (571). It's on tonight.

I guess Jael had to go, but I still really liked her. She was original, and it was kind of refreshing to see someone who wasn't competing in a spiteful way. I'm sure she'll makes it on her own.

Thanks, Maimy!
I just moved and don't have my new cable service hooked up yet, so I'll probably miss this weeks episode. I'll check in for the lowdown!
Thanks juls, I have Rogers where I am but I get TVtropolis.
Mauddamn, it is EARLY in the cycle for an effing clip show, isn't it ... ? Ugh.


Absolutely in love with Nata now. "Yo, some wind for my bitch!" Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I was convinced she and Brit would be the final two, but didn't really have a winner in mind. Now I do. Kick all their asses, Blondgelina. (Even if she's not blonde anymore, I still think she has an Angelina vibe, and that was my first nickname for her, so I'm keepin' it.)

I can't believe they left out all the frostbite and wisdom tooth drama, either.

I mean. I know they edit this show like crazy. But leaving out that part of Cassandra's drama made her elimination a whole different thing. They totally manipulated her appearance to make her easy for the audience to let go of. She was shorn of every scrap of interest or sympathy, once they'd worked that sewn-on-wig angle for its oddly endearing weirdness.

Still. "Yo, some wind for my bitch."

Natasha, you my baby girl. Go kick all their asses. Yo.
Maimy, I'm with you on the disappointment about the clip show. And at one point, looking at all the "hot, dead women" make-up, and the imposed frostbite, and the anaesthesia-free dental extraction, I thought I was watching a Quentin Tarantino film (albeit with far better dialogue--"yo, some wind for my bitch" -- superior to anything he could hope to write, ever).

What is it with Tyra and her schemes for inflicting pain on these people? How hard is it to hire competent hairstylists who can actually put in extensions properly, without causing physical damage to the scalp? Or actually do a simulated, fashion editorial shoot? Or find a dentist who doesn't have to shoot his patients up with all kinds of silly drugs that cause them problems, but can still remove a wisdom tooth without causing so much pain the patient is in tears before, during, and after the operation? Or keep people on site to ensure that a little accident (like frostbite of the ENTIRE HAND!!!) doesn't happen? Does someone have to die, actually and glamourously, first?

Just askin'.
What is this wisdom tooth drama you speak of?

I watched about 5 minutes of the clip show but it was boring me so I changed the channel. I love Natasha, at first I couldn't stand her but now she seems so sweet and funny and just really likeable. I really hope Renee isn't in the final 3. But then again, Eva won cycle 3 and I couldn't stand her. Usually though, the annoying people get kicked off.
CCG, Natasha had a toothache, and when they sent her to the dentist it ended up being a bad cavity in one of her wisdoms, so they pulled it. And ChaCha, I think she said something about having problems with "medicine", so it *appeared* that they pulled it with minimal or alternative anaesthetic. (I know I was knocked out cold for my wisdom extraction, but I had four pulled at once, so maybe due to her only having one to pull, or due to drug reactions, she really was limited in relief options.) Either way, she was clearly in a lot of pain, but nary a breath of that made it past the clip show. I just thought it was interesting editing. It makes me worry, too, because if they were setting her up to be The Winner, it seems to me they'd have used that little triumph over adversity - a'la Joanie's plotline. Then again, maybe it's still too close to that particular plotline to use it again, so maybe that's why they cut it. Though repetition never seems to have stopped the ANTM editors before ...


I was extremely amused by Renee's face-off with "Brown". She was so badly, badly playing for the camera, it made me a little sad for her. Hoo-boy.

Odd observation - this seems like the season with the most moms competing. Jaslene, Natasha, Renee, "Brown" ... Not that Jaslene ever says an effin' word about her kid (I only remember that she's a mom from her FIRST appearance, when she got cut before the final 13 last season). I didn't even realize Nata was a mom until she became envious about the other two getting to see their babies. Still. Am I right - is this the most parental-intensive season yet?
I remember Natasha said she is very sensitive to all medicines. My husband's like this. On one of his previous trips to the dentist, the anaesthetic used actually numbed part of his tongue for about a year and a half after the operation. Anaesthetics have been problematic drugs for so long that many people can't use them because they suffer so many side effects from them--so a lot of dentists are prepared to use either other methods or "alternative medicines" like potentized Arnica...all of which work well against pain! But watching that dentist with Natasha--that was almost like watching The Marathon Man, especially with the close ups of the pliers. I don't think that guy used anything!

Natasha's "triumph over adversity" story arch is obvious--she's a total fish out of water who learns her way around the kingdom of the pond! And she's being shown to be the true stoic--not a peep of complaint about dental surgery, missing her baby, feeling totally alienated from the others because of the language and culture barrier (and because Renee's kind of helplessly divisive) and because people think her ability to make criticism work for her is a sign of stupidity or retardation (all while, ironically, wrapping bunting around their necks at the same time). I think she's being shown as the most vastly improved....but, honestly, I loved Cassandra's "impersonation" we saw of "The Russian Model". I'm sure there was a lot of truth in it...

especially her reaction to criticism: "Scroo!"
I missed the clip show too bc I thought it would be all repeated scene's. stoopid me!

I am nearly 100% positive that CariDee is in the Salad Spritzer commerical, the same one we all think we saw Jade in? it's playing a lot here all of a sudden, and Jade in that green leaf chair w/ the huge afro, and then it shows different clips of CariDee w/ the bottle balanced on her head making goofy faces and playing w/ it as she's taking bites. it's cute & goofy and I am jealous as hell of the poster who got to meet her bc she looks so nice and real.

my question is... if Top Model now has 2 models in a commerical for them.. doesn't it imply they have some sort of contract or deal and if so, why are they not crooning That at panel each time?
a food endorsement seems in some ways more prestegious than drug store makeup bc it's got a wider audience appeal base.

maimy, I'm w/ you as thinking of this as ' the season of the mommy's' bc it's almost weird how they don't mention it but yet it still comes out in weird, almost unnoticable ways. editing.

top 3 picks: britt, nata and brown. if any of them won I'd be happy.
Proctor and Gamble, the HUGE multi-national conglomerate (which is very likely part of a larger conglomerate) owns the Cover Girl brand as well as countless "food" companies, like Frito Lay, for example. Unilever owns Wishbone and Hellman's and the Dove product line, but it's quite likely they are connected--maybe in a company that buys much of the raw material (like Palm Oil--used in all the food and make-up products both conglomerates produce) from suppliers all over the world.It's extremely likely the "food" commercials happened because making the girls more visible after their appearances on Top Model enhances that show's legitimacy (we can all say "Look! She's getting some work now after being on ANTM!), and cross markets well with Cover Girl at the same time. P&G et al get all kinds of exposure this way, very inexpensively.

Since both huge companies own other companies involved in pharmaceuticals, foods, consumer goods, and very likely, media, I bet P&G own a chunk of Bankable Productions by now, too.
I kind of wish I had watched the show now but whatever.

I have a feeling it's gonna come down to Britt and Natasha.
A lot of markets do the Sunday night reruns, it may still be catch-able, y'all ...
Vh1 (or MTV?) aired cycle three in its entirety this weekend, and lord, how far we've fallen. Not that there was actual model potential in the earlier cycles, but at least the photo shoots were somewhat plausible.

Clip show
Natasha (dressed as a rapper): My bitch needs wind!


Jeeze! I thought she was winning material, too! She needs to grow up. I think she comes off as snooty and a baby, plus during her walks at the go sees, I thought she was going to fall on her arse! But the whole melt down @ Priscillas was unforgivable. I knew she was gone after that, even though I thought she took the best pics last night.

This competition is getting seriously hard, I think all the girls who are left have it, but I agree that Dionne, really only has one "look".

Does anyone else think Jaslene looks like Janice Dickinson?
I think the top 2 now, are going to be Jaslene and Renee.
Dionne's gone next week--she would've been gone this week if potential winner Brit hadn't lost it.

My bet is that Jaslene and Natasha are the final 2, and Jaslene wins.
I think Natasha's over-sexiness is going to be her downfall.
WBitch and I were watching on the phone together, and Dionne's trashy 'I like this, can I keep it?' routine was so perfectly, completely awful we were sure she was on the way out. As bad as Britney's little fit was - Dionne was being a grasping little beggar at every. single. go-see, and it was *really* embarrassing to watch. It was unbelievable that neither the week's on-site judge, nor the panel at large, had a solitary syllable to say about how trashy and unprofessional that was.

I'm actually thinking it's going to come down to Renee' and Nata, and that Natasha will win. Just - the way they're editing her makes me think they're showing her grooming process. Their remarks about her are all about the journey and the improvement, and even though Renee' is being shown to have had a character arc, they never do pick the "bitch". Jaslene just doesn't have It. Dionne isn't even justifiably *present* at this point. And Renee' has been the bad guy for too long.

And, yes. Jaslene is Janice Jr. Except that, unless she starts botox NOW (and what is, she, like 21??), within a year she'll look older than Janice actually IS - and that is pretty bad, fella babies. That's pretty bad.

I'm all for a woman having freedom of (facial) expression, but Jaslene is about the most ungainly, unpretty thing when she experiences surprise, happiness, or the slightest emotion leading to forehead contortions. I can't count how many times they've shown shots of her, flabbergasted, looking like she's trying to catch friggin' frogs in her mouth, the way it hangs open. And I can't say I enjoy looking at shots of her flabbergasted frog-catcher.
I was a big fan of brits (to win even), when they didn't show her speaking.
but the last few epi's, the more they showed, the whinier she got and that scene at priscilla's was just a bad bad moment.
editing always plays such a Huge part in Our Allowed Perception. damn them! biggrin.gif
however, I do think she showed some grace when she left.
her regular face vs her photo face never really matched up though.

was it me or did they all but steer the girl's towards the maxim-type mag layout style for the beach shoots?

when you're aiming for Cover Girl status do you really need to be encouraged to sex it up? I really felt a sort of helpless vibe of them getting the girl's ready to be pimped out that was disturburbing.

jaslene. eyyyy. I know she takes some good shots, but I still don't find her all that exciting in any way.
and again, her speaking voice is atrocious.

renee, eyyy. I liked her better this time w/ the hair extentions; I thought it softened her up & took away some of the harsh edges. she seem's to be shown as less-bitch now than before, but it could be that the last few girl's left generally tend to bond tighter.

dionne. love her personality and I thought her asking to keep the clothes was cute, bc her personality was light when she was doing it and when one designer said 'no but you can BUY it' and she laughed and they laughed and it was all good. but her pictures, not so much. def her time to go.

and nata.
love her.
hope she wins, but think it may still be renee or jaslene.
I really liked Britney up until this episode. All the crying and whining was just too much.

I was really shocked that no one brought up the fact that Dionne asked every designer if she could keep the clothes. I mean, what the hell, that just seems so low class.

I think it's going to come down to Natasha and Jaslene. I still can't stand Renee.
so i liked jael cause she hailed from detroit. but i was also a fan of brittney's photos... just not her whiney attitude. i'm not a fan of natasha. i think rene has the most potential out of the girls who are left.
nata came out victorious!!!

the way the other 3 girls were ganging up on her was just about as bitchy as I've ever seen, and having worked in a similar situation, but didn't know til the 11th hour that's how the other's felt about me, wow, I felt so bad for her but she handled it w/ so much grace.

I don't think the panel had any idea of sending nata home either; you cannot compare her photo's w/ dion's who up til this episode I had liked pretty well. I also don't think we'll ever hear anything about dion again bc I think she will quit modeling completely. all those things she "didn't want to/WON'T do"- you don't get to be that way til you are literally on the Top.

jaslene has an ego bigger than the aussie state they are in and needs to just not talk. nata might get words mixed up here and there, but at least she is more than 2-D, fairly articulate and Sincere.
I never at all got what they kept harping on about her fakeness.

renee, eyyy. the lesser of 2 evils?
I felt so bad for Natasha last night. I think Tyra was right, they probably were just jealous. I'm shocked that Dionne stayed in as long as she did considering she had to be coached through every single frame. I also thought it was good that even though they liked Jaslene they actually told her to come up with more than one face.

I really can't say who it will come down to, I'm just so sick of Renee.
I felt bad for Natasha too. Funny how Renee's deep seated insecurities can be spread so easily--like a disease--to the other girls. All Renee had to do was get them all to feel as threatened by Natasha's successful efforts to improve as she was, and they all chanted "she seems to be missing something", and "she seems fake" right along with her, on cue.

I think Renee feels like she's pulling one over on everybody. Everyone complains about her behaviour, but she's so successful and she wins the challenge with her story of triumph over hardship and abuse, but she's one of those bully mean girls who hasn't been caught out yet.

Should be an interesting finale.
I agree, I think Renee is just nervous and threatened by Natasha. And the other girls just bought right into it, it is funny how no one really said how "her personality was missing something" or that she seemed fake until Renee pointed it out.

I hope it comes down to Natasha and Jaslene. but you never really know what is gonna happen!
re: natasha. i think the same thing about her, she's missing edge. yes i think she is sweet, pretty and classy.. but i dont think she is top model material. straight up. i dont see her passion for being a model. i think maybe she'd be great as a 3rd grade teacher or something, but not a model. the industry is too harsh for her i think.
That might be true of Natasha--but the one thing that's certain about her is that she can definitely figure out exactly how to be exactly what she needs to be, at any time. She certainly learned very quickly what she needed to do to be a model. If she lacks "edge" now and she needs it later, I have no doubt in my mind she'll get "edge". Her ability to adapt instantly is huge--and none of the other competitors had it.

The one thing that is certain about Renee, in contrast, is her extremely deep insecurity, which materializes as sheer bullying. She doesn't have a passion to be a model--she has a passion for emotionally commandeering the politics in her situation, and everything else is secondary to that. She could just as easily be playing a game of cards, or trying to get an A in class without doing anything more than the bare minimum of work required to pass as she could be competing to become "top" model. She's certainly bent on manipulating people, and she can pose well enough, but I haven't seen any evidenceyet that she actually "wants" to model.
The thing that is KILLING me about Renee (because I'm apparently as petty as she is)--

Nene has been my best friend's nickname for me for like 15 years.

Nene, c'est moi.

Or ne 2 da ne if it's 1992 and you've got your hat 2 da back.

Every time I hear Renee call herself Nene I scream at the TV and my husband makes fun of me.
The thing that is KILLING me about Renee (because I'm apparently as petty as she is)--

Nene has been my best friend's nickname for me for like 15 years. She is also crafty & slightly insane, so I have a "nene" in ceramic tiles and a "nene" in painted wooden blocks that she made for me. Plus a wooden plaque that says "Y2NE" on it.

Nene, c'est moi.

Or ne 2 da ne if it's 1992 and you've got your hat 2 da back.

Every time I hear Renee call herself Nene I scream at the TV and my husband makes fun of me.
I don't know guys-the Natasha thing is complex: I was totally won over by her for a few episodes there, but I can no longer deny the fact that she IS creepy, humping the phone in front of everyone and basically putting a happy face on the mystery of her life that seems pretty inseparable from human trafficking.
That said, I also think that's the reason she's admittedly SO amazing at remaining impervious to criticism - she has probably been in situations that have required her to maintain an elaborate set of illusions in order to remain sane (used loosely) and survive. I also think she's actually quite tacky looking, all fry-haired and frog like with bad skin and unflattering makeup choices (at least when she presumably does it herself for the individual narration segments).

That said, on film she's a total contender, and I don't think she's fragile. More like terrifyingly steely, and an absolute natural at playing the game Renee can only hope she's winning. Every pitch NAYNAY throws in hopes of hitting her, she hits right out of the park. Renee learned manipulation via Mean Girls, Nata learned it in the Eastern Bloc. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.
I just hate people who manage to maintain delusions about themselves--in part it makes me wish I was that delusional myself, because it does do wonders for your self-esteem, but when I see someone who is, it makes me think they're crazy and I can't supress the urge to laugh at them. Sucks being one of the only people looking for the truth even if it's ugly. Lord knows Tyra and co. aren't.

At the end of the day, though, I'd rather see her win than anyone else. Based on her pics, amazing speed at picking things up (they suggest it, the next shoot she nails it) and incredible self-aggrandizing abilities, she can do the job. I can't stand Renee trying to be soft and vulnerable now; as freckleface said, Dionne is just retreating into boring oblivion; and if I have to see Jaslene make another "excited/surprised" face I might break the glass on my TV screen in a vain attempt to strangle her. She would be my favorite, but I'm over her now and she does only have one facial expression. At least on-camera.

Blah. NEXT season please!
(Of course I will still be tuned in for the finale...)
I don't think Natasha makes bad makeup choices. Yeah, her hair gets kind of...big and poufy but other than that I think she's really pretty. And like you said, every time the judges suggest something, she completely nails it at the next photo shoot.

Renee bugs me because she just seems like a backstabbing conniving bitch. She should have been eliminated weeks ago and I'm so sick of hearing her cry about how she's doing it all for her family, as if modelling is the only way to make any money.
I like Natasha, I just wish she would make different fashion choices. When she dresses up in tight pants, her proportions look all wrong.

But I still want her to win. I think she just keeps to herself more than the other girls. I mean, maybe she doesn't talk about her baby because she's not that close to the girls and maybe she isn't wearing her wedding ring because she thought it wasn't appropriate for a modelling competition or was worried about losing it.
Frankly, I haven't heard ANY of the mothers really talk about their children. I am positive I recall Jaslene stating in the last cycle's auditions, before she got axed before the show even began, that she was a mother. This cycle - she has not so much as even acknowledged parenthood. I don't even know whether her child (children?) is a girl or a boy. Dionne only spoke about her daughter to bitch about her sister's lack of hairstyling abilities. And Renee only discusses her son as a reason she "needs" this (hah - and what Candycane said about this being the *only* way to make money ...).

It's a pretty fine how-do-you-do for mothers so utterly wrapped up in themselves to go judging a woman who - yeah, it's a bit odd, but - at least shows some form of emotion regarding her husband and offspring.

The phone-nuzzling thing didn't bother me in the slightest. Odd? Sure. Doing it in front of people you KNOW are judging you? *Shrug* Whatever. But. I have been 4000 miles away from the man I love for over two and a half years. You'd better believe I nuzzle the goddamned phone - I nuzzle my fucking DOG; it's the only form of biological physical affection I can indulge twelve days out of fourteen - and anybody who doesn't damned well like it can lick my toe jam.

Fucking A. If it were my *child* I was separated from, I'd by far prefer to be nuzzling a phone in front of a couple of finicky bitches than SNEERING at someone for evincing emotional attachment to those I profess to love.

Yeah, I didn't see the big deal with the phone, I mean, she's just missing him.
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