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Yeah it wasn't very kind or professional for Renee to laugh, but considering how Jaslene likes to brag about how great she is, it was probably some type of schedenfreude for Renee and the others. I'm still not very keen on either of them. Currently they both annoy me.

It didn't surprise me that Alabama girl (cant remember name) was sent home, very pretty, but not yet totally comfortable with herself. I really liked Brittany's, Diana's, Baby Tyra's and Jael's pictures this week. I was happy to see the two plus size girls safe this week, being larger it's a personal thing for me. rolleyes.gif

I still could not believe that Sara didn't know to tuck her boobs in -wtf? Gucci or Galiano show sure, but HS prom crapstravaganza, just no.

Yes I do agree with you freckle, Natasha is completely clueless, BUT other models (Brazil, Germany, Russia etc) that come to work in the states and are able to take direction with minimal efforts. I really think that she is truly a pretty face with no real modeling talent - however I may have to retract that later as the competition progresses.
I think Natasha can only have a chance if someone plants her exactly in the pose they want, then twists her head around on her neck and asks her to mimick the facial expression they've got exactly...and then takes a photo. Girl has no clue, and won't get one either. I'm not buying the "foreign" business, either. Nothing "foreign" about modeling, I know for a fact that fashion and design magazines were widely available in Russia even when it was the USSR, and Natasha's younger than the concept of modeling being a surprise is just something I don't get.

I mean hell, I've seen little kids play at being models before they've even got full motor coordination. It just seems to me she's been told to "look sexy" and anything after that is beyond her imagining. It doesn't seem like she's a "quick study", either. I could be wrong, but she's already so far behind everyone else.

But this cycle's Jaeda, the non-stop whining Renee, is going to get hers soon, I think. You can't perform badly, then complain about how other girls aren't performing badly and it's not fair, forever.
Anyone else notice that in the previews for next week's episode (the makeover episode) Jael gets a short, curly, dark do that makes her look approximately 47? I liked her nerd shot this week, and I wasn't feeling the Jael love from week one. Jaslene's picture was phenomenal. (Yes, I've pegged her as my early fav. I don't care if she's draggish. Or maybe because she's draggish.) But she drew the dark sexy card two weeks in a row. I wonder how her look would translate into a beauty shot. Her face can carry a lot of make-up, but at panel she looks kind of plain. (And not to mention, alarmingly thin.)
did anyone else notice how she looked spookily like that male makeup artist who is also a drag queen?
they even showed him for a second during her shoot, being excited. only.. he is like..beautiful..
so maybe jaslene can pull off a beauty shot too?

they cut our preview's at the end so I missed it.
jael w/ dark hair ?
I'm w/ you, I Loved her nerd shots too.
she looked like she was having a lot of fun w/ it and hey- they could have let her wear her own t-shirt w/ the tie screen printed down the front and saved some wardrobe $.
holy shiteballs.

i just watched the preview for the makeover edition.....

.... some poor lady just got messed with and i think it was jael.

they put extensions or a weave or something into someone's hair (8 hours of work) and then it looked shiity and they had to shave it off.

oh my gawd.

wed is coming way too slowly

Okay, I just have to get this out.

1. Renee is a bitch. Seriously, I just want to smack her in the face.

2. Okay, Jaslene is crazy skinny and definitely had a big head after the first elimination but she seems like a nice person.

3. I can't stand Natasha. Seriously, she kept saying she didn't know what a teacher's pet was but wouldn't have someone just told her it's a student that sucks up to the teacher. She doesn't take any direction at all and as the judges said, she turns every criticism into a positive.
anna k
I hate the product placement with the closeups of the hair/makeup products and advertising how great they are. Or the close-ups on the pictures at the judging with the zooming sound affect. This show is addictive, but I hate the cartoonishness.
At least they got rid of those cheesy Covergirl promos where Jay and some model show us how to use the latest covergirl products. Those were just pathetic.
I have to confess part of me is enjoying Renee's frenzy of self-doubt and recrimination. That girl is so frustrated with herself she has no idea where to turn. On the one hand it's so painful and I just wish she'd snap out of it...on the other hand, she's certainly telegraphing to all around her that she's doomed.

That is, to all but the clueless judges.

Anyway, her ice cream shoot photo made her look like she had some kind of "candy leprosy" around her mouth and eyes.
Not a flattering shoot by any means.

I must, this one time, give thanks for something Miss J said while looking at the photos at judging.
*whines* ANTM wasn't on in Chicago last night. Boooooo! Does anyone know if its playing at some other odd time this week, that I somehow missed? I wanna see Renee squirm too!!
It was really funny to see renee pout about (redhead, I don't remember her name. Samantha?)
I love that she just straight up told renee that she heard what she was saying. and renee's response "grow up" who was the one gossiping?

Poor Jael. Her hair ain't so bad.
Turbo, I think it replays on Sundays in most markets.

This cycle had the best crop of makeovers in a long time. And, wonder of many wonders: Tyra didn't Beyonce-fy any of the black girls. Amazing. With two exceptions:

1) I thought Brittany was the only real disappointment - her hair was so hip before the makeover, and that weave looked pretty awful in natural light. And did anyone else see the short hair sticking out from under it at panel, where she was dumb enough to go ponytailed? They complained to everyone else, but she walked away with her picture, ponytail in place and old short bits sticking out. Oy.

2) Natasha still had the weird Barbie's-acrylic-hair-is-too-thick-and-it-can't-be-brushed-down-anymore look even after her makeover. If her hair actually has *that* much bulk naturally, couldn't they have figured out they needed to work with it, rather than pretending they were going to be able to sleek her tresses down?

Did feel bad for Jael, she took a full on beating this week. I thought Whitney's support of her was actually quite nice. She seemed to need it, and it appeared as an actual Christian act. It is hard for me to hang with evangelism, but what Whitney did had a look of genuine spiritual generosity to it.

Okay, had to say that. Back to the show.

The shoot was flattering to exactly NONE of the girls. Ew. Some of the more "out there" ideas they come up with are simply ugly. It boggles the mind.
Oh and one more thing about renee...
I swear during the makeovers I was going to hear "And ::sniff:: they gave all the other girls ::sniff:: hair that was really flattering to them ::sniff:: and they KNEW that this hair would be hard for me to work with ::sniff::"

I just want to strangle her.
ok. so one thing that boggles my mind is tyra's speach to cassandra/diana when diana was chosen/

she said to diana: (the one with looks in photos (at least more than cassandra) but no personality according to tyra) "that looks aren't all that matter. " (or something very similar)

say what?? that would have totally made sense had it been cassandra she was speaking to.
if looks werren't all that mattered, then diana should have gone and cassandra should have stayed.

sometimes i really don't know where tyra;s head is.
she says one thing one elimation and then the next week she totally contradicts herself.

two seasons ago she was hassling the girls to pull up their hair off their faces, and now she says to wear their hair down? (i understand that she wanted to see their cuts, but...)

and that hip/hop girl relaly has no clue. oh yeah felicia. she seems like the most immature out of them all. way too naive.

hmmmm. i wonder what next week will bring.
by all accounts diana really should have gone home. I think they're just keeping her around because "HEY LOOK! we have plus size models! LOOK!"

I like that they are giving big girls a chance, but not as a gimmick.

I really like whitney.
I thought it was kind of funny that they gave Brittany a crazy bright red weave and then photoshopped it to look like a nice shade of auburn in the post makeover pics.

I really don't like Diana, I don't know why she and Renee seem to think that Brittany was being fake shen she was trying to support Jael. I also don't know why Jael kept saying that her friend's death didn't make any sense cause really, what else would you expect to happen when someone is using drugs? I mean, sure they can live for a long time but there are way too many people who die of overdoses.

Anyhoo, I can't wait for Renee's meltdown next week. And yeah, Brittany complains a lot but I still like her better, her pictures have been pretty great so far.
I think that Tyra's "that looks aren't all that matter. " to Diana was more of a warning for her rather than a reason why she was staying.

I liked Diana until I saw her with Renee this week. It seems like the small bit of personality we have seen isn't very nice.
About Jael...

Maybe her friend was trying to get better or something, and thats why it was a shock or something like that. I dunno. Sometimes, even when you should see it coming, death can totally shock you and be really confusing.

Yeah diana is just not doing it for me. I hated her first pic, and this one sucked too.
Renee sucks dirty ass! Can't stand her. She is seriously damaged and had anger issues. I am really liking Jael. She's a freak but she seems to be really sweet. Natasha is just bizarre. Love this show!
i was completely shocked when they kept diana too. it really does look to me like they are just keeping the bigger girls around to say 'hey, look, we're fair. we have two plus size models on the show. AND they made it past the first few rounds of eliminations.' when in all seriousness, diana just isn't as good as the rest of the girls. big or not. and cassandra seemed like such a sweetheart, and a genuine good friend to all the girls. boo.

i like jael. still. i know she has that irritating mumbly voice and all, but she just reminds me of a lot of girls like her i used to know in high school who were really good, nice people at heart...albeit very insecure and act-outy. and i like britney, i think she's really interesting looking, kind of in a 1940s kinda way. but her whining was almost too much this week. suck it up.

and i HATE renee. i mean, can't she hear all the excuses she's making? i feel sorry for people who randomly encounter her, b/c she does not seem like a nice person at all. really pretty though.

natasha can stay because her ridiculousness totally amuses me. sara is a little bit self-righteous. well a lot a bit actually. but she seemed better this week.

oooh, i really should not be this invested in a show about pretty girls. but i can't help it. much more interesting than my current academic pursuits.
I think Jael the person is a dear little thing. But the ANTM competitor doesn't impress me for good or ill very much. I do think it was fairly bizarre the way Tyra made a point of pointing out how ethnic she looked while, um, COVERED IN PINK AND GREEN PAINT ...


For one, what was she looking at that I wasn't seeing at all? For another - was that supposed to be some sort of compliment? Because it just came out as a total non-sequitur. *Shrugging*

Diana never seems to resemble herself in photos. It's a little bit eerie.
So, they have a photo shoot where the girls are all posed as dead women, but they're criticized because they look "too dead", especially in the eyes, which in one case, did not "reflect light".

Then, they're upset at people who show up to the judging not looking like models, but Diana stays yet another week though her hair looks as greasy as a gnawed hambone. I cannot wait until Miss J has amassed a stack of ruffles so high he looks like a Jack-in-the-box with quips.

These people really are smoking big giant doobs and eating Dunkin Donuts out of house and home.
I liked the photoshoot last night but I was upset that they sent Felicia home. I liked her and she seemed way more interesting than Dionne.

Anyway, I was feeling sorry for Jael last week until I saw this and not only that, but everytime she "speaks" all I hear is mumbling and it drives me crazy. I have a feeling that if she makes it to any type of commercial they do, that's when she'll be cut cause the girl doesn't open her mouth!

New ANTM tonight! Yipee!
I was much glad to see Dianah go, she is BOOOOOORING!!!!!

sara needs to be next, I just want to slap the cute out and off her, even tho I much covet her pixie haircut.

I still think jaslene looks too draggy for my taste.. but she is pretty.

BOB. Love BOB ! " I hunt deer." how can you not love it?!
but Natasha.
oy vey but it almost chokes me to admit this.. she's grown on me to the point where I'm digging her. a lot.
her hair still needs to be thinned (or something) but when she pulled it back into a ponytail (on the phone w/ her husband, very sweet convo too) it really brought out the bone structure & she looked even better, and that's on top of her already being pretty amazing looking.

right now she's my #2 choice.. but over all, minus sara and renee, I think most of them are ok but imo brittany & natasha are the ones to beat right now.
I really like Brittany, and this week Natasha was growing on me too. I still find it funny how she doesn't seem to think any criticism is actually bad but other than that, she seems like a genuinely nice person. Plus her photoshoot looked hilarious. I can't stand Renee but was it just me or did she look like Jake Shears (the singer from Scissor Sisters) when she was dressed as a guy?
Well, I understand the whole "plus size model positive" appearances for the show, and I get that it would be nice if plus sizers were considered on an equal footing to the other models, but I knew something was wrong with the "demonstration" if they could only find plus sized contestants like Diana. She's so bland, and she was never all that pretty (her nose is kind of bulbous, and they played up that fault in every photo shoot). The worst part about her was that she seemed indifferent about the whole process, except when it looked like she was going to lose. There's such a vast difference between her and Whitney, in terms of determination, and focus and confidence. I'm amazed Diana lasted as long as she did.

Dionne, on the other hand, is kinda growing on me. And I'm glad Natasha is such a quick study--good for her for really striving and growing. Other than that, there isn't a lot of spice in this cycle, other than waiting for the ever compounding ring of ruffles on Miss Jay's neck to overwhelm him completely.
I gotta respond to the site showing outta-whack Jael. It goes too far. We judge a lot of the contestants here in this thread, but other than "that girl is a BITCH", it's generally not mean-spirited or actually destructive. I don't dig Jael, as we know, but to watch someone's pain on such display, and to see the cruel response to it, was ugly as sin to me. (An irony right now, because a voice I could hear saying just this has been fairly cruel to me today ...) The extent to which BUSTies seem to judge for the most part is pretty much within the basis of the show itself, and the context in which, let's face it, the contestants INVITE themselves to be judged. To broadcast a one-sided version of someone's behavior at a private party - to revel so in their apparent failure, and in their possible addiction or self-destruction - is sick to me. I had to say something. Jael's voice always sounded half-drugged to me anyway. But to see her hung in effigy like that is distasteful in the extreme.

Never mind that the whole "report" on the party may be inaccurate, at that. It has a funky whiff to it.

That said. Natasha's hip-hop boy shoot reminded me of Caridee's Anjelina Jolie. It was that good. But way funnier (and that's something, considering Caridee!).
Hmmm, they still have 8 contestants left... Miss J's gonna choke on her ruffles before the season's over tongue.gif
I have to agree with you Chacha. I never found Diana to be very interesting looks wise and I just didn't feel like she was really determined. I really like Whitney, and was it just me or did she at one point say that she's a size 8? Because seriously, that just drives me crazy that that's considered plus size.

Also, I didn't mean to offend anyone with the Jael thing, but also remember that the source was ONTD and they'll pretty much rip apart anybody.
Oh, Candycane, I'm not offended! No. And it's not like you said that, so there ya go. Stuff like that just makes me depressed. Anonymous trashing just seems to be everywhere now, and it's ugly and sad. And usually bullshit, too. *Sigh*
I was glad to see Diana go because I thought she was boring. I like Natasha, and I am rooting for her. It pisses me off how some of the contestants judge her marriage situation when they don't know what her life was like before she came to the U.S.
Damn you ANTM editors for making me like Natasha last week.
I'm looking forward to seeing Fifty Cent push Jaeda in the pool.
As the kids say: word.
I almost feel sorry for Renee. At least I know what it's like to be labeled the "bitch" among a group of women, and no matter how hard you try, you can't really lose that label.

I'm making a prediction that the final three will be Jaslene, Brittany, and Dionne. They seem to be getting less airtime (well, Dionne has had a lot for the past few episodes) than the other girls, and that's usually a pretty good indicator that "their time will come," right? I love Jaslene, but I wish she'd do something: break down, break something... She's the most photogenic, but seems to have a non-personality. Or maybe fell into some bad editing.
w/ due respect curious, everyone think's renee's a bitch bc that's how she acts.

I personally LOVED IT when tyra called her up there all sweet and nururing and then let everyone tell her why they feel that way.
tough love babee !!

not sorry that sara is gone.
she was just annoying w/ her perky little,,, perkiness.

I was suprised that tyra didn't yell at them for the way some of them behaved at that party.
I mean, it Was a reflection on Her. and did anyone else think that Yahoolahey (or however you spell it) kinda sounded like another name for va jay jay? maybe my mind is just dirty laugh.gif !

brit didn't shine like she usually does, but for peter's sake tyra stop Talking about "doing something about that cheap hamster weave on your head" and actually DO IT!! it looks like it was getting infected and raw in spots. what damage is it probably doing to her natural hair and scalp?

top 3 predictions: brit, natasha, and.......maybe dinonne? I do like her more and she's starting to stand out more now. I have to say, I think jaels's time has come to an end. if she acts this way now (at the party), how is she going to be when she is successful and surrounded non-stop by drugs and alchohol and the party scene when she has to get up and be at a 0500 set for hair and makeup?
I think I had enough of Jael's hippywhatever mentality a long time ago, but that fitty sint bastard was not worth the screen time. Wonder how many other women he pushes around on a whim...Jael didn't deserve that. I don't believe Jael's "behaviour" nor any of the other girls' behaviour was worth criticism.

Finally, if Tyra's so worried about how all of this reflects on her, she'd cut her arms off making sure the girls:

1) Had a REAL fashion magazine cover and spread as a prize--why not Elle or Vogue or Bazaar? Seventeen is NOT a fashion magazine, it's a kid's magazine that sells acne meds and mall clothes.

2) She'd have REAL clothes for them to work with, runway assignments/tests, and decent photo shoots (who came up with the Goodwill shopping spree/fashion show? Or the "Sears" challenge? Huh?

3) REAL makeup, people. Cover Girl is fine in a pinch, but a 100,000 dollar contract with a bargain basement cosmetic company does not say "fashion". MAC says fashion, or Lancome says fashion, or plenty of other brands the women who are photographed on W or Vogue or all those other fashion mags use. And the contracts pay more too, I bet.

4) A party with Fitty Cent, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie? Ugh. Where do the girls go and disinfect themselves afterwards?

I'm a little bit bummed. This whole thing is crack TV, sure, but they could at least make an effort. Next the girls will be carving platform soles out of cork and tying kerchiefs around the legs to make "sexy footwear" for the next challenge. Who would want to win this?
chacha, I think that they do the CoverGirl thing because Tyra was oneo f their main faces for so many years. I was actually kind of shocked when they had a contract with Revlon in the first season. Also, they used to do different magazines, I remember one year they did Jane but it looks like they've been sticking with Seventeen for the last few yars.

I missed the first little bit so I only saw the part of the party where Renee told Nicole Richie that she thought Jael was a bitch. I was kind of surpriseed when the girls all confronted Renee about what she had done and they weren't more specific. They had a whole lot of things to choose from and some of them were just like "she made me feel bad". I can't wait for Renee to get eliminated.

freckleface, I totally agree with you on the crazy hamster weave. They need to get that girl into the salon and fix what they did!
I know Tyra had an ongoing contract with Cover Girl for a while, and really, Proctor and Gamble owns a lot of brands that could be used in the context of "fashion". But the end result is not much real fashion credibility for the winner of the contest. Which means not much of a career as a fashion model. Those "my life as a cover girl" ads are depressing, and even the contracted shoots in the non-fashion mags like Seventeen or Jane just don't cut it when you look at what the magazines known for fashion (the magazines the girls are always being told they have to aspire to) put out on a regular basis.

I'm just thinking of that one photo shoot in W featuring Ellen Degeneres--not a fashion model whatsoever, as she's too short, too old, and too big for the job....but any one of the photos she posed for in W blows away anything I've ever seen come out of the contortions of ANTM. And that is what the girls should be learning how to do if they want a real chance at a good career in modelling. Or, at least, that's what Tyra seems to be saying they should do.

I think the most successful model from this show has been the one they never mention, who got paid something more like a model's contract would pay (well, with a higher end cosmetic company, anyway), a million or so to pose for Playboy.

Nothing "fashion" about a playboy spread! And nothing to follow it up, that might actually constitute a fashion model's career.
who do you mean chacha?
Wouldn't that be Adrian Curry? In an interview she gave, she was never actually given an opportunity to fulfill her contract with Revlon (it never materialized--therefore, she got no monetary reward for winning that cycle). She did, however, give an interview and a photoshoot to Playboy--for a million dollars.

And I don't know why she's never, ever mentioned on the show now (apparently some dispute with Tyra). But I suspect there's something about that Playboy association that doesn't whisper "haute couture" loudly enough for Tyra.

Tyra's ANTM franchise is huge, it's all over the world now, not just in the US and Britain and in Canada. She is successful with this enterprise and she should be better able to add some prestige to the show now. If Britains Next Top Model can have their contestants competing wearing Armani, we shouldn't have to see these girls forced to look excited about modeling Sears clothing on a makeshift platform with plastic props for decor.

Adrienne? She posed for Playboy, right? I know she and Tyra aren't exactly on speaking terms (to put it mildly), but other than that, her success has been, what, a cheesy show (or two) on VH1?
isn't she the one who also married the guy who played peter brady? and wasn't there some sort of reality show w/ it happening?

seems a few months ago, I saw some sort of blog she had up about how she got screwed by ANTM too.

the thing is, she doesn't remotely stand out in my mind, and I have been a loyal watcher (can't quite admit to Fan-status) sinse the beginning.

none of the girl's/winner's really stay w/ you though... they might be seen a bit right after the finale, but little by little rather quickly just disappear.

do the other country's winner's fare any better?
anna k
I saw Eva in a scene in I Think I Love My Wife, and Yaya in various stuff (music video, movie, commercial), but you're right, none have really stuck out.
Elyse is a pretty successful model in Japan. A number of them have been signed to agencies, but I haven't seen any in Vogue recently. (I did see Toccara in an Avon catalog, though. Ain't Chanel, but it pays the bills.)

If you check TWoP's boards, there's a lot of info on what the former ANTM'ers are doing.
I think a lot of them have gotten work. Just not super high profile work.

As for the make up thing, I think the CoverGirl thing isn't so much about the fashion as it is about getting the huge amount of exposure.
Well, I thought about the "exposure" thing...and certainly the product can be found anywhere. But when you read a fashion magazine and look at the credits for makeup, it seems Cover Girl isn't paying for ad space in those magazines so much (but they probably do pay a lot for ad space and "editorial" in magazines like Seventeen, or at least they'd pay a bit more in those types of girls'--not fashion!--magazines).

Usually the make-up articles in the Fashion magazines will feature higher end lines, and likewise, the make-up artists doing the cover or editorial work are all using specific brands which advertise heavily in the fashion magazines. Think about how much ad space a company like Estee Lauder buys, on a monthly basis, in American Vogue--for Estee Lauder makeup, for skin care, for all their other lines--MAC, Stila, Clinique, Prescriptives...(now think of how you never see their Cover Girl competitor line, j.a.n.e., in those magazines). Those ads are all multi-page spreads! Very, very costly ads, which makes for little wonder when the cosmetic artists employed for all the editorial work in the magazine all "use" those same products in support of the very pricey ads. When you're under contract with a cosmetics manufacturer, I think your contract will limit your opportunities to appear in certain roles or images or even editorial if it means (as it often does in fashion magazines) that your image will be used to promote a competitor's product, even if that "promotion" means the make-up artist has to say he used a Clinique eye shadow colour in your tiny photo in one spread.

So, right off the bat, unless Cover Girl starts advertising on a big scale in magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, W, etc. etc. etc, and unless they start buying editorials to go along with the ads they buy, no one who wins on ANTM will be able to pose for those fashion magazines (at least until their contract is finished). Unless the product they're selling has little to do with make-up in any way.

It just seems to me that the prize has been cheapenede--not because the make-up isn't flashy, but because the print and ad media exposure isn't the ideal kind to further a model's career. They're not getting a lot of "how to" skills in the competition (and I'm comparing it to the British version of ANTM again), they're not getting fantastic books to take into their burgeoning careers (the photoshoots are more and more bizarre and they girls aren't shown to advantage a lot of the times) and then we all see next to nothing of the "winners" again.

If Tyra and her company could stop making the show look like such a circus, they might be able to convince a cosmetics company which does advertise/create presence in bona fide fashion magazines (even Elle magazine--it's a little less stodgy than Vogue or W) to become associated with the show and really offer the contestants an opportunity to become successful fashion models. Then I wouldn't feel so bad for them all.
I just wanna say that I thought Fifty Cent pushing Jael in the pool was so lame! What a dick! However, Jael was behaving rather strange... Like, didn't she hear the "get the hell away from me" in everything he said to her? Still, it was unbelievibly rude to shove her into the water. And it was hilarious when Natasha jumpped in after her! That moment made me love her. It was a supportive thing to do, so that Jael wouldn't be the only soaking wet girl at the party. It took some pressure off Jael, and also made me think Natasha might be a bit of a nut bar (I mean that in the best way!).
Okay, I just have to say, what the hell is with Renee wearing that scarf over her head all the time? It drives me crazy, and it looks just like...that other model that I couldn't stand from a few cycles before, dammit I forget her name.
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