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Oh Gah! Freckle. I am hurting right along with you after watching Tyra's "improvised" flamenco. As well as the idiotic, bumbling Tyra/Maleficent duet where she lost her shoe. My only thought after that display is that Tyra would look at least 76% less pathetic if she just chose an outfit with sleeves.

Wouldn't it be good if a real haute couture model, or a real supermodel with real experience and a lack of overinflated ego actually managed to get a real (not drugstore) cosmetics company and a real fashion magazine (W, Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar) to offer up prizes? Then they could attract some decent contestants, some great photographers, a panel of judges with something valid to say (Tim Gunn!) and maybe even some writers! But I can only dream.

I just remembered that dinner scene with maleficent and the gals. Seems like everything he had to say was a vaguely disguised put down. And then he initiated a toast with water. Which I'm sure he knows is the height of wishing someone else bad luck.

"Maleficent" is exactly right.
Wasn't it a better deal in Season one? A Revelon contract and an Elle spread?

Too bad they had to waste it on Adrienne Curry.

Tyra is becoming a parody of herself.
I heard, though, that that contract never actually got underway--so the winner never even got a chance to get at that prize money! Revlon's contracts have all been around celebrity women, and for quite some time, too. If that promotion ever did come out, did anyone ever see it?

Would that ANTM winner have been Adrienne Curry? Or the other one they never, ever talk about?
I thought the "toasting with water" thing was weird, too!

Ain't no wine THAT white.

What, if some of the girls are under 21, they can't show them drinking alcohol even in Spain, where it would be legal? Gads.

I thought the "toasting with water" thing was weird, too!

Ain't no wine THAT white.

What, if some of the girls are under 21, they can't show them drinking alcohol even in Spain, where it would be legal? Gads.
My other thought about the water with dinner date was that Miss Jay sure is a stingy host. Was that dinner taking place in their kitchen (cause it didn't look like their kitchen)? Then would it have killed Maleficent to spring for a nice bottle of wine in Spain, fer the love of pete? Or just to bring one along?

Cheap 'n Evil. Makes my hair stand on end.
I'm giggling that the Maleficent thing has caught on. Hee. I don't really see anything too bad about Miss J, though. It's Twiggy who drives me to distraction. She really IS a dotty old auntie. And not in a cute way.

Of course, Mel doesn't really bug me all that much either. They need to keep their demon, is my thinking - see also Jade, Lisa, etc. etc. But as bad guys go, she's pretty weak to me. Not as interesting as most of the others they've had.

I do think their sense of timing and editing is completely whacked this season, and the strike seems to be at the heart of all their problems. As late as it is now, I finally like Eugena, and wouldn't mind if they gave her the little cheap pink plastic prize their "winner" is doomed to receive (btw, Adrienne *is* the Winner Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken). But the way they have proceeded, I actually no longer really know who they will choose. I was sure for a while there it would be Caridee, but recent attempts by the judges to really smear her good, and her own gaffe with Nigel, have left me confused again. At first I thought their complaints about her were a smokescreen to weakly disguise her frontrunner status with them - but she DID do an abysmal job on that commercial, and the editing is not supporting the "she's the one to root for" status ANTM often likes to indulge.

I miss last season. Watching Joanie and Danielle was such a pleasure, and they were both so graceful and talented it was hard not to love watching either one of them come out on top in this. I don't feel a strongly "behind" any of the girls this season. And I still think some of the eliminations have been more than baffling, all the way to self-sabotaging.
Caridee is beautiful, but she cannot act, nor speak publicly and she doesn't try. She thinks being cute, goofy and cheeky will win it, and it is likable, but getting old.

I think Melrose is incredibly photogenic, makes tremendous first impressions and goes for it. I think she has it in the bag, despite my personal feelings against her.
I know that Melrose is pretty good at the competition but I just can't stand her. I've always been irked by people who seem incredibly fake. Plus, it seems like she can only do things well if she's given proper direction. What if she has some crazy photog who isn't making any sense? She'll screw up and then freak out.

Anyway, I can't remember why, but something that Nigel said on the show just made me feel like he was being really bitchy. I dunno, he's just been getting on my nerves lately.

not that this should influence any of y'all (and i have never watched the show), but i know melrose IRL (she was a student at my college and i taught her for world lit & knew her for three years) and she has always been an incredibly positive, cheerful, balanced, and well-loved person - she was also one of the few students who really liked to discuss ideas in an intelligent way and was a really talented designer. i never saw her display any of the ego/bossiness people are saying she has on the show. so it's interesting that she's become "the villain" of ANTM, and it makes me wonder how much the show is scripted in terms of putting people into roles.

*relurking* carry on!
That's really interesting, Grenadine. A lot of people know there is a certain amount of "edit" spin put on the way we see the contestants in these shows, and we're basically shown a particular view of each person. You could really see the direction we were all being told to see Caridee in, for example, when she went from being presented as quirky and fun but really capable (like the extremely successful model/actress she was compared to, Lucille Ball), to airhead-vulgar-can't-take-the-iced-pool-so-she's-goin-back-to-the-trailer girl who might not win now. I don't think what the girls say is scripted but I think that days and days of footage could be edited in all kinds of ways to suit an agenda the contestants may never know about until after the show's aired.

Mark Burnett's productions are notorious for this. I remember watching The Apprentice (I know, I really need better ways to spend my down time) during it's second season, when yet again it looked like they'd let black women on to the show and somehow, just to show that they couldn't do anything right and they all seemed crazy. One contestant in particular, named was Stacey, was always shown to be practically insane and was actually booted off the show for being "emotionally unstable", a threat to the rest of the women on the show. Yet, in real life, she was a very successful model (you could see her photos everywhere) and she had her own very profitable restaurant business (and that's a really difficult business to run successfully if you're emotionally unstable and near insane, as she was accused of being). The "crazy black girl" edit wasn't done seemlessly (viewers noticed that she was being presented in such a bad light) that season, and many viewers even thought Stacey should have sued the production company for defaming her...but people still watched and I do think the Burnett shows have always featured "a crazy black girl" in every competition.

Of course, no one's fooled by the "reality" aspect of these shows but I think people like to believe they're seeing a competition clearly. I wonder why Melrose would be shown to be so hateful--and why it is people respond so predictably to what they're being directed to look at. I don't doubt at all that Melrose is exactly as you say she is Grenadine, and I even sympathize with her for the way the others are reacting toward her: they're all younger than she is and they don't realize that they're all acting as if they all know they can't win against her. But I still feel, at every opportunity, we're all being told that she's the one to hate.
So manipulative.
See, I actually don't HATE Melrose -- I find her annoying. Mildly. And, while I like that she steps up to the plate, I think her look is too hard and tacky. Over-plucked brows standing on end, premature lnes and saggybaggy on her face, teeth like piano keys, etc.

Also, Caridee CAN act -- she did a great job in the silent film, as I recall. Basically all these crazy situations are intended to teach them that no matter what happens, bring a good spirit through your eyes -- whether smiling or steaming exotic -- and stay aware of your body as it is on a plane on the "fourth wall" of the photograph, and be calm and friendly and focused with the photographer and the other authority figures, whose money is riding on it.

Now, Melrose caught on to this early, the others are getting tripped up, still, in trying to speak the language perfectly, etc.

And I think the conflict comes down to, a person with less merit pulling the ropes. We're forced to put up with less worthy people all the time, so, it's good to figure out how to have the merit and pull the ropes as well.
I have to agree about the show being edited so that Melrose looks more like a villain. I think what gets me is that whenever I see the girls sitting down with the judges one on one, it just seems like she takes over so that it's all about her. And even though she's been doing well, I do feel like she's trying way too hard. Plus, as I mentioned a few weeks back, I saw the results of the Seventeen photoshoot and she looked the worst! I'd just rather have CariDee win cause I like her look more.

Anyway, back onto the villain stuff, I think they're trying to make Melrose into the villain because before there were girls that were just obvious and they didn't have to edit it very much. ie: the bible thumping girl from the first cycle, Jade (!!!), etc. This season most of the girls have been nice, except for Monique who was kicked off really early. So they have to make someone look bad!
I finally got to watch the re-run of last weeks' show. Tyra is a stupid person. Caridee owned that shot and worked through hypothermia, how is that NOT being able to work through tough circumstances? It was. as if, she rocked it so hard, they were nit picking.

Plus, there are such things as heated pools... I know this is not a MAJOR network production, but they can't spring for that?
Of course they could have "sprung" for that. It's not that easy to find an unheated pool anymore (the benefits of swimming in warmed water over cold water for weight loss are pretty much well known now, and that's why lots of people have pools put in in the first place--that and kids). Tyra and her sadistic crew of bastards simply could have refrained from asking the pool owner to shut off the heater a week before the shoot.

Shooting fashion in swimming pools is done so often, though most photographers like to demonstrate the movement and vibrant colour of the fabric under water, so the models look vivacious and dynamic instead of as close to the famous painting of a dead Ophelia as possible.
(Candycane, this week's Nigel Being Snippy moment came when he rolled his eyes at panel and complained that Melrose and Eugena didn't focus at ALL on the 4th wall/photo op which is after all the job of a model to always have on her mind. I agreed with his point, but it was about as gracefully put forth as Caridee's comment to him in the bullring. Very silly.)

I hope the writers' strike is over by next cycle. Ugh.

What was with Tyra's awkward stance-at-an-angle(-and-badly-oriented-to-the-camera-at-that)? I know they're trying to reverse the effects of her thickening middle (girl's nearly as heavy as I am, and almost seven years younger!), but there are so many more effective ways. Most of the time they draw MORE attention to it, rather than minimizing the effect. And that SKIRT this week. Oy.
I just read that the writers for ANTM started the strike towards the end of the season, so the writers' strike only actually affected the last three episodes. So, the moral of that story is: writers or not, this show is wack.

However, I still love (to hate) it!

If you haven't seen it yet, you have to read this guy's blog about the show. He's funny enough to make a little bit of pee come out. (plus he also blogs about Project Runway, Flava of Love, etc.)

Ooh! And, here's a link to an interview with one of the writers (I haven't read it yet, going to do that now...):
It's like they're on two different shows: the girls are on America's Next Top Model and the judges are on What Not To Wear.
I really want Caridee to win.

I want to put spoiler info...Here is the Alert... (I hope this works)

I read on that Melrose won this cycle of ANTM. That It was her and Caridee in the final 2. Ok End spoiler information.

Damn! I thought my eyesight was worse than that. And my eyes were drawn to the white-on-grey before I realized it was spoilers ... Poo.

Also: Wombat, hee.

Also: Superscience! Long time no see!
Okay, I definitely did not check out the spoiler! I can't wait for the season finale tomorrow. It will be the highlight of my day considering that the rest of my day will be exams and working on assignments.
I can see that. It would look way TOOO catty is MR didn't win. She rocked it this cycle, she won almost all of the challenges and she puts her heart into it. I love Caridee, but she is not nearly as dedicated as Melrose is.
But doesn't anyone think it's odd that Melrose has never been chosen to be the Cover Girl of the Week? (or maybe she as and it was so long ago that I forgot). Isn't that at all telling?
CariDee all the way! Winning challenges does not a "top model" make. Someone below hit the nail on the head when describing Melrose as Tracey Flick. Melrose may be a swell gal and all, but her photos are not good. Neither are Eugena's. I hated the photo of Eugena in the bullring that all the judges were on about. The last photo (in the pool) is the first photo I've ever liked of hers.

CariDee for the win!
Yeah, this is exciting. No way I would miss it. As, chach said, Caridee may be the people's choice, and that will count. Or not.
chachaheels's a big stormy day here--which means I want to do as little as possible out of doors this evening (or today, really, but I don't have much of a choice there). I've got reasons to stay in...and watch TV.

This wrap up better be good. For what it's worth, every time I see Melrose in the intro sequence with her naturally coloured hair, I think she looks like a much more sophisticated, elegant, and youthful model than she appears in that horrific brass colour they gave her (and then allowed to grow out, so that several inches of roots are now visible to age her even more).

Tracey Flick! Dead on.
I think they need a new hair colorist. Every single color, right up to "orange Jay" *snort!* is just SO blatantly, flagrantly WRONG.
Why they took Brooke to brown and Melrose to Cat pee yellow, that totally washes her out, I will never know.

I think Melrose takes great photos. It is her in person I don't like. Hence, cat pee colored hair and she needs to put SOME makeup on, at least to make it look like she has blood running through her veins. I think a lot of that has to do with the hair, though.
I'm a bit conflicted when it comes to Eugena. I like a lot of her pictures but there's something about her that's just...missing. I don't know what. Anyway, only 4 hours till the season finale! I just know I'm gonna be sitting there watching it and gasping at each little dramatic thing that happens.

Also, I agree on the hair colour. Some of those choices are just plain WRONG!!
I don't know about Eugena. To be fair, she is photogenic; and I'm sure she could have been more expressive on occasion in her photos. But g-damn it, when she was doing the dead Ophelia in the arctic waters shoot, how the heck else did they want her to "look"? And then there were times when she was just too stiff.

When she did the commercial, however, she was the most capable of all the models--I loved that there was no "eyebrow acting" in her shoot, none of that phoney baloney, flirtatious predictability we've all seen done to death in commercials. Just clean, low key and subtle, but very effective and very relate-able work. We're supposed to identify with spokeswomen who sell product in commercials, not feel like we could buy into a stereotype; so Eugena definitely performed well there.

Personality wise, she was the most even keeled of them all--not too quick to judge, definitely tried to understand people before reacting to them, and just as savvy as Melrose but a lot less showy about it (she played politics as well as Melrose ever did, but she managed to stay under the radar all the way to the final three, even though the judges didn't like her work! Imagine). So there's a lot that is likeable there, but it's so clear she's not going to win.



How sad, I have a presentation tomorrow, and I am more excited about this!

Melrose rocked it, but she does not have the beauty the Cariedee has. BUT, I think she will have a successful fashion/modeling career. She did a great job. For real. She rocked her photos, go to's and in persons. That kind of discipline and heart cannot go un-recognized.

But I am sooo happy it was Caridee!
I am so glad that CariDee won! I always liked her and felt that she was just, I dunno, more real than the rest of the other girls.
Hurrah! Caridee is so much cooler than Melrose. Very pleased, I am! Melrose will do great as a model but I am glad she didn't win just so her ego won't get out of control. Did you notice the smug look on Melrose's face when the judges were criticizing Caridee's last runway show? She thought she had it in the bag and I wanted to reach into my tv and smack her.
Yay! Caridee! The spoiler was smug, Melrose was smug, and Eugena hugged Caridee then ignored Melrose as she walked away...(burn!)

Melrose will be just fine, but I knew it had to count for something that no one ever wanted to make her "Cover Girl of the Week". After all, some people just want to know they hired a model who can sell a lipstick.

Hope Caridee can make the most of the "prize" and actually go much further than they suggest she will.

You know, even though I liked Caridee WAY better than Melrose, I thought for sure that Melrose would win after the runway show. Caridee was really awful in that show! I think they didn't want Melrose to win because they just didn't like her. No one did. Except maybe Orange-Jay. He seemed to be pulling for Melrose at the final judging panel.

Does anyone remember who all the winners have been, since they don't mention a few of them anymore?

I realized it would be Caridee when they eliminated Eugena... and she said "I will win this for you" or something. Then I realized that they couldn't sell Melrose as a model after all they did to show her as an awful bitch. I'm not saying she is, I realize all the editing that goes into it.. but they need somebody likeable and there's no way they could have given it to melrose AND made her the bitch of the season.

Anyone notice that deliciously fake crying melrose did at the end ("I'm so sad!")? I love it. Mwahahah!
anna k
Adrianne, Yoanna, Eva, Naima, Nicole, Danielle. The ones who have had the best work in my opinion have been Yaya (in movies, commercials, and music videos), Eva (movies and hosting gigs), and Elyse (models in Asia and keeps a livejournal of her pictures and stories).
I'm just glad some other people who read BUST share my dirty lil Wednesday night habit too. CariDee's not a real model to me but she comes off as very real person -- kinda crass and a little crazy once in a while but for the most part very nice and good to her friends. And seriously I was for anyone but Melrose. Melrose was just the ultimate brownoser which I can't support, especially for a contest as ridiculous as Top Model. Did you guys like the part when Eugena was eliminated and she and CariDee had that very emotional hug when Melrose swooped in and tried to make herself part of it? Awk. Ward!
you mean where melrose tried to be a part of their moment?
as if she gave 2 spits about them other than to beat them at every opportunity.
it was sad in that regard, to come down to the final 2 and be so disliked.

here is a pretty good interview w/ cari dee from Entertainment Weekly...,17129,1567282_3||565864_0_,00.html

it is particularly funny where the interviewer refers to the judges as 'cartoon characters.'

and I gotta say, I know the editing of the show goes a long way in viewer perception of the stereotypes, bitch, good girl, etc etc, but I buy into it all the same.

this isn't high intellectual brain tv, it's my crack tv, kinda like reading Cosmo every now and then still.
I hate that I like it, am ashamed that I do, but damn if I don't still need my fix every now and then all the same.

YAH for cari dee for winning. I always thought she was the most real and hope she does what she intends, to really elevate the title into something to be proud of that's more visable bc most of the girls have faded into obscurity.
I MISSED the show..
I just want to say SORRY Y'ALL!!!
I tried to post a spoiler and it was the wrong shit!!!

I'm such a dork!!!

YAY Caridee!!!!
When is the encore???
Warning! What I am about to say is incredibly upopular: Melrose was robbed. Seriously, she definitely knew fashion (taste in hats notwithstanding), excelled at almost every challenge, and was better on the runway, but totally unsellable (word?) as a model, especially as a Cover Girl model. (I don't really buy that her lips looked stiff in the beauty shot, either. Eugena, technically, had the best CG shot as far as I'm concerned.) Like Tyra said, she did everything they ask of a girl and the so-called "loose cannon" wins. I agree with whoever said that ANTM tries to pit "good girl" against "bitch." Frankly, I saw little evidence that Melrose was that "bitchy" (at least she didn't smear her dirty panties on someone's bed).

And believe me, I'm just as shocked as anyone that I'm defending Melrose. They've gotten to me too: present someone as "the bitch" and I'll be like, "okay, bitch then. Hate her." I know what it's like to work really hard at something only to lose to someone with that "it" factor. (Whatever "it" is.)
I just wanted to chime in w/ the whole "Melrose was robbed" chorus. Yeah, I didn't like her whole "I don't need the Issa" introduction either, and I certainly laughed at her at during her more competitve moments. But she knew what she was there for -- it's a competition and not a summer camp. I don't fault her straightforward ambition at all, and if the prize was for almost any other title besides Tyra Banks' new puppet, I do think Melrose would be more admired.

So sad how with all the news shows and quality TV out there, Next Top Model provokes the most discussion out me. smile.gif
But, see, I'm sticking up for merit and talent over politicking.

Melrose knew she was less attractive. She is less attractive, period, and this is about being attractive. Saying if I'm just really AGGRESSIVE then I should move ahead of the more deserving... No!

I hate that crap.

We have too many over-aggressive, "if I really WANT it, I should GET it" people on this earth already.
Yeah--there is something to be said for edits, and merit and talent.

As much as Melrose was edited to be this cycle's "bitch", Caridee was edited to be this cycle's "loose womancannon". I mean, what got her that designation? That she said something to a judge that we can clearly see him laughing about and enjoying...that suddenly changes to fury and insult? Who's the loose cannon there, Caridee, or Nigel, for being visibly amused at her declaration when it happens (and it's all on film, we can all see it), then all of a sudden serious and stern and punitive, on a dime?

Caridee got just as much "treatment" as anyone else--she "looks porny" in her bullring photo, but they give her a wardrobe for a shoot where she's the only one wearing short shorts so minimal they look like a thong from behind; she looks "goofy" and "not serious" but from the get-go, they ask her to play the dumb blonde; they tell her she's got too much make-up on and she doesn't look natural--but they insist she's got to present herself "like a model" at all times; they stick her in a pool of ice water and then freak out when she gets hypothermia yet still does the shoot, yet they've showed girls being booted out of the competition for complaining about being sick, or incapable of carrying out a shoot due to serious difficulties; and then they declare that "she just can't take it", even though she does the shoot, controls the shivering, and actually takes the best photo, all because she doesn't want to tell them she's freezing to death. They make her consistently feel like she's on questionable ground, yet week after week, there she is being voted in as the CoverGirl of the week by the very market she's meant to target.

That's a formidable example of "treatment" in equal measure.

Melrose did have an aggressive and self-centred streak which put people off and made it hard for people to identify with her. I don't think she was bitchy at all, but I do know she lacked a significant amount of skills for dealing with the people around her--unless she felt she had something to gain from sucking up to them. That was clear to see in all the footage, and it was kind of unfortunate for her that she didn't see that coming, or realise a weakness in possibly having that fault highlighted as it was, for the audience. I don't think it's the kiss of death for her though--she is talented and she can muster a presence in front of a camera. There's no shortage of people in show business who suck up to superiors and treat their peers as inferiors. As for her fashion sense, I thought it was horrific and I hated her choice in clothing every time I saw her on my TV (so I would hate to be confronted with her fashion designs, and I guess she knows better to seek out an alternative career)...but she does "clean up" well and she'll be fine pursuing a modeling career or a career in broadcasting.

I'm kinda perturbed, too, at the little attempts to play up the "class" difference between these two girls. Melrose certainly picked up on it when she was interviewed calling Caridee "vulgar"...and I do recall a couple of references to a kind of "trailer"/"country girl" background for Caridee...whereas Melrose was always aligning herself with her accomplishments in school, what she's studied, and why. That's no reason a girl can't be a successful model! One of the most beautiful and successful models of her time came from a similar background and she still sets a very high standard that others try to meet. Caridee's last CG photo actually brought her to mind. She really reminded me of Jerry Hall in that photo, same classically shaped oval face and features. Melrose simply could not meet that standard.
Digressing from The Battle of The Blondes for a moment ... has anyone else seen an ad for an ANTM British Invasion coming up next week? Is this a new series, or a one-off to stretch this cycle a little for us crack-addict viewers?

I s'pose I could surf it, but figure I can count on someone here to be all knowledgeable and stuff ...

*Off to watch the repeat in 20 minutes. Yes, I pretty much always watch it both nights every week*
Oh, I hearts me some chacha and maimy!!

Usually I'm not all about "She's prettier so she has more merit" but this is one situation in which it's true.

In the music or movie biz, it's fun to have someone who is not "pretty pretty' but is still cool looking. There are so many different ways to be attractive and interesting and fun, if not pretty by usual standards. Courtney Love was beautiful at the Billboard awards because she was really present and composed and had nice taste in picking out her gown. She wasn't all blinged out and claiming that Jeebus gave a rat's ass who won the little statuette.

But sometimes people make careers out of , "oh I am so ugly, don't you hate girls who are pretty?"

Tis true. When i was a skinny little young blonde I had as many people constantly on the prowl for any weakness or stupidity they could find-- and guys all "I bet someone like you won't even talk to someone like me" bullshit, and I was just trying to make a living and make friends -- a lot of time it's a disadvantage in the real world. And Michelle Pfeiffer and Marilyn Monroe and , well, Caridee and countless others are not "just" pretty, they are also intelligent and hardworking and kind. Yet we get beat over the head with these idiots like Paris Hilton and Britney and stuff.

British Invasion! That would be hilarious! I notice that fashion/rock and roll/new age -y stuff is still kind of considered to be "lower class" over there. At least it was ten years ago.
Ooh, Wombat love. "Aaahh-suuummm, duude."

ALERT: IT'S A 2-HOUR SPECIAL TONIGHT Y'ALL!!!! Looks like it's a highlight reel a'la the clip shows during regular cycles, but covering probably the latest British series. Fuckin' woo!

Gotta go walk the dog now, be home by eight o'clock ...
Thank the Great Goddess for you two, Mlles. Maimy and Wombat. That is all I have to say on that matter.

Oh, yes I did watch those British women, and I did do the mental comparisons, even of the judges and the judging, and the photoshoot sensibilities/outcomes.

The judges in England had more sense (they could speak! Full sentences! They were articulate! They actually had an idea re: what they claimed to know)! No evident pot smoking or donut materializations anywhere! No apparent drag queens without a purpose! No snide, insulting comments or manufactured drama between the judges and contestants. Also: no seriously overdone and overdistributed photos of our lead model, throughout the living arrangements, on the mail cards, or on the trains/planes/hummer limo. Though the hummer limo was more than enough ridiculousness to serve us all, as you could tell there was so little budget to work with on this show and it seems to have all been spent on that car.

The photoshoots looked great--though what's the deal with making the girls strip naked to take what amounts to head shots?

Also: REAL fashion! Those women actually got to wear some beautiful clothes, and catwalk an Armani show.

The British version could never fly here.

They're taking applications now for the Canadian Next Top Model...and I hear from the great wits around me that they've been given an extra $100 to work with this year! Sadly, it seems they've used it to buy Orange Jay's participation on the judging panel, though I'm sure he'll be wearing Lise Watier colours instead of MAC's perpetual Twig pallette. I may just pass.
i thought orange jay was hosting the show? did you catch the first cycle, chacha? it was embarrassing. i'm not sure i can bring myself to watch it again for the second cycle. sad.gif
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