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anna k
I figured Fabio would be the guest, since he's the only famous romance-novel cover model. He must be about 45 by now. And he sounds more Swedish to me than Italian.

Anchal: "I hope the Elite modeling director won't be on the panel."
"Here's the Elite modeling director!"
Cut to Anchal's worried face.

I thought Jaeda or Anchal would be cut.
Seeing Fabio glom all over those girls made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
Yeah, Fabio "states" that the year of his birth is 1959, but that's not believable. He's up near 60 if he's a day, and inappropriate to boot ("You mean there is still a virgin in Texas?"...never mind throwing up in my mouth a little a child not even done with high school yet.).

Brooke, let's face it, is perky and likeable and cute, and will make a good model in print or TV ads (just not haute mode)...however, when you compare her to Jaeda and Eugenia, and you factor in that those girls have yet to look good on's boggling my mind that she was sent home. On the night of her graduation. That just looks mean.

Anchal may not have the body for runway modelling, but she'd make a fortune as a "plus" size model (cause those women are all small anyway) because she can pose and her face is very beautiful, on film especially. On a bad day, she looks like a young Sofia Loren. I'm sure she could do well as a model, even if runway work's "out of her league".

I quoted Orange Jay there because I could not believe "chunksville" is his idea of useful modelling advice.

Fabio flooded every single shot with an unexcusable amount of cheese. I was laughing soooo hard at his creepy, grandpa letchery. I can't imagine how uncomfortable those girls must have been, having to pose with that lecherously huge chin and cheesy hair. The Tyra mail should have said somthing like "Get ready for some lecherous cheesetastic train wrecks."

Here is Fabio's wikipedia page. It says he was born March 15, 1959 in Milan Italy.

I love Anchal and it's driving me crazy that everyone keeps talking about her weight. I would kill to have a body like that.

I really hope Jaeda gets sent home next week, she hasn't stepped it up at all!
The way he was mouthing at them doing the near-miss-kiss thing was ... intensely creepy, yes.

Brooke's dismissal being paired with the old "Do you realize how many girls would love to be where you are?" when she got wistful about graduation was seriously out of line. She CLEARLY appreciated being there - but to expect anyone on earth not to be sad at the irony of LOSING on a night she had GIVEN UP so she could "be where she was" was over the top. Tyra. Seriously. Are you STUPID, woman????

Oh. Wait. Never mind. Stupid question, that one.

*With Girly on wishing Jaeda would either shut up or get cut*
What was with the filler episode? Were they strapped for material that they had to make a show out of the crap no one wanted to watch and the stuff we've already seen? there haven't been that many episodes yet, did we really need a recap? Could this be due to the whole writers strike or somthing?

I was totally annoyed by the crap filled episode.
Oh, me too. It's probably just one of those things that reality shows occasionally do--have a meaningless, boring recap.

Maybe the CW network was just not running new programs that week--they had a lot of re-runs on all week long.
I didn't know other reality shows did that, but I do know ANTM (a) usually waits till the final three to do that crap, and (b) usually shows more "previously unseen!" footage. Lame and lamer.

I did get a laugh out of Jaeda's rather good impersonation of The Banks, though, with the overenunciated line readings at elimination. Hee. First thing she ever did that made me like her, she seemed funny and human. The poor thing has otherwise been edited down to nothing but her scowls and comments about her HAIR. Ugh.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Oct 29 2006, 06:26 PM) *

I love Anchal and it's driving me crazy that everyone keeps talking about her weight. I would kill to have a body like that.

I really hope Jaeda gets sent home next week, she hasn't stepped it up at all!

I hate saying this, because I love Anchal, and I hate the reality of the beast, but she is too womanly and not enough pre-pubescent boy, for high fashion. I don't think she will last, not because of her weight, but, she is psyching herself out due the pressure.
I thought that about Jaeda, too. She does a pretty good impersonation--same stupid whispery-ness to emphasize the (idiotically) solemn, same stern pronunciation....and the predictable speech to the twins I guess we're gonna hear soon, since the show's been showing them as part of a matched set from the very beginning.

It's amazing what editing will do though, isn't it? Really manipulative. I'm sure Jaeda's found more things to think about since her hair came off, but we haven't been allowed to see it (and it was interesting to see how she rounded up the girls to deal with Michelle's childish behaviour). Wonder what we're not seeing about the show's obvious "faves".

Caridee's timing-precise fart captured for posterity: an example.

I just wanted to say that when I saw Tyra in the previews for next week's episode, I thought it was James St. James again.
not suprised at all it was Anchal, even though I thought she was by far the most beautifulAnd had the best body. ( I don't go for the stick-thin waifs).
her lack of confidence was her demise.
I thought she left pretty gracefully, considering that they made her stand there while they all totally tore her down and then gave her the boot.
what a shame.

rock on jaeda for such an improvement in her self beliefe!
- did you see how proud of herself she looked at panel? I think she will get better & better from this point on but I'm thinking it's going to come to a melrose and caridee showdown w/ jaeda as 2nd runner up and then the twins after that. eugenia still leaves me cold - Next!
I think Melrose has such a hard, tacky face. What is up with these judges? Now they're picking on Caridee. They say over and over again, throw yourself into it! Do anything for a good picture!

and then they're like, That girl, she is crazy, she could get hurt!


v. annoying!
I like Caridee. Its strange to me how her and Melrose are so similar in looks and confidence, but I can't stand Melrose at all. Maybe its cockiness factor or somthing

Hide dizzily. HILARIOUS! most girls just would have been like "what? um, what am I supposed to do?" but I was seriously laughing my ass off. It was great how well she did it.

Tyra's hair just gets bigger and bigger. Did you hear her call the athlete/model woman old?
I think she's having a mid-life crisis.
I was stunned by the breadth and scope of Tyra's latest weave at panel, too. Poor Miss Jay tried to do her hair along the same theme but, unfortunately, found no similarly enormous pouf of raven pompadour that could even begin to compete. So funny how Tyra made mention of how long ago "back in the day" it was when she posed with Gabrielle...but that woman looks healthier, prettier, and far younger on a bad day than Tyra will ever hope to appear again. Tyra has definitely made this show into her very own forum of personal insecurities.

Oh, and that comment about how concerned they were for Cari-dee hurting herself or others, and what a liability she would be? Well, was it so necessary for her to pose in a "kind of" dangerous wind chamber at all? The whole shoot could have easily been conducted in costume without a bullshit windchamber, and then photoshopped. No injuries, and way cheaper--plus a lot more effective finished product. After sending these girls down a rickety cat walk in heels and mummy clothing where they might twist an ankle and plunge into a swimming pool, it's like Tyra can't even see what an ironic thing she's saying. The whole shoot was totally off--ad photos of people hurtling to earth at speeds fast enough to blow their cheeks back up at them does not make me think of "light as air" makeup. It makes me think of "heavy as gravity". Sheesh. Surely they could have thought of a less contrived and more effective "action" modelling assignment?

Anchal, of course, completely did herself in. It's like she let everything get to her so that she questioned her ability and motives about everything. And that challenge where people "won" clothes, but didn't win them? I guess it'a all about psyching people out now.
I agree about caridee;
if she doesn't win this cycyle, I really think she ought to persue comedy acting bc she reminded me in some ways of lucille ball, w/ the hiding behind her fingers at panel- funny as heck. her sloppy speech still gets to me a little, but she has tremendous presense and really is very pretty w/ great bone structure.

yawn.she still. looks. OLD.
why are we the only ones who apparently can see that?
and yah, that challenge that michelle won, but then melrose scooped, total bullshit that I am pretty sure didn't win ole mel any more friends in the house. I really was kind of stunned that they would actually do that: you won Michelle !- but NO, really You Melrose Wins AGAIN. so bogus.

I think the windtunnel was this season's version of harnessing them up & then suspending them from great heights. they've already done the underwater thing too, so what else was there even left at this point?

these are some of the very reasons I refer to this show as Crack Tv.
Next I think they will position the girls in bikinis, in glass coffin sized boxes filled with worms.
With perfect make-up.
So that they can judge them on whether or not they can "bring the pretty".

This show is my weekly lobotomy. But I do laugh when I watch it.
Chacha, I think I love you (even more) - weekly lobotomy is the perfect description!!

I liked Caridee already, but her dizziness really did win my heart - humor is not a half bad gift in a model who is capable of providing Pretty, and she has been serving it up since day one. She's a fun one - reminds me of Furonda, in that way, only she's likely to be more "successful" in this show (the quotation marks are there because "success", on ANTM, is a relative term ...). I still want the best for Furonda's acting career, and I like Miss C. too.

I'm beginning to think my previous suspicion about Jaeda is being reinforced by editing. They're making her this season's Personal Transformative Experience, and that's nice - but they reduced her to a paper doll for too long into the cycle for her transformation to have the emotional impact it might have if they'd brought her out of underdog status sooner. I did like her a lot last night, but we're already halfway to the finish line. They overdid it with the editorial choices this time, and reduced her standing in the audience's perception TOO well. Too long.

The judging is becoming more a display of their arbitrary need to cast people in certain ways than any indication of the real course of events. Complaining about Caridee is the perfect case in point. They were just looking for something to say to make the audience think they weren't all up in her shit like pups on teats. I didn't believe their "negativity" for a second, frankly.

With all the talk this cycle about bad acting, Tyra and Company are exemplifying the concept!
wub.gif Oh Maimy! I am your number one Fan!!

I personally think this thread is a lot more fun than Tyra's weekly antics.
I read somewhere that Anchal has actually modelled before, and Bruce Weber even photographed is it possible that someone so bug-eyed sycophantic like Melrose could get to her?

They must have been poisoning her breakfasts.
Amanda's Catalan sounded like, "I am a bitch goddess," or something.

And that's about all I took away from this episode.
anna k
I didn't get where Eugenia got the idea that the model didn't want to kiss her because she was black. I assumed he thought she wanted to start rehearsing right away, and he was saying no.

Did the girls understand what they were saying in Catalan, or just followed the words? I don't see how if they read the script and had the cue cards how it could be a big problem.

They came down pretty hard on CariDee when she was rocking it the last couple of weeks. One flubbed commercial and she's on the chopping block.
The girls didn't know what they were saying. I guess someone told them a basic translation, but either they were supposed to get help from their male model friends (and they didn't know how) or they simply weren't even coached on the pronunciation. It's not surprising they couldn't work in a language they couldn't speak. How can you have any confidence to act if you have little idea what you're supposed to express?

Thank god Jaeda finally got booted. I can't believe there was even a possibility she'd have survived this one, I think if she'd been chosen to stay my head would have exploded.
The writers strike is really starting to get to me. Seriously. It takes a year of language in high school to even get to that level.

I am glad Jaeda got the boot, but it was her, not Eugena that had to kiss the guy who did not like black girls. HE told her that, to her face, the night before the shoot when they went on the group date.
It WAS Jaeda, and if I had been one of the white-girl models I would have tried to help the situation by switching guys with her, but I think that guy was such a jerk/slob that nobody else wanted to be stuck with him.

I feel bad they eliminated Jaeda after trying to make her smile through a bunch of racist crap, but on the other hand, she has crying meltdowns just about every week.

If they had eliminated Caridee, I would have just about killed them. On the other hand, I watched One Tree Hill just to see her act, and she did look awkward/crazy ish. If she does have a problem, she should just get therapy so she doesn't get burned out or freaked out by the demanding schedule/bitchiness/being away from everyone you know of modeling. She seems like a cool person, I would hate to see something happen to ther.
I'm a little late on this for this week but I just watched it yesterday...

Did they edit out the part where Jaeda's model said he didn't like black girls? I'm not saying he didn't say it, or wasn't an asshole, but I didn't hear (or read in the subtitles) anything about that. And I watched it on youtube so I rewound it a few times to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
Anyone else suspect some fishy editing?
Not at all. There was definitely a part where Jaeda says, "he says he doesn't like black girls!" Which he indicated by motioning or something, and then he smiled broadly like the idiot he is.

"It is not so good.... to kiss YOU." pointing at the black girls. Jerk.
Ahh I didn't catch that. I did pick up that he was a dumb jerk though anyway.
It hasn't been decided one way or the other (you really couldn't see it clearly on the show--it could be that he was indicating he didn't want to kiss girls, or that he didn't want to work when he was supposed to just be out having dinner, or whatever). I couldn't see myself how Jaeda came to the conclusion of his racism--but I do think that anyone who was accused of that would have been hopping mad if he knew he were being accused of it.

So I don't know. I think it's possible he had no idea about what he did to offend Jaeda, and that he had no way of communicating effectively with her or anyone else at the table who couldn't speak catalan.

It is clear, however, that when the commercial shooting time came around, he didn't have a problem helping Jaeda with her lines, or with kissing her then. So I don't know what to make of Jaeda's claims about him.

It is such a good thing she was finally sent home. She'd matched the lameness of the assignments, and she was ready.
Yes he did Cha Cha. He pointed to Jaeda and Eugena and while saying " I don't like dark girls"
Okay, any thoughts on this weeks episode? I thought it was bogus they sent home the one with more talent, even though they knew she was probably holding back for her twin. That's just bad thinking. The one who wants it more should stay, even if she's a stick?

You can't changed someones personality to make them want it and commit to it -- well -- you COULD actually, much more easily than you could change someones personality to make them stop standing there like a broom!

Why, why, why, did noone in any of the designers stores say, geez, that Melrose gave me the creeps!
Also, the judges thought she did a bad job at the bull fight, then they fell all over it at the judging panel.

Oh, let me make a list:

1. There is NO WAY anyone would put his/her business/career in danger by asking a model to pose in front of a bull. If someone were to get hurt, which is very possible, there would be more than hell to pay, and no one would ever risk that. The people putting this show together are idiots, and I gather this is their idea of how to create buzz.

2. CariDee should know: somewhere in the universe, the angels are singing in jubilation over her comment to Nigel. Her photos look like pin-ups, and she looks like a hoochie? Ha.

3. I want Melrose to see an endocrinologist about her hyperthyroid condition. Those eyes get buggier every single week, and I'm worried she'll die of a heart attack from all her sycophantic maneuvering. And please, god, Nice N' Easy makes a 10 minute touch up kit for those roots. May someone have mercy and send her some. In every shot she looks like someone took an axe to her head and it's bleeding black up there. If ever there were a "hoochie" look, that would be it.

4. Miss Jay's hairdo this week made her look like a giant earwig. You don't even have to work at satirizing these people: the story just writes itself, doesn't it?

5. That part in the panel where it looked like everyone was having a life changing epiphany about the twins: "Maybe one is sacrificing it so the other can have what she really wants?" That was funny. As if Michelle hadn't spent the entire cycle pointing that out to the panel and every other contestant...
I thought Carie Dee was out, for real! Melrose has this in the bag. I may not like her look, but photographs well and she works her ass off for it.

Carie Dee needs to quit "being herself" and get down to business.

I think they just wanted to seperate the twins.

My predictions, if Cariedee stays so cheeky, she is gone next week, if not, Eugena.

She's just boring.
I like Cari Dee. I can't stand Melrose. Her pictures are okay on the show but I saw the results of that Seventeen magazine photoshoot and Melrose just looked weird and psycho. I dunno, she just seems so fake and boring.
I think Melrose just wants to win this far too much, and it makes me cringe whenever I see her do her shtick because, well, why would anyone want this that much?

Okay, you get a modelling contract with Cover Girl--but it's small potatoes, really. And after seeing those "my life as a cover girl" ads starring Danielle, I feel like she could have done so much better if she'd just gone to a modelling agency somewhere and tried her best on her own. And Melrose modelling in Seventeen magazine simply isn't believable.

I get the feeling Melrose has been thriving off the adversity she's created around her, and that it's somehow more about doing well despite being disliked than it is about what she's actually winning.
I think even if Cariedee doesn't win, she will be picked up immediately by an agency.

Watching ANTM THS on E!, it seems many of the girls who didn't win get more work than the girls who did? Exception: Jojuana House.
I found the whole "bull" bit pretty humorous.

After awhile, he wasn't even charging people. He was just moseying over, like, *thought balloon above his head* "Huh? Girls? Why are they just standing there? How come nobody's chasing me?"
But still.

And that's it about Spain: Bullfights, bulls, toreadors, pink capes...hoo hoo, the cliche. Singular. Like they couldn't be pushed a bit to at least vary the cliches for the show. Next show: bad flamenco outfits! And more symptoms of hyperthyroidism displayed by Melrose, this time in a pool.
Yeah, it is pretty cliché'd. There is a fine line between wanting to honor traditions of a country and just promoting stereotypes.

Melrose has a lot of merit, but she still is annoying/harsh featured/old looking.

I loved the beautiful clothes in the second shop Melrose went to.

How sad is it that the twins, in their late teens, couldn't figure out enough Spanish to talk to a taxi driver or even just point at the list?

It makes me wonder if the other girlies' parents are not sending them as much money as Melrose's parents are sending her. Why are they even trying to run around a big city while wearing spike heels, on a deadline?
Can't afford a taxi?

And it's true that the prizes are pretty penny ante. A girl who gets into the modeling apartment for Elite or something has a chance of getting one editorial spread -- and a hundred thousand dollar contract for Cover Girl probably means they run your butt off to a bunch of appearances at shopping malls, minor local beauty pageants and the like for a year. Ugh.
That's what I kept wondering: Why don't these girls put on good walking shoes (the streets are awfully cobblestony!) and do what every other out of towner does--get into a taxi and show the driver the address?

It's all so nutty. Is it really up to each girl to pay for her expenses? That would create a few inequities, wouldn't it?

That modelling contract is pretty much demonstrated to you during commercials--it's pretty lame, and the model they feature seems about as exciting as paste. But I know she can't be that boring! So I don't know what the allure is. Hell, some of the girls who didn't win have ended up doing commercial work more often than the ones who have--and there are better cosmetic companies out there than Cover Girl.

Canada's Next Top Model is supposed to start soon...but frankly last year's winner poses as if she's made of cardboard. I haven't even seen the show and I'm already wondering what the hell they were thinking. So, I'm gonna pass.
Chacha, I wish you would stop posting here, because you leave me with nothing of interest to say! I just sit here reading your posts, going "yeah!" Heh.

However, you missed the REAL model for Miss Jay's hair - earwig is close. But it was really Maleficent ...

(Did anyone else laugh as hard as I did when Jay said Eugena looked like him, and they put up his evil photo next to hers? This in the midst of PRAISING her so fulsomely!! Oiks.)
Maimy, you always have something interesting to say. Always.

And the Maleficent comment? Dead on. I try to keep myself away from the images of Disney as much as possible, so I don't know this character...but, yeah, she was definitely going for the Maleficent Fairy approach. As for that comparison photo with himself? He's the Regent of the Back Handed, uh, Statement (to quote Disney's own copy: "Maleficent finds her quarry and strikes"). I get the feeling that nothing is ever accidental with her: that makes my skin crawl a bit.

But her clothes and hair are unbelievable (they're like every one of my last minute Hallowe'en costumes, in my fantasy life as Doris Day), and yet she still wears less makeup than Orange Jay.
Yes, ole Orange Skin was definitely rocking a serious coat of paint this week too.

My bet is we lose the Other Twin, now that they've paid lip service to her doing "better" than Natural Talent Twin as a cheap pat on her head. This would leave us with Two Barbies and a Token. Token will bite it next, because unfortunately they have NOT built up (a) goodwill or (cool.gif enough visible improvement for Eugena to be a believable winner at this point. Pity, too, because my love of Caridee has taken something of a beating with her effing up that commercial and her complete lapse in judgement with Nigel. The fact that everyone effed up the commercial doesn't really help me enough; the level to which she squiffed it WAS pretty appalling.

In the end, though, I can't see them actually giving Melrose the prize. Even they don't like her much - though, right now, her consistency and performance actually do sort of render her about the best of what they have kept on this season.

I do wonder what it would have been like if AJ or Megan or even Brooke had made it farther. Some of this cycle's eliminations were pretty iffy, and the contestants who've gone the distance didn't all really seem like they should have.
melrose looked like a maniquin head in the bullring photo.
they kept raving on and on about her & I thought she had SO much waxy looking makeup on she looked icky and fake.

caridee, I love her too, but I thougt SHE looked like a strangulation victim w/ that necklace lairat thing wrapped around her throat and the freakishly unnatural angle of her head-to-neck.
and they keep telling her she looks too Pin Up Girly, but then keep dressing in her shorts that have 1/2 her ass hanging out. - give the girl a Break already! what do shorts like that have to do w/ a bull fight anyway?
why could they not have tried dressing her a spectator who stumbled (ala Lucy, like she does so well with) into the bullring on accident? her "discovering" the bull would have been Dramatic enough.

eugenia suprised me. her photo was amazing. this is probably the only time I have felt that way to her and honestly- after Danielle winning last season and then having all the personality of nicole from the season before That ( & Dani' was always firey & had great spirit) from blah blah E I just don't see it.
I think those " My Life As A Covergirl" commericials are downright painful to watch.
if this is your life now, then the Joke is clearly On You.

and yah, the twins.
no sense whatsoever.
You know, the thing that bugs me the most about Melrose is that she doesn't let the criticism around her stop her. That's not a bad thing in itself-- it's really something anyone would really gain from doing. It's just that she seems to be determined to win this thing just to spite everyone else, and there's no conscious awareness on her part that the contest ain't all that great a thing to win. Nor is spiting your detractors much of a reward.

I mean, next year it'll be her making her mall appearances to shill Cover Girl nail polish, or running through a glamourous photo shoot in central park, where she gets to pose in bunny ears. While CariDee is offered a million dollars to pose "tastefully" in some boy's magazine like Maxim, or whatever.

Arrrrgh! Not because Amanda left and I have to look at Melrose's smirk another week, but since when does ANTM pretend care about the welfare of their model? Caridee's near-hypotherma is, uh, to be expected when one spends enough time in a pool full of cold water.

Call me crazy, but I sort of like Eugenia. She seems...sane.
Don't be too high-maintenance, but you should have said something sooner!


Plus, if the water is cold enough, it's not just uncomfortable, it can make your heart stop.
No one would EVER ice the water in a swimming pool and then force models to "deal with it". Enough nonsense, already--it would just never happen, BECAUSE of the risk of hypothermia. What is it with this show's sadism, and why does it have to be a factor in almost every photoshoot?

How I wished someone would have "accidentally" booted Tyra into that icewater. I do have to say, however, that watching Melrose have a snotty breakdown after that "dance" competition, when she was wearing the big plastic earrings and plastic turquoise blue five-and-dime necklace almost killed me, I laughed so hard. That was one bad outfit.

Maimy: Two Barbies and a Token. You definitely called that one.
did you see the expression on melrose's face when they said caridee instead of amanda?
she looked so smug before, like ' I'm finally going to get rid of you once & for all' bc let's face it, those 2 Are the competition. that said, w/ the way they ragged cari down so much even *I* was suprised they they still kept her. and I don't get eugenia. not at all. she's more likeble at this stage yes (kinder/gentler editing?) but to keep her "for her Potential" at this late date? when they sent michelle, who was phenominal and NATURAL, home?
at least nigel see's thru icky melrose, that comment about 'something about her just irks me.'
she's so nasty fake. I am really scared she will win now though.

and really, I think of all the panel, nigel is the most real.
twiggy is clueless, like a doddering old auntie, maleficent is just spooky in that cat stalking a mouse way, and tyra herself? what the HELL was up w/ tha fake dancing? what was almost worse was the clip they showed of her at the VS show doing her "improvised" flamenco, where it looked like she was doing some bad sped up '80's vogue-ing mixed w/ the Locomotion. horrible. I think my eyes actually hurt after seeing that.
Are the writers for ANTM still on strike?
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