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Full Version: Elyse Reads Bust .. America's Next Top Model
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OK - so I don't remember the EXACT title we used to have but I gave it a good whack anyway. If I need to change it, hopefully I can ..

Anyway .. Cycle 7 starts with a two hour premire on Wednesday Sept. 20th on CW network, which replaces UPN.

This cycles contestants are:

Michelle and Amanda (twins!), Eugena, Christian, Jaeda, Caridee, AJ, Brooke, Meg, Megan (can we say Kim 2.0?), Monique, Anchal, and Melrose.

There is a trailer up on the site above that has a little blurb from each girl.

I think that the past few cycles have been a bit lackluster but I still tune in like an addict.
gah! i went to the cw website, and the trailer wasn't really playing well on my computer - all choppy and the sound was all choppy. oh well! doesn't dampen my excitement for the new season! woohoo!!!!

It didn't play all that well for me either I just chalked it up to a lame net connection at work....

I'm excited too. I saw a billboard for it at the mall the other day and felt all giddy. I'm looking forward to the twins. It should be interesting to see how different they are at pictures or if they are eerily similar.
Good god -- there's someone named "Melrose" ?
yah yah- mindless brain trash is back in 13 days! yah for taligator for re-starting this thread!

I can't even find the cw site to check the new crop of girls out at.

watching antm is like, a talking version of cosmo, only I don't have the jewish-mother-guilt for buying it each month- I can't wait!
Melrose is the strangest name .. but it's not that bad. I like it better than Caridee. smile.gif

I hope that is pronounced "Kara-dee" and not "Kari-Dee" ..

I always feel guilty buying Cosmo too, no idea why that is. I think because it's usually junk and doesn't apply to me at all. I always feel like I should buy something smarter.
I always feel guilty buying Cosmo too, no idea why that is. I think because it's usually junk and doesn't apply to me at all. I always feel like I should buy something smarter.

you mean like say.... Bust?! biggrin.gif

and yah,I'm way past my 'how to catch & keep a man' days too, and always have a lot of issues w/ the majority of the context of it.
but yet, the allure is so strong a pull...
Oh I don't buy BUST much either .. it kinda annoys me. smile.gif I buy cooking magazines and that's about it .. or Mental Floss. smile.gif

But that's another subject entirely.
I find it amusing that at the same time ANTM comes on, 'Biggest Loser' premieres .. *giggles*

ANTM marathon on VH1 right now.
doesn't the new season kick off this weds w/ a 2 hour premier?

that's what I have written down anyway.. hurrah!
Looks like they're trying to make this season the "bitchy" season.

I've noticed that most of the people in these reality shows that start off burbling something like, I just love competing cause I'm a total a-hole! end up flopping and dropping out about two-thirds of the way through.
Wombat, I was so hoping for that with Jade, though ...

I've noticed mostly the bland blond who says, "My best asset in this competition is my face. I think it's nice!" Doo. Fus. honey. I mean, ouch. They also seem to have attempted to reincarnate Kim with the one who's so sure she is Miss Edginess Personified. Eh, whatever. Just gimme my crack - er - ANTM ...
I watched the marathon with my Mom and she was asking who won (since she had to leave before it was over) and I couldn't remember .. that tells you how unremarkable a season is when you can't remember who won. tongue.gif

So I looked it up and started searching to see what they were all doing now. There's a great Wikipedia entry for the show that lists all the contestants and has links to their entries which further details what they've been doing.

For example, did you know Adrian Curry got paid a $1,000,000 dollars to do the cover of Playboy? Or that she got an estimated $250k for My Fair Brady? I didn't .. smile.gif

How interesting:

# Champion(s) with most challenge wins: Naima Mora (Cycle 4), 4 wins
# Champion(s) with fewest challenge wins: Danielle Evans (Cycle 6) 0 wins
# Contestant(s) with no appearance in bottom two: Joanie Dodds (Cycle 6)
# Heaviest contestant(s): Toccara Jones, 180 pounds (Cycle 3)
# Lightest contestant(s): Melrose Bickerstaff (Cycle 7), 107 pounds

So do you have to have CABLE to see ANTM now? What channel is it on if itis not UPN anymore?
Yeah for my favorite guilty pleasure!!!

Pssst, GGG--the show is on the new CW channel, you dont need cable.
33 more minutes ...

33 more minutes ...

33 more minutes ...

*Dorkily excited*
dude, monique is whack! my faves are the twins, the one who looks like kim but doesn't, and the indian girl. i don't really think she looks like a model but she's too beautiful to be human. i also kind of like the rock and roll girls, the one that's a little hunchbacked and the one with no self-confidence. the latter had a great swimsuit body. also, loved tyra's leopard dress... i agreed about the vote, that girl seemed a little vapid.
all in all though, there's no one here to really WOWS me. and i don't understand why melrose ie even there. But i can't help but watch. I'm obsessed. Oh, and does anyone else think Twiggie needs to put down the curling iron?
Is Monique the crazy one that poured watter and took that girls bed? If so i can't stand her.

I like the twins because I'm a twin, but they are too skinny, no curves at all. I know that's how most models are, but I don't like the look.

I like the rock and roll girls too.

The one where her mom died, doesn't she look like Kim from a previous season (was it last season)?

Tyra is annoying.

anna k
One girl looks a lot like Pink.

One girl is hella skinny. She's a light-skinned black girl and looks like she has a boy's body.

The bulimic picture was nasty but great. The dark side photos reminded me of a model named Zoe who wrote about being a heroin addict in a magazine in 1995. I still thought she was gorgeous even while strung out.
[ The dark side photos reminded me of a model named Zoe who wrote about being a heroin addict in a magazine in 1995. I still thought she was gorgeous even while strung out.

Ha! i remember that article! wasn't it in Seventeen or something? i even think gwen stefani was on the cover and i was like, "please let No Doubt! go away..." yeah, Zoe was pretty, that short hair...

yes, Monique is the girl who took her bottle of water and said she peed on the bed. a more selfish person i don't think we've seen on the show.
i felt really bad for the girl whose mom died in the crash. she also looks very familiar to me... have to check out where she grew up...
Who will be in final three? Carridee, AJ and the twins, if there's any justice in the world.

The one who was in the bulimia shots is prettier -- forget her name, and they keep leaving her sister Amanda out until the last moment, which really makes her freak.

There were the Taylor twins in modeling, but they have to be able to tolerate being separated.

Love AJ, but the other "rock and roll" girl seems like Avril, ie, wimpy cutesy. What's up with the bulbous noses and squinty eyes in this set? and no fat girls.

I think the rest of the industry gave them grief, so think: very young, very thin, screaming and chanting all the time like fellowship youthgroup softball cheerleaders.

Did I wake up on the snark side of the moon this morning?
anna k
Niki and Krissy weren't twins. They looked a lot alike though.

I kept thinking of the Barbi Twins.
QUOTE(greenbean @ Sep 20 2006, 04:19 PM) *

Yeah for my favorite guilty pleasure!!!

Pssst, GGG--the show is on the new CW channel, you dont need cable.

I found it, but in Cinci, it has no "official" home yet, so they hijack the infomercial channel, and I have very basic cable, but you cannot watch the CW without cable or a digital TV because they are not running it on analog.

I would have torn Monique apart for the bed thing and the "I take an hour long shower, deal with it" attitude.

The twin in the bullemia shot was Michelle. the other is Amanda.

I hate Monique. I like the girl wiuth the short hair. So cute.
Wow! This season seemed so polished! I think those girls did better at their first shoots than some of the other seasons at the END of the season. It felt like they'd all either been practicing runway walk or had some coaching because they all did really well. I may not have liked the style that they walked but it wasn't bumbling or bad.

It looks like most have a fashion clue as well and we won't get so many 'Duh' moments.

AJ is my fave but that's because she reminds me of Yoanna ..

Overall it was good. I'm looking forward to watching it. I think that Monique is going to be the one to watch out for in attitude but unlike Jade, she hasn't done well on her photos so she may not last long.

The concept of the twins is cool and it's interesting that one just came along for the ride and is doing better than the other. I wonder how much drama will revolve around their relationship with each other.
This open episode was a let down for me. But the previews for the upcoming shows seems like it will get better. For me, I think Tyra didn't pick the "pretty" models (Jaselyn and the mother who had the husband in Iraq) and also for sending home the first girl...It seemed like she picked girls who she thought had low self esteem, or weren't as pretty as is (IMO)...She loves to exploit people...Just like on the Tyra show...And Monique (from Chicago) she did a 180 as soon as she got in the house...She is so fake, I guess she is the "bitch" of the season...(I wonder if the producers always say there has to be one) and I'm shocked Eugena, whose bed she took let it go down...I cant wait to see the makeovers and was expecting it in the open episode...As far as the twins, we've already seen something similar on 8th & Ocean...not impressed...I don't think both or one will win the title...Ok, thats my recap... smile.gif
They usually don't do the makeovers until the thrid or fourth episode. I think it looks more polished becaue there is more people contending and more money coming in.

Also, (I worked BRIEFLY as a modeling scout) there is a difference between high fashion and catalogue modeling. A lot of girls, who are *prettier* are not as compelling in pictures of high fashion, but look perfect for a Macy's ad. Like the beautiful Indian girl who made it, Tyra keeps telling her to watch her poses, or she is going to look "too catalogue". For instance, I don't think the twins are stunning at all, but the picture of Michelle in the bullemia ad, was exquisite! Is she keeps photographing like that, she will be hard to beat. She was kind of a natural.

Then there are the Yohana House models that can do anything, not because they are stunning, but they *know* how to model.

I thought the army wife looked trashy, and needed a hair cut.
Yeah, that army wife was lame. She was all, "I sacrificed so much to be here" and I'm all, "Yeah, YER KIDS! Go home to them!!"

I thought it was funny that some girls were shocked at the nude shoot. Its like, You want to be a model?! Have you never opened a Vogue?! Or seen ANTM?! Of course yer gonna be asked to take yer clothes off.
I did think Ginger was pretty tho. She looked like the dumb one in Mean Girls.

The funniest part is that they gave all that pampering to Melrose and told her she was 'diva for a day', then they lambasted her, saying, 'you better get rid of that diva attitude'. HA!! They TOLD her to be a diva!!
Not that I like her but I did feel bad for her!

No favorite yet...
Yeah, that army wife was lame. She was all, "I sacrificed so much to be here" and I'm all, "Yeah, YER KIDS! Go home to them!!"

agreed, greenbean! she was so annoying.

no real favorites for me, either.
I agree w/ no favorites yet, altho a few of them have suprised me by photographing/NOT photographing better/worse than I expected. the twins (or un) looked to me about straight off the potatoe truck, but then both pulled off the 'heroine chic' look w/ both their sets.

was ginger the right winger who didn't want to pose nude?
she looks like a blond rose mcgowan and tho I didn't want to like her, I do think she's pretty.

as for ms army wife.
y'all know I AM an army wife and lemme tell you.. at first I was like " WOW! Cool!"
not only that she is married ( she is the first ever?) but that she made it on the show.
but her lame ass line of how much SHE was sacrificing.. um, isn't it your husband who is sweating his balls off in the heat of Iraq while people shoot at him and he assumed you were staying home to take care of His Kids? or I don't know, maybe he's got the whole damn us army behind her and she's some sort of pin up wet dream for his unit.. either way, NEXT!

the Indian girl; I keep flip flopping on is she stunning or isn't she?
her mouth bugs me. if you notice whe she is unsure of what is going on, she holds it funny, but then her pictures were amazing.

I love meghan's super short hair, but don't think she has a very good body.

I don't know, it's just too soon.
Meghan has my probelm, larger rib cage. It makes bathing suits look weird.
anna k
I love how the girls freak about posing nude, like they haven't seen the show before. And ANTM's version of posing nude usually involves covering up their female parts and wearing butt-long extensions to look like Venus in the half-shell.

Yeah, that army wife was lame. She was all, "I sacrificed so much to be here" and I'm all, "Yeah, YER KIDS! Go home to them!!"

Or Amanda the half-blind chick who wanted to be a model yet was going blind in a few years and wanted to remember seeing her baby boy's face.

I liked Ginger, I wanted her to go on.

Tyra: "Stripping isn't the same as modeling." What makes Tyra strutting down the Victoria's Secret runway in her underwear different from a girl strutting on the pole in her panties? Is it because it's haute couture and classy?
well, arguably, stripping is done for titillation and modeling (unless you're modeling in a porn mag) is to sell stuff. but yeah, who is miss tyra to rise above strippers? blech.

i'm with ggg and megan, i have a disproportionately large ribcage. but then again, if i had the rest of megan's body, i really wouldn't care.

i didn't like ginger. "i'm going to stick to my morals!" except, uh, you didn't, and you still got kicked off.

i think my favorite was a.j. even though she seemed to be trying to play up the "insecurity" factor as her selling point. and i thought it was pretty exploitative the way megan brought up her awful plane crash. and i think tyra has terrifying hair and is ridiculously self-obsessed.

melrose does look really old. i don't think any of them are very pretty; the ones who are pretty are kind of "off" too--the rocker girl has bad posture, and the backstabbing blonde has a kind of lopsided, sunken jaw look. anchal looks like a statue or a plastic mannequin. gorgeous, but unnaturally so.

it's terribly fun to nitpick girls who are considered light years more beautiful than i'll ever hope to be. tongue.gif

i thought the bulimia and anorexia photos were cheap shots, and tasteless. they treat these ilnesses the same way they treat a drug habit, whereas it's more similar to telling someone "pose like you have cancer. pose like you've got down's syndrome".
You can't be shy about being naked as a model, because in the back room of the runway shows, they're all changing clothes in front of each other and in front of men, photographers and whatever, or some stylist is pulling on your shirt while someone else does your shoes.

I think what Tyra meant about the difference between strippers and models is that models have to maintain a more difficult grooming regimen and weight requirements, work during the day, and project a lot of different moods and personalities somewhat like an actress. They have to think about their body in space and whether their nose is casting a shadow on their chin, rather than just, look at me shaking my boobies.

You could argue that some strippers have these concerns as well, but more by individual choice -- unlike modeling, it's not an essential part of the job description. Also, drinking is frowned upon in modeling, and they work better by day, etc.

I mean, if they are really trying to say models are never bitchy or starving themselves or partying or sleeping around -- good luck to them!! But as they pointed out last year, they don't want it goiing on during a shoot due to big $$$, versus the strippers hustling drinks and being less inhibited if they're effed up.

Ya know?

What is up with Tyra this season? She looks frumpled. That dress she wore during the judging at the end looked like a bathrobe with tit pads. The brits have a wonderful word for it: "mumsy"
Anna, yes - the day Victoria's Secret is haute couture is the day Paris Hilton has class. Oy gevault.

The reason the girl whose mom died looks familiar (Megan) is she is KIM'S CLONE. She seems less annoying, though.

A.J. is exquisite. Love that black hair.

I think Anchal is pretty, but I know ten Asian Indian women IRL who are devastatingly more beautiful than she is. I like her spirit. But I don't find her face arresting in and of itself, actually. What's behind it will make the difference, and I get the feeling she has a little something going on.

I thought the twins were terribly wan, sorry to everyone who digs 'em. Until the bulimia photo, I was just bored - they only got picked for kitch. Which one of them is the one who was SUCH A BITCH to her sister, though? Huge turn off. The whole "riding my coat tails" and "you're ruining the joke" shit. I can't help but think it was the one who took the drab-assed anorexia photo, whereas the one who was supposed to be "just along for the ride" is kicking her ass already. Ugh ... sibling drama.

Monique is a bore, because she's a mere case of been there-done that. *Yawn* At least if you must posture as Teh Bitch, have good (or "baaaaaaaad") posture. Boring as the devil.
A.J. is my default favorite for now. The hair reminds me a lot of Shane from The L Word. (Not a bad thing!)

The twins have that mid-to-late nineties post-waif thing going on. Their anorexia/bulimia shots were stunning, but their look is limited--too bone-thin and wan-- and outdated. I doubt Cover Girl wants a sickly looking spokesmodel. I agree, twins=gimmicky.

weds is MakeOver day!!

and it looks like there is a lot of prima donna hissy's over what they want to do- Again.

but I guess that just coolness wouldn't create higher ratings?

I was ereally pissed off at those girls after make over!!!! !CRYING?
what a bunch of babies. Even AJ, they changed her SLIGHTLY, for the better. Now she does not
look like some mall goth, hanging out a Hot topic.

Jada looks soooooo much better with short hair. I want Monique TO BURN.

I also wish Jada would have gone home instead of Meghan. Meghan put way more effort into this than Jada.
Right with ya, girlygirlgag!

I wonder if they recruit onlygirls who have never seen the show before.

Uh, duh, when you are a model you will be naked in front of other people, have people change your hair, make up and walk, and wear weird clothes in weird settings.

Monique -- yeah, people can't really get away with that stuff for long. The reason the girls are hesitating to fight back is that it is a work situation, if you let the crazy bully bitch drag you down into the same behavior, they may decide to get rid of BOTH of you. It can take a disgustingly long time for them to finally get rid of the person, though.

I did see some encouraging footage of someone slamming a door on her in the preview for next week.
I think jada looks like Prince now, really. and after her whole " they can do anything to me, even shave my head" arogant crap I think it's just what she deserves.

monique. Mama :" you're a Princess of the Throne and don't let them tell you otherwise."
BAAAAARF!! what a bitch!
I loved that Anchal came in finally & stood up to her, trying to disconnect the phone and yelling at her bc megan needed the phone to call her landlord. if Anchal would put some of that fire into letting her personality show to the judges when she speaks to them (bc her photo was already amazing) I think they'd like her better.

megan. I didn't see that coming. no, I didn't necc think she'd win, but I did think she'd make it farther.
I thought her last photo looked like natalie maines from the dixie chicks & had a sort of '60's pin up sexiness.
and I LOVE her hair.

ok, we're 2 epi's in, what are your predictions?

I'm going to say that top 5 will be Anchal, 1 of the twins, cari dee, maybe melrose and ..? aj I guess, tho I really really didn't like her last shot as it made her nose look huge & her eyes kinda doopey.
this season still doesn't have the standouts like the others to me yet, maybe it's too soon.
" you're a Princess of the Throne and don't let them tell you otherwise." in maybe the toilet? no, ha ha, that's juvenile...but then again, so is her behaviour.

i love the twins, and i think their pictures were gorgeous last night. not typically gorgeous, but very artfully so. i think they'll make it pretty far (and yes, i agree with some of you who said they would just for the twin factor). anchal, too, i wouldn't be surprised if she makes it far.

i was surprised at aj's reaction to her hair last night, too, i did not expect that from her. other than jaeda's makeover, i didn't find any of the makeovers that extreme. i wish they would have done more, but oh well. i loved megan's platinum hair and am sad that she went home.

i wish this show was one more than once a week. a week's too long for this addiction...
I absolutley could not believe all the bitching that was going on about the makeovers. Usually its one or two girls crying or whining about it, but this season, almost every girl flipped out about it. The only one who I didn't see complaining was Anchal, and she had to have her head threaded. I have no idea how that is acomplished, but it sounds like it hurt like hell. And I didn't hear her complain at all, even about the pain really. Compare that to (I think it was monique) someone saying. "I'm irritated that their not doing much to my hair"
Newsflash, girls. You are a model now. YOU ARE A HUMAN DOLL. These people say jump, you say how high. They say we're going to shave your head like andre agassi, and you smile and say thank you. They want to push you into the most uncomfortable corset ever for a picture, You pretend like its a pair of sweats. It's degrading, it's distgusting, and it's uncomfortable. That is the life of a starting model. You're the one who signed up for it.
All right, I'm done ranting about it. Sorry. It's just the people on the show do know what's best for their careers, and I can't believe that they'd whine so much about it.
That was so disgusting when monique splashed someting from under her towel on someones face (Melrose?). If that girl complained enough, she could get kicked, because that can spread disease ::gags::

I missed the first episode. Is there anything important that I missed? Whats with the twins? are they like running together or seperate or what?
Onna - you didn't miss anything in the first epi, except for Tyra being even more obnoxious than she normally is.

ggg - you are SO right - Jada totally looks like Prince now...actually more masculine than prince I think...she's got one strong jawline...and I do love the shorter hair on her.

I think I would like the show a lot more if they got rid of mr. jay and Tyra...the two of them, even worse, the two of them together, make me not want to watch.

monique is'll be fun to see her get taken down.
I hate Mzzzz Jay... Queens are so 2003. Seriously, I have seen him walk the run way, what is the big poop there?
altho he doesn't bug me that much, I never did get what the big deal over him way- and have you ever really LOOKED at his legs?
skinny little bird sticks perched on stiletto's.
I don't "get" Ms. Jay, either. I consider him and the other J (who I think of as "Orange Jay" from Montreal) as "patronage appointments".

Why the hell am I even watching this show? But, here I am. I'm finding Tyra's presence in this show to be overwhelming (just the thought of sleeping in a bed under a wall mural sized Tyra image, in a house full of Tyra images...nightmarish).

I'd love to see Anchal take this--but I know in a few minutes, Tyra will start to harass her about how fat she is. Like, next show. And the twins being "hot" in that "homely" way (someone did say this on the first show, yes? My memory's correct?) that makes me laugh. But they do photograph extremely well.

I know the girls were idiots to cry about their makeovers, but I sympathize. Every hairdresser, Frederic Fekkai or not, always does a hideous number on me and I've loathed them since I was a tiny girl child. I go in expecting to have some damage done...and then I go home and salvage what I can, and carry on while it grows out. If I were a model, I'd do the same...knowing that these new "looks" are so temporary, especially in that business.

Still, I loved Orange Jay's lecture about how the girls were insulting Frederik Fekkai for his "genius" hair work (you mean like Megg's scraggly, ratty extensions?) and, "eventually, insulting Tyra".
I don't get how they scold them for having even the slightest BIT of non-submissiveness, yet expect them to be confident, outgoing, and "fierce!"

Since when do those qualities jell?

The jays make me smile. I don't really like them, they're actually kind of annoying, but I still find it endearing I guess. somehow.
Wombat, i think that is such the juxtaposition (I probaly totally used this word wrong, but I'm trying to improve my vocab, so sorry) in modeling that makes me find the show so interesting. These girls are under, in a hierachy way, the designer, the director, the photographer, and sometimes even the make up and hair artist, yet they have to act like they own the world in their pictures. That also makes me laugh.
Chacha, I agree about those extensions. Maybe she isn't taking good care of them or something? because they shouldn't look that bad.
jenn, they have Heidi Klum host "germany's next top model" I wonder if she'd be any better, though?
They had a "Canada's next top model" show here a while ago (it just finished up, actually, but not like I watched it) and apparently they had an actual model give the girls usable tips (about how they can control the effect of shadows, how they use up the space in a frame, how best to move to show off clothing, etc etc). Stuff you'd think they'd be doing on this show with the neverending Jays and Tyra and the other professional "fashion" people. Hopefully Heidi Klum will be more like this in the German version.

Nope, Onna-Otaku, those extensions were just poorly done. Some of the hair colours are not suitable for some of the girls they stuck them with, either. I think the twins are improved by the red colour they got, but I think Brook looks mousy and juvenile with her brown hair, and Melrose looks like a glob of hyperthyroid putty in that blonde hair. Also, the one they keep saying is too manish did not need to have an even more manish, more jaw extending, Oxford Man hair cut (Jaeda?).

But I am getting a good laugh out of Tyra's wardrobe, however.
anna k
In the last season, the girls bitched about one of the girls being discovered in a mall, saying she was just picked and didn't really care.

Naomi Campbell was found in Covent Garden by a scout. Naomi had been a ballet dancer and appeared in a couple of music videos, so she wasn't new to modeling or being photographed.
Kate Moss was found in JFK airport at 14.
Christy Turlington was found horseback riding at 14.
Claudia Schiffer was found in a dance club in Germany.
Cameron Diaz was found at a dance club in Hollywood at 16.

Not that nobody pursues modeling, but these women were all "discovered" and took the active route to become models when they probably hadn't thought of it before.
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