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Full Version: Vaginal Tightness?
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Hey Ladies!!! I'm starting this lounge because i've been with my boyfriend for almost 3years and he has a huge member. Now when we have sex i've noticed its not as tight as it used to be. i've tried the kegel exercises and that doesnt seem to help. so any suggestions? i hope im not the only one with this problem sad.gif has anyone heard of those love stitches. its like plastic surgery for your vagina. i think thats going to far. so if anyone reads this and has any suggestions plz post........
hey there LadyGemini, welcome to Bust! We try to keep threads to a minimum, especially ones with very specific topics like this one-I would suggest trying the General Sex Thread in Let's Talk About Sex. And don't let me scare you off-lots of new people start specific threads at first and are redirected. Hope you get some advice! smile.gif
someone plz comment on this subject. i see alot of people have come here to see comments but none of you have left one. its okay this site is for women who sometime go through different things with their bodies,and believe me im one of them. so plz dont be embarressed to comment. all comments are welcome.
We're not posting because it's a superfluous thread. Your query would be better answered, as hummingbird has already said, in The General Sex thread in Let's Talk About Sex.
NOT hummingbird, bunnyb wink.gif

and yeah, I responded to you, ladygemini!
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