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Full Version: How Depp Is Your Love?
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Johnny Depp is so hot, I would seriously go straight for him if he asked me to.
bump for polly (and because it's the Johnny Depp thread and deserves to be bumped).
i just feel the need to say that johnny is so hot and I'd do him any time, anywhere.

that is all.

Ah, here it is! I'll re-post what I posted in the Starfuckers thread:

Hee hee, so true.
Sexiest man alive!

I didn't think there was such a thing, but that article had sort of a doofy picture of him. Seriously, that's the best one they could find when reporting he's the sexiest man alive?
i think he looks kinda geeky and cute in that pic.
I've just watched the trailer for Public Enemies and I am mighty excited. I love that Johnny is able to master any accent and still manage to sound sexy.

I miss being able to post images into the thread.
in my alternative universe, i'm gay and the boytoy of Russell Tovey
would that i could cross the sex/gender/sexual orientation divide in this reality (and the atlantic ocean) for him and his ears! just for a weekend.
Happy Birthday to Johnny!
Happy birthday Johnny.

I read that's he's going to be the lead in Dark Shadows! I can't wait for the new movie!!
I just saw the preview for John Dillinger, wheee! Is it just me or does it look like JD has had work done on his face? He appears younger than when he did the last Pirates movie.
First look at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. My cod, does Johnny look scary.
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