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Full Version: How Depp Is Your Love?
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haha thanks for noticing; yes darla's my evil twin, or i should say, i'm darla's evil spawn. either way, there's an evil resemblance....

not pictured: my licking of the concrete that johnny touched.

so has anyone had a real-life johnny sighting???
I thought that the Deppaholics would appreciate this:
bump for the fellow johnny luvuh in "starfucker"
I've been in lust with Depp ever since I saw Benny and Joon as a wee child. Mmmm nice pic, raisingirl!

nicklick- I came in here because I saw that someone had commented on your Darla icon. My three year old cousin has a crush on Darla. We watched some old Lil' Rascals and now he wants Darla to be his girlfriend. It's abominably cute.

lol on the licking- That was my first thought when I saw your pic
Yay! I'm not alone in the Lounge with my love for Mr. Depp! biggrin.gif
how did i miss this thread? where have i been? i love me some johnny! thanks for bumping nick. i just read he is finally going to marry his girl.
Wow. That didn't take him a long time or anything...
i guess i approve. she's okay. he does have kids with her.

did you know he was married once before, before he became famous? i just learned this on wikipedia.
it truely doesn't make any difference in my chances with him, so, that said, i think is is lovely and she is a very pretty girl and they do make a good match.
That's pretty much how I feel. I'm just not sure I see the point after this much time, but if it's something they want to do to celebrate their love, etc., then more power to 'em. They seem happy together. I wonder what their wedding will be like. Will they go for unconventional, or will they shock people by having a super traditional wedding? hmmm
this is fantastic! it is my first time seeing this thread. ooh how fun.
I'm in the middle of a merchandising conference call (I love working from home!) and I just wanted to say: all of our new consumer brochures have Johnny Depp on the cover. I quote: "make sure you destroy all consumer brochures that do not feature Johnny Depp on the cover!" laugh.gif
johnny is now 44 and dayum he just keeps getting hotter!
Our man as Sweeney Todd

The slouched, open-legged pose seems to be calling to me "come to Papa, come to Papa..."

He's also making an honest woman of Vanessa Paradis within the next few weeks (privately in St Tropez).
he is hot when he is creepy, sloppy, dirty, it really makes no difference. hot hot hot hot. i loved him in once upon a time in mexico. yummmmmy
OMFG, Raisin,
I haven't been here in awhile.
Just saw the pic you posted in Dec.
He's so freakin' hot & that gold tooth showing is the icing on the cake.
Thank you for posting it, doll. Whew...
Thanks bunny for that photo. I've known for awhile he's going to be in Sweeney (he'll even sing), but that's one freaking hoooooot photo....
Heh. You are so welcome, Silly.

You know what? I think it's time to post it again.

oohhh! thanks for that! pretty pretty pretty!
I was feeling a little down last night so I indulged in some retail and Depp therapy and bought Sleepy Hollow, From Hell and The Man Who Cried on dvd smile.gif. That brings my Depp movie collection to 15 films:-

Edward Scissorhands
Benny & Joon
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Ed Wood
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Sleepy Hollow
The Man Who Cried
From Hell
Pirates of the Caribbean
Finding Neverland
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Corpse Bride
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Has no one posted the Sweeney Todd trailer yet?

Oh my.

Hey, what happened to our "wuv" emoticon, the pink one with the hearts? Just when I want to use it!
ohh bunny, can i come over and *drool drool* watch movies?
Ooh! I love The Man Who Cried!
Benny and Joon is still my fav, though.
Oh I saw that trailer the other day!!! I can stare at Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman (especially his voice, mmm) on the same screen - yes please!!!

Depp still manages to be hot even when he's playing an "ugly" role - case in point The Libertine (at least the greater chunk of the movie, the end maybe not so much...)

LOVE Sleepy Hollow - was hoping to catch here around Halloween, I'd take From Hell though too.
sleepy hallow is awesome. johnny with an accent. even better.

don't tell mr.nick but i have 3 photos of johnny hanging up in my cubicle and only one of mr.n. i love him but when i'm tired and cranky, johnny's the only one that can help me.
the best of depp

little disappointed gilbert grape isn't mentioned, though

wow, how could I have forgotten "benny and joon" ... and the pic of him in B&J just reminded me that my college boyfriend was a dead ringer for him in that movie. I shit you not. (why did I let him go??!! wink.gif )

eta - I saw "Sweeney Todd" the day after christmas.. oh my. He's looking HOT in that movie. oh yes.
Zoya - I most definately agree on Depp looking hot in "Sweeney Todd" - I love him in guyliner playing psycho roles. But then again I definately have issues wink.gif

From what I've heard he is supposed to be playing the lead in the "Rum Diaries" can't wait to see that!
nick, thanks for that post. that was a beautiful way to spend and hour, looking at lovely pictures.

*fans self*

I just watched Edward Scissor Hands this weekend. Forgot how much I enjoy it.

I saw Sweeney Todd a couple weekends ago and I loved it!!! God, that man is so talented and so unbefuckinglievably gorgeous. I, too, love him in the darker roles. *sighs*
fuck fuck fuck!!! i love in a little city and sweeney todd did not come here. mad.gif i have to wait till it comes out on video.
i am going to see sweeney todd tomorrow. i think i am going to attempt to look a bit Victorian-esque. smile.gif
double post. damn double click.
Video of Johnny at UK premiere of Sweeney Todd. He looks ruggedly handsome (um, as always) and is so charming and humble.

Sweeney Todd doesn't open here until the 25th and I'm counting down the days!

Santa brought me another seven Depp movies on dvd to add to my collection. Last week I watched Secret Window and Benny and Joon (which I already had).
*sigh* Thank you for posting that link, bunny!! *swoon*
has anyone seen the libertine with johnny depp? i picked it up last night but wasnt sure about it.... any reviews?
I liked it, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was interesting. As always a wonderful performance by Depp, who plays sort of a "partyboy" decending into a mad syphallitic by the end. Don't want to give too much away.....
Yay for Johnny winning best actor (in musical or comedy) golden globe! Now he just needs to be nominated for an oscar again as I have the feeling it will be his year biggrin.gif.

Also, pick up the new Rolling Stone. He's on the cover. It made a great ending to one of my shitty days at work last week... His shirt is open... mmmmm.... rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Jan 13 2008, 02:03 PM) *
has anyone seen the libertine with johnny depp? i picked it up last night but wasnt sure about it.... any reviews?

it was slightly boring and the end was too creepy/weird for me
I liked The Libertine!! Although, I'm not sure if I would have responded so favorably if it didn't involve Mr. Depp. He looks damn hot in the first half of the movie (duh).

He was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor (Sweeney Todd), but I don't think he'll get it. Everyone is in love with Daniel Day Lewis.

*runs off to check out Rolling Stone cover*

ETA- Here's the link!!! Thom Yorke is on the cover, but there's still a hot picture of Johnny to ogle. Or maybe I'm looking at a past issue.
hot damn!
hes in rolling stone and another magazine i think esquire
Today was Johnny Depp's forty-fifth birthday.
45 and still getting hotter! damn!

Johnny Depp is Britain's favourite actor
Monday, June 9 2008, 11:33 BST

By Simon Reynolds, Entertainment Reporter

Johnny Depp has been named Britain's favourite actor, according to research conducted by the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA).

The CAA quizzed 3,000 film fans aged seven and over and the 45-year-old Sweeney Todd star scored the highest number of votes across all age ranges and genders.

Depp held off competition from his Pirates Of The Caribbean co-star Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Anthony Hopkins and Sean Connery to take the honour.

Anna Cremin, spokeswoman for CAA, noted that Depp's eclectic choice of film roles contributed towards his popularity: "[He] has such a wide appeal demonstrated by moving from serious films like Donnie Brasco to blockbusters and comedies.

"Few other actors have managed to be so versatile."

Depp's upcoming roles include taking over Heath Ledger’s part in the Terry Gilliam fantasy The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus and Michael Mann's Chicago-set crime thriller Public Enemies.
hot damn he looks gooooooood.

I love a man in a waistcoat (vest).
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