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Okay, at falljacket's request I've done it - my first thread start and what a thread! This is the BUSTie Johnny Depp appreciation society, although other BUSTies are free to put their crushes up against the luscious Mr Depp (and have them knocked off their pedestal wink.gif).

This is for all those musings and droolings over the sexiest, suavest and sweetest actor on screen. For pics, links, articles, general meanderings, discussion of his films, reasons why he should divorce Vanessa Paradis and be shared out amongst us ...

For want of a better topic to get discussion going: what's your favourite Depp role? I haven't seen all of his films (gasp) although plan a marathon soon but my current faves are Captain Jack Sparrow for aesthetic and comic value (oh to be stranded on an island with him and some rum) and George Jung (Blow) for talent and wow-ability factor. I'm also very disappointed that due to schedule conflicts he had to drop out of The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly adaptation. I love his versatility!

So, plunge right it and get ... wet.
I will always have a weakness for Edward Scissorhands. In fact, any role where Johnny is sweet and vulnerable is good in my book. Yum.

My BestGuyPal saw Mr. Depp in LA a couple of weeks ago. He was wearing a casual linen suit & a fedora & looked slightly confused while exiting a building ... a building where Tim Burton had set up a temporary office (or so the story goes). BGP saw him & thought "That looks like ... could it really be...?" and just stood there in stunned silence for a while. smile.gif
"... although other BUSTies are free to put their crushes up against the luscious Mr Depp."

um, NO. there are other threads for other crushes.
and no one is allowed to come in here and dis him. censorship? why ... yes, yes it is!

favorite role: chocolat. *drool*
ohmy.gif biggrin.gif I love this thread!!!

I am so so so so so so so so so psyched about the next Depp/Burton production...Sweeny Todd! Words can't describe how psyched I am that they're the ones who get to make that into a movie! *sighs contentedly*

Fave Depp movie: many to choose from! I absolutely adore Ed Wood, but Edward Scissorhands is just classic. Can't believe I haven't bought that yet (I have a pretty decent Depp DVD collection)! I also love Blow. smile.gif
I concur, Mandolyn. Chocolat is most excellent. Great thread and clever title, Bunny!
YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Mr. Depp totally deserves his own thread!!!

Sooooo, I returned Cry Baby this afternoon (young rockabilly Depp = yum) and rented Blow and The Libertine. I haven't seen either of those.

My favorite Depp roles? I never get sick of Edward Scissorhands or Cry Baby. He's definitely the hottest in Chocolat. I wish he had a more involved role in that movie. In Chocolat, he has all of the vagabond charm of Captain Jack Sparrow without the bad teeth and dirty face. Of course, he's still hotter than most men even as a crusty pirate.

I can't believe your friend was within a reasonable distance of JD!! I would have been unable to move or speak.
i would have followed him around like a lost puppy. hell, i did that even when i realized i was standing next to philip seymour hoffman last year and he's not even a quarter - no, a sixteenth - no! a thirty-secondth as hot as mr depp.

confession: i've not seen chocolat OR ed wood. both are near the top of my netflix queue though so i'll remedy that soon.

favorite? hm. i think captain jack is my favorite. it's that fuckin' swagger. and come on, have you ever seen a guy look so fucking good in eye liner?

Mmm hmmm, he does look scrumptious in eyeliner.

I love the quote in your signature FJ, you pornographic priestess tongue.gif

I loved him in Edward Scissorhands! So sweet and vulnerable, like roseviolet said. I also lurved him in Chocolate Factory (he wasn't paired with any women in that movie biggrin.gif)
He looks totally hot with eyeliner.

FJ!!! You haven't seen Chocolat??!! That's one of my all time faves. Oh god...Johnny Depp as a river-rat....soooo appealing. I woulda rocked his boat all night long. Heheheheh...

I just finished watching Blow and I really enjoyed it. The love scene in that movie is too scattered and focuses too much on Penelope Cruz. They should have blurred her face or something. JD looks so good when he's kissing. Sigh......
I've always had a soft spot for Benny and Joon. I dont know what it is about that role of Sam, but I find him so sweet and charming, and who wouldn't love a buster keeton/charlie chaplin wannabe.

He's adorable in Benny and Joon.

I have the same confession as falljackets even though I own Chocolat on dvd. *whistles unsure.gif.

His eyeliner is so seeeexy and accentuates (as well eyeliner should) those gorgeous, puppy-dog eyes (see left).

Thanks for the thread and title love.
Recent fan love from Oh No They Didn't on LJ. ETA: Okay, I don't know what happened, but that post isn't there anymore. I'm leaving the link there in case it gets restored. It was a photo of a fan taking a picture of JD where he was on the set and he was holding up a piece of paper in front of him that said "I love [fan's name]." Crap! I wanted you guys to see it.

Ahem. Are Mando and I the oldest ones here? wacko.gif Because my crush on him started with 21 Jump Street.

I really liked him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape (a fantastic book, BTW, by Peter Hedges, and I don't usually say that about books that get turned into movies, but that's veering off-topic), even though his role didn't hold much overt sex appeal.

He was perfect in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (another book-turned-film -- I swear it's just a coincidence). What a great combination of drugged-up nutcase, creative weirdo, and all-out oddball. I say all these terms endearingly. I need to see that one again, and soon.
ahem. raisin, dear, i was too OLD for 21 Jump Street. sad but true.
my adoration of The Depp began at edward scissorhands.
and was solidified by gilbert grape.
i even worshipped him in secret window. and that was a stupidass flick.
I don't know when I began lusting over Johnny. I was too young for 21 Jump Street, and I was only 11 when Edward Scissorhands came out ('90). He wasn't really hot in that movie, but gave an awesome performance. I think I really started notice his hotness when I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The long dark hair, porcelain skin, sculpted cheekbones, and his shy, mysterious nature---what 14-yr-old girl could resist that??? In the mid-90's, I was really into the long hair thing, too.

I watched The Libertine this afternoon and OH. MY. GOD. He is so sexy as a lewd poet in a puffy shirt. The movie is excellent. It's passionate, romantic, tragic, and even funny in some parts. This is a must-see for all Depp fans. It was one of those movies that I had to pause and rewind, so that I could get a second helping of his sexaliciousness. And when he sports that long black wig...sigh...gorgeous.

IPB Image

*runs off to take cold shower*

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
That bathtub one is yummy.
biggrin.gif So happy to see a thread dedicated to Johnny! I started out loving him in 21 Jump Street; he was my first celebrity crush! He's been awesome in everything he's ever been in. He was perfect, if not sexy, in Fear and Loathing, and at his peak of hotness (so far) in Pirates. C'mon, his teeth are neglible! The mascara and eyeliner are [running out of synonyms for "hot"] on him. And he kind of incorporated the Hunter S. Thompson role into Captain Jack.
Many, many thanks for posting the pictures!
Oh, sweet jebus, that bathtub photo.... (thanks, raisin, I am forever in your debt)

I'm saving The Libertine for a solo night. Loved What's Eating Gilbert Grape, it was the beginning of my Depp awakening (before that, it was my undying love for Ponch...I was a fiercely loyal sort).

Any scoop on the new Pirates movie? I can't get enough of Jack.
omygod, bunnyb. A Mr. Depp thread. You be smart!!


Hmmmmmmmm a little lost there. I love him in everything. Even when the movie is worse than bad, he is always great. Most of my man crushes run along his line of dark and boyish - Billy Crudup, Rufus Sewell, Jeremy Northam...

His Ichabod Crane was so funny and vulnerable...and as Sam in Benny & Joon...I want him to hang out in my house wearing his Buster Keaton clothes and doing tricks. His barely concealed hatred of the children in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And Captain Jack is just so suave and so alluring (to me, at least) that I question Elizabeth's Swann's supposed heterosexuality in her choice of Will Turner over him. I hated the sequel, incidentally. Writers messed up big time, and it's pretty racist here and there. But He can do no wrong. Sigh.

Favorite role is hard to pick. I waited for The Libertine to be released in the US for so long that I forgot about it entirely. Must rent it. I've also not seen Finding Neverland in its entirety. Probably Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Yes, that has to be it. It's such a deviation from the usual pretty boy stuff...

I am disappointed about the Sweeney Todd casting, though, but that's just my theatre geek showing. You have to be a seriously trained singer to sing Sondheim well, and I hate when people are dubbed with voices not their own. You lose something there. And if they let people do a mediocre job, you wind up with the travesty that was The Phantom of the Opera movie.
yeah, tempest had it right: sweet fuckin' jebus! that bathtub pic is just too much. i would share his bathtub and his bottle-o-whatever-that-is beside him. and we'd have hot bathrub sex. uh-huh, that's right. who wants to fight me over him. cause i'm all jacked up on red stripes and i'll take you all on...

um, ahem. sorry about that... not sure what came over me...

so raisingirl, i'm with ya: i fell in love with mr depp over 21 jumpstreet. i think i was 13? 14? i didn't even know why i was lusting at the tme. oh, yeah, wait... yes i did. rolleyes.gif

eta: yeah, i said "bathrub". what's it to ya? i was thinking creatively... or something....
Hee, cross-post with FJ...I am out of gin for a reason, lady, and I will drop your ass if you lay a finger on my Johnny's head. I bet that's a clawfoot tub he's in...mmmm...victorian bathtub sex with Johnny Depp...

I mean, with Mr. Luci. Yeah. That's what I meant. The man who would do Brad Pitt... smile.gif Hmmm. Sammich!
Now, now girls. As painful as it is, Mr. Depp was meant to be shared, so we will have to take turns hopping in the tub with him.

Has anyone else seen The Libertine? Get your asses to the video store this instant!!!

"before that, it was my undying love for Ponch" Bwahaha!!!

I found this site while searching for wallpaper-size Depp images. There are tons of great pictures in the various sub-galleries. Be sure to check out the GQ photo shoot. Here's one of my all-time faves:

IPB Image
*hangs head in shame*

pinkpoodle is right. Mr. Depp is like a neverending doobie, meant to be passed and passed, giggled with and momentarily touched to your lips, inhaled deeply before you pass him on to your nearest and dearest. Fj, I happily pass him on to you.

*spirit of sisterhood is strong in me tonight*

that pic, in huge black and white poster form hangs in the window of a poster shop on the punk avenue of my old stomping grounds. He has that Jack Sparrow tattoo on his wrist in it. Yummy.
i dunno. i'm still feeling stingy and clingy.

hold me, johnny.

hold me.

and blow that smoke on me. you kow how i love men (or women for that maeter) that taste like cigareettes)
i'm still ignoring you fuckface,

johnny is awesome and no one can mess that up. doesn't matter how many posts you psot, fucker.
I heart you ladies wub.gif too many yummy pics! I think I'm going to watch Chocolat tonight. I have the feeling it's going to be a long day and I need some Depp lovin'.

eta: lucizoe, you have to watch Finding Neverland in it's entirety, he has a good accent wink.gif. Oh, and is divine, as always.

I'll get in on the bath-tub dipping too although I prefer my Mr Depp diryt.
Mmm, diryt Johnny Depp water. Diryt, diryt, diryt.

One more time:

IPB Image

Seriously, that piano photo is almost as good as the bathrub bathtub shot. Love ya, Falljackets.
He has a similar orgasmic expression in both.
don't make me choose! *sob*

" ... meant to be passed and passed, giggled with and momentarily touched to your lips, inhaled deeply before you pass him on to your nearest and dearest."
I swear I am developing a Pavlovian response to hearing "Johnny Depp."

IPB Image

Arrr, matey, you can shiver me timbers anytime!

I have NOT seen this movie yet. I should probably walk the plank for admitting that, eh?
Mmmmm.... *salivates*

Raisin!! Get thee to thy video store this instant!!!

"He has a similar orgasmic expression in both." Oh, bunny, why'd ya have to torture me with that?! The thought of him having an orgasm makes my loins quiver. Yeah, it does look like someone's sucking his dick in that bathtub picture. Maybe it's falljackets. laugh.gif

I'm through with dating--I've decided to save myself for Johnny.

Some more sexy pics for y'all:

IPB Image

IPB Image
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Sep 7 2006, 12:29 PM) *

"He has a similar orgasmic expression in both." Oh, bunny, why'd ya have to torture me with that?! The thought of him having an orgasm makes my loins quiver. Yeah, it does look like someone's sucking his dick in that bathtub picture. Maybe it's falljackets. laugh.gif

hehe, maybe we're all taking turns?!

Too many yummy pics ... distracting me.

IPB Image
PP, he totally looks like Chris Cornell in that series of four photos you posted. Humina humina!
Don't you just want to slowly unzip his jeans in that lower right picture (of the four)?

You know, I hate to say it, but he looks damn sexy with a cigarette.
I agree, raisingirl. Chris Cornell is the second hottest man after Johnny (oh yeah, and my boyfriend fits in there somewhere! wub.gif
True, but I liked him more back in the days of Soundgarden.

IPB Image

I want to lick lick lick that chest.

/thread derailment.

Oh yeah, Poodle, I sure do.

So does Johnny Depp have any brothers and are they as hot and talented as he is?
Okay, anyway...back to Johnny Depp. wink.gif

Here's a question for you Depp lubbers: What is it about him that makes him unbelievably sexy? (other than the fact that he is obviously the HOTTEST MAN WHO HAS EVER EXISTED IN THE HISTORY OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION)
Yowza! He sure is damn fine. Okay, just stopping in to say that I think this thread belongs in LTAS because it's gettin' steamy in here tongue.gif And keep the pictures coming BUSTies.

Wowza, hellllo Johnny! I'll take some of that over here!

I just popped in to say that I was looking at the list of sexiest men that poodle listed, and I find it very hard to believe that Nick Nolte was once the "sexiest man alive." GROSS.
I thought that was weird, too. I was reading more about the list, and it turns out that Nick Nolte had the title for the shortest period of time.

I think it's hilariously awesome that Johnny Depp scored almost as much as all of the other men combined!!!

*drifts off into Johnnyland*

Here's another great picture. I apologize if I already posted it.
IPB Image
poodle. honey. lamb. you can post that sucka EVERY DAY!
that tan line is tantalizing!

even just the word "nolte" does not deserve to be in the same sentence as the word "depp".

i also vote for The Cornell coming in at a close second.
even tho the resemblance twixt him and my brother is most unsettling. (i know, i know .... ewwww!)
I know. Those obliques and that tan line form the gateway to heaven.

ETA- That pic of Chris Cornell is also unbefuckinglievably hot. Damn. I really need to get laid.
I'd like to place my order for a chris cornell johnny depp sandwhich please. oh and you do deliver right? I promise a big tip.
I love that little line of muscle leading to his happy trail...

hot damn....
Oh my. Such sultriness.

I need to get laid, too. Look, he's all ready for me. Well, almost.

IPB Image
I SO need to get laid... Well, he needs to lay me....

Maude damn that pic is hot.

I have no idea who Chris Cornell is.

Pinkpoodle, each time I come into this thread and read your posts, I've just thought what you've written - it's uncanny!
Chris Cornell=lead singer of Soundgarden (circa mid-90's)

Ah yes, that's because I go through horny modes very quickly!!! Although, Johnny Depp is one of those guys who never escapes my horny thoughts. For that reason, I am FUCKING THRILLED that we now have a thread dedicated to him!

Damn, raisin!!! Where'd you find that pic?

*runs off to take SOLO bath*
I am vehemently anti-smoking but he makes it look so sexy!

eta: aw bless, I just text my also-Depp-lovin friend to tell her that I'd ordered a whole lot of Depp dvds to drool over and she text me back to say nooooo, as she's bought me Ed Wood! She's such a sweetie, I cancelled it immediately and ordered another one to make the fest even more luscious filled. Just as well I'd bought a Depp postcard to send her a minute beforehand! Now it can be a thank-you card.

piano pic 2:

IPB Image

eta: oops I elongated the thread - do you all hate me?

will this make up for it? IPB Image
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