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Full Version: "fight Me" An Essay On Women's Issues
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mie fitz
hey everybody,

I just joined the list, but I've been a longtime reader/subscriber to Bust, my favorite magazine!

Thought you all might be interested....

I wrote an essay entitled "Fight Me" that is included in an anthology called Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers which just came out this week.

It's an observational humor piece about women's issues: on the surface about how I want to get into a fight, but underneath it explores women's interactions and the question "why do women hold each other back?"

It's a fun piece (and so along the lines of Bust's themes), and the rest of the essays are really interesting and fun, so I thought I'd let you all know.

Welcome to BUST. We are mainly a self-moderated board and try to keep thread creation to a minimum (they can only be deleted in extreme circumstances).
Introduce yourself in the Newbies thread and plug your essay in the Shameless Self-promotion thread over in Ab-Fad.
Hi Mie! Welcome to the Lounge! We have so many ongoing conversations going on here already, we try to keep new threads to a minimum (many new posts like yours will fit into an existing thread). You'll get better responses and more interesting feedback if you post this in, say, shameless self-promotion in the AbFad forum, or check out the threads in The F-Word. There are several there in which your essay would be an interesting addition.


eta: ha! x-posted with bunbun! Great minds an' all that....
mie fitz
will do! it's always hard being new.... don't know where everything is yet smile.gif
sorry 'bout that.
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