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They ask the same questions every night when at the bar in my restaurant on the corner of Bourbon and Bienville. Its their first time back in New Orleans since the hurricane and they want to know what it’s like, was I here before the storm, what I did and where I went. And I’ll tell them, every night, every single night. With some of these encounters I’ll only have time to tell them I was forced to drive over 6 thousand miles…other times we’ll be there long enough to discuss the exact bottles of Champagne I enjoyed when in Manhattan’s Central and Washington Square parks. Recently there have been folks who’ll apologize before asking these questions, because they know I must have answered them over a hundred times by now…and to be honest I have, over a hundred times. It doesn’t necessarily bother me to spill my story every night, every single night I’m at the bar in my restaurant on the corner of Bourbon and Bienville as much it bothers me that perfect strangers know more about me and that storm than you- my actual friends and family. So what I decided to do today, on the anniversary of, was to set up my “year in pictures” slide-show for you.
Regarding my slide-show- I’ve watched it over 40 times and I feel like a self-centered egoist. Every picture is of me or what I did so much that it screams “drama queen”. But it’s true, it’s all true, and it is going to be on everyone’s news stations and in everyone’s newspapers tomorrow so no matter where you turn you’re going to be looking at what happened on this day last year and so I’m figuring to still send it. It’s long, it’s 15 minutes long but I added some very reflecting audio effects to keep yous interested. If you have earphones I strongly suggest you use them, even if you’re not at work. If you are at work then this’ll be a nice 15 to 20 minute break for you…I’m sure your bosses will understand. I hope these links work, remember the earphones, happy viewing!

(I prefer the first of the following two links, when it opens find the word "download" in the middle of the page on the left-hand side, under that click Windows Media. After it takes a second to buffer and then starts to begin click pause and wait a full minute before pushing play)

Busties, watch this. I watched it yesterday & I cried my goddamned eyes out. It really shows what one of our own went through last year & what they are still dealing with now.
Doxy, thanks for sharing your experience with us....unfortunately, I can't get it to work on my Mac...I have Windows Media Player, but I keep getting errors. I'll take another crack at it when I get home this evening.
Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing. (((Doxy)))
For some reason neither link will work for me but I'm going to try later on the boy's mac.
Doxy, I'm sorry to say this, but I really wish you had not subtitled this thread "evacuation anniversary." I know you're referring to your own experience, but it's the anniversary for everyone, and everyone didn't evacuate.

I didn't get to; I worked as a nurse through the hurricane. I'm in mutherfucking therapy now because of that. I went to a memorial service yesterday; those folks were not fortunate to have evacuated. I stood next to a woman sobbing, collapsing in grief for her husband who was killed a year ago. People read the names of those they loved who were killed and some told a little about them.

I know you're not trying to be insensitive, Doxy, and I'll admit I'm hypersensitive. And I know you are going through pain, as well. But dammed if I wasn't Busting yesterday and read someone in the confessions thread wishing for a hurricane...not one that would kill anyone or do serious damage, just one that would enable them to snuggle with their Mr. and pets all weekend. Huh.

What if I had posted, one year post 9/11, that I wished some terrorists would blow up my office building so that I wouldn't have to work until my company got situated somewhere else. I mean, not so anyone got killed, but just so I would get some time off. I mean...I'm just sort of dumbfounded, honestly. And venting like a crazy person, I realize.

But it makes me crazy that someone would say something like that...and not see how glaringly insensitive it is. And it just shows me how so many people in the US don't really get what happened here, because if they did, they would never post something like that. Even if they had the thought in their head. I don't begrudge people their thoughts, but hopefully they can, uh, refine their thoughts or keep some to themselves, especially on the anniversary of one of this countries largest disasters. Frankly, I don't care that it's the confessions thread.

People who aren't here don't seem to realize how much we want recognition for what we're going through down here, and conversely, how much it means to us when "outsiders" give us true and deep sympathy and understanding. It feels very isolating to have your city so horrificially damaged. I woke up thinking of that comment, and it felt like a slap in the face. Again. I'm actually more upset about it today than yesterday.

Sorry if it's bad ettiquete or whatever to be bringing in stuff from one thread to another, but that thread has moved on. Sorry if anyone thinks I should just have a thicker skin if I'm coming into a public discussion board, but I feel like it's OK to discuss something if I'm upset about it. I'm actually not angry at the person who made the original post...well, OK, I'm somewhat angry, but mostly I'm saddened and hurt. I've never had a problem with that Bustie, and I hope what I've said does not preclude a discussion that isn't Bustie-bashing but more topical. I'm honestly not trying to pick on this person, so can it not come to that? I think she was insensitive, is all.

I realize I'm being long-winded, but what if you had a parent die of cancer? And on the first anniversary of that death, an aquaintance said, "I wish I could have cancer. Not so I'd die, or have a lot of pain. Just so that I could have people take care of me for awhile."

Anyway, some people will get this and some won't. I'm not even sure I should post this, but these boards mean something to me and I don't feel like slinking off and not saying my peace. People have told me I'm strong, and I do not feel strong right now. I feel like I'm struggling. I feel a little messy, like I'm falling apart a little. And I don't care.
To be honest I didn't know what to title it as. I just wanted to share it with those who posted their concerns this time last year. Just a year in pics.
You still in Marigny? I'm thinking of moving to bywater, currently in the LGD.

The comments about wishing for a hurricane are pretty weird, that would have pissed me off, too. I work at a bar and I want to knock the teeth out of people that fly down here just to ask this, " still make hurricanes down here...ha ha ha." Because I'm at a nice restaurant I actually have to laugh it off with them when I'd rather break some Rum bottle over there heads.

Glad to hear from you though, Amelita. Surprised I haven't seen you in Marigny yet? Well, I don't go out too much really, but figured I'd have run into you sometime this year. Talk with you soon.
Yeah, I know you meant nothing by your title, doxy. I am definately on pins and needles lately...although I thought it would dissapate a little today. I'm glad you didn't take it as an attack...I just read evacuation anniversary and I was thinking, "If only I were so lucky..." And I felt angry...not at you, so much, but just I wish I didn't have to experience what I did. But then that's shitty because everyone here- EVERYONE- is going though a hard time whether they evacuated or not.

*deep breath*

Yeah, still in the Marigny! I kinda thought we'd have run into each other as well, by now. I'm not going out much either, but did a little Mardi Gras, a little Jazz Fest, a few House Of Blues shows...that kind of thing. Trying to get more back to normal. I may go to the Southern Decadance parade this Sunday.

Move on over to our side of town! See ya sometime!
QUOTE(amilita @ Aug 30 2006, 09:25 AM) *

Anyway, some people will get this and some won't. I'm not even sure I should post this, but these boards mean something to me and I don't feel like slinking off and not saying my peace. People have told me I'm strong, and I do not feel strong right now. I feel like I'm struggling. I feel a little messy, like I'm falling apart a little. And I don't care.

Amilita, I wasn't there. I can't pretend to know what it's like to be in your situation. But I get it. I get your post. And, I'm ((((sorry)))) for all the hurt and pain and the re-opening of old wounds that haven't even closed yet.

And I'm angry, for what seems to be one of the most disorganized "rescue"/emergency management response ever.

All of you New Orleans natives and non-native residents went through HELL.

And my thoughts are with both of you at this time. As well as other Busties, either lurking or non, who might be from affected areas.
I read something the other day that said there were still dead bodies laying in abandoned buildings, and I was shocked. I mean, I know the gov't is doing a horrible job with all of this, but that is just so appalling. I think THIS is the kind of work soldiers, etc, should be doing-instead of being in iraq and other places.

I'm in the Northeast and don't know anyone down there at all, so I feel very disconnected from the whole thing. But yes, I'm still angry about how little help there was last year when it happened, and how it seems that the city hasn't been helped nearly enough. It's sad, because if it was NYC, it'd be sooo different.

Hugs to you all who are suffering through this. I can't imagine what you all went through, and are still going through.

amilita-i read that post in the other thread too, i know she didn't "mean" anything by it, but i thought it was thoughtless too. especially this week! for those of us who it didn't affect, i guess it's still easy to shrug off, or not treat it so importantly.

Thanks, treehugger and maddy. I'm feeling less raw than earlier this week, so that's a good thing.

Not only did the government have a poor response to this disaster, but the Army Corps of Engineers is largely responsible for it. And the way insurance companies are treating some people...ugh. There is so much aftermath. More than I have the energy to write about.

But thanks for your sentiments, and treehugger, thanks for visiting the city earlier this year! We need visitors down here.

Nothing makes me more mad than what shouldn't have happened, and that's the Army Core of Engineers bullcrap. I get so pissed at my bar because at the end of the day each guest wants to hear what I think of class and race and all that I do know is what happened to the 9th ward shouldn't have happened the order of "what shouldn't have happened" because that Mr.Goat should have been receded more than 3 decades ago.
Oh, and the government response was shit. I love it when guests suggest how happier I'd have been if Guliani was my mayor...fuck off. He had a 3 block radius he couldn't work with compared to 80% of a city, not to mention Bush and the entire country/governmnet were up his ass. The two can NEVER relate.

Other than that, I'd really have liked it if you have watched my slide show, Amelita. You never needed to apologize for posting stuff from another thread into my thread, because it's really our thread...but I seriously wished you'd have given my slideshow a shot. Here's the link again (look for "download" in the middle of the page on the left-hand side, then click on "windows media" just below it)
thank you for sharing, (((doxy))). i'm pretty sure i get what you're saying. a very poignant & necessary perspective.

I saw a commercial the other day for, I think it was State Farm, going on and on about how well they served their customers in the gulf coast, showing them handing out water, helping people rebuild....I'm sure that in isolated cases, there were individual agents/employees who helped people, but the corporation, as a whole, especially when it came time to hand out the cash, hasn't done shit. That commercial made me so mad.
polly, I saw that effing commercial last night and it ticked me off so bad. I can only imagine how pissed off those affected by the hurricanes must feel about it. What a slap in the face. Seriously, I was seething so much I swear I felt my blood pressure rise. Idiots.

I may check it out, doxy, but I'm just kind of taking things in as I'm able. I'm sure it's interesting...I'll try soon.

There are two blogs here about people whose homes are leaning serverely and their insurance companies won't pay up cuz they are claiming the damage is due to standing water and not's crazy. I can't remember which company, though...that commercial would make me mad regardless, I'm sure.
i can't view those links. what am i doing wrong? i'm using mozilla, is that it?
just want to say that my thoughts are with you amilita & doxy. sorry I can't view your slideshow doxy as my linux system doesn't seem to know how to download it.

the last Humane Society newsletter had a great picture on the cover of a dog and her human, reunited several weeks after they got separated by Katrina. The small picture online isn't as good to see the love and delight radiating from the dog, but you get the idea.
I've been thinking a lot about Katrina since this thread was posted. I feel really bad, because I'm guilty of minimizing it too. I was horrified watching the footage of everything happening. I'm still horrified, but I'm sad to say, I kinda forgot. I mean, I assumed that the clean up was happening and everything. BAD assumption, especially with who is running this country (running it into the ground).

But I feel really ignorant about it- it sounds like the claims about them knowing the levees would never hold is true, right? THey knew it wouldn't hold against a big storm, and they just didn't care.

I don't want to compare tragedies, but how many people died and were hurt and displaced and lost their homes in Katrina, vs. the 9/11 attacks? Obviously they are both horrific. But the 9/11 widows got some money, and a lot of attention (which is fine with me), and what do the Katrina survivors get? Their insurance companies won't even pay them....sigh.

my thoughts continue to be with you. i'm going to watchyour slideshow at home because i know i'll cry and i'm at work right now (working hard, as you can see)
crapzilla-i can't watch it either, my windows media player tells me to connect to the internet, which I am....

I hope it's okay if I post this here. It seems like the most appropriate place.

I don't have HBO so I was unable to watch Spike Lee's documentary "When The Levees Broke" when it originally aired. Today I found out that the film has been placed on YouTube so that anyone may watch it. Unfortunately, YouTube has time limits on all of the videos that appear on its site, so the documentary had to be broken up into 26 segments. But it is worth it. The following link will take you to a page that has links to each segment.

*Note: Whoever placed this on YouTube has it labeled as "When The Levees Collapsed".
Two flowers, of course it's ok to post in here. and I badly want to watch the Spike Lee movie. Haven't gotten around to borrowing it yet. Not sure if I could function thru 26 episodes on YouTube or not? If I can't get a copy from a friend then that's what I'll have to do. So thanks for the info.
Maddy, are you sure you can't see it? You clicked on "windows media" and everything? Wouldn't be a big deal for me to mail you a copy since I've bothered you so much with it. What's awesome is there's a hurricane archive at University of New Orleans that is collecting everyone's thoughts, pictures, video's, etc that they want to keep in the city's history forever...and I mailed them a disc with my shortened version of what I personally went thru. Amelita, I know this would probably annoy you, but you should look it up and send your name in with your address if you're interested.
This past Friday at the White House, President Bush signed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act into law.

This landmark legislation, which was strongly backed by The Humane Society of the United States, requires local and state disaster plans to include provisions for household pets and service animals in the event of a major disaster or emergency. When I was in the Gulf during Hurricane Katrina, I saw the government's failure to have a plan for helping animals. Tens of thousands of animals suffered terribly and were lost or left behind because our communities and responders didn't have a plan in place.

With more than 358 million pets in the United States residing in 63 percent of American households, the PETS Act will help ensure that Americans never again are faced with the horrifying choice of abandoning their pet and finding their way to safety, or staying with their pet and remaining in a hazardous, and potentially life-threatening situation.

Some states and local communities have already engaged in disaster preparedness for animals, and with a federal law now in place, the future for you and your companion animal in a disaster is much brighter.
Wow. That's cool. I remember seeing footage of dogs on roofs barking like mad.
a survivor passed this video along to me

warning: it's triggering.

it's sweet that bush put his name beside a document that protects animals, but...
Wow, I didn't know this thread would still be here.
Going to check out the youtube video.
For those of you who weren't able to watch my personal video the first time. The Smithsonian worked with University of New Orleans to put my video up forever. You can even google it. Nevermind. You should watch it if you have 15 minutes
Click on the link that says anniversary.

Crazy to watch it now that it's Christmas in New Orleans again, but two years later.
I didn't think of it like that, just as an uplifting story sad.gif.

eta: It wasn't only poor black people who were left to die in New Orleans; yes, there was a lot of racism and injustice, but not only that.
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