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Full Version: Don't U 4get About's The '80's Again
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didn't there used to be a thread for this before?

I hope it's cool that I did this, but after seeing Molly Ringwald in an epi of medium, I had to post about it.

she looked good, still those fabulous full lips and the hair, only more mature.

when I realised it was her I nearly spit though.

I need to rent 16 Candles again and Pretty In Pink and all those other great flicks too.
wish I could get my kid to stop thinking the '80's were so dorky so I could grow her up the Right way. smile.gif
hoo! that shouldn't be hard there freckle, i notice that 80's fashion is making a come back right now (again, sigh i feel old). skinny jeans and bangs pinned up in a poof, sleeveless rocker shirts, black eyeliner, bangles, pointy flat shoes, wide belts, it's all over the place. i'm just waiting for the flourescent hair bow tied on the side. wasn't that a "look"?
Freckle, the eighties were the epitome of "doing foolish things with enthusiasm", as you and Collette say. Still, I love all those John Hughes flicks and I think we're all on the verge of a trend of John Hughes Film festivals. At least private ones. So we can once again see the clothes.

I am one of those fools who believes the clothing from the 80's wasn't all long as you left out the stirrup pants, the teased/sprayed/gelled mall hair, the mixed flourescents/lace/rubber jewellery, acid-washed skintight jeans...

Btw, I LOVE the "Don't you forget about me" song. It's one of my favorite 80s tunes.

Original Simple Minds video:

Breakfast Club manage:
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Aug 22 2006, 12:46 PM) *

I am one of those fools who believes the clothing from the 80's wasn't all long as you left out the stirrup pants, the teased/sprayed/gelled mall hair, the mixed flourescents/lace/rubber jewellery, acid-washed skintight jeans...

the collar Up polo shirt, and jordash jeans, clogs and Body Lingo jeans !!
I HAD to have a pair of those in 6th grade, I mean HAD TO.
was the only trend I remember physically pining for.
I hated florescent anything though. was actually repelled by it, always knew it was flash in the pan ugly.

and yes, I think a John Hugh's film festival would be wonderful!
hold them all at drive in's & play movie soundtracks & that Flock of Seagulls song and dance dance dance up in front of the big screen.

I wonder if the new tv show Ugly Betty (who has that rockin' actress that starred in the movie 'Real Women have Curves' ) will be this gen's Square Pegs?
Freckle, I'm right there with you and the 80's flicks. Here is a listing of my favorites. I own most but those that I don't I'm going to plan on NetFlixing here shortly:

Heathers, Hairspray, Outsiders, Fast Times,Weird Science, Footloose,
Ferris, Goonies and last but certainly not least, Blade Runner.

Leg warmers rocked and still do.

The boy bought *us* The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and had Ferris Bueller's Day Off already.

I own The Goonies and Heathers and The Lost Boys...

We have the first 3 seasons of Magnum P.I. too and I have The Golden Girls.

I love the cheesiness of 80s TV - Dallas and Dynasty spring to mind.

I would love to throw a huge 80s party with TV and film theme and play nothing but classic 80s songs and TV soundtracks (A-Team!) all night.
I liked Art of Noise. And there was something Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" that I couldn't get enough of for some reason. I used to listen to the "Footloose" and "Ghostbusters" soundtracks on my walkman incessantly. And "Arena" too by Duran Duran.
I loved Art of Noise too! Especially that song called Moments In Love, which sounded so much like the Lila Fletcher's Piano Method song, Little Birch Canoe. Or whatever it is called....(they say in your 40's you begin to lose your nouns...forget names...that kind of thing. I, uh, guess it's true). (Also I can't really remember because I was horrifically untalented in piano lessons and that AON tune brought it all rushing back.)

I couldn't get enough of going out to clubs and listening to bands I don't want to list here because I will really, truly, feel old. Oh, and of this one Friday night "ritual" I had with my friends, to meet at a (no longer existant, but amazingly fabulous bar called Bemelman's) for "cocktails".

If Bemelman's were still around, that would be where my John Hughes Film Festival would be held. And we'd show Hairspray and Heathers, too.

I can't wait for Ugly Betty; what a nice way to take the taste of the Devil's Prada out of my system.

Art of Noise was pretty good, Mr. FJ. I really dug The Legendary Pink Dots, too.

I could never get enough Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets, Joy Division or New Order. In fact, I still listen to most of this stuff on a regular basis.

Dancing in the Sheets by Shalamar -- that's where Jody Watley got her start.
ferris bueller inspired my senior ditch day,, which I honored by getting a dozen dunkin donuts and watching the Blues Brother (God Bless Them) on tv for the umpteeth million time, and to which reasoning I gave my hs vp when I was caught, by my mother at my bf's house, and drug back to school.
he was cool bc I was honest about it, and let me kinda slide on the punishment.

good times! biggrin.gif

recently on tv I caught both fast times and footloose, which then seemed to play over & over again on different channels, like a sign or something. I had forgotten how truly good footlose was,and how pretty I thought lori singer was back then. where is she now?

mr fall, I'm w/ you on foreigner, I love most of the music that got radio play by them back in the day.
boston too.

and duran duran's reflex always whipped me into some sort of hypnotic psychotic craze.
I remember being utterly crushed when simon got married.
I think I saw Jody Watley perform just recently and I told my husband that I remembered she used to be in Shalamar. I used to love her! But she performed just recently in a poncho and a very unflattering hairstyle and makeup set up, so she seemed very different from her formerly polished self; I wasn't sure I remembered her and Shalamar correctly.

I'm like you re the bands, Sunshine....I am still listening to many of the bands you listed; and a few more in their later incarnations...Japan has now become a fascination with David Sylvian's work, for example. But for the most part I'd listen to and love anything you could dance to, like Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxie and the Banshees, The Smiths (I'll still listen to Morrissey cause I've always thought he was funny, not depressing!)...the Psychedelic Furs, Skinny Puppy...oh brother.

I feel like I need a nap.

On the other hand, Lori Singer is on some fall TV show starting soon. Wish I could remember which one, but the nouns are quickly disappearing....

Ack! I should be working, but nobody's mentioned Neneh Cherry yet! "Buffalo Stance" is still on my media player....

And Culture Club's Colour by Numbers was my very first purchased cassette. I saved my allowance for ages and listened to it obsessively....

*ducks out humming Karma Chameleon*
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... I only wanted to be SEVENTEEN FOREVER- I LOVE YOU WINGER!!!!!

Oh and how could I forget all the posters and the albums and the tapes that I had (have) of THE CURE!!!
OMG. I so want to buy an old Atari set. I saw a Robot Chicken episode about Donkey Kong, and had a dream about it last night. Froger, Ms. Pac Man.


Rented Fast Times tonight. Heh. smile.gif

Just saw on Amazon that they're realizing new versions of Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful I think at the end of the month. Apparantly, it has the original ending where Molly ends up with Duckie. And Eric Stolz and James Spader. Hot damn.... still.
"the original ending where Molly ends up with Duckie"


nickname inhighschool? that's right, care of an old, beat up, thrift store fecora score and a short curly asymetrical do...

there's actually a semi-regular 80's night set here with several dj's where you can get in FREE if you dress up. uh-huh, i rock the 80's look hard on those nights, And i dance like a total idiot too. what a way to cut loose. who cares who sees you eh? either they're dressed like an utter moron too or they aren't which is even worse. heh. fun.
I love Neneh Cherry, especially Buffalo Stance. I remember when I bought her CD; CDs were still new-ish and it was tiny, about 3-4 inches in diameter. So cool. It was stolen though.

I always divide 80s music into 2 groups: pop such as Duran Duran, New Order, Depeche Mode, INXS (early), Wham!, ABC etc etc, and then late 80s dance stuff: S-Express, Salt n' Pepa, Bomb the Bass, M.A.A.R.S., Soul II Soul.

I love Prince; he's so 80s yet in a category of his own.
Sybarite, you just brought a flood of memories back to me about High School Pep Rallies and Rob Bass & DJ EZ Rock, It Takes Two. Nothing like that late 80's sound, really.

Van Halen 1984 still lives. I've got it on vinyl and it still blows my mind what those guys were doing back then.
I was a child in the 80's, but since I had such a happy childhood, the 80s were the most memorable decade of my life. In 1980 I was 4 years old and by 1989, I was 13 years old. I grew up in the 80s and they were a magical time for me. Everything was larger than life since I was just a little one.

Someone just mentioned "Buffalo Stance." I love that song! It reminds me of the time in middle school when my best friend's cool older sister who was in high school did my hair and made it look amazing. She was playing that song on vinyl (or was it on the radio)? I loved to look through her vinyl. She had all sorts of pop albums, one of which was Belinda Carlisle. I was so jealous. She had the coolest stereo with a record player on it. All my stereo had was a tape deck.

I'm 30 years old now. How old were all of you in the 80s? I think it's interesting to talk about that kind of stuff.

Also, Madonna was the soundtrack to elementary school. I loved Cyndi Lauper...I could go on and on. The 80s were the BEST time for pop music.
M.A.A.R.S. Nicely done!

I was deep into Eric B. and Rakim's Paid in Full.

"Take seven mc's put'm in a line
add seven more brothers who think they can rhyme
well, it'll take seven more before I go for mine
now that's twenty-one mc's ate up at the same time"

I cannot tell you how many times we drove around in my pick-up playing and rewinding that verse.

Also, Doug E. Fresh. "six minutes... six minutes...six minutes, Doug E. Fresh you're on.. ah-ah-on"

We would play "Licensed to Ill" all day long every Saturday while we parked at the beach.
morrisey (november (my birth month) spawned a monster) & the cure & cowbowy junkies and xtc !

pepper, I had an old grey fedora ( courtesy of my boyfriend) & short hair back then too!
in fact, I was often likened to the girl in Some Kind of Wonderful, which made me feel way cooler than I probably was. and I was way into gloves (not the sleezy madonna fingerless, lacy ones).. from thrift shops & places like that, and even had my sr pic taken w/ the fedora & gloves on, w/ me posed w/ my face resting on my folded hands. my nephew recently saw the picture on the wall at my 'rents and said " is that Auntie? she was good-lookin'!"

hillary duff has re-made several of the go-go's/bangles (?)/blondie music in the last year or so, and truthfully it's not badly done. my issue is w/ convincing frecklette (age 12) that her songs are remakes and not the originals. pisses her the hell off bc she thinks she's making these Grande' Discoveries.

I wanna go dance at that club w/ pepper !!

ps: I was 10 in 1980.
Aww, I think it's sweet when they "discover" songs that have been remade, like, a thousand times. It seems like I'm forever going "not bad, but I prefer the original" and they're like "whaa..?" What was the band that did a metal cover of that George Michael song a while back? (I'm having a senior moment) It seemed like nobody under 20 knew it was a cover....

Although the best had to be on the local college radio the other day when the young DJ wanted to share some new music he had just heard, and it was Django Reinhardt....

Okay, could I make myself sound any older?! I was 6 in 1980, fer pete's sake

*shuffles off with walker*

sixelacat, that was limp bizkit with faith

I was 6 in 1980, fer pete's sake

I was 11. And I still get carded. Go me. That won't last much longer.
Oh, you bunch o young'uns. I will not tell you how old I was in the 80's...but I was old enough to get into clubs (even though I was carded too).

Sorry to horrify you even further, but Blondie was the late 70's...and yes, I did see them in concert with a boyfriend who thought Debbie Harry was God.
Sixelcat, you're only 2 years older than me. I wouldn't worry about age.

I loved Ferris Beuler's Day Off, one of my favorites, next to the Breakfast Club.

Anybody remember when the Poly 800 synthesizer first came out? I remember my dad lugging that thing home with these cool floppy records that had all the types of sound combinations you could use with a synthesizer. I remember how exciting it was when all the bands were using electronic keyboards...and you could record YOURSELF on TAPE! That was a major excitement for me as a kid. I would sit for hours making up stories on audio tape on my huge black tape recorder.

my bad chachaheels, I don't remember any of her music til the '80's. color me sorry for the mistake.

and I cannot believe no one has yet said the revered name of Joan Jet.

could she have been any cooler?

pat 'oh mickey you're so fine' benatar has a candies shoe commerical on tv here lately too.
Why are you sorry? I'm the one bemoaning my long lost youth! Blondie was an absolutely brilliant band and Debbie Harry was, actually, God. Still is, in my opinion (a lot of her music is still really great pop and I'd love to hear some of the more dynamic female performers cover her stuff). I remember watching her perform Dreaming on Saturday Night Live wearing what looked like a plastic grey jumpsuit from a design store called Parachute.

I pined for that outfit for months after that. There's a scary piece of clothing that's making its way back: the jumpsuit.
I was made in the eighties.
I was 3 in 80, but 13 in 89.... I so love the 80's.

And Joan Jett rocked my world....

So, skinny jeans are making a comeback? What's next? Anyone still have a Members Only jacket? And a swatch? Heh.
Okay, I graduated in 1986. So the 80s are SO my decade. I was at a tavern tonight after work (damn I spend WAY too much time in those) and they had the local 80's station playing...within an hour I heard:

Don't you forget about me
Wild Boys
Voices carry
Sunglasses at night

Damn, that took me back.
Freckle, just last year I picked up a couple of Joan Jett albums. Mine went missing after a move... The first time I heard her it was being played on the overhead music system on the school bus, 5th grade. The last time I heard her was yesterday!

Also, how about Chrissy Hynde and the Pretenders? I can't believe her name hasn't been brought to its well deserved glory in here!
i turned 8 on the 8th of a month in 1980. i remember it very, very clearly. my favourite number is 8.
anna k
I was born in '83, so I don't remember the 1980s much. Just toys and TV shows and music that my older sister liked. I called my sister Zsa Zsa when I was two, and I never knew where it came from. My sister guessed that my dad played reggae around the house, I heard "Jah" repeated, and called my sister that.

I watched TV sitcoms, but never followed anything. I liked 227 and A Different World even though I was too young to get the jokes, but I'd sing the theme songs to myself. I saw the same episode of Punky Brewster three times. I couldn't tell Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis apart. Anytime I saw The Cosby Show I got confused by who were the Cosby kids and who were the cousins/friends. I liked Nickelodean shows and learned much later that they were all Canadian imports.

Madonna and Michael Jackson were like cartoon characters to me, so I never paid any attention to them. Michael scared me before I knew of the child molestation trials. I liked Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul and house-dance music.

I hadn't seen The Goonies, but The Monster Squad was my favorite.

I got scared when my mom rented The 'Burbs because I thought it was The Birds.

I watched a TV version of Alice in Wonderland that my uncle had a small part in, and it was dark and disturbing and gave me nightmares.

I watched Entertainment Tonight, and they did a bit on Child's Play. The doll beating the mom in the head scared the hell out of me, and I got nervous when I was left alone in a room with a My Buddy doll. I also hated It, Creepshow, and Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

My dad's friend worked at NBC and gave him a Miami Vice-logoed jacket and cap. I knew of the show and knew my dad liked it, but didn't know exactly what it was about. I remember my dad's booming laughs while he watched reruns of All in the Family during the weekend afternoons.
Oh, '80s TV!!!! I was all about Silver Spoons. Had the biggest crush on Erin Gray. Let's see, what else...Scarecrow and Mrs. King (big crush on Kate Jackson, I thought her voice was so hot, I wanted to sound just like her). Facts of Life, Bosom Buddies, Greatest American Hero, Perfect Strangers, WKRP..... Damn I watched a lot of TV. laugh.gif

Mr FJ, I still get carded too. By people at least a decade younger than me. Must have been something in the water back then!
Yay Chrissie Hind and the Pretenders...and early Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe and Nina Hagen's "New York New York"....
there's just too much to list.

More old is new again: high waisted pants and skirts; pants with pleats; the return of the "menswear look"; the insidious horsey look with riding boots (already back in style and everywhere as of last year) slyly followed by jodhpurs (you watch, it will happen)....and I'm starting to see Perfecto leather jackets around again.
two words. Moon. Lighting.
anna k
Anyone remember Zoobilee Zoo? It was a children's show that Ben Vereen starred on where everyone was dressed as a cat or a lion. Ben wore a cat nose and others wore lion headdresses and cat faces. It freaked me out a lot.

I was naive enough to think The Wonder Years took place in the present. I watched 1960s reruns, my grandma had a black and white TV, and I didn't know of past history much, so I assumed it was a present-day show.
I LOVED the Wonder Years. I also loved The Cosby Show, A Different World and Family Ties. When I was like, 8 I had a crush on Micheal J. Fox. The Back To the Future movies still rock my world. Even though I was just a kid in the 80's, it's still my favorite decade. And I'm mainly a 90's person. I was in high school and college in the 90's. However, nothing really impressed me about the 90's. The 80s had a charm that you simply can't reproduce.

In the late 80's though, things kind of started to get 90's corny.

Does anyone remember in about 1988 or 89 when there were these pants that had 2 flaps and they buttoned to the front of cotton pants? I still to this day can't believe I wore those. They kind of looked like those MC Hammer pants, except on the women's version, they would have wings that would button onto the front.
I graduated in '89 and if jump hadn't been playing on the car radio the short ride from my parents home to the wedding chapel where I married ( in'92) the mr, it's kinda iffy I'da gone thru w/ it.
I remember vascilating on the way, hearing that song, thinking it was a *sign* and thinking 'oh what the hell.' then was it after (?) they had the song Panama, which is where frecklette was concieved and born, so tho I was never a big VH fan, I still think they are our own sort of cover-band.

I just saw a commerical for a re-make of Different Strokes last night.
had gary coleman and that todd/willis guy, talking about ' stop saying that STUPID 'whatyoutalkin'bout' line or something. didn't the sister commit suicide?

and talking about gary, michael jackson is from there, the town that bordered the town I lived in, and cruised at (also the murder capitol of the good ole' USA back then as well, what a claim to fame) and lemme tell you, even to the locals back then, he was already a well-established Freak, hits or not.
I honestly can't remember many or any people who were bonafide fans of his, even in his thriller heyday.

you are so right about the '80's charm musicfit.
though AIDS was coming, it hadn't fully & completely arrived yet in the full comprehension of the enormity of it, and there was a certain last-gasp party like it's 1999 innocence like I don't believe we've known sinse.

annak, was that the Alice in Wonderland with a huge (and famous) cast including Patrick Duffy? That scared me shitless but I still tracked it down on dvd earlier this year but haven't worked up courage to watch it yet.

MJF and Back to the Future are the 80s for me, love them so much. Was so excited when I could buy the trilogy on dvd and Indiana Jones too and Three Men and a Baby/Little Lady.

Loved The Cosby Show and My Two Dads.
Yup: Moonlighting. That was definitely a show that changed everything on TV for a while, though I have to shudder whenever I remember vaugely that the show made Bruce Willis so popular he could release an album titled "the Return of Bruno" ...which no one needed, really.
Doug E Fresh you say?

La-dee, da-dee, we like to party...

We also used to sing Paul Revere from Licensed to Ill all the time.

Pendant's corner: Mickey was sung by Toni Basil; Pat Benatar sung some mighty tracks including Hit Me With Your Best Shot and, of course, Love is a Battlefield.

Clothes: anyone remember those long Forenza sweaters from the Limited? And when Express used to be cool? I was a shallow little materialist and got all excited when Benetton opened a store in our town.

I got my first Sony walkman in the later 80s; it was one of those yellow Sports ones and I loved it to bits.
Speaking of Bennetton, does anyone remember those Bennetton rugby shirts that featured their logo embroidered smack dab in the centre, in pretty big red or green (on white, natch) letters? And then someone snarky started making "replicas" that featured the word "simpleton" where "bennetton" should be?
god yeah, syb, I used to love Express. They had nice, flatterng, sophisticated shapes and decent fabrics and earrings that were fakes, but nice looking. Remember Cacique underwear. *sigh* Now I'll stop by occasionally and it is awful.

I don't know if you're such a horrible materialist or whether there have been fewer introductions of products that are really new and fun.

People make fun of 80s clothes, but those were just some of them -- 80s also made it easier to get: Glass beaded necklaces, decorated sweaters, larger "on ear" earrings, black clothing, black stovepipe jeans, pants, or leggings, cool boots, big "ethnic" -- hate that word, it's vaguely racist and northern-western-european-snob -- jewelry and boots and stuff, the beginnings of tattooing and piercing, tolerance for a lot of different hairstyles and being able to do candy colors without it falling right out of your head .... and an appreciation for "vintage" lace, leather, and all was so much more acceptable. Better access to all kinds of crazy stockings -- sneakers that didn't just look like ASS -- I loved the bright colored, ankle high reeboks! You can GET those again on their web site!

The rebirth of heavy metal, that look with big feet and a small top -- and in the early 80s, so much creative music coming out, esp. in UK, that people are copying today -- kudos to chacha for remebering Nina Hagen's New York New York! That was excellent.

In the 80s I would go shopping frantically to get wild makeup and shoes and things in small hipster stores, and now, well, it's either mainstreamed and more expensive (20 dollar "Urban Decay" lipstick) or it just isn't there
anna k
annak, was that the Alice in Wonderland with a huge (and famous) cast including Patrick Duffy? That scared me shitless but I still tracked it down on dvd earlier this year but haven't worked up courage to watch it yet.

Yeah, with all the celebrity cameos. I was really young when I saw it, so I didn't recognize anyone except my uncle, who played a playing card painting a tree or a fence.

didn't the sister commit suicide?

Yeah, by an intentional drug overdose.
thanks sybarite, for clarifying the toni basil hey mickey thing. i knew it wasn't PB, but couldn't remember her name. you saved me from a google search. wink.gif

i love this thread. pepper, you rocked me with moonlighting. and whoever said my two dads, priceless! i had the biggest crush on the dad with a beard, whoever he was.

so, adding more to the what was old is new again pile: i got the new victoria's secret catalog yesterday. um, socks with pumps. back.

not in my closet!

falljackets, it was greg evigan (the other dad was paul reiser). Trip down memory lane
oh, cod! bunny!

check his jeans! hahaha. those will be back next year. as will paul's wacky sweater.

(oh, and i used to want that car-couch)

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