Hi everyone. I am currently setting up a Craft Event in Philadelphia which will raise money for a local charity, and I am looking for vendors and performers to participate. Any ideas, advice or suggestions as to how to make this event stand out from the tons of craft shows that have been going on recently would be so helpful.

I'll enclose the posting I put up on craigslist so you all can get a better idea about what I am trying to plan.
Thanks for your help!

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls…

The Craft(product) Variety Show is now being planned for late November in Philadelphia and we still need more crafters and artists who make their own handcrafted goodies including art, apparel, jewelry, accessories, housewares, paper goods and more.

We also need a variety of bands and performers. For example, we are looking for people who would like to set up their own booth where visitors can get cheap haircuts or styles, have their makeup done, faces painted, tattoos, caricatures drawn, or anything else you would like to get involved in.

It would also be lovely if we could get a group of people to volunteer to organize a game show, spelling bee, puppet show, kissing booth, freak show or any other types of acts.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, performer or sponsor please check out our website at craftproduct.com/varietyshow for all the details.