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Full Version: Men & Their Testicles?
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I still have issues with my ex, and it's a bit scary living alone again, so I just finished a women's self defense course. One technique the instructor recommended was the testicle squeeze, where you grab one testicle and squeeze as hard as you can for like 20 seconds, and the guy supposedly passes out like turning off a switch.

Now, that sounds like a great technique if the opportunity presents itself in an attempted rape situation since the guy won't even know you are trying to defend yourself until you start to squeeze, and then in theory it's too late for him.

The only problem is, the instructor had never actually tried it, or personally knew someone who had. Strangely, my boyfriend won't let me try it on him (and he claims to love me...) (just a joke...).

Now I know that a man's testicles are very sensitive to pain, but I have absolutely no desire to cause an attacker pain -- that just risks him getting angrier & more violent. I am only interested in totally incapacitating him, so he simply can't function. Done right, I know a kick to the knee or punch to the throat can do that. But just squeezing or kicking his balls? Actually make a drink-crazed attacker unable to function for at least 5 minutes?

Since no one will let me try it on them, I'm asking if anyone out in the big world has had any real-life experience they would share. Can you really incapacitate someone like that? Or does it just hurt like buggery.
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