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Full Version: Question About Stopping And Re-taking The Pill
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Hi girls!
I'm sorry if somebody posted a thread with a case like mine, but I tried to search for it and didn't find the answer I was looking for... so here's my problem:
I'm about to start today another pack of pills(they expired last month, but my friends told me it's ok if I take them. I take ortho-novum 777). When I finish this pack, I want to stop taking pills (because my boyfriend is going to work as an intern in another country, so he won't be around for 6- 8 months). Then when he comes back, I want to start re-taking the same pills again. Can I just start taking them without having to go to the gyno?( I have 6 packs of pills that expire on december 2007, so there won't be a problem with using these pills later).
So, can I?

thanks in advance, biggrin.gif
hey dani, when in doubt about where to post something stop on by the community forum and ask there. someone will direct you or people will all chime in if there's call for a new thread to be started.
i think if you post this right here in "quitting the pill" or in our bodies our hells here: you'll get lots of responses.
welcome to bust!
Ok thanks! So should I just delete this one and post this thing on the "quitting the pill" thread or should I just leave it here?
no prob dani.
there isn't any way to delete threads, that's part of the reason we try to keep new ones to a minimum. if no one else posts in them they just drop off the bottom eventually.
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