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I've been thinking about Halloween a lot lately, trying to come up with a good costume. Last year I went as a Man and it was totally awesome and kind of creepy. I won third place at work for the costume contest. This year I plan to win first, and I have NO ideas. The problem is, I keep coming up with blond characters and I look hideous in blond. I have brown hair and eyes and am kind of dark.
How's everyone else's planning going?
I'm going to go as a tampon, I think. I'll just wear all white, with a white cap with a string on my head.

I actually just thought of this a few hours ago as I was drifting off to sleep (only to wake up 2 hours later because of this miserable bitch of a cold), so I have to think about it more.
hellotampon, check out this costume that my best friend made two years ago. So detailed, she even put the french writing on the box.
Hmmm...this year I'm wanting to do something creepy and bloody. I'm torn between going to a thrift shop and finding an old white prom/bridal gown, either that, or regular surgery scrubs, splattering with red dye to look like blood. The bridal gown thing would sort of look like a zombie bride or a Carrie thing (dead flowers for a prop?)

And the scrubs, the intent is to be a mad surgeon. (would have a prop of like a fake butcher knife or a machete).

Hmmm, just typing it out is making me lean more toward the scrubs. Seems much more comfortable.

Hellotampon, are you going to wear red shoes? For some reason I keep visualizing that..
oh yay! zora started the thread before i could get around to it! thanks girl!

so we might have figured out what we're doing: the WONDER TWINS! do you guys think it might be too arcane? will people have a clue of who we are??

bwahahahaha! the tampon idea is awesome. and the RED SHOES? even awesomer!

i'm so glad this thread is here! YAY! halloween can't come fast enough.
For you children of the 80's:Rainbow Brite

and zora, now i'm contemplating dressing up like a man. think of the shit i could get away with ;-)

FallJackets, I think the Wonder Twins costume would ROCK. Many "pairs" costumes are so much fun. The only time I've ever tried a couple-costume was with a girlfriend who was going to be Betty to my Veronica. But then she flaked, so I had to alter my ideas at the very last hour. I did some fake bruise makeup, messed up my hair into a huge 80s wreck, wore mismatched clothing, and some horrible shoes from my own 80s bimbo days, and called myself a Fashion Victim. It was exceedingly lame, and I had a miserable time. But my circa-1960s Ronnie Lodge outfit was SO comic-strip cute. Boo.

Went as Diana, Goddess of the Moon last year; that was fun. I made the pallium and chiton myself, enveloped in a huge iridescent veil; carried a golden bow and one arrow; created a crown, etc. For two years before that, I was Clara Bow. THAT was awesome; my own aunt swore, seeing a pic of the costume, that it could not be me. Guess it was a good "disguise" for the demons-that-be!

*Tempted to change my icon to one of my Clara photos*
Hmm, I never thought about incorporating the box into my costume but I DID plan on wearing red socks and shoes.

Now I have to think about whether I want the box. It seems a lot less comfortable, but would probably make for a much better costume!
OMG crazyoldcatlady, I love you so much right now ! wub.gif

We are having a work's Hallowe'en party for charity and I usually don't go (it's a few days before Hallowe'en) but as I'm a member of the commitee this year I should really show face. besides, it's in a rocking venue with very cheap booze. So, I'm thinking Rainbow Brite or the choices I've always wanted to go with: Dorothy Gale, Holly Golightly or Cleopatra.

Last year I went to a murder mystery party and dressed up as a crazy Alice (American McGhee) lookalike and the year before I was a gangster and wearing my favourite red trilby.

fina (if you're lurking) is your friend F having a letter themed party this year? what you going as?

maimy, I remember seeing photo of you as Diana and you were fabulous!!!
Oh yeah, Maimy, I remember those pictures as well. You looked awesome.

I don't know what I'm doing this year, but I do know that I need to make some new friends around here, people who ACTUALLY CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN IN ALL ITS GLORY and don't think it's a holiday "just for kids." I just find that to be so wrong.

I'm going to ask my pagan friend if she's going to throw a new year's (Samhain) party. A couple of years ago I went to a Day of the Dead party and it was an interesting change of pace. Hmm.

I was/am kind of toying with throwing a party for my bunny, actually, since he's all black and I got him on Halloween a million years ago. So, you know, he's a kitty bunny! I would of course serve carrot cake.

Zora, I sooooo want to hear how your night went while you were dressed as a guy!

Maimy, I'd love to see your Clara pictures. Also interested in Artemis; I particularly like her. I dressed as a Greek in 7th grade. I remember being so excited about it!
I kind of wanted to be really vampy and do a half dominatrix half schoolgirl thing, but that's only for the right party and under the right circumstances. I really like the Artemis idea.
Last year I went as a belly dancer. I got so into it, I bought a REAL costume, pretty sexy! Ladies, you should def think about this option! Guys LOVE it.
last year i was in the middle of midterms and flat broke, so i went as a freudian slip--laziest. costume. ever. i've been wanting to go as a cigarette girl for a few years now, but i never had the time to make the costume. i think this year i'm going to go for it. the actual outfit will be pretty simple--a black skirt and a black or burgundy sleeveless top (and maybe a shrug because NJ in October is cold). i just have to make a bowtie, cuffs, and a hat, and rig up a little cardboard tray filled with candy cigarettes. which i suppose means i should get started...
QUOTE(dani837 @ Aug 15 2006, 04:46 AM) *

Last year I went as a belly dancer. I got so into it, I bought a REAL costume, pretty sexy! Ladies, you should def think about this option! Guys LOVE it.

I AM a bellydancer, so last year I just wore my bra and belt and went as that.
Last year my friend & I went as Krystle Grant Jennings Carrington (her) and Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan. After the catfight.

Clicky to see me.

We had to ham it up a bit of course.

This year we're going to do the deuce costume again as John Waters & Divine.
Aw, Bunny and Raisin, I didn't even remember posting my Diana pics. Thank you, though! Ophelia, I actually prefer Greek mythology, but there is a connection to Diana in particular that kept me in Rome last year. The costume was specifically late-Roman-republican era, with only the bow as a "magical" element. I kept the chiton and pallium, because I made them, and I was so proud. I may wear the chiton alone without the tunic underneath this year, and go as a foxier goddess of some sort. Not sure.

Oh, and see my avatar for Clara photo. *Grin* People thought my burgundy and black wig was actually my hair (people were, I believe, rather drunk when they inspected my tresses ...).

LowRed, I've done the Freudian Slip! Hee. I always think of Meg Ryan in DOA, glued to Dennis Quaid ...

Hm. Must think about this year, though. Especially if I go to Chiller Theatre over Hallowe'en.

Can we post costumes we're SICK OF SEEING too? Just for fun?

So sick of: Skanky goth schoolgirl, Skanky stripper schoolgirl, Skanky ass-showing schoolgirl, and Skanky schoolgirls-in-a-QLT-roaming-pack. Ugh. I did actually go as a Catholic Schoolgirl one time, but I did it with brogans and bobby socks, a cashmere sweater-set, grosgrain ribbons in my plaits, a stack of books (with a Frederick's catalogue stuck in the front cover of one), chewing gum and a skirt long enough to (*GASP!!*) cover my ass. Also bored with: Skanky fairy with her ass out, Skanky fairy with wings bonking everyone as she gets drunker and drunker, Skanky "tourist" (only skanky one night a year, and spent three dollars on the ho-ish costume), and "Elvira". Nobody out-Elviras Cassandra Peterson, and it's too "easy" anyway ...

EDITED to add - Dang, Polly, you certainly kick inordinate amounts of bootay. Too awesome! I'd love to go as Alexis ...
oh maimy, preach on sister!

i am so tired of the played-out school girl crap. but the worst part is that a group of friends from orlando have a long tradition of throwing themed parties a few times a year. the favorite? a fucking "back to school" themed party. so everyone shows in the same white button shirt tied at the waist, short plaid skirt and maryjanes. ugh

we're trying to think of something alternative to do. like band members. or a librarian and hipster slacker kid. even those just seem so played out. we've never actually attended this theme of the party and are only going because it's a last hurrah, as some couples are moving away.

the party is in two weeks. anyone have any suggestions? oh, and this party is for the um, "morally relaxed crowd" if that makes a difference.
I've finally settled on a costume. I'm going to be:


Just cause it will be tons of fun to make the fruit hat. Sweeeeeet.

I'm sick of the "Sexy" halloween costumes in general. Sexy Witch, Sexy Nurse, Sexy Maid.

And frankly, dressing up as something so guys will be all up ons, I think is silly too.
QUOTE(falljackets @ Aug 15 2006, 09:14 PM) *

i am so tired of the played-out school girl crap.

omg tell me about that! I had to wear that darn uniform for 12 years. I don't know why people think it's a good halloween costume dry.gif
QUOTE(falljackets @ Aug 15 2006, 08:14 PM) *

we're trying to think of something alternative to do. like band members. or a librarian and hipster slacker kid. even those just seem so played out. we've never actually attended this theme of the party and are only going because it's a last hurrah, as some couples are moving away.

the party is in two weeks. anyone have any suggestions? oh, and this party is for the um, "morally relaxed crowd" if that makes a difference.

I don't have any pics, but years ago I went with my best friend to a party and we dressed as a turd and a roll of toilet paper. I was the turd. Heh. Brown sheet and everything that stuck out (hands and face was brown.

Toilet paper was a little more involved...we had to make a whole cylindar shaped tube thing, did it all in white, put the brand on it, etc.
I think I talked about this in last year's Halloween thread, but I didn't end up doing last year because we had our housewarming right before Halloween and a few people dressed up for that...we want to do literary themed Halloween parties. I've gone as a couple of literary figures over the years- Pheobe Caulfield(Catcher in the Rye), Annie Wilkes (Misery)...I don't know if we'll do it this year- money's a little tight (I could do it potluck, though) and my new job's annual out-of-state trip is right around then. Eventually, I want to do Scout Finch, dressed as the paper mache ham.

Maybe we'll just do a costume party some other time during the year.

Love the tampon and Clara Bow costumes. A few years ago, I went to a big Halloween party at a semi-celebrity's house and there were some great ideas- that was the year I did Annie Wilkes (and Le Boy was Paul Sheldon, of course), there was a couple dressed up as Ralph & Alice Cramden that were really good, someone made an incredible Bender (from Futurama) costume, all out of Rubbermaid-type containers. I don't know how he did it, but it looked professional. He even had a door that opened up (and revealed some fenced watches) and light-up eyes and an elaborate straw system so he could drink beer. There was a guy who was the kid from ET- he made a background of the night sky that attached to his back somehow, then had a kid's bike attached to his front (like a small bike, for a 3-4 year old.) He had an ET doll in a milk crate on the back of the bike. It was pretty amazing. Those were the best ones I remember...there was also a couple, who were both teachers, I think, dressed up as kids who were victims of No Child Left Behind. They had little kid wigs on, beanie hats with propellers, and had misspelled words all over their t-shirts. There was another couple dressed up as Meg & Jack White (falljackets, your post about going as a musician reminded me of this....oh, and dooce dressed up as Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs one year- that sounded fun.)
ooooh halloweeeeen. i haven't celebrated it officially in a few years, but maybe this year i will!
i always wanted to be dr. zoidberg from futurama. i think that would be the most fun costume to make. and i love him, too. maybe that's what i'll do this year.

i second the skanky schoolgirl must go sentiments. i think the best costume i ever saw was my friend who went as a tumbleweed. she dressed in brown, glued sticks and hay to her clothes, and rolled around on the floor. it was pretty hilarious.

the year i dressed as a man i ended up making out with a hot tranny boy at a party. that was a very gender-confused halloween. heh.

fj, what about: band geeks (marching uniform!! musical instruments!), couple at prom, janitor, kids in a school play (then you could do whatever you wanted, haha), future farmers of america, rotc kids, mad science teacher, someone who got stuffed into a locker (think how much fun that would be to make!)... i think there's a lot of possibility!
MOUSE! those are great ideas! i'd already thought about the marching band thing and the rotc kids. i don't want to put too much money into this one because we'll probably be going all out on the wonder twins for halloween.

but i LOVE the prom idea. that's too cool! and like someone else mentioned down there, going as kids. i had the idea of going as preschoolers last night while in a fever-induced haze. and the janitor ideas! hahah! i was also thinking that mrfj could go as a gym coach, complete with those awful short shorts and a whistle. i could either go as a gymnast (leotard, baby!) or just a random teacher/librarian or something. there really are a lot of options.

it's halloween that we're really looking forward to. the last time we got all crazy dressed up was a few years ago. we rented the sweetest pirate costumes from the local theatre and i even got mrfj to wear a little eyeliner. but we showed up to the party and only two or three others were dressed up! LAME! so last year, i went as emily the strange and i think mrfj just went as himself. and wouldn't you know it, EVERYONE else was dressed up. BOOO!

we'll still be going to the same person's party this year i think, but we've been invited to another one where everyone really tries to outdo each other and keep the secret up till the night of the party. apparently, they come in character, not just in costume. now THAT'S what i'm talkin' about.

i really think halloween is way more for adults than kids. kids play make-believe all the time. that's really our only shot throughout the year. (well, acceptably so at least!).
ooh i like the gym teacher idea! and you can be the cheerleader who gets caught making out with him in the broom closet and then there's a scandal and he gets thrown in jail and you get suspended.
lol mouse and falljackets! I love the gym teacher/cheerleader idea.

I agree that Halloween is more of (or should be) an adult holiday...I wish the U.S. was more Halloween-centric instead of Christmas being the big holiday. Christmas needs to be less commercialized and Halloween needs to be more celebrated (damn those fundie idiots!)
I am inspired!

The best guy costume I saw last year was a Mormon. So simple. Black trousers, white button down, black tie, bike helmet. We were at a jazz concert & I thought, wtf is that Mormon doing here? It's Halloween, duh! It was in Boulder & 80% of the guys were dressed as Ritchie from Royal Tenenbaum's.

Best costume I ever did: Billie Holliday. I was a dead ringer, camellia in my hair, vintage dress, & all. I was invited to a Pimps & Ho's ball, I decided to flout the cliche & go as somebody that had actually been a prostitute. I think my next best costume was a beat up Tina Turner. At the time I had the build for it & I wore this crazy red wig. I got out the liquid latex & the pro makeup. Big black eye, split & swollen lip. I wore it to work after the party & went to sign my friend & I up for a dance class after work. The lady thought I'd *really* been beaten up & refused to accept his cheque without his presence. The Pam Grier one was good too. I hid a squirt pistol in my afro & called people "dope pusha mothafuckas" all night.

Odd Halloween activity I enjoy: Going to the ARC to watch the frat boys find women's clothing. So unintentionally homoerotic!
Ahh, Aural. You are genuinely evil.

I so admire that in a person.
Getting ready for this year's event. I'm not sure what to be. We were The Cleavers last here... some pics.

love all the ideas so far.
Love all the previous ideas...
Anyway, the girls and I (such an innocuous label for a group that will end up drunk and obnoxious) potentially need costumes for a rather significant Halloween party, and were pondering the idea of either matching or having a theme; there will be at least 4 of us, and the best we have come up with so far is a SWAT team or superheroes. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated!
go as a swarm of sexy little bees. don't forget your stingers! you be the queen, mwah ha ha ha ha!
Aural, I so want to meet you in NY.

Pepper, I LOVE that idea.
Y'all should go as a gang of Codename Vs. Get yer mask, then a cape. It'd be scary as hell. And awesome.
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Sep 5 2006, 09:24 PM) *

Aural, I so want to meet you in NY.

I'm alllll about it. Ya'll toss me a date & I am so there. I hope Jem has the nice sofa in Greenpoint all fluffed up for me.

I'm thinking Clair Huxtable. I can't do Tootie again. Do you know how hard it is to rollerskate drunk?
llamas, what about an appropraitely numbered girl group? you could camp it up!
ooh! I always have such great halloween costume ideas in, like, february. and I never write them down, and then september rolls around and my mind goes blank.

I have a guy friend who's worked up a couple good costumes in the past few years: in 2004, at the height of election fever, he went as a fox news anchor. took apart a thrift-scored tv and fastened the screen frame to his shoulders so his head appeared in the "picture." wore a suit. attached a cardboard talk bubble to the side of the screen, saying something like 'vast left wing conspiracy!' kind of genius, but also kind of awkward once the party got crowded.

I really have to come up with something good this year. last year mr. frog and I drew so many blanks we just went as canadians (wore flannel and fastened maple-leaf patches to our chests). we just have to think of something that doesn't cost $$$ (otherwise we'd be chewbacca and leia fer sure!) and something that doesn't require significant sewing skillz (we're clumsy!).

on the sick-of-it tip, for some reason 75% of the girls at my college would dress up like a "sexy farmer girl." every. fucking. year. and all they did was wear their overalls with tiny camisoles underneath and braid their hair and paint freckles on their cheeks with brown eyeliner. ugh. the "sexy [dull noun]" costume combo is lazy and boring and it has got to go.
You guys have some great ideas! I'm thinking that if the Mr. and I have an excuse to dress up this year, we should go as the Venture Brothers.
Thanks for the ideas, y'all! I shall present them to the rest of the gals, once we decide who's actually going. smile.gif
I can't believe I haven't posted my plan for this year, but just scanned the thread and don't see that I have. Horrors!

Okay, so the scene in Disney's Cinderella, where the stepsisters have torn up her homemade dress, and she's actually doubly foxy in the handkerchief hem remnant of a cocktail dress left afterward? Yeah, I'm going as Cinderella's photo negative, if she grew a pair and kicked their asses.

Cindy - blonde/Maimy - dark brunette. Cindy - pink dress/Maimy - white dress with ice blue trim. Cindy - glass slippers/Maimy - entirely possible I'll rock my Bitch Boots or some combats. Bit of bruise makeup, some (stepsister) "blood" on my knuckles, messy hair, and something of an attitude ...
OMG Clair Huxtable! That is fucking awesome, AP. Laughing so much about that one... I love Clair. Are you going to practice her laugh?

I don't know who the Venture Brothers are.

Maimy, that's super creative.

So it's looking like I'm a-gonna need a costume this year. I am ruminating.
I've gotten a few Olive Oyl comparisons in my day, so I'm tempted to go as her if I don't get any better ideas. It would be fun and easy to do.... the weird buns, red shirt, earrings, long skirt, and chunky boots. If only I had a Popeye...
yes yes, I agree with the overdone schoolgirl theme as well. The reason I mentioned it was, and I probably shouldn't have, was because, well, I'd only wear it to get laid. Period. Because that is what I do with those articles of clothing. And you're forgetting the dominatrix part as well ;p

I suppose I like Halloweens to be comfortable--don't like heavy makeup. Again, that is why Artemis or another goddess sounds rather appealing. I was Mad Ophelia one year. Perhaps I shall be almost drowned Ophelia?

I had another idea for myself: Teddy Ruxpin. But, do I do classic TR, dead TR, or 20-years-older TR?
lovin' the cinderella antithesis thang.
and the queen bees, hee!

i have the perfect wednesday adams dress. but ... it doesn't fit.
i also have the perfect holly golightly little-black-dress ... which also doesn't fit.
i don't even think my mia wallace skinny black leggings will fit.

i think i'm going to have plan around a fucking muu-muu this year. *sob*
brett- its halloween, clearly dead TR.

So, what's a good, not-too-comercially costume for a 6 month old? I was thinking a carrot. smile.gif
skunk. cutest thing Ever.

edie52 looks like me. i have gotten the olive reference since forever. i AM going as her one day, i've been planning my costume for YEARS!

haven't had *the idea* yet but it will come. if not i have a stash of costumes in the tickle trunk. i'm hoping for divine inspiration though...
my girlfriends and I are going as the girls from the movie Heathers. One is gonna be the Heather after she goes through the glass table and drink blue vodka all night. I will be Veronica( winona ryder) we have the shannon doughtery Heather and we need the last cheerleader heather. We have got our JD ( christian slater)

now somebody h as to have fuckin party.
MissLady - delightful!

Mando and Raisin, thank you. I have visions of explaining myself over and over, in increasing states of drunkenness ... but having fun anyway. *Grin*

Pepp, the "tickle trunk" sounds like something we should be discussing over in LTAS! Heh.

So. Should I make kog3100 go as some sort of anti-Prince-Charming ... ?
Well, Mando, if you're gonna wear a muumuu, you might as well go as Mrs. Roper!
oh moxie, this is just hysterical!!
pepper that's effin adorable!

oh shizzy, how i love halloween.
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