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omg, I'm cracking up with the cuteness!

I was going to buy this for my friend's baby but it's quite commercial, whereas pepper's is v unique:

commercial, yes. but mind-explodingly cute when it's your own. (i'm a bit biased, that was my kidlet's first-eva costume at age 2 months.)

auralpoison, good one! i shall give mrs roper serious consideration. i think i could pull her off.

also thinking of going as sophia petrillo: grey old lady wig, huge glasses, bathrobe & slippers, old lady purse ... i'm thinking i wouldn't even have to 'splain.

i so want to be a heather, though. *pout* that's brilliant, missladyj!
"Picture it: Sicily, nineteen thirty-seven ..."

mando, I love Sophia!

llamas, you and your friends could be The Golden Girls! OMG, that would be so good.

I think I may buy the pumpkin outfit; I've already bought the cutest bumble bee outfit for "it" and my friend has bought a pooh outfit for her unborn too.
I just peed a little. that was hilarious
you can also buy the woopee cushion in big person size! not as cute, however.
go as a chicken, little goes as an egg. not a fried one though, that would be so gross!
Oh my g0d, I haven't had a fried egg in YEARS. Yum. Sorry, wrong thread. tongue.gif
OMG, i am following you around the board laughing my panties off, hee!
i thought of going as olive oyl and doing little up as swee'pea but couldn't get it together to make costumes when he was teeny(exhausted new single mama like).

last year we were raggedy anne and andy, so flipping cute. or was that the year before? dang, time flies.

this year, the spider and the fly? he'd like that, he loves bugs.
The Heathers idea rocks as well as Golden Girls.

I have no idea what to be.... I was Joan Jett one year, that was fun.
There's this video on youtube with a guy walking around as a tetris block. I thought that was a good idea but I wouldn't want to be trapped in boxes all night.
Dr. Pepper! Glad to make you laugh.

Okay, so I'm kind of thinking maybe I'll dress up as the woman on the cover of Duran Duran's "Rio" album, you know that artwork done by Nagle? I could iron my hair straight and go crazy with the makeup. I should go to the library and see if they have a book of his work.

Or I could take the easy way out and be a bellydancer. I don't know. Not really a costume since I can shimmy and all that crap, but there's always room for improvement. I think I just like the coin belts/hip scarves and all that noise.

Also along the lines of TV characters, there's always Mallory Keaton, Denise Huxtable, Elaine Benes. I could SO do Elaine, complete with the "Get OUT!" shoving and bad dancing. The more I'm thinking about this, I like the idea of Elaine or the "Rio" chick.

I need a Kramer for my Elaine. There's a metaphor here.
aunt agonist
does anyone remember last year someone going as a girl in black and white? it was super awesome. they did body paint in whites, blacks, and greys and looked totally like they walked out of a 1950s tv. it was AWESOME
I want to go as a dead Alice in Wonderland this year - I sing in a band and we're playing that night and I got the idea because the other night we were trying to think of some good creepy songs to do and I said well White Rabbit would probably work (we're doing the Who's Boris the Spider too! I love that song) ...I have to get a blonde wig, and a blue dress from good will and a little white apron, white knee socks and black mary janes. i'm pretty good at doing dead makeup, and i'll probably strew some dead leaves in my hair and glue some to the dress, and have my throat slit. I would really like to wear a pin that says Eat Me on it too, I bet I could find it online somewhere or maybe there are pin making kits at craft stores. If you have any other ideas throw 'em at me...
vetiver, have you ever seen the game "Alice"? They're making a movie out of it. It's about how Alice goes insane after her parents are killed and she ends up back in Wonderland but everything is totally fucked up and the Madhatter keeps trying to kill Alice and the Queen of Hearts has become a murderous dictator. Anyways, you should find some creepy screen caps from that. I think Alice looked pretty emaciated and creepy herself. She may have also carried around a knife in the game. In the books Alice actually had brown hair, she does in the game too.
I went to a murder mystery party last Hallowe'en as an American McGhee (the game creator) inspired crazy Alice sans knife. Basically looked quite Gothic -as my character was supposed to- and carried copy of Wuthering Heights (published the year the mystery was set in, our costume had to be period).
How do I throw a mystery party??? I must do this!
ooh.. great idea! I've never heard of that before - but that should give me some great inspiration, thanks!
I used to watch my brother play the game. It's really pretty creepy. I wish I could find some pictures.

Edit: Found some.

Creepy as hell cheshire cat.

Here's a close up image of the back of her dress:

I like her skull on the bow. She also has blood on her back.

Now I think I might go as her, heh.
PIP, you can buy a murder mystery boxset that basically comes with everything you need (the game with tape that you play, the scripts, character list, invitations...) and you can pick one up from Amazon, they have a good selection. It is so much fun! the innuendo in the one we played was very amusing (you can bu clean ones too, if you really want to!)

eta: veviver, I found this and although not fantastic it may give you an idea of what to make.

Another group idea would be dress as the scooby gang; I've always wanted to do that although nothing stopping me dressing up as Daphne or Velma I suppose.
oh wow, thanks for all these links!! these are so helpful. i love the skull on the bow too...see the only thing I worry about is that i look horrible in dresses, i have a high, thickish waist and no chest or butt. empire waists look ok on me but trying to find a blue empire waist dress with preferably puffy sleeves might be tough. if i can't get the gothic look together on my minimal budget I'll go as modern day alice and just wear a blue tshirt, white skirt, kneesocks, mary janes, and an eat me pin, plus a wig. i hope everyone will post pictures afterward. is anyone having a halloween party here? i think i'm going to do a small halloween dinner on sunday the 29th...
if i can manage to find a cheap red trench coat, i'm going out as carmen sandiego. i can easily make the hat out of felt, and find a cheap long black wig. but the red coat is making me crazy, especially since i don't want to spend a lot of cash on a halloween costume this year.
i always wanted to be a part of a halloween cast ensemble, but it never works out.

one year, my blonde friend was going to be she-ra, the dark haired friend was gonna be catra, and i was gonna bite the bullet and dye my hair blue for the love of frostra.

unfortch, she-ra bailed out last minute due to body dysmorphia issues, and as i was last-minute sewing my costume at work the morning of, i decided it was best that i cut my losses.
bunny scooby! awesome! love the gang and all things scoob. yeah.

cat lady that bites so hard.

i don't know how i have always managed to pull off such great last minute costumes. one year i made at least half of my girlfriend's pippy costume, an entire angel costume for her cousin including wings and gold head to toe sparkles and the freaking BEST medusa costume for myself all on the day, all done in time to go out, all lasted the whole damn acid tripped out night. i had to walk home two and a half blocks from where i got dropped off in the wee hours of the morning, my green and black makeuped, half naked black indian cottoned, knee high towering booted, terrifyingly bewigged self. i scared the CRAP out a little old couple, they seriously crossed the street to get away from me. and i was still wrecked.
gah, i LOVE halloween!!
I'm starting to change my mind about being a tampon in favor of going as Frida Kahlo. The only thing is, I wear glasses, and she didn't. I can't just not wear my glasses either because I'm practically blind.
very. love it.

be prepared for haters though, it's a bit soon.
AZ Guy and I discussed one of us going as Steve Irwin and the other going as the stingray. If that's not as tasteless, I don't know what is. We changed our minds, though, so he's thinking about going as Bender from Futurama and I'm thinking about Jombi from Peewee's Playhouse.

I'd say go for it, and you're out to avenge the deaths of those stingrays.
Reminds me of the year JFKJr. died, and WalkingBitch and ManlyMan were going to go as dead JFKJr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. MM actually chickened out, suffering an attack of good taste. I still hope they'll do it some time, though.

Three years ago, she and he and kog3100 and I went out in Manhattan on Hallowe'en night, she dressed up as a pimp and he dressed up as her ho. I was just sort of wearing what I felt like, so I was Ho #2. kog3100 was wearing a long black coat and had his hair back, so we just called him Guido the Enforcer.

We were easily and beautifully outdone by the guys who came as Jerry Springer and Steve, though. Awesome.
shit, lilac, blanche, i was just coming in here to see if that would be too tasteless (dead steve irwin and a stingray). the more i think of it, the more i love that idea. i've been toying with it for about a week now, especially after seeing how difficult it is to find a lavender unitard for a man (we're still thinking of being the wondertwins but i haven't made the costume yet). i am hoping to find the leotard/unitard this weekend. if i can't, i think we'll do the steve/stingray deal...

we were also trying to think of a female celebrity that died rather tragically this year as well, but can't think of anything that would be a good match with steve.

we're so wrong. but i'm so glad there are others lying in our gutter. wink.gif
anna k
Unless a party comes up, I'll probably spend Halloween like I did last year: going to a revival of a horror movie at the art house theater. Last year I saw Coppola's Dracula and enjoyed seeing pops and crackles in a print from 1992.

I don't have a costume. A slinky dress, corset top, and fishnets is the most punky/Halloween-y that I have, and I don't want to put much thought into a costume.

I always wanted to dress up like a total 80's hair-metal skank or Julie Newmar as Catwoman. It would be boring if I walked around alone as that, but if there was a good party I'd wanna get dolled up as one of those.
great ideas!
So on the tasteless track. Mr. Cran, wants to dress up like "American Pyscho/Preppie killer.." Very dashing, but a killer nonetheless. And somehow I'm trying to think of something to be with him.. (college coed stabbed or something.. ) so when he asked what his name should be, I said.. oh, what about Scott. And then I thought.. oh my god, I could be Lacey. We could be the Petersons.. (by the way, I'm preggo too.)
But..there's just something not right about it....
I'm loving the bad taste BUSTies! laugh.gif (I know the Laci Peterson story). hey, if you have the ovaries to wear it and you find it funny then go for it!

there is something not quite right about it though! maybe there should be a statute of limitation on things like this but then it's also nice to be topical... I think Saddam is a fantastic idea, although I'm sure there will be people who will be upset - um, Prince Harry when he dressed up as Hitler went down like a bomb. Bin Laden may be taking it too far too.

I find Steve Irwin and the stingray a fantastic idea but I would be worried about ruining my night by people coming up and lecturing me.

eta: the JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette costumes remind me of teh Family Guy joke where Stewie said that was in bad taste, even for me!
I agree with the being lectured all night long. dry.gif
Last year when I went as a fake pregnant Mrs. Cleaver every woman at this halloween party either stared/rushed up to me/questioned my actions when I ordered a drink. I spent the first half introducing myself and then had to tell people I wasn't really pregnant- which just ruins the effect. (I love the idea of being tattooed, smoking, and drinking while being pregnant.) I plan to have the same type of thing this Halloween, but you know, faking it all..
except for the pregnancy! wink.gif

eta: even funnier? take photo of yourself in costume and then show it to your child when they're old enough and pretend you actually did that! or maybe that's not so funny ...
oh, lord, you guys are BAD (i love it). i mentioned the steve irwin/stingray couple costume to a friend and he said that a couple years ago his friend went as terry schiavo. gah.
(LOL! Shiavo!)
When the golfer Payne Stewart died in a helicopter crash I saw someone dressed up as him in knickers (that was his signature) with a prop blade stuck in their skull. Once I got over the initial shock I had to admit it was rather funny.

Methinks I will go as a roller girl this year complete with a black eye and bruised knee.
Re: Shiavo...*gasp* that's horrible. what's worse is that i burst out laughing!

A couple of years ago my friend went as pregnant little red riding hood. in her basket she had a sign that said "he was only supposed to eat me." it was hilarious, especially since people thought of her as really innocent.

I'm thinking of getting my ho on and being a pirate wench this year. but I still haven't decided.
ahaha that is great. pregnant red riding hood.

i have no idea what i'm going to be. i don't even know if i'm doing anything. i'm assuming there will be some sort of party, and my coworker is trying to get all of us to dress up at the office, but i don't know.....i always wanted to be dr. zoidberg but that is a pretty involved costume, and without a mask/head it doesn't really work and i don't really want to be wearing something on my head and/or face all day and night. i also am totally poor since my stupid landlord wants freaking first last AND security for me to take over the lease from my previous roommate.

any suggestions? i like funny.
*averting my eyes from the bad bad taste costumes* IPB Image

with apologies to fina and everyone else who's read my one lone semi-cool idea for these past 6 years:

- blue t-shirt
- cottonballs strategically attached to form "clouds"
- loaded water pistol, randomly spritz passers-by as needed
- comfy &/or stylish pants/shoes of choice

= "cloudy with a chance of rain"
cheap and a guaranteed conversation-starter.

i'm slowly but surely chickening out of my golden girls plan in favor of something to compliment either my cheeky pink-lavendar bob or my chic black peggy sue wig. halloween is all about the wigs for me. IPB Image
ahahahahahhaha cloudy with a chance of rain.........! that is spectacular mando.

wigs, eh? i had a great purple bob wig a few years ago.......maybe i should look into that again?
Ok y'all, short update from, what, a month and a half ago? I now have not one but two costume events to attend, and the second is rock-themed. I'm considering going as one of the cheerleaders from the Smells Like Teen Spirit video, but can't decide whether that's too cliched or not. The first was the one for which the girls and I were trying to find a group idea, but that may go by the wayside quite soon as no one can agree on freaking anything! laugh.gif

Mando and faerie, both of those are hilarious!

I decided what I'm going to be for Halloween. It's not what I've previously posted about, and that's all I'm saying about it since I'm going to be at a party with other Busties. Mando, for geography reasons, I have a feeling you're going to have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to be. ::snort::

Llamas, I can't even picture now what those cheerleaders look like. It doesn't stand out in my head. But you know what does stand out as far as music videos go? David Byrne in that gigantic suit.

Mando, I was watching the Golden Girls the other night. Dorothy in her pantsuits... oh boy.

Mouse, I don't know if I have any ideas.

Arrr, Faerie, shiver me timbers, ye wench!

I think I need to find a wig. This will be a first.
hahaha okay, not necessarily halloween but very close--i've been invited to a friend of a friend's 30th birthday party on the 21st, which she is having as an "old people" themed party (har har). the party's at 5pm, everyone's gonna dress up like the elderly, and play shuffleboard.

dude. i dress like an old man a lot of the time ANYWAY. this is gonna be FUN.
I got my Cinderella slippers this weekend:

There were some that were more "glass slipper" looking, yeah - but, if I'm honest, I can't stomach the idea of my little tootsies squooshed into clear plastic for several hours. Something about that kind of grosses me out. At least these, I can wear with this little white Marilyn Monroe halter dress I already have. So these're theoretically not a total waste of cash.
Arrrrrr me Disco Citizens!
I've just decided to go as the Pimp Pirate! -)----

I just bought a wide-brimmed purple tiger-striped hat that I'll be turning into a tri-point pirate's hat. Perhaps I'll place a fake goatee a little too high, too, so as to be a soul-patch. Any other pimp/pirate hybrid ideas? It's basically an excuse to string out lines like, "Lube up the cabin boy, butter down the wenches, and shivver yer booties me hearties!"

Oh, and an "old people" theme sounds like a blast! smile.gif Maybe you can find pants from Salvation Army that you can hike up to just under your arm pits.
ABsolutely, lorewolf. i'm totally planning on old man, pants belted under my armpits, tucked-in thin polyester button down, maybe a cardigan, baby powder my hair and do the best combover i can, maybe i can find some thick bifocals and orthopedic shoes at the goodwill too......oh and of course liver spots.
Lorewolf--perhaps a skull-topped cane, too?

Still giving myself fits over my second costume; turns out that the theme is not rock in general, but rock stars. So there goes the Nirvana cheerleader idea. Gah! Two parties, no costumes yet.
Ooh, llamas, you can be the coolest rock star EVER: Hedwig of Hedwig and the Angry Inch fame!
oh, i told someone about the "cloudy with a chance of rain" costume today and she LOVED IT!! now i have to make a blue dress.
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