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ohmygod humanist so hilarious
heh heh heh. My favorite part of the weekend was riding crowded trains home, both nights, and observing people staring at me cockeyed waaay too long. I made sure to keep my facial expression stone-neutral the whole time, and not look anyone in the eye.

Got some more amusing photos:
holy drunken Jeebus!
oops. dropped it.
bf and roommates went as the Intramural Zombie Hunting is the last one on the right~

and no, fortunately did not run into any crazy pro-lifers...
I found this funny article about the ritual of Halloween.
Unfortunately I forgot to get a decent picture of me in my costume, but this one is alright because you can see the whole thing.

And this is me hanging out with Raggedy Ann and Hunter S. Thompson.
I was gonna be Carmen Miranda, and I made a fruit hat that LOOKED really good, but wouldn't balance on my head and practically bored into my skull. So at the last minute while party guests were arriving I stole an idea I'd read about on here and went as a last-place pageant contestant, runny mascara and all.

Tons of people showed up to my party. I didn't know about a 3rd of them, and most of the people I didn't know were not in costume. Lame. The costumes we did have were alright, nothing too creative or uncomfortable to wear. My boyfriend was Hunter S Thompson, and we had a Big Lebowski, a pregnant nun (a guy), 80s white trash, a chupacabra victim, amy winehouse, several fairies and store-bought costumes, etc.
So I ended up going to the Smashing Pumpkins show on Halloween night with a couple of friends from home who came to visit...girl friend and I decided at the last minute to be Daria (me) and Jane (her). Her husband's reaction? 'But you don't even need costumes, you two ARE Daria and Jane.' Heh, true, but it was really very cute. She has the pictures, so I'll post them later.

Wandering around on High St. after the show, the best group costume I saw was a running of the bulls...two guys dressed as bulls, several more in the traditional white outfit/red scarf combo, periodically tearing ass up and down the sidewalk. Surprisingly, too funny to be annoying.
great costume erinjane. you are adorable.

you know, hellotampon, you can reuse that pageant costume to be the cover of hole's live through this album.
Good afternoon! May I ask a non-Halloween-but-still-fancy-dress-related question? My work Christmas party this year has a 1920s theme, and I was wondering if anyone had any clever ideas for authentic-looking accessories. I've got a drop-waist flapper dress and a long string of pearls, and I was thinking about making a headband with sequins or a feather but there's a fairly high chance it will look like a 5-year-old made it. Any helpful tips from people who are clearly much more craftily skilled than me?


(Btw, I love all your Halloween costumes! I was hugely envious as (a) I was away for Halloween this year, and (cool.gif people don't generally make as much effort in the UK. Damn their lazy hides!)
Hello all! Okay, I know it may seem a bit early to talk about Halloween but I was born in October and I love all things Halloween so I'm already thinking about costumes.

Anyway, I'm thinking about being Medusa this year. I've thought about it in years past and I think I might just go for it this year! However, I'm not sure what to do with my hair in terms of having snakes for hair. I think that if I bought a bunch of toy rubber snakes they would look kind of silly and probably fall out of my hair.

I'm already looking for instructions on how to properly tie a toga and I'm wondering if I could use sari material for mine.

Also I'm wondering if I should make my skin look green so that I can be a bit of a scary medusa.
Awww, I get such a great little thrill every year when I see this thread jump back to the top of the page. I have no idea what I'm doing for Halloween this year. My Halloween last year was completely ruined when my then-girlfriend (whom those of you who frequent the Moving On thread will have heard lots about) broke up with me out of nowhere 2 days before. And I'd planned some really fun stuff, too.

I'm currently living in Saskatchewan for the summer and am not really maintaining a lot of contact with people back home, so though I expect to be back before Halloween I don't think I'll have much to look forward to. Nobody is as into it as I am. I would so dearly, dearly love to live in a place where Halloween is a big deal and just completely takes over for a few weeks every year. I just think it's such a great holiday, and I'm always shocked that it isn't more popular. I mean, everything about it is fun and fascinating - it's at what most people consider to be the most beautiful time of year, it doesn't really belong to any particular religion (although it has particular significance to some), it plays on some very deep and significant themes that are relevant to everybody, and it involves dressing up and creating mayhem! I mean, it's the best! Why do I seem to be the only person who cares? And I also think Halloween really deserves to be a holiday. I think the fact that it's not a holiday really plays a part in the lack of enthusiasm. I always wish I could join some kind of Halloween club for people who are really into it and want to really do it up and have a blast every year. Maybe I should just start my own! I was thinking of writing a zine or something about it - about the history, the various customs in North America, and the customs of similar holdays in the UK and Mexico, ideas for costumes, parties, and decorating, a events guide, folklore and profiles about various creepy things, and maybe a scary story or two. Like all the newspaper coverage us keener Halloweeners don't get.

My Halloween Club would organize community dances, costume balls, parties, haunted houses, "ghost-hunting" tours, and that sort of thing, and would provide a resource of enthusiastic, like-minded people to people like me who are sick of being disappointed every year by their increasingly lame Halloween. And some Halloween-themed charities might be fun, too - like a Halloween party/fundraiser/blood drive, a big, fun (obviously drug-and-alcohol free) party with a cover charge that all goes to a selected charity (probably UNICEF, for tradition's sake) and a little room or corner where Dracula-costumed nurses take your blood. And maybe some cute little kids and volunteers in costume, wandering through the crowd with donation boxes saying "trick-or-treat" for money instead of candy. And volunteers would be working at different little kiosks, doing things like facepainting and fortune telling for a small fee, with all proceeds going to charity. And there would be a haunted house, furnished, decorated and run by volunteers. And a raffle for cool things, like tickets to exclusive parties, or a gift basket of horror movies, or a free tattoo, or a gift basket of fireworks, or a really fancy designer costume - none of that twee craft fair handmade-faux-rustic-decorative-autumn-centrepiece shit. Although a bake sale would probably work really well. And maybe we could organize a charity donation event where costumed kids go from door to door at businesses downtown trick-or-treating for donations (and maybe some candy, to keep morale up). It seems so obvious that I'm certain it's been done before, but I've never actually heard of it.

Wow. I really got myself going there. I've kind of talked myself into trying to start this club. With social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace at our disposal, it's really easy to get the message out to people these days, and I think there are enough people out there who'd be interested in this that I'd be able to pull together some kind of club, even if it was only a kind of Halloween fan club. I wouldn't expect to be able to pull off anything on the scale of what I've just described for several years, and it would be a lot of work, but I think it'd be a worthy project. What do you guys think? Are there any people in the Vancouver Island region who'd be interested? Any suggestions or ideas? I think I actually wanna do this!
Epi, that sounds like a really fun club! In addition to Facebook and MySpace, you might post your group on

CCGirl, that Medusa costume sounds fun! If I were you, I'd buy a wig or a skull cap and attach the snakes to that. Or a tight knit cap might be easier.

Last week I started thinking about Halloween costumes, so I'm happy to see this thread pop up. This year Sheff and I are thinking about doing coordinating costumes for a change. I've had 2 ideas so far: Hall & Oats or Don & Betty Draper. The Drapers would be easier, but Hall & Oats would be hilarious.
rose, I would go with the Don and Betty costumes! Mad Men is finally popular enough that people would know who you are. Last year I was going to be Nurse Joker but decided against it and I'm still kicking myself. I feel like now it's too late to do that costume.

As for the hair, I'd rather not wear a wig because I already have really thick crazy hair. Maybe I'll upload a picture later but my hair in its natural state almost has a snake like quality to it. It's not quite curly and it can be really wild. I read one account of a woman who got a thick black headband and attached snakes to that so I might try that.

Also, should I wear a toga? Medusa is a Greek character so it would be fitting but I saw a lot of other pictures of women wearing dresses.

The only thing I hate about Halloween is the fact that I live in Canada so I have to account for the weather. However, last year's Halloween was unseasonably warm so hopefully it will be the same this year.
Hmmm. Now I'm thinking of a Halloween blog. I've done a few searches and haven't turned up anything interesting, and I think there'd be plenty of things for me to cover. It'd be way better than a zine, not to mention easier. I think I'm gonna spend a few days brainstorming topics and thinking about how I'd do it before committing, because I don't like starting things I can't follow through on, and I don't want to start on something that's just going to lose steam. I think a blog would be great, though, because they're personal enough that I don't need to rely entirely on outside sources for material - I can just post whatever's on my mind pertaining to the general topic. It'd be a way to start cataloguing all my ideas and reaching out to people with shared interests, something to focus my energy on.

Oh, and CCG, I love the Medusa idea. I have a friend who did it one year when she had shoulder-length dreads, and she just kind of pinned a bunch of toy snakes into her hair alongside them. I only saw pictures, but she looked great. She's also a bellydancer, so she wore her bellydance costume, and probably spent the night doing an evil snakey bellydance of death or something. It worked nicely. I think the headband is a great idea. And use snakes of varying lengths. Maybe style your hair into twists and use a couple of coloured hairsprays to maximize the snakey effect. I'd accessorize with a wide gold cuff or bangle. Go for a sickly look, but not too ghoulish or people will get confused. Just go pale and sallow, shadow the hollows of your face, neck, and collarbones a little, and maybe do baggy, red-rimmed eyes - after all, your eyes are the evil thing that turns people to stone (right? or is it just the sight of medusa herself?). Coloured contacts would be great, too - whatever colour, as long as they look unnatural. And if you do want to go for a scary look, maybe wear some ghoulish fake teeth. Those just really give that special final touch to a costume. But they are a total pain in the ass to party in. Unless drooling is part of your look.
Thanks for the ideas, epi. I'm seriously considering making a toga out of one of my saris. The only thing is that it has silver accents so I'd have to make sure that all my accessories are silver to match. However I might still look at Goodwill for a dress that I can alter.

I'm going to have to experiment with makeup. I like the idea of red eyeliner, I saw a picture of a girl in a Medusa costume who did the same thing. I have no idea where I would get red eyeliner though. Most of the pictures I saw had girls looking a bit pale but with really dark eyes (I believe that people were only turned to stone if they looked directly into Medusa's eyes).

Anyway, here is a picture of my hair to illustrate its texture. Keep in mind that this is after washing it the day before and sleeping on it. On the days that I wash it and let it air dry it can look a bit crazy so maybe if I put some mousse in that will keep its shape.
My hair is just like yours, maybe a little curlier at the ends.

I was thinking about dressing up as the junk lady from the Labyrinth. I think I would have to glue a bunch of crap to a small backpack... I could have fun picking out the junk too.
Ooohh Hellotampon I LOVE that idea! So awesome! Do it! It would be even better if you could get yourself a white-tighted goblin king.

CCG, just use lipliner! It's just like eyeliner, but more waterproof, and comes in all the colours eyeliner doesn't.
Junk lady = frikken awsome!

Candycane Girl, I have a huge file of Medusa costume inspiration pics with lots of great hair ideas that I'd be happy to email you, send me a PM.

I went years ago, I made a wire wig form and fastened "snakes" onto it made of long tubes of tin foil that I painted up with greens and reds and yellows. I pulled my mass of curly locks through the spaces between the wires after covering it with green glitter. For makeup I did green eyeliner around eyes and on lips (it caked and cracked on my mouth which looked awsomely snakelike) and long triangles of it just under the cheekbone, green glitter on everything and long sparkly green false eyelashes. I didn't want to go for all over green because it's impossible to make it look even and then it gets Everywhere and smudges off (I'm in Canada too, say hello to my green glittery coat!).
The costume was a long black indian cotton skirt slung low and a long piece of black indian cotton tied around the back and criss cross over each boobeh, secured at the nape (I say "secured" but that was actually a joke) with the long ends tied around rings worn on the middle fingers so it was sort of like wings. Knee high tall heeled boots gave me extra height, and I stitched some green sequins onto a pair of panties to match (don't even ask, ok). It was a scary sexy costume (I was only 20, gimme a break!) but leaning towards ooky i suppose 'cause I spooked a few drunk dudes who came across me unexpectedly like. That was fun. Except for the getting my hair out part in the wastedwee hours. I kept asking for scissors to chop it out, if not for the boyfriend and his love of long locks I would easily have woken up bald the next afternoon. Young and dumb but oh what fun!
Well, I started writing down some of the ideas I'd had in mind for my Halloween blog. It's going really well, actually, but I'm not sure if the linear layout of a blog will really suit what I'm trying to do. I've got several distinct topics in mind, and I like to keep my topics organized. Maybe I should just try to make a website for all the topical stuff and link to a little blog for all the miscellaneous.
There are a couple of ways to structure content within a blog - you can have specific content on different days of the week, and you tag your posts with keywords so that they get sorted. That way, someone could look at all the posts tagged 'costume' to see your costume ideas.

Any ideas for party decorations? My housemates and I are thinking about having a proper Halloween party this year, and I thought I might get ahead on the preparations this week. Ta!
Well, what I've noticed over my years of being a disappointed Halloween fanatic is that there's a ton out there for people with the money to spend on factory-made decorations and crafty types who have time to spend hours on decorations and fancy treats, but nothing out there for people like me who really care about the holiday itself, the traditions behind it all, and not just the costumes and decorations and commercial stuff. Of course, parties and costumes and atmosphere are part of that, but I could care less about spider-infested Halloween wreaths and pumpkin and scarecrow centrepieces and black cat napkin rings. I really want to get away from the Martha Stewart Halloween, with its emphasis on crafty knicknacks and flashy decorations and elaborate treats and fluff like that that tries to distill the entire holiday into some kind of product. My site would be all about simplifying, getting down to the roots of what makes Halloween special.

Don't get me wrong, I love a well-decorated halloween party as much as anyone else - I just resent the commercially perpetuated idea that that's what it's all about. So my decorating tips are all very simple. I'm about creating atmosphere, not a little Halloween snowglobe. I really really really want to bring some authenticity to it.

So that's the idea behind my site. I've been racking my brains to remember all the things I've done for my Halloween parties in the past. Here's what I've got so far:
  • Lighting. The most important thing at any party, but particularly at a Halloween party. A single well-chosen, well-placed lightbulb can make Martha Stewart's country cottage breakfast nook look menacing. And coloured light bulbs are really cheap. Red light is the most effective but is also really irritating, so use it mainly for accents, in corners and hallways and places where you won't actually be spending time. Experiment with other colours, too. The best thing is really to keep the lighting as dim as comfortably (and safely) possible. Candles are a must, unless you plan on getting too drunk to trust yourself with them.
  • Another really easy way to transform a room is to drape the furniture with sheets. Black or white works best. Instantly makes any room in your house infamiliar and creepy, with the added benefit of protecting your furniture from spills and makeup stains. You can buy fabric off the bolt, but the cheapest way is probably to buy crappy secondhand bedsheets and dye or bleach them.
  • I know, I know, they qualify as fussy and time-consuming, which I'm completely against, but jack-o-lanterns are really a must. At least have one or two. It's just not Halloween without a jack-o-lantern. If you want lots, buy a bunch of pumpkins and host a jack-o-lantern carving party a day or two before the Halloween party.
  • A boquet of dead flowers is the perfect centrepiece. No fuss, no muss, totally free, and way more effective than any cute little faux-rustic scarecrow decorations. To beef a dead flower centrepiece up a bit, add some gnarly bare branches.
  • If you want to go more seasonal and less gothic, decorate with branches, pumpkins and a bowl of apples, and maybe add a few small squashes of various types. You can also scatter a few leaves around, but this can be messy and dirty and buggy, not to mention a little bit precious.

Accessories, details, and extra credit:
  • Specimen jars. Simply fill mason jars with (slightly yellow-tinted) water - diluted tea, perhaps - and something gross looking - toy eyeballs, brains, spiders and lizards, doll bits, etc.
  • Creepy dummy or scarecrow: stuff some old clothes with crumpled newspaper, rags, more old clothes, etc, and use an old halloween mask or a creepy homemade serial-killer paper bag mask for the face. Prop it up in a chair tucked away either in a dark corner, so it will only be noticeable up close and will be more likely to startle, or somewhere visible to the group, so it will be sitting there staring at you.
  • Buy creepy dolls from thrift stores and get creative. Hang them from the ceiling, stuff them full of pins, leave them propped up in the bathroom so your guests will be forced to be alone in a room with them...
  • Sheet ghosts aren't scary or even creepy, but they are very Halloweeny, and have a real old-school charm. Simply drape a piece of white cloth over a balloon or a shopping bag full of crumpled newspaper and hang indoors or out.
pepper, I'd love it if you could email me your Medusa file. Do you have pics of your costume as well? I'm having trouble picturing what the dress part looked like. Shall I pm you?

I went home and wrapped one of my saris around me in hopes that I could use it as a toga but it has far too much decoration on it. Maybe I should just do the bed sheet thing.
I WISH I had pics of that year. I made parts of an angel costume for a friend of a friend and parts of a Pippi Longstocking costume for another friend, we were so decked out! I'll pm my email though and send you a drawing of what the costume looked like. It was so freaking awesome, I'm totally bummed we were to young and dumb to own cameras back then.
I don't usually dress up, but invited to this awesome Halloween party this year. Will probably go as Wonder Woman since my sister already has the costume. What can I say? I'm cheap. It'll work, though, I have the dark hair to go with it.
Well, since I haven't really had a stroke of genius for my costume this year, I've decided to go with something that's not my idea but that I've always wanted to try: the tooth fairy. I'll just wear my crinoline with a white dress and some cheap wings from Value Village, and I'll wear a tooth necklace and carry around pliers and some gruesome fake "toothless hilbilly" teeth and slightly deranged, sinister makeup. And glitter! Maybe I'll splatter a little blood on my dress. But I don't want to overdo it and confuse people. And I'll walk around telling people they shore got purdy teeth all night.

Woo! Excited!
Okay, so I totally changed my mind on the Medusa costume. I really want to do it but I have practically zero free time lately and also it seems (to me at least) like it has been getting a lot colder already. However, I might be going to a house party which means that I wouldn't have to worry about the cold.

Anyway, I was thinking about just being a witch (lame, I know). I have a really awesome black corset-esque top but I'm not sure if I should wear something under it. I don't want to be wearing 100% black if I go as a witch but I have no idea how to add a splash of colour to the costume. Any ideas?

Also, epi, your costume sounds awesome!
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Oct 12 2009, 08:47 PM) *
I don't want to be wearing 100% black if I go as a witch but I have no idea how to add a splash of colour to the costume. Any ideas?

purple, red or orange tights?
I thought about that but the problem is that I'm plus size and getting plus size tights (or leggings as I would prefer it) in cool colours is just about impossible. I'm wondering if I could squeeze my fat ass into some American Apparel leggings.
i want dress up for halloween. i have a black lace dress, and i thought about just getting make up and being a "goth" or being a witch or vampire, but i think those ideas aren't all that creative. anyone got any ideas?
I'm going to be Wonder Woman. Have the dark hair so WTH. wink.gif
Question -- My boyfriend and I are going as Morticia and Gomez this year, and I splurged on a fairly decent wig. It came in the mail a few days ago, and I'm pretty well pleased with it, but it looks best when I push it behind my natural hairline a bit. And unfortunately, I have blonde hair.

Do you think applying black mascara to the bits of my hair that show would stain it? There's not a lot of it, the wig has a little bit of side-swipey bangs (I know Morticia doesn't, but the wigs that were just parted down the center all looked godawful), so only a little of my real hair shows, but the stuff that does looks pretty weird. Mascara seems like it would be a good fix, but I am worried about the staining aspect. I think black-on-blonde anything has the potential to be disastrous. My hair is pretty short, so I don't have anywhere that I could do a test on.

Why does no one cool in all of fiction and pop culture have light hair? LadyLove, I envy you.
Question -- My boyfriend and I are going as Morticia and Gomez

omg i fucking love them! i'm jealous.

i don't think mascara will stain your hair. when my hair was light i'd accidentally get some in stray whisps and it didn't do anything. it might be a bitch to wash out, but... do you have color treated hair? that might make a difference.

Why does no one cool in all of fiction and pop culture have light hair?

she-ra?? rainbow bright??

what we need is some red-headed representation. smile.gif pippi longstockings and mary jane from spider man don't count (jean grey-xmen? april o'neil from teenage mutant ninja turtles? jury's still out on that one.)
Y'know, I hate to tell you this, Spiderbaby, but the only real solution here is some kind of patch test. Sure, we *could* tell you that it'd be all right & that it worked just fine on our hair, but without doing a patch test of your own, you're still kinda flying blind, no?

Also, have you checked your local costume shop/halloween headquarters? They often sell hair mascara & that single use, wash-out spray this time of year.

And there are many wonderful blondes in the annals of fiction &/or popular culture. Cherchez la femme!
auralpoison -- I know, I know. I should clarify that my definition of 'cool' tends to run very dark aand vampy, but even so, I know there are options. I always wind up whining about my hair come Halloween time though.

carazyoldcatlady -- Poison Ivy! Willow-from-Buffy! Anne-with-an-E Shirley! I think April O'neil totally counts, at least in the yellow jumpsuit cartoon version, and that it would be an awesome costume.

I think I will just do a test spot in the back and cut it off if it goes wrong. Luckily it's pretty choppy already.
I'm sure COCL is probably right & that the mascara will not fuck up your hair, but if you're worried, just to be safe . . . I think you've got a good idea with doing a little spot in the back & then dealing. Fer reals. And I'd probably go with a dark wigcap, that might help, too. If it pulls the hair back tight enough to be comfortable you'll probably need less mascara.
I'm going as a go go dancer (found a weird 70's dress in a thrift store) but I just need to find some cool boots, and Mcgeek is going as a famous science guy.
I think I'm going to go as an oversized baby, haha. My mom actually owns a pair of adult pajamas with FEET (I don't even know where they came from; my grandmother found them for her and gave them to her one day) so it would be a super-easy costume. Paint on some freckles with eyeliner, put my hair up in pigtails and carry around a teddy bear. DONE!

I haven't done Halloween in a long time so I think it's going to be fun. I'm going to hand out candy with my two best friends and then we're going to get drunk, which will be nice cause it's been a while!
CC you can whip up tights pretty easy in your size, they don't have to be sewn tremendously well, just good enough to get through the night right? if you aren't up for figuring out the toe you can do a footless version, or even just leg warmer style which is dead easy as it's just tubes (you can stitch a channel in the top and slip in some elastic to keep them up or attach them to a garter belt if you've got one and are feeling saucy wink.gif ). i get fabric from the thrift store in the form of old crap clothes, bet you can find something terrific if you scrounge around a bit. you can give a cotton t a quick dye job to get just the right splash of colour. if you do that you can use two different pieces of clothing and make them colour match even if the patterns are different, like stripes in diff sizes or stripes and spots or stripes and solid, i love that look.

my girlfriend in LA has my bee, devil and raggedy anne costumes so she's sent me her wicked pirate gear this year. i know it's a traditional get up but it'll be a first for me and she's Really into ren-fest and the like so i'm expecting something awesome to show up. the kids will LOVE it on me, that's for sure! will post pics when we're all together.

anyone decorated the house? we made a pumpkin headed fella for the porch, he turned out GREAT! and it was so fun. halloween is so the best time of year, isn't it?
pepper, I wish I could but I have no idea how to sew. I can't sew by hand and I don't have a sewing machine (back home I managed to break my mom's within 10 minutes of using it blink.gif ). I really need to learn how to sew eventually because there are so many times that it would come in handy.

As for decorating, I just have one small light up pumpkin and the lightbulb on it seems to be going! I love carving pumpkins but it doesn't really make sense now that I live in an apartment. But when I lived with my parents I used to do at least 2 pumpkins (I usually tried to get 3) and one of them always had to be a traditional jack-o-lantern. For a while I even made a scarecrow and had him sit on a bale of hay. I also used to put scary figures in the window and hang a small skeleton on the front door using a regular wreath hanger. Oh and I always managed to use fake spiderwebs and caution tape and for many years I would hang ghosts from the tree in our front yard.
ps dont forget your familiar!
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Oct 24 2009, 05:17 AM) *
pepper, I wish I could but I have no idea how to sew. I can't sew by hand and I don't have a sewing machine (back home I managed to break my mom's within 10 minutes of using it blink.gif ). I really need to learn how to sew eventually because there are so many times that it would come in handy.

As for decorating, I just have one small light up pumpkin and the lightbulb on it seems to be going! I love carving pumpkins but it doesn't really make sense now that I live in an apartment. But when I lived with my parents I used to do at least 2 pumpkins (I usually tried to get 3) and one of them always had to be a traditional jack-o-lantern. For a while I even made a scarecrow and had him sit on a bale of hay. I also used to put scary figures in the window and hang a small skeleton on the front door using a regular wreath hanger. Oh and I always managed to use fake spiderwebs and caution tape and for many years I would hang ghosts from the tree in our front yard.

hey candycane, try value village! they have new striped tights and socks for girls of all ages and sizes for pretty cheap. they also sell witch shoe covers,fake bus,and cobwebs. you could dress up a broomstick with matching ribbons to your tights or socks. almost any department store will probably sell striped socks if value village is a no could decorate a crooked stick with glitter for a quicky wand.
happy haunting!
if you can cut out two rectangles you can make leggings. just safety pin them up the back or sides (cool look for a punk rock witch) or jab holes with scissors and lace them up like a pair of shoes with yarn or some other kind of string. you can do it!

now that i live out in the country pumpkins are everywhere for about a dollar so there are like 6 on the porch already. hee hee.
Gah, I still have to go to Value Village just to get a witch's hat and cape! Ahh, I feel like I'm running out of time. Also, is anyone else having trouble getting into the Halloween spirit this year? I'm just not feeling it.
ccgirl, could you get white tights and dye them with some cheap dye?
I suppose I could. However, with the state I'm in right now I'm just not feeling like putting much effort into anything.
Maybe you're just saving your energy up for xmas? It's right around the corner you know (yikes!)...
It's a combo of a few things. My job has me extremely busy, plus I have an essay due the Wednesday after Halloween. And in addition to that I just broke up with my bf yesterday so overall I'm feeling kind of drained.

Also, I'm just having trouble getting into the Halloween spirit this year. Maybe I need to watch Charlie Brown.
Hi ccgirl, I wanted to comment re: treehugger's comment about dying white tights -- I know a lot of people dye bleached hair and raw wool with Kool-Aid; maybe that could be a low cost option for wacky color tights?

But -- sorry to hear about your break up, and other stressors. If you're not feeling it just be a witch in black jeans and say f- it?
Aw, CC_G, sorry to hear about the breakup.

CC_G! Tsk! Do you not know that in all plus size emergencies a note in the plus size girl thread or at the very least a PM to AP is usually in order? I am your web concierge! your one stop all things leggings/tights/etc! For fall/winter I invested in several colours of regular tights & three colours of fishnets. They're not the cheapest, but they are very well made. I've had mine since August or so & have yet to have a snag in any that I've worn.

I am not feeling Halloween either. Meh.
Not feeling it either.
I'd honestly rather get high and contact the dead. Or Something There.
Isn't that what it's for, Halloween.
lol, thanks aural! I'm just really cheap when it comes to Halloween so I wouldn't order something online. Also, I've been to that website before and only ever seen plus size tights not leggings. Have they added leggins to their line?

Anyway, like I said, I'm feeling tired and drained so I think I'm just going to be a very plain witch this year. Maybe next year I can really get into it!
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