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Pepper, you rock harder than a quarry, baby. HOT nun, too. *Fanning self*

STAY TUNED - "Maimy's Mayhem With Makeup" is next!
pepper you are almost the spitting image of my family's friend carla. it's almost creepy. smile.gif

my costumes were okay but all consisted of stuff i had already in my closet (lame, i know). i ended up being, on saturday, a sort of drunken 60's housewife--i wore this blue and white polka-dot vintage cocktail dress i have, with a calf-length vintage turquoise coat over, pearls, big chandelier earrings, too much makeup, and curlers in my hair, plus i drank out of a martini glass all night (even though i was drinking whiskey). actual halloween night i was a sort of cartoon artist--i had a red and white striped shirt, a scarf, painted on a thin curly moustache, stuck a paintbrush behind my ear and spoke in a french accent all night. hee.

my favorite costume this year, though (not mine)--there is this mural in our neighborhood and she went as the girl in the middle. she had a yellow dress on, and a white box over her head painted exactly like the mural. even with little ears on top. the best thing is, it was instantly recognizeable to anyone who lived in the neighborhood, but if you didn't live there, you'd think she was just crazy.
omg maims, you shoulda seed the rest of her costume chica. or lack there of *whew*

mouse, it's funny how many people think i look like someone else. and yet, i get told all the time what a 'unique' face i have. very strange that.

mando, i really liked that idea. i pulled it off in a such a mommy appropriate way too. alls we did was trick or treat and stop in at a kiddie party so no sexy nothing for me. gah, there was so much sexy this and sexy that walking around though. all i could think was "ooh, their poor feet!" i'm gettin' old.
I dig that mural and anyone who dresses like that little girl. COOL-O!!!!

Pepper, I'd have been happy to see YOUR costume - and you in it. Yep, yep.

Mouse, there is nothing lame about wearing a fab costume composed of things you already own - it just says you own neato-spedito-costume-ready stuff, and that you aren't an Old Navy clone or whatever. (My Clara Bow costume, apart from the wig, came ENTIRELY from existing wardrobe, and I was tickled about that. Cheapest Hallowe'en ever!)

So sad Hallowe'en is over. Geez, less than two months to Christmastime now, y'all! How the HELL did that happen, and I'm still livin' here all alone with no kog3100???
Wow! That was a cool rendition of Cloudy With A Chance of Rain! I liked the cloud-concealed water pistol wink.gif

I really got into being a Pimp Pirate. I took the advice about the skull cane. Thanks. Of course there were a ton of other pirates out there, but it's not like we were all Darth Vader. Having a big random band of pirates about was fun. Lots of ARRRR! and stuff.

Where we went, there was a costume contest, but we couldn't stay out long enough for the end sad.gif There was a girl who made a Scrabble costume with magnetic letters for people to scrabble all over her with. It was really cool, interactive, and creative. I'm glad she won (we heard later). There was also a guy dressed in a Mr. Incredible outfit, but his head was shaved except for a unicorn-ish tuft off his forehead. He was Jack-Jack! Perfect! There was also a guy with a big, foam horseshoe magnet around his neck, and the ends had stickers of baby chicks all over them. He was apparently a "chick magnet".
Here's my Carmen Miranda:
IPB Image

And a different view:
IPB Image

dudettes, i just stumpled across this lovely costume on flickr and i had to find this thread to post it. it's too sad that we don't have halloween over here in germany.
LOL! That's awful!
indie, no haloween but you have Fasching.
but fasching and karneval are not as much fun! i am also from a part of germany where fasching thankfully is not celebrated. all these parades with drunk people from cologne... scary. ;-)
oh, i found another one. flickr is such a cool place to find inspiration. *laughs*

I've already decided I'd like to go as Little Edie from Grey Gardens this year, but last year I was Frida Kahlo and no one even knew who she was, to my surprise. So I'm not sure.
Love the Carmen Miranda!!!
This year I want to go as a tightrope walker, wearing like a tutu type thing and carrying a parasol. And having missing front teeth.

I told my boyfriend he should go as a tool---he would wear white sneaks, kahkis, and a polo shirt with the collar turned up, and carry a bottle of Axe body spray in his pocket.
mr.nick and i are thinking about being pugsly and wednesday from the addams family. does anyone know who they are anymore?

gumby, the tightrope walker sounds fun and a good excuse to wear a tutu.

i forwarded the pussy costume to all my immature friends, which is pretty much all of them.
Oooh, I think I just set a goal for this year's costume--wearing a tutu too! Thanks gumby! Hopefully I won't have ridiculous theme and group issues again like last year. rolleyes.gif
I thought of a great costume idea last night:
wear a bad used prom dress, and carry a baby doll, covered in fake blood, attached to some sort of umbilical cord coming out from under the dress...yeah I'm sick tongue.gif

hopefully no one can relate to this in anyway and take offense to it-I mean, how often does that happen...on prom night especially?!
Oh, how i love halloween, but I don't know if i'll even have any party's to go to this year. I'll probably have to channel all my energy into making my parents house look extra scary.
people have told me forever that i look like olive oyl, i do sort of resemble shelley duval so i can see it.
anyhoo, that's who i'm going to be this year, little will be popeye and the baby gets to be swee'pea. even though swee'pea was a boy and popeye was a grown up and romantically involved with olive. is it too weird? dang i hope not 'cause i think it's going to be so cute!
I'm thinking about getting some scrubs, splattering them with red dye (blood), wearing a stethoscope and a fake scalpel. But, I'm looking for pointers on making it look sort of "deranged surgeon"-like rather than just "sloppy doctor" like...any thoughts? Maybe a machete instead of a scalpel..I dunno.

Pepper, slightly weird, but cute too! smile.gif I guess it depends on your friends, I think it's cute. smile.gif
I really, really want to find some friends to do a group costume this year because I want to go as the Golden girls. I'm not exactly how I would do the costumes. Currently all i can think of is shoulderpads.
oh my, i want to be a golden girl! that would be soooo funny! i an not very near to CO though but you must post pics if you do it.
Treehugger - perhaps if you ripped the scrubs and added other assorted stains along with messy hair and smudged makeup? You could also carry a bottle of whiskey along with the scapel, I dunno just an idea.

If I get to go to a Halloween party I found a really great Simplicity pattern with a few minor alterations I could go with a "gothic caberet" theme. Just for shits and giggles I would love to carry a ridding crop...the sad thing is I rarely have a party to go to and when I do people tend to go with the lamest costumes. Too bad we couldn't have a Bustie-Con Halloween!!! Everyone's costume ideas sound so fun and creative cool.gif
Oh man a guy would make a great Dorothy! My best guy friend would make a perfect dorothy. he already has her hair so, it wouldn't take much. I found some really big glasses so i can be sophia, all i need is a white wig to top it off!
Wanted to post this link for anyone thinking of decorating their house:

Mr Thrifty!

Cheap! And Skeleton!
Treehugger: ooh, that's a great idea, a psycho surgeon! What if you put a fake body part hanging on the end of the machete - or hanging out of your breast pocket (something that looks like a human heart you've ripped out of someone)...or if you could find a iron-on patch of a duck's head to put on the breast pocket of the scrubtop (like those crocodile emblems on 80's style polos) to signify you are a quack. Or design a fake medical degree on your computer and put the Cracker Jack Box logo on it.

I love the Golden Girls idea too! Make sure to put "Thank You For Bein' A Friend" on your cell phone ringtone that night so every time it rings (da na na na...)
I think I'm going to make a gogo dress and go as Emma Peel from the Avengers this year. Mainly because the dress would be super easy, I already have a jacket and boots, and my hair is the right length for a flip.

My kid is going to be a devil. I've made his hoodie already, and I'll post photos of it in Say Cheese.
So I'm thinking I'll either be a flower, or Hello Kitty. Both will probably be cheap and easy to make and I won't have to explain what my costume is all night, or wear something that's uncomfortable or "Sexy."
at work our halloween costume theme is literary characters (yes, it's a nerd fest here!). since i'm already gonna be a vampire beauty queen to another party, i need something easy and cheap. i guess a vampire is a literary character, but that's lame. any suggestions?
halloween is such a big deal for me, but nobody else here seems to give a shit. every year my halloween gets a little more disappointing. i usually go to the annual rocky horror party at this funny little second-run dive theatre in town - at least that's reliable - but last year it sold out before i got there and i ended up sitting in a deserted bar in my bitchin' ninja turtle costume, drinking a couple beers with a friend, and going home. so depressing...i hope this year is better, but no plans have materialized yet. if the opportunity presents itself, i'll put the effort in to a shiny new costume, but otherwise i'll just be donatello again. sigh.

my pet costume idea would take quite a few people to do properly, but i'm intent on doing it someday: i want to be a circus sideshow. bearded lady, tattooed lady, siamese twins, strongman, fat lady, maybe some really freaky elephant-man type stuff. i have a friend who has a couple of great books on circus freaks that would have loads of ideas.
i,m so lucky to be a mum, every special occasion is just tons of fun again! i love it.
little has a scooby doo costume that my mom couldn't resist buying for him. i'll try to make up scrappy doo for the little princess and i'll be velma. should be fun and easy.
pepper, you guys will be so cute! i loved making halloween costumes with my mom as a kid. she would get really into it every year. she also let us turn our basement into a "haunted house" and then my sister and i would invite the neighborhood to walk through.

epinephrine, i hear you about halloween sometimes being lame as an adult. i think gay bars, especially drag bars, are the way to go. people are usually a lot less self-conscious about dressing up and get really into it. (and i LOVE your side show idea! i'm usually too disorganized to get a good group theme going but i really appreciate bitchin' group costumes when i see them.)

so i think i'm going to be "slutty halloween costume" this year with like a school girl skirt, maybe cheerleader top, and bunny ears. any ideas on more cliches to include?

pepper- That sounds precious!

So, Crinoboy and I are going as the Romeo and Juliet of the Pirates vs. Ninjas debate. He will be a ninja and I will be a pirate. I already have the corset, striped skirt and boots, and I think I'm going to curl my hair.
Does anyone have any ideas for sexy pirate-y makeup?

ferraro- hooker shoes, and nurse / french maid stuff maybe?
so i finally came up with an idea for a costume! my girlfriend and i work in a japanese restaurant and we were inspired to go as pieces of sushi. i'm going to be a salmon nigiri and she's going to be a tamago (omelet) nigiri. and we're accessorizing with green, lumpy wasabi purses, and maybe geisha makeup. we're going to strap two pillows on, front and back, with a tunic over top made of ripply, cream-white fabric, cinched at the bottom to create a marshmallow-y look, with the toppings strapped to our backs. hers should be easy, just a painted strip of foam mattress with a "seaweed" belt around the middle, but mine will be trickier. i'm going to look for some vinyl for the right shiny effect, but if that doesn't work i'll just use fabric. should be fun! this would also be a really cute costume on kids, i think.
epi, i love your idea! you must take pic'c and post them. i sadly will not be dressed up this year. i will be away from my home and i will have my baby with me so, no big parties.
Last year I had my mom help my sew a fried egg costume, I then found devil horns and a tail. I was a deviled egg.
haha deviled egg

I need to make something for a Halloween party this Saturday, appetizer or dessert. Does anyone have any ghoulish ideas? (Cheap and easy if possible)
I've always loved Pen and Teller's classic Bleeding Heart Jello. Cut into it and it oozes 'blood'.

or I also found this: Brain Dip, serve it in a skull dish.

Good Luck!
my friends had a halloween dinner party last weekend, and they had great food, both autumn-y and halloween-y, such as black and orange caviar (i forget the varieties) on toasts shaped like pumpkins and bats, a baked brie puff with cinammon, a small pumpkin carved out and filled with hummus, pumpkin ravioli, and lots of vampire wine.
epi, i LOVE your idea. that is my favorite idea all season.

ferraro, what about a devil tail? (i love the satire, btw)

i just got my costume! i'm gonna be sexy harry potter tongue.gif it looks like this:
-hogwarts robe from costume store, made for 8-10 year old. tight and cropped even shorter.
-golden yellow polo shirt (too tight)
-men's maroon and yellow boxer briefs (griffyndor colors!), to show when my slutty robe doesn't cover my ass
-the requisite glasses and wand and scar and messy short hair
-fencenet stockings
-maroon pumps
-red lipstick and tons of eye makeup


okay, but the reason i popped in here is that i'm hosting a halloween party/birthday party on the 31st, and i've asked all my guests to bring "something spooky"-- a game, ghost story, activity, ouiji board, dark poem, facts about hitler and the occult, whatever! just something fun to "show and tell." but i've been so busy getting my costume, decor, sending out invites... that i haven't thought of my own spooky thing! what's a good creepy game or activity or something for a halloween party? thanks in advance for your creativity!!
all of these ideas are making me wish I was doing something for hallowe'en this year!

_octinoxate, I don't thing you could go wrong by doing something really classic and chilling: read Poe's "The Raven" with some atmospheric touches (darkness, sound effects, creepy voice...)

also, love the costume idea!

I hope some of you are able to post photos so I can live vicariously!
octi- awesome costume! I like that you went with Harry instead of Hermione/Ginny. (yes to photos, too!) The Poe idea is very good, hmmm maybe one of those murder mystery games? I went to a huge Halloween party in highschool and the girl's father dressed like a creepy butler and narrated the murder mystery as we played the game. It was very cool.

Thanks for the suggestions! I've seen brain dip served in hollowed out cauliflower, which looks very neat. I ended up making squashed spiders, which was just marshmallows and confectioner's chocolate melted together and pressed onto pretzel stick "legs" with M&M eyes. They were a big hit.
the spiders sound awesome, and delish.

here's me and mr.nick as royals.

awesome costume, nick!!

i was a stepford wife. i had a big fat blonde wig, false eyelashes, sixties cocktail dress & heels, and i drew joints on my arms.

anyone fed up with certain ladies' tendencies to use halloween as an excuse to slut it up needs to watch this video right exactly now:

sexy 1900's steel conglomerate tycoon! sexy abe lincoln! sexy sexy! ....aaand FROG.
bunny, crin, thanks a lot for your suggestions! i still haven't settled on anything for sure yet...

crin, your spiders sound very cute and very delicious.

mouse, great video! i do like sexy abe lincoln... and oh, it lends itself to soooo many bad puns. (and i thought sexy harry potter was ridiculous enough-- they sure got one on me! tongue.gif)

nick, u look charming.
yeah, i was gonna be sexy pee wee herman, actually, but i couldn't find a little grey suit to fit me sad.gif
thanks! it was difficult to make that serious face in pictures. and i now know that i'm no good as a blonde, only on halloween.

mouse, i truly love pee wee. that would be sooooooooooooo funny. did you try the boys' department for a grey suit?

mouse, that's a brilliant idea. red lips, fake lashes, and the rest of your face taped up with scotch tape... wink.gif
Carnival Freaks? Great idea!
That's exactly what our Halloween Parade float krewe did this year - and we won first prize! How cool is that?!
There must be some sort of neighborhood festival or party to do that with. Or you could throw a theme party yourself for next Halloween with that as the declared theme.

QUOTE(epinephrine @ Oct 13 2007, 07:56 PM) *
my pet costume idea would take quite a few people to do properly, but i'm intent on doing it someday: i want to be a circus sideshow. bearded lady, tattooed lady, siamese twins, strongman, fat lady, maybe some really freaky elephant-man type stuff. i have a friend who has a couple of great books on circus freaks that would have loads of ideas.

I threw a shindig last Friday that turned out to be quite successful. I wanted to be the Morton Salt girl, but I couldn't find a yellow dress so at the last minute I threw together a tooth fairy costume and it ended up looking really cute, but kinda slutty ("sexy ________ " Halloween costumes annoy me). But whatever.
i love the tooth fairy idea. a fairy costume, the foofier the better (almost like a princess/ballerina costume with pink fluffy tutu and ballet slippers and irridescent glitter wings), accessorized with a tooth necklace and a pair of big-ass clever and satirical!

so my sushi costumes were a great success, especially with the addition of a squid nigiri to complete the picture. i ended up using just one pillow per costume, strapped to the stomach, with a simple, simple tunic overtop (i just folded a strip of fabric in half and sewed the sides, leaving armholes at the top and slitting the top for the head hole - i also took it a step further and added an elastic band to the bottom to finish it off) for the rice. the toppings i made with slices of 1.5 inch thick foam mattress, cut to the right shape and spraypainted. i added details with eye makeup, and pinned loops of fabric to the back to go around the arms, like a backpack. i ran out of time for the wasabi purses, but that can happen next year. we won a prize at the party for most creative costume! i'll post pictures as soon as someone sends me some.

rocky horror tonight! skanky madness from outer space! wheeeee! happy halloween, guys!
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