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octinoxate, that is the best idea evah! Alas, there is an excellent chance that one of the guys performing that night will show up as Hedwig...sniffle. But that's one outfit he pulls off far better than I ever could! I'm now considering Amy Lee or Susanna Hoffs.
ehhhh, i can't think of a good costume. i never really can. last year i was a fairy princess which was just fun, fun comfy costume, looked

this year my boy and i want to do a couple costume, and at first we were thinking a wood nymph and an oak tree or something like that but now we're just stuck completely.

i can't decide if i want to be scary, or pretty. i was thinking we could do angel and devil, but everything is just so DONE! gah.

i like the ideas about dead characters-like zombie cinderella and her prince? i dunno. he wanted to be steve irwin but i said no way dude....i'm sure a ton of people will do that but i think it's icky. can you imagine if your dad was killed, and then people dressed up like him and stuff? awful.

i really have no creativity for this stuff. plus i'm so indecisive. i was thinking domanatrix? biker chick? i'm a big dork, so i want to be something that's really different than me the rest of the year.
Elton John and Kiki Dee? Sonny and Cher? (you can be male of duo and the boy can be the female?)
On Roseanne yesterday, David and his new fling were going to the Halloween party as Romeo and Juliet 6 months after their suicide. I thought that was pretty cool.
pugsley and wednesday addams would be tres cute and fairly easy to throw together.
Cloudy With a Chance of Rain sounds like a really fun costume to be mischievous in. The most fun costume I've ever made was the fake UPS man with a package to abuse, a la Ace Ventura.
*bump* for culturehandy
llamas, i've always wanted to go as siouxsie sioux. she seems particularly halloween appropriate. smile.gif

I am so freakin' excited! I am going to a Halowe'en social, and I have no idea what to go as. It needs to be creative yet fairly inexpensive. I don't want to spend a fortune.
what about a magnet? cardboard "U" shape onto balck clothes, tin foil and lots of random things stuck on, as if they have been attracted by magnetic force.

Or, a drain shape with the cardboard so you can have leaves stuck all over. Or just a tree.
wish i could pull off patsy. i'm much more of an eddy, tho.
Interestingly enough, mr. llamas has come up with a potentially fun idea for the rock party--Jem and the Holograms. They're rockstahs, right? laugh.gif
Okay, I have come up with a costume. I am going to make a fried egg, using foam, and going to make a yellow yolk. I am also going to wear devils horns and a devils tail. Voila, I am going to be a deviled egg. Oh I think it is going to be adorable!
Mandi, my friend & I are going as Patsy & Edina this year (the John Waters/Divine concept fell through when it occured to me that our typical Halloween plans involve a dance party that gets outrageously hot & humid - me + pillows = too freakin' hot, and not in a good way).

Anyway, me being the short curvey gal with the curly hair gets the Eddie costume. Friend R, being tall & lanky & in possesion of a blonde wig gets Patsy.
patsy and edina, awesome! deviled egg is great too. great ideas all around!

my bf and i are going as a goth little red riding hood and big bad wolf. i just bought my hot red velvet cape yesterday. otherwise, just lots of black eyeliner and a froofy black dress. in my basket i'll probably carry fake bugs, i dunno.

any ideas about good werewolf hair/fur that will easily glue on and come off?
i'm like beyond bummed that i don't have anyone to be eddy or patsy with. le pout.

some great ideas here: costume idea zone.

i especially like
"gang green" (scroll a little ways down, on the left).
great website - I'm bookmarking that.

nickclick, there's a little dead riding hood suggestion down the right hand side.

I love the deviled egg idea!

on that page it suggests peace and quiet where one of a pair dresses up as a hippy and the other a mime, cool idea as independent outfits but I wonder if it's too subtle.
you guys have to read these ideas! please note that i am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING REMOTELY UN-PC!

Drama Queen - Wear a drama mask (comedy and tragedy) along with a queen's crown.

Milk Gone Bad - Use a cardboard box to create a carton of milk that hangs over your body. Wear an earring, chains, and fake tattoos, and have a pack of cigarettes rolled under your shirt sleeve, etc.

Buzz Lightbeer - Dress as an inter-galactic superhero and then attach labels from various light beers.

Fashion Police - Dress up in "fashionable" clothing. Wear a police hat, a "Fashion Police" badge, and carry handcuffs. Add a utility belt stocked with make-up and hair products. Walk around handing out "Fashion Violation" tickets.

Taco Belle - Wear a Southern Belle outfit complete with a hoop skirt. Top it off with a sombrero. Speak Spanish with a southern drawl!

Batman and Robin - Attach little fake bats and birds all over yourself.

Web Server - Dress like a waitress/waiter, carry around a tray with food that has fake spider webs draped over it.

West Nile Virus - Wear a Cleopatra or Egyptian costume. Then use makeup to create rashes and sores all over your skin.

Goth Brooks - Apply white makeup and black lipstick and black eye liner. Dress up in all black, with cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Guitar optional.

Calista Flockhart - Wear a skeleton costume with a bikini over it. (This costume can be used for other extremely thin celebrities as well.)

Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry - Wear black clothes, a black cape, and a Phantom of the Opera mask. Then add a cowboy hat, boots, and a toy gun and holster.

Darth Brooks - Wear western clothes with a cowboy hat, and carry a guitar. Then add a Darth Vader or Darth Maul mask.

Blood Sucking Attorney - Dress in business suit, and carry a brief case. Wear vampire makeup and fake vampire teeth. Pass out business cards that say "B. Sucking, Attorney-at-Law."

Dust Bunny - Wear a dirty old white bunny costume and carry a feather duster, or "dust buster" vacuum.

Devil With A Blue Dress On - Blue dress, devil horns, devil tail, pitch fork.

Castaway - Take an old pair of khaki pants and tear off the legs to create shorts. Wear a dirty white T-shirt, beard and long hair. Carry a volleyball with red handprint and face.

iPod Commercial - Dress in ALL black, and use black make-up to cover exposed skin. Carry around an iPod and dance wildly.

Nick Nolte Mug Shot - Wear a Hawaiian shirt. Put tons of gel and baby oil in your hair and blow dry it upside down making it look as crazy as possible. Hang a small sign around your neck that says "Nolte, Nick" with a case number.


oh my god, the ipod commercial is hilarious!!!
Darn you, Mandolyn! biggrin.gif Now I can't decide between Dust Bunny, Milk Gone Bad, or my original thought of going as the Flying Spaghetti Monster.....

That list is awesome! Curses!
Hi everyone! I want a Halloween costume that can make the most of my newly (again) buzzed hair, but I don't have any awesome ideas yet. I'd generally prefer to do a man's costume, but if you have any kick-ass woman's costume ideas I'm still totally open to it. Any suggestions?
Ok I need help. My name is Angel and I know there has to be something funny for me to do for Halloween based on that. Any ideas? All the ideas posted here have been great.
A top/sheet/box that has "I'm no angel" written on it with devil horns? or just "I'm no" with angel wings? the irony being that you are an angel, of course.
no costume plans this year, but some friends and i are going to salem, mass to do all that fun ghost and witchery stuff. i hear it gets wicked busy, but i can't wait smile.gif
Take me!!! The only thing Halloweenie that I got this year was a really groovy t-shirt that I plan on wearing to work this year....
octi, how's about a cowboy? my gorgeous blonde friend went out as one a couple years ago, we cut up an old pair of second hand pants to make chaps, she has a great vest that we fringed and awesome fake sideburns. add a hat, gun and holster and a lasso and yer rocking! oops, shoes too. second hand store, spray paint or leather polish for colour. that's a fab girl/boy costume i think.

i have just about given up on a costume because it is really down to the wire and i have way too much to do to make any kind of costume for myself.
i wanted little to go as a frog and i was going to be a fly, i thought that was a great idea but he wants to be superman. bbooorrrriiinnnngggg. gotta make like i think it's a Terrific idea though. le sigh.
i might just go as cloudy with a chance of rain. i still get a laugh out of that idea, it's so cute.
my friend and some of her friends (I think there are five of them) are dressing as crayons.
crazycat, have so much fun in salem! it's THEEEEE place to be for halloween!

i'm going to the parade in the village (nyc) as usual, but this year just gonna hang by the sidelines to watch. usually i march but when i check the news i see that i missed out on some great sights!
nickclick, we're going to try to make it to the parade, too! any tips on good places/streets to watch from? i've only been once, many years ago, and it was a zoo back then.
nickclick, I second mando's question--I'm going to be at the parade too, and have never seen it before!
BunnyB- YOU ROCK. Thank you for the idea.
no problem! enjoy and post pics if you can!
I'd planned to steal the idea of Alice and go as her. I bought all the stuff last Wednesday but I didnt' have time to alter the dress, so I put it away for next year.

Instead I had to raid my SIL's closet and came out with a very good burlesque costume featured here in between smurfette and the flying purple people eater.

IPB Image
I was dubbed "Cinderzilla" last night, after giving the following speech to my favorite adorable barmaid. She asked what I was, and I said,

"So the mice made me this BEAUTIFUL gown, so I would be able to go to the ball. And my STEPsisters TORE IT TO PIECES. ... So I had to kick their asses. I say, FUCK GLASS SLIPPERS!"

In one of these, you should be able to see the glass slippers (acrylic heels bought on the cheap) slung over my shoulder. I was wearing my Bitch Boots ... (you can see the "slipper" in this one)
Those are some fierce bitch boots, Maimy, and what a fabulous bustier, Erinjane.

In honor of the Lounge, I was a Crime of Fashion. I had fun being a horrendous eyesore.

Tuesday is going to be such a letdown.
Can I just ask a question? Someone said something the other day which implied that a lot of women in the US dress up in sexy outfits for halloween, is this true?
I must say what I've seen in this thread so far seems to confirm it. Phwoar!

(most people don't really "do" halloween here so I don't know much about it)
Venetia, in my experience that's very, very true. Most common costumes I see year after year are: sexy pirate, sexy cowgirl, sexy witch, sexy fairy, sexy dead girl, and just plain sexy (with no pretense of being part of a costume). Personally, I find the sexy stuff very boring (no offense meant to any sexy busties here...). I'd way rather use Halloween to dress as something riduculous, outrageous, and/or preferably mannish. I mean, if I just want to sexy up I can dress up for a club any night of the year. But do I have an excuse to dress as lumiere from Beauty and the Beast any night of the year? No! wink.gif

You're in NZ, right? I spent a Halloween there and yes, I missed the Halloween extravagance of the US.
I would agree. You can't see it in my picture but I went all out with my costume with a can-can skirt, boa, spend an hour doing my hair and make-up, and had the full on fish-nets and knee high boots. My costume was definatly sexy, but I was so disapointed with the party I went to. There were girls dressed as "cowgirls" and all they did was wear short shorts and tank top and a hat. Everyone looked like they put in no effort. If I'm going as something sexy, hell dammit, I'm going to put in 100%, not just pull junk out of the back of my closet.
I call it the Skank-For-A-Night costume, Venetia. And since I'm a skank the REST of the year, I've actually gone against that grain the last few Hallowe'ens. Clara Bow was a beautiful costume, but skanky it was not - nor Diana, nor even Cinderzilla, really - I mean, the dress could go very sexy, but I threw the pleather jacket and boots on and rocked more 'tude than booty. I think I'll have to reprise Diana, though. That was a nicely layered costume, complete with a veil to the floor. Surprisingly warm, given I had no jacket on.

The hallmark of the Skank-For-A-Night is the fact that 80% of those costumes cost about sixteen dollars total, they almost all involve cheap cheap cheap PVC, and no hair and makeup has gone into the effort to integrate the parts into any sort of interesting whole. Depressingly uncreative, and predictable as the dorks who'll be hitting on these chicks.
'cinderzilla'. heh.
such a tease. we want a full-frontal shot, missy!

i want maimy to teach me how to do theatrical makeup.
or just makeup, period. even with dripping blood, the chick is stunning!

i can attest that raisin made quite the adorable crime of fashion! unfortunately i have no photo proof of this since i'm a hugeass idjit.

i must needs invest in wig-achoring mechanisms, tho. spent the whole night tugging my peggy sue wig back into place. grrrr.

fun costumes: a bag of spinach; heven as a "fucking swede"; her man as dog the bounty hunter - complete with a kickass mullet (and if i'd know, i so coulda been beth!); and mona-the-dog in a shocking pink tutu, feather boa and matching legwarmers ... too funny!

no parade for us tonite, sniff sniff. not even sure i'll don my traditional pink wig and cat ears for the trick-or-treaters. october beat me up too much this year, i just couldn't find my usual happy halloween groove. le sigh.
Mandomyheart, not to worry. I remember someone taking a couple of pictures of the three of us on the sofa. Maybe it was Mr. Heven Bounty Hunter? I seriously don't remember who it was, but the pictures are out there somewhere! Someone just has to remember who took them.

I have no Halloween candy in the house and I'm going to be out tonight.

It's always kind of depressing living in an apartment building; I never get ANY trick-or-treaters. Yet another reason why I want to buy a cute little house in the suburbs. I'll be the crazy lady with the pouffy hair, last house on the dead-end street with black bunnies that cross kiddies' paths but bring good fortune to all!
maimy, sexy scary cool! that's faboo, betchoo had fun.
Ooh, PEPP - that kicks SO MUCH BOOTAY!!!! Awesome flyboy. *Grin*

Mando, I had to take all the pics myself, so couldn't get a good full-frontal one. I'm sorry. However, makeup lessons is as good a reason as any I've ever heard to get together! (I was a theater geek, and remembered some 22-year-old wound makeup secrets I scarcely ever get to use.)

Best blood recipe ever: They say to use karo, and that's good stuff - but I used honey this year, being out of corn syrup. It worked just dandy, and the darker color may have been helpful. Then red food coloring, AND a tiny tiny bit of BLUE too. That's what gives the believable dark color. And the drips stayed in place remarkably well, I applied with a toothpick pointed downward so the excess would start sliding down from my chosen starting points. (Great while-you're-out touchup: dark brown or dark purple wand lipgloss. Since you can't carry a pot full of honey fake blood, if you need a quick re-do, the gloss is good for dotting.)

It's getting dark here, so I should be getting kids soon. I found the coolest candy today - gummi fangs. *Totally excited; I so love treating the neighbor kids*
yay halloween! i ran to the store after work to buy candy for the kiddies. but, i popped in here to post some pix of salem, mass that i took this weekend. the whole town just oozes new england quaint, but there were some cheesy good halloween fun to be had....

shit, how do i post pictures? does this work?

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
COCL, those pictures are beautiful. I love New England.

Makeup with Maimy. It could be, like, a public access show on cable. wub.gif
pics all gone, boo hoo!
pepper? that's about 1,000 times better than the 'cloudy with a chance of rain' that came to my party years back. you should copyright it and get rich ... hee!

did you do flyboy too?
i'm commissioning you in advance for next year!

we should do a bustiecon in salem one of these years. hmmmm .....

maimy your honeyblood recipe is brilliant!

"sexy abe lincoln" ... "sexy lobster" ... BWAH!
My Frida Kahlo costume was perfect. I looked exactly like her! Most people didn't know who she was though, unfortunately.

Not many people at our party wore half-assed costumes, probably in part due to my pre-party haranguing. I know it sucks when you're invited to a Halloween party and you're not sure if you should wear a costume or the host doesn't make it perfectly clear that s/he expects everyone to wear one, so you end up just wearing eyeliner and a headband with cat ears and hoping that you're not the only one who's sorta-dressed-up-but-not. So I harassed everyone for weeks ahead of time. haha. Everyone I talked to was under strict instructions not to do dumb things like show up in your Blockbuster uniform and say you're dressed up as a Blockbuster employee. So the only people who didn't come in costume were some of the ones who found out and just showed up.
mando, bustiecon in salem! yes!
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