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I just had a shit-ton of watermelon and a veggie burger from Bubby's. tongue.gif
I ate a leftover Italian Beef sandwich from my company's luncheon today. Mmm, salty.
i ate a tofutti cuti and then i ate cherry jam and cream cheese on pumpernickel toast. i was in the mood for some sugar before bed.
i just had some green grapes and dark red cherries. there are two skinny cow mint ice cream sandwiches in the freezer and i want to eat them, but i will save them so we have some dessert tommorrow night.
hahahaha, funniest thread of the century. i'll play (of course!).

i had blackened flounder for lunch, with a buttery yummy baked potato, fresh snapped green beans and hush puppies. mmm.

wacko.gif Half a huge bag of peanutbutter M&Ms... stupid desk job.
Stupid flu.

Since Monday, I've had 2 bottles of Canada Dry Gingerale (the Champage of Ginger Ales!), and about 14 Stoned Wheat Thins.

At least everyone in my office has it, and we suffer together.
blood orange gelato.

a soy delicious organic chocolate ice cream sandwich. they are so good! they're called 'l'il buddies'
a bowl of fresh peach with whole milk organic french vanilla yogurt poured on top. The summertime is so wretched in North Carolina that I can only eat light.
ZAWADI! *high fives* I haven't seen you around for awhile!

Tofu dumpling soup and yogurt pretzels.
Oh why did this have to be started today? *laments not having healthier day*:

Domino's pizza (garlic butter on base, chicken, sweetcorn, pineapple, extra cheese and herbs) with garlic bread and potato wedges.
hazelnut gelato.
leftover lamb kabobs from dinner last night drizzled with a touch of organic (of course) sour cream for a little extra zing!
[girlygirl!! no, i haven't posted here in a long long time. it's good to see so many people i recognise still around smile.gif) ]

- banana, underripe mango and strawberries.
- fudgsicle containing dairy, so i feel a bit sick. i'll definitely have another one though.
A slice of cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, and orange. It was one of those styrofoam and plastic packaged deals from the supermarket- bad for the environment sad.gif , but good for my taste buds!

And some kale/herb mix/tomato/pepper/celery salad with tahini dressing.

Today I've also eaten an Amy's black bean burrito, some coffee, a small bottle of acai juice, and granola with soymilk.

No wonder I can't lose weight. I eat healthy, but way too much.
Just drank my impulsive monthly cup of coffee. Soooo jjiittterrrryyyy!!!^!&%$! Not the best thing on an empty stomach.
lemon pepper pork chops, sugar snap peas, and steamed rice....mmmmmm......
a slice and a half of pepperoni pizza with tomatoes, onion and bacon tossed in the mix, a couple of cheesesticks, a couple hot wings and two glasses of mountain dew.

where's that hurling emoticon when i need it?
today? Joe's O's with banana, thai garlic rice noodle bowl from trader joe's, an apple, a tiny bit of brie, an orange, some peas, some macaroni. gah, I sound so normal here. sometimes all I eat is crackers and tahini and brussel sprouts.

I want to live snafooey's food posts.
For breakfast - Linda McCartney Sausage sandwich covered in ketchup
yoplait strawberry yogurt
coffee with hazelnut creamer
salt and vinegar potato chips

i want some real food!!
lean cuisine spinach and mushroom pizza

last night for dinner....

steamed mussels, mixed baby greens with berries and goat cheese, and coffee made in a french press, followed by mayan chocolate ice cream.
Haven't eaten it yet, but tonight Mr. Ses and I are going to attempt to make veggie sushi for the very first time. I even splurged at the local Asia Mart and bought some of those red bean paste candy things for dessert. Will report back on our success (or lack thereof) with the sushi.
fish tacos! heh heh heh
Goat cheese, basil, and tomato quiche, skim iced mocha, smoothie, chocolate cake, a banana, and a breakfast cookie. Not horrible considering how I usually eat on a payday.
Mmmm, tonight I had spanish tapas - potato bravas, stuffed aubergine, tortilla (spanish omelette), chorizo in red wine, chicken and avocado salad, sundried tomato and olive bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, creme catalan and THEN I went to Greek tutor's flat who had made taboullah (sp?), hummous, baked peppers with haloumi and quiche.
a little leftover banana duck curry from lunch...not sure what my "official" dinner will be.
a ben and jerry's 'wich.
a banana.
I was really hungover yesterday, all I ate all day was:

-some baguette with camembert (leftover from the night before)
-a little can of V8
-a chicken empanada
-more baguette with cream cheese
-3 caramel rice cakes
-some tortilla chips with organic pineapple salsa
I love talking about food!!!


cinnimon pecan pancakes
Plain kettle chips with hummous.
Me n' HB had a scrambled egg off. Mine were baby shrimp, crumbled bacon, jack cheese, onions, mushrooms & tri colour bell peppers. His were smoked salmon, boursin, artichokes hearts & mushrooms. Mine were better. HAH!
I just got back from a blackberry festival where I had blackberry jam on bannock. Mmmmm....
Who the hell is HB? Now you got a man and shit?!?

Mr. Fatty and I went to this randon Thai/Brunch place in Brooklyn Heights and he had a Thai Basil wrap and I had pineapple fried rice that alledged that it would be served in half a painapple on the menu, but alas, it was not. Still good, though. I had half of PooPoo's wrap and we shared the rice. Shrimp and cashews and pineapple, oh my.
Oh gods, this could become addictive...

Last night: dim sum, including steamed meat rolls in tofu paper, pork ribs with preserved soybeans, pork rice roll, turnip cake, shrimp balls both fried and steamed.

Today for lunch: Polish bread with lard spread, sour rye soup, roasted pork with fat potato dumplings.

Craving ice cream and trying to decide if it's worth the quease.

And who was it that posted "blood orange gelato?" God, kill me now, that sounds so good.
Last night, Red Lobster. Had the shrimp scampi, broiled scallops, stuffed fish thing.

Tonight--grilled steak burgers with fresh veg's.
my own huevos rancheros! yummmm!
almost a whole box of rice dream, eeep.
two guacamole chips
a blueberry waffle
thai lime chile cashews, yeaaaaaaaaah.

oh, snafooey did, plum.
Quinoa with maple syrup, granola, and blueberries (organic locally grown blueberrieswhich ruin regular, jet-lagged blueberries for me every year).
Mini honey and nut shreddies with chopped banana.

Cereal (mix of omega flax flakes, omega granola and sugar crisp)

And fresh picked blueberries
Bagel, cream cheese, and the BEST lox I have ever eaten! ( thats a lotta lox people)


peanut butter and jelly on a spoon x 3.

working on diet coke #3.

nothin' but class.
I posted this in the health thread- but I'm doing it here too. I ate a fried oreo last night, it was the most divine thing I have ever had! I'm going to have dentures by age 30.

tomato and gruyere tart
linguini and shrimp with lemon white wine sauce
sauteed asparagus
peach crumble (from orchard peaches) with homemade whipped cream

i am the awesomest cook ever.[font=Verdana]
sweet maui onion flavored potato chips. jesus christ, these are delicious.
I LOVE THOSE CHIPS! Have you had the spice thai Kettle Chips? They make me proud to be an American.

I haven't eaten yet, but I just stuffed two, GORGEOUS, locally grown, humungous, red bell peppers with a blend of portabellas, meatless sausage, fresh jalapeno (from garden de GGG), fresh parsley, cilantro, thai basil, curly parsley and oregano (all from garden de GGG) green onion and feta to be fire roasted on mesquite chips on my grill!

Also, I have portabello steaks marinating in secret sauces to be grilled as well.

My colon feels lighter already!
I LOVE Ginger ale!
Today I ate a chicken breast with salad. And half a pound cake junior.
A quarter of a club sandwich (leftovers)

Cheesy garlic bread
antipasto salad
stuffed pizza

missladyj, you're in the Chicago-area, right? Care disclose your source for the best lox ever?
corn on the cobs with a butter/paprika/chili powder rub and sprinkled with cilantro and monterey jack and lime juice. three of them!!!!!
and my stomach freakin kills.
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