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bowl of crispix cereal with whole milk
baked potato wedges and mac and cheese
dragonfruit vitamin water with lots of ice
mid-day coffee with tons of cream and sugar
"gordita" shell topped with refried beans, lots of sauteed red, yellow, and green peppers and spanish onion, some cheese, and a dallop of sour cream
chips and salsa
tons of ice water
yesterday, i just forgot to eat until like, 7pm. wtf? didn't even think about it until i realized i was dizzy! so then i had...

a cheddar and smoked turkey sandwich on wheat toast, which was so good that an hour later i had another!

then i went out with friends and had 3 diet pepsi's and some of their fried mushrooms and onion rings.

and i wonder why my tummy is a little touchy today. ugh.
today's breakfast: three smallish slices of leftover chocolate birthday cake with fresh strawberries and a mug of milky (soya) sweet tea

lunch: small takeaway cup of chicken and leek soup

dinner: large portion of sundried tomato and olive pasta with sundried tomatoes, goats cheese and rocket

drinks: lots of water and a 500ml bottle of Coke
My previously delayed Easter dinner party happened last night. My best friend and his b/f served:

Spiral cut ham
Cheesy potatoes
Some kind of carrot thing
Salad w/blue cheese
Crescent rolls
Dump cake
Strawberry/bannana/Cool Whip pie (I made this!)
Wine and champagne

This morning to settle my slightly hung-over stomach I ate:
Left-over cheese and asparagas quiche
Strawberries sprinkled w/Equal
Soy milk

ice water
bowl of cereal with organic milk
baked chips with ranch dip
ice water again
rigatoni baked with tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese
fresh broccoli
yeast roll with earth balance on it
more ice water
bagel with goats cheese and chorizo
pineapple and coconut juice

3 mini caramel shortcakes and one rocky road cluster
a cadbury's cream egg (damn easter leftovers)

small pizza with parma ham, sundried tomatoes, goats cheese and rocket
2 cans of coke
yesterday's breakfast: a banana
a tall soya chai tea latte

lunch: small carrot and orange soup
half serving rye bread smoked salmon with dill mayonaise sandwich
shared cheese board with chilli pear chutney, oatcakes and walnuts
meringue "mountain" with raspberry compote and clotted cream
large glass of rose wine
glass of tap water
a chai tea, one sugar, no milk

lots of water

late dinner: small bowl of chilli with soured cream
orange and pineapple juice

today: toasted raisin and cinnamon bagel with peanut butter
grande soya chai tea latte

snack: a banana
lots of water

late lunch: small chicken and avocado salad with yellow peppers and cucumber
small wholemeal sandwich with honey mustard ham and cottage cheese with pineapple
another banana

more water

dinner: mashed potatoes mixed with heinz salad cream (my comfort food!)
breakfast: rice krispies with organic milk

lunch: too-big veggie sub on a wheat sub roll with lots of sub dressing

lots of ice water

dinner: whole wheat flat bread filled with lettuce, sliced cucumber, chicken, shredded cheddar cheese and drizzled with honey mustard

snack/dessert: sliced cantaloupe
breakfast: stem ginger muffin
grande soya chai tea latte
banana and strawberry smoothie

lunch: small rocket, cous cous, chargrilled haloumi and harissa salad

dinner: butternut squash and sweet potato soup

snack: cadbury's creme egg
lots of water

I'm hungry.
Didn't eat till like 3:30 today, should have but just didn't. Drank a bottle of water though Once I did eat.....

Lunch: Roll with Chicken Noodle Soup, part of some Lasagna, and some fried dough balls with honey and cinnamon on them. Arnold Palmer (that's iced tea and lemonade for those who don't know) to drink.

Dinner: Remains of chicken club sandwich with swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato from last night, with some lays ruffle potato chips. Followed by a Hershey bar. Washed it down with another bottle of water to drink.

Might eat a leftover veal patty later too.
breakfast: chicken with gravy and club multi-grain crackers.

lunch:(I want) Salad (lettuce, tomato, onion & vinaigrette), cheap pizza.

snack: ice cream!

dinner: soup and grilled cheese with more crackers and cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Now I am really hungry.
All my meals got pushed back today. So-

brunch: a salted hard-boiled egg, Turkish yogurt with walnuts and maple syrup, a pear, green tea

(very late) lunch: picnic! Baguette, seranno ham, brie, tzatziki, a peach, a plum, and about half a bottle of Argentinian red wink.gif

late snacks: roommate's leftover sushi, more yogurt with walnuts and maple syrup, rooibos vanilla tea.

crisp bread & cottage cheese, banana, tbs. of salted pumpkin seeds
espresso w. eco milk

seasoned eco quinoa & steamed spinach in vinaigrette, veg. springroll

by computer:
water bottle with raspberries

for tonight:
Yoghurt perhaps. Haven't had yoghurt in a million years.

Brunch: N.E. Clam Chowder (chowdah!) spruced up with some shrimp.

I'm still plotting dinner.

Ooooh, I want me some chowdah!

Honey nut cheerios with milk
Refried black bean and cheese quesadilla
Potato pancakes with apple sauce
Tons of ice water
last night's dinner: seared mahi-mahi fillet lightly seasoned with sweet chili powder (it's normally for fruit) laid atop a salad of mixed baby spinach and spring greens and surrounded by peach and mango salsa. yeah, my mad cooking skillz, let me show you them. happy.gif
I have a pizza in the oven right now, piled with:
-jar of artichoke/sundried tomato/garlic stuff
-spinach, tomato, mushrooms, green bell pepper
-garlic, onions, fresh basil, oregano, and parsley

Having that for dinner, and maybe peach nectar with rum and ginger brandy later.
Breakfast: Frosted cheerios with chocolate soy milk

Lunch: Banana with tofurkey and soy cheese sandwich

Dinner: Homemade vegan pesto sauce over pasta with bread

2 breakfasts: homemade oatmeal-coconut-buckwheat cookie and a decaf latte, then muesli with yogurt and green jasmine tea.

Lunch: buckwheat crepes filled with smoked cheddar, scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms and onions, and arugula.

Snacks at art opening: veggies, hummus, berries, cupcakes, wine.

Dinner: bbq-ed pork with mustard marinade, basmati rice, arugula salad with pear, avocado, cucumber, and almonds. Rooibos tea.
pre-brunch: banana and glass of water

brunch: bagel with smoked salmon and light cream cheese
sweet tea with soya milk

snack: banana and handful each of red and green grapes

dinner: cous cous with peppers and onions with lemon and pepper king prawns, sundried tomatoes and marinated artichokes (in lemon juice, herbs and paprika)

lots of water
So far today....

Cappucino (double shot, skim milk) and avocado on rye toast, with lots of salt and pepper

Little ear pasta with brocoli, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, anchovies and chilli

Green tea

For dinner, planning on having ricotta and zucchini stuffed canneloni, topped with parmesan and bocconcini....It's a new recipe, so no idea what it will be like....
Ok, here goes:
A brownie that I baked myself (the inclusion of walnuts makes it healthy, right?)
A homemade chicken gordita with sauteed red and green paper and onion and sour cream - yum, so good.
tons of ice water
macaroni and cheese, green beans and a garlic roll
coffee with lots of hazelnut creamer
um....something now because i'm starving again - maybe cheese and crackers?
breakfast before work- strawberries, kiwi, and banana, frosted mini wheats, iced tea

breakfast at work- scrambled eggs, grits, stewed apples, biscuit, hash brown

snack at work- cheezits, carrots, yogurt, apple

late night snack just now- more frosted mini wheats

Not the best day of eating I've ever had!
Yesterday I had

Breakfast: cereal and a small cinnamon bun

Snack: I had some really good Ruffles BBQ Chips

Lunch: 2 turkey tacos, simple only with lettuce and cheese, a little salsa.

Dinner: Chicken Pasta wink.gif
2 cups of coffee
cereal bar
noodles with veggies
cup of coffee
strawberry lollipop
bean soup w/ bread & smoked cheese
cup of coffee
glass of rose wine

do you think I need to drink less coffee?! smile.gif
Yesterday I ate:

glass of orange juice with greens+
shreddies with organic vanilla soy milk
nature's harvest crunchy maple bar
huge salad with mixed greens, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumber, pomegranate/blueberry vinegrette
peach yogurt
reese's pieces
can of dr. pepper
slice of chicken bruchetta (sp?) pizza
glass of chocolate soy milk
Sound Of Vision
Girls, I almost burnt down my kitchen trying to make myself a lunch today!!! Fffuck! I put the oil on the stove and went back to room (reading new posts here, btw) until it heats up, and I forgot about it. Next moment I feel the smell and remember, run to the kitchen, trip on the phone cable, almost fall down and pull it out in the process, and when I got into the kitchen....whoa. Smoke everywhere! sad.gif

Anyways, vegetable sticks with mayonnaise and cucumber. tongue.gif
Started well...
Caramel Latte - all the caffeine, none of the guilt (skinny, iced, sugar free)
vanilla yogurt with apple cinnamon granola
curves bar (strawberry)
melon mix

then went quickly downhill:
cakester (nilla wafer kind)
handful of hot tamales
small brownie bite

then dinner (better):
grilled chz sammy
tomato soup (yummy on a cold rainy day)
lays cracker crisps (herb and parmesan) - omg have you tried these? yummy!
glass of "bloom" wine
Breakfast today:
4 strawberries
Cup of soy milk
Glass of water
South Beach peanut butter cereal bar

For lunch I'll probably have a larger Diet Coke and bowl of mushroom soup.

Dinner will be spinach salad and sandwiches.
breakfast/small snacks until lunch:


a weightwatchers cranberry and raspberry mousse
a necatarine

lunch: pizza slice with mozarella, tomato, mushroom, green pepper, onion
can of coke

dinner: small slice of quiche lorraine with potato salad and coleslaw
carton a lychee juice

several glasses of water
As I had a huge hangover today I had a terrible food day:

Bfast - Oatmeal and Raisin cookie and chocolate milk
Lunch - Onion rings and sour cream
Snack - kettle chips
Dinner - Huge portion of lasagne and mint choc chip ice cream

Bad, bad, bad but my head was about to fall off this morning blink.gif
For dinner:
- 2 Gardenburger Spicy Black Bean Burgers
- 3 slices of Montery Jack cheese
- 5 strawberries w/Equal
- 1 Target brand mint ice cream cookie sandwich

I love summertime food. smile.gif
11am: turkey/cheddar/lettuce/sprouts/jalapeno/onion/olive sammich

4pm: chicken noodle soup
chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

8pm: bowl of frosted flakes

strange, indeed
ok, here's is yesterday's food intake:

breakfast: cheese danish
lunch: cold fried chicken with a roll
snack: babybel cheese and a hazelnut iced latte
dinner: cheese personal pan pizza

cheese, cheese, and more cheese. ugh....
So far today I've had porridge with rice milk, honey and dried banana chips.
Cranberry juice.
Salted tortilla chips.
Rice cakes with sunflower spread, champagne Marmite and hummus.
A tomato.
An Eat Natural bar.
Irn Bru.
A glass of Montana Reserve Sauvignon Blanc.
Not sure what I'm going to have for dinner.
breakfast: oatmeal baked with cinnamon and brown sugar
lunch: half a PB and J sammich, some slices of apple, a babybel cheese and ice water
snack: some whole wheat crackers
after-class binge: waffle fries dipped in honey musteard and a diet coke
dinner: four-cheese quiche and some mixed, steamed veggies
snack: half a grapefruit

for dinner, i sauteed some red cabbage with coconut oil and finely minced garlic.
then, i added some already steamed broccoli, topped with crushed salt.
topped off with tongol tuna - perfect summer dinna!

okay, so the tuna's a bit fishy tasting for my the future, i might just keep the tuna in a separate bowl, so that the lovely green and red of the brassicas can co-mingle in peace.

i love me greens (and brassicas),

on second thought, i think i hate tuna! (not the fish species, just eating it! arg) blink.gif
breakfast: slice of toast with organic, smooth peanut butter and sliced banana
fat free rhubarb yoghurt
mug of "baby" tea (sweet and milky)

eta: lunch: tuna mayo and sweetcorn sandwich
a plum
pomegranate juice

Dinner will be nachos- simple and yummy.
Breakfast: one large grapefruit with a tsp of sugar and a large coffee. They balance each other right smile.gif
I didn't have time for breakfast today...daylight saving time kinda of got me a little behind today. Haha. Coffee seemed to suppress the hunger tho! Anyone else feeling groggy this morning because of daylight savings?
Breakfast: unsweetened muesli with semi-skimmed milk and fresh strawberries
home-made banana, peanut butter and honey smoothie

early dinner: salmon teryaki bento box with salmon teryaki and rice, tuna & salmon sashimi, sushi, endame
green tea
AP and I had dinner last night. Amazing restaurant, all small plates that we shared. here's what we ate:

Artisan cheese plate (I can't remember the cheeses, she can tell you. they were stunning)
curry cauliflower soup with hints of coriander and mint
quail stuffed with rabbit confit on a bed of braised cabbage and beets
crawfish beignets with sweet pepper aioli and spicy powdered sugar
suckling pig with home made sausage with rice and baby greens
mussels steamed in lemon-garlic-butter with focaccia

and then, there was the piece de resistance:

Seared Foie Gras with home made brown bread, slightly baked apple slices, all covered with a port wine reduction.

now I've never been much of a Foie Gras fan... but that dish was beyond food porn. It was sheer food erotica. High erotica at that. We just sat there, pretty much unable to do anything but lean back against our seats and kind of moan while we were eating it. It was so insanely fantastic we had to order a second one. It was quite honestly one of the best things I've eaten in my entire life.

...and it was so much like having amazing sex that we both had to smoke a cigarette after it. God, I'm going into raptures just thinking about the flavor.
*mouth salivates*

eta: xpost in barefoot & precocious, zoya, so that everybody can be as jealous as I am!
Breakfast: toasted crumpets and OJ

Lunch: Yaki soba and green tea, my standard work comfort food.
Breakfast: Oatmeal

Not sure what is for lunch yet.
I ate 1/4 of a chocolate cake today. It was a Pepperidge Farms cake, so that's okay.
Homemade chipotle sauce. Damn. How could I have lived this long without knowing about the perfection that is chipotles?
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