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princess evangeline
vodoo princess here <

today - dim sum / steamed dumplings / mai fun / spring roll / seafood ball
wow, that sounds lovely princess...

I had:
2 pain au chocolat /guilty
1 large hunk cheddar with harissa
1 salad with medjool dates with said cheddar, olive oil, and shredded carrot
1 serving brown rice pasta with my own made-up sauce of collards, tomatoes, garlic, onions, pecorino, basil, oregano
-white tea, vitamin drink, vanilla yogourt with muesli and diced pear
-about 4 bowls of my scratch minestrone
-salad: arugula, apples, onions, sesame seeds, and a lime/rice vinegar/sesame oil dressing
-2 or 3 clemintines
-more yogourt and muesli
-rooibos with soymilk
Breakfast: a piece of candy
Lunch: Fried chicken, red beans and rice and a biscuit
Dinner: Battered onions, cheese fries and an icecream sundae
Drinks: water, tea and a few sips of Pepsi.

Needless to say I am disgusted that I ate all that in one day.

Somehow my body has started rejecting real food and I have been subsisting for the past two weeks on salmon sashimi with gallons of soy sauce (I'm getting real good at preparing it now), gyoza, mini satsumas, dill pickles and iced tea.

I think for the pickles and soy sauce I'm mostly craving the salty, briny flavour. Weird, eh?
I just ate three quarters of a Delissio Pizza. I'm worried that if these eating habits keep up I'm not going to fit into my dress for the company Christmas party on Monday. Maybe if I don't eat anything between now and Monday.... just kidding... I'll get in, somehow.
breakfast: baked oatmeal with apples and walnuts
lunch: homemade biscuits with baked mac and cheese
dinner: rice and beans (with lots of onions, green pepper, potatoes, recao, and tomato sauce - yum)
oh, and many, many glasses of ice water
Breakfast- orange, stick of baklava, tea

Lunch- 2 more small sticks of baklava and a glass of pumpkin soy milk

(How I wasn't hungry/craving food all day, I have no idea. I usually eat constantly).

Dinner- 4 pieces of leftover falafel, 2 cups of spiced cider I just made, an ounce of dark chocolate, and herbal tea

Breakfast- muesli with fil (a Swedish yogourt-like product) and brown sugar, white tea with honey

Lunch- Leftover lasagna (meat lasagna with spinach and eggplant)

Snack- hot rye cereal with soymilk and lingonberry jam, rooibos tea

'Nother snack- a clementine, a butter croissant, a piece of dark chocolate, and ginseng tea

Dinner- the last of the leftover lasagna, and a salad with arugula, carrot, avo, and onion, mustard-balsamic dressing. More dark chocolate and licorice tea.

I sure do drink a lot of tea.
Here's a great weight-loss diet for that last-minute Christmas party (seething with sarcasm here)....

Breakfast: plain tea, orange juice, chicken broth

Lunch: strained, pulp-free lime juice, strawberry daquiri-flavoured Jell-O, more chicken broth

Snack: miso soup, water

Dinner: apple juice, vegetable soup (Campbell's brand with the mushy veggies & alphabet noodles), more Jell-O, water

Only reason I'm on this diet is for Crohn's, I'm in remission but I had something Friday night that definitely did NOT agree with me.... at this rate I should be back to a size 10 by Christmas. Not the way you WANT to do this, mind you..... sad.gif
Breakfast: a piece of rye toast with fjÀllbrynt (some kind of spreadable vanilla-flavored whey product), apple with p.b., white tea with honey

Snack: hot rye cereal with lingonberry jam and soymilk

'Nother snack: banana coconut bread (finally perfected the recipe), ginseng tea

Lunch: ham sandwich with sprouts on a whole grain roll, a banana, mint tea

Din-din: green lentils with leek and garlic, leftover sweet potato casserole, banana bread, rooibos tea, whiskey
I finally started a day without my usual breakfast tacos; that is the hardest part about living in Texas.....TACOS are everywhere sad.gif

What I have eaten thus far:

Breakfast ~ a small bowl of chocolate delight special K
half a cup of 1% milk

Lunch~ two pork tamales
a dreamsicle
half a can of coke
a bottle of water

Dinner~ hmmm, I have no idea what I feel like yet unsure.gif

I'm so jealous of the healthy eating going on in here when all I'm craving right now is Hawkins' brand Cheezies. Mind you these are the original Canadian Cheezies, and have nothing to do with Chester Cheetah, Frito-Lay, or Cheetos at all. They're a cornmeal based product shot through some kind of cannon that makes every one unique in shape and size, and then they're powdered to heck with Canadian cheddar cheese powder. Can't wait to try solid food again. Oh yeah, yesterday's menu:

Breakfast: hot tea with skim milk, glass of lime juice, glass of V-8 juice

Lunch: green tea, water, 7pcs salmon sashimi with gallons of soy sauce (ohhhhhhh it was so good!), and miso soup with tofu

Snack: (if you can call it that) iced tea

Dinner: miso soup (no tofu), salmon sashimi (5pcs), more soy sauce, Ceres pear juice, and 4oz 2% milk

Snack: chicken noodle soup with italian croutons (nice and mushy), pear juice, V-8 juice blink.gif
yesteday: grande soya chai latte

half a tuna and cucumber sandwich on wholemeal bread
half a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread
a handful each of green and red grapes

a quarter of my friend's iced cinnamon swirl
a satsuma
hot, candied cashew nuts from the visiting German Christmas market

cajun chicken fettucinne
a can of coke

lots of water

today: grande soya chai latte
a banana

3 x tuna maki
2 x California roll
vegetable tempura
(all with lots of soya sauce)
still water

a grande soya gingerbread latte (3 Starbucks in 2 days is obscene)
2 satsumas
some honeydew and canteloupe melon
more water

a small serving of lamb bhoona with rice
orange and pineapple juice
even more water
Posting to shame myself. Bad day for eating....

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese
lunch: potato chips with french onion dip
dinner: 2 slices of cheese pizza
snack: more chips
lots of sweet tea and water

No wonder I feel dreadful.
Adnarim, sounds like a kick azz day-- although not the healthiest. Don't beat yourself up too bad. Tomorrow is another day.

Gaaaaah ladies, does anyone else loathe plain cranberry juice??? Its so tart!! But I'm forcing myself to drink it right now. blink.gif WOWZA

breakfast: four silver dollar pancakes with syrup, water to drink (out of milk)
Lunch: a peanut butter sandwich and some tea (with splenda)
Dinner: baked chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots and more tea

snack: 2 pcs of sugar free candy, water, cranberry juice (bleccchhhh)
Oh I love cranberry juice! If it's a bit tart add a little tonic water or some club soda. Or if you're daring, some VODKA! (Can you tell exams are over?)

I have returned to semi-solid food...


chocolate soy shake (healthy AND yummy!)
orange pekoe tea with skim milk

iced tea
2 chocolate biscuits

2 Coca-Colas (ohhhhhh so tasty!)
chinese black tea
won ton soup with egg noodles
chicken chow mein
pork potstickers
chicken fried rice


chocolate soy shake (keepin' the healthy goin'!)
super multi-vitamin

2 teeny-weeny satsuma oranges, about 5cm diameter!
darjeeling tea with skim milk
1 500ml bottle water

1 cup leftover won ton soup

salmon sashimi with tons of soy sauce (I can't help it!)
2 dill pickles (mmmmm pickle brine....)
2 glasses V-8 juice
iced tea with lime

pondering a snack of sour cream & onion Bits & Bites (I think they're another Canadian treat.... I could be wrong)
Breakfast ~ 1 organic wheat english muffin with a little bit of blackberry spread
Chocolate Underground yogurt
iced green tea with lemon and honey

Lunch ~ 2 slices of cheese pizza
can of coke

Dinner ~ chicken with fruit sauce and steamed rice....that is what I am picking up after work
iced tea wink.gif

breakfast: whole wheat bagel, toasted and topped with onion and chive cream cheese, apple juice
lunch: macaroni and cheese and a huge salad with viniagrette dressing, water
dinner: 3 slices of cheese pizza and a can of store-brand sprite

So far today:
breakfast: another whole wheat bagel with onion and chive cream cheese (yummmm)
Dates for breakfast

Right now- steamed kale with lemon juice. Supposed to have garlic but my roommate used all of mine. Ass.
Homemade spicy butternut squash and carrot soup.
today's breakfast: a clementine and glass of apple juice

huge lunch, went for sushi: prawn katsu, poached salmon and dill roll, bite of eel nigiri, seared coriander tuna sashimi, shichimi and dill salmon sashimi, crispy duck futomaki, green tea and couple of glasses of water.

more apple juice

dinner will be: bowl of lentil soup with some crusty bread
mango sorbet
My NYE day food:

favourite pasta salad ever!
(brown rice fusili; cubed sheep's milk feta; shredded basil; mustard/turnip/etc greens; halved cocktail cherry tomatoes; extra virgin olive oil)

shredded beef tamale; chile relleno; beans; rice, covered in chile verde LOTS of it................

NY Day food so banana.
Breakfast: bacon, two biscuits and unsweet tea.
No lunch
Dinner: cheese bread, calzone with meatballs, unsweet tea and an ice cream cone.
Haven't really eaten much today - wasn't hungry. till now!

Ate 4 Spanakopita triangles.... I love this stuff - spinach, feta cheese, onions, and spices in phyllo dough. GOSH ITS SO GOOD. Small crispy perfection! LOL

And two pieces of sugar free Peppermint Patties. Oh yeah, and some water.
Right now: steamed kale and collard greens with salt, pepper, lemon juice, raw garlic, and a sauce I made with tahini and white miso. SO GOOOOOOOOD!
So far...
pancakes with Earth Balance and maple syrup
black bean burger on a whole wheat bun and topped with meunster cheese, ketchup and pickles
french fries with honey mustard
chocolate pudding

So far:

Finnish cumin crisp bread (high-fibre) with mackerel in tomato sauce, cucumber

Three cups of espresso with ecological skim milk

A satsuma

A couple of spoons mexican bean salsa, sans fat

For dinner: I still don't know, and don't feel like cooking.

re: cranberry juice. I love pomegranate juice! There's an ecological brand in my local store,
recently I've become quite addicted to it.

ambersienna maria
I drank 3 bicardi limons straight last night so i needed some protein this morn.
2 scrambled eggs
hash browns
soy sausage
ambersienna maria
And i am now in the process of gulping down vitamins
vit c complex
b vitamin
Breakfast, scarfed on a bus to the airport:
-kolbassa sausage, eaten whole
-big piece of camembert cheese
-half a brown banana
-chocolate wafer cookie

Airport lunch:
-butter croissant
-sparkling water
-granola bar

Wonderful dinner (thanks to roomie):
-cheesy eggplant casserole
-black bean-sesame salad
-arugula-tomato salad with fresh cheese
-irish coffee
it's been a trying day...
and I just ate half a container of Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra.

so there.

1/2 ezekiel wrap with raw almond butter, banana, coconut milk, and dates


kelp noodles, mixed sea veggies, herb salad mix, red bell pepper, carrot, chili flakes, sesame oil, soy sauce



couple fries


1/2 ezekiel wrap with raw almond butter, banana, and blueberries

small piece of 85% valrhona

dinner: blanched mustard, collard, turnip greens, halved cherry tomatoes, cubed sheep's milk cheese, dab pesto,

dessert: chocolate walnut tart with raspberry chocolate sauce and earl grey tea

2 whole meal buns with mackarel in tomato sauce & fresh tomatoes
2 cups of espresso
glass of pomegranate juice

thai sea food wook & rice
2 beers
tall glass of ice water
1 fruit toffee (that came with the check)

very likely 2-3 cups of smoked earl grey with milk
possibly a homous sandwich or two

Tons of white grapes!!!!! Havent had those in years because of my allergies! They're awesome. Don't like the skin on them though.

Last night: Veggie burgers with spicy oven-roasted potato wedges, grapes for dessert, iced tea for beverage
so far:

ezekiel tortilla with whole pintos, sheep's milk feta, scrambled egg, aforesaid turnip, etc greens, red bell pepper, cholula hot sauce, avocado


apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, mandarin, raw almond butter, pecans, water, vanilla, pumpkin seeds


collards, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, red pepper, and parmesan in a bowl

last night was not so good. Had popcorn, cheese, and salami with my family as we watched a movie. Day was good though. Kelp noodle, mixed sea veggie, tofu, veggies, salad; fruit, nut butter wrap.
Made juice: 4 bunches of little carrots and 4 apples

2 mangos
1 apple
1 red pepper

1 small slurpee from Seven Eleven
chocolate covered espresso beans.
1 cigarette.
I just ate Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. MMMMM. Will go to grocery store later to pick up healthy food.
Black pudding, fruit pudding, sausage and toast. Yum!!

2 wholemeal buns w mackarel in tomato sauce & fresh tomato, espresso w skim ecological milk

pack of crabsticks
cup of asparagus soup

salad of mung beans, red lentils, wild cabbage, carrots, leek & vinaigrette
steamed broccoli
grilled quorn cutlets
glass of white wine.. or two

QUOTE(beautycastvixen @ Jan 18 2008, 01:24 PM) *
Black pudding, fruit pudding, sausage and toast. Yum!!

What's black and fruit pudding? happy.gif

what I ate today~

Breakfast - 2 potato and egg tacos
Lunch - half a sausage link, a bolio roll, beans and potato salad
Dinner - hopefully something healthy
sandee, black pudding!

My new favorite concoction
whole wheat mac and cheese mixed with
stir fried brussel sprouts
red bell peppers
chopped ham

I've recently discovered the joy of brussel sprouts. They've gotten such a bad rap because they've most often been boiled to mush (yuck!) and drowned in butter. They're so tasty just quartered and stir fried with olive oil and garlic. They taste a lot like broccoli.
Today: green salad with spinach, carrots, cucumbers (allergic to tomatoes) with italian dressing - not too fond of the dressing though, but thought i'd give it a try! cubes of honeydew, cantaloupe, fresh pineapple, white grapes, flavored water to drink

tonight: another salad, apple juice to drink, canned pineapple for dessert

I second humanist77 on the brussel sprouts!

2 ryvita w ajvar relish, sliced tomato
espresso w skim milk

espresso w skim milk

brussel sprouts
green peas
sun dried tomato without oil

not planned

I was sick earlier today and hardly ate so ate crap to make up for it:

breakfast: spiced pumpkin muffin
soya chai latte

late lunch/protein and fibre to make me feel better: several sheets of honey mustard ham eating alone
a banana
peppermint tea

dinner: bowl of carrot and coriander soup
piece of fried chicken

late snack (I was hungry!): two slices of spicy chicken pizza
orange and pineapple diluting juice

Tomorrow I'm going to drink lots of fruit smoothies to make myself feel better
This is more about what I didn't eat today... grr.

I have a 3 hr, 40 min lecture monday nights. I was going to leave early to buy some peanut butter m&ms to nibble on, but my extra time was used up in driving on horrible snowy roads. All I could think about the whole lecture was those damn m&ms!

4 ryvita w ajvar relish & sundried tomato without oil
espresso w skim milk


4 sundried tomatoes
half a carrot
cappuccino from a machine

a HILL of wholemeal pasta
brussel sprouts
squid in its ink
green peas
ajvar relish
sundried tomatoes
half a carrot

late night snack:
cup-a-soup Balance (feta & vegetables)


breakfast: potato and egg taco and a coke
lunch: the soy burgers they gave the kids at school and milk
dinner: yum, my mother is making Caldo de Pollo

I have such horrible breakfast habits
Hmmmm.. it looks hella weird, but its dang tasty and colorful.

Brunch: brown & wild rice blend topped with vegetable soup (tomatoes, corn, green beans, lima beans, grt northern beans, carrots, peas) with a splash of franks red hot sauce. And green cabbage as a side. YESSIRR! Pomegranate/cherry juice to drink.

Yesterday I had another salad, with v8 splash to drink, and water. dried tropical fruit for snack **YUMMY**!!

breakfast: the usual ryvita & espresso routine..

lunch: no.. :/

snack: um.. do 3 glasses of red wine count??

super duper late dinner:
wholemeal pasta, brussel sprouts, leek, tofu, soy, sauce made of cup-a-soup mushroom
a carrot, about a TUB of lemon water

Masterplan: Insert lunch in eating schedule to avoid verrrry late night cooking bonanza.


Thread Hog mcHogson:

3 slices of 16% fiber crisp bread
cottage cheese
ajvar relish
tomato slices
coffee w ecological milk

2 tbs. of salty pumpkin seeds, in shell
tap water w raspberries, beside computer

wholemeal ecological pasta
ecological spinach
ecological green peas
oatmeal and rapeseed based "cream", low fat
red lentil salsa

ginger snaps & more coffee

possibly late night meal:
Caribbean "chicken" soup (milk based, sans actual chicken)

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