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Right now: muscadine grapes, aka scuppernongs. Never had them before but bought them this afternoon for a treat, and damn they're good. Tart (but not too tart) skin - ok the skin's a bit tough, but maybe that's to balance out the tender sweet big ol' bag o' green pulp inside - & then 3-5 seeds to tease out and pittooie! into the trash can beside me. Lots of interesting flavour & texture contrasts for my mouth.
Yesterday (which was the day before my b-day, so everyone was treating me to meals)

Breakfast: Kashi cereal and lots o'coffee

Lunch: Perrier and Pad Thai (yum)

Dinner: two green apple martinis, filo pastry filled with poached apples and chevre and some sweet potato frites with garlic aeoli and curry ketsup.

Currently drinking a Coke, not Diet. I accidentally hit the Coke not Diet Coke button on the vending machine before class. Oh well.
QUOTE(missjoy @ Oct 2 2007, 03:39 AM) *
filo pastry filled with poached apples and chevre and some sweet potato frites with garlic aeoli and curry ketsup.

DAMN that sounds delicious.

and hello, thanks for explaining! that is VERY interesting! rad.

today: chicken caesar salad from el pollo loco. i know, i know, fast food....but the dressing has become a guilty pleasure of mine and my coworker's.

now: thinking about making some sort of chili.
hellotampon & other vegans, check out this Vegan Zombie tshirt.

Dinner: stew of ground lamb, kale, potatoes, lemon, tarragon, olive oil, over jasmine rice boiled with butter and shiitake mushrooms. Muscadine grapes for dessert. Also 2 sort-of shortbread cookies I made yesterday (I used buckwheat flour instead of wheat.) They turned out very crumbly and almost black, but I put them in the freezer and they hardened up enough to eat without dropping bits everywhere. Probably would be good for making Hallowe'en cookies because of the color, if people liked, or didn't mind, the strong kasha taste.
amendment on the "some sort of chili": i made a delicious black bean soup (thanks to "how to cook everything" thanks to pollystyrene! wub.gif) with yogurt and cilantro. i didn't have chili pepper so i used cayenne and forgot how SPICY it is, but my spiciness tolerance has increased exponentially since i moved to the southwest (well, so cal) so i could handle it a lot better than i thought. YUM!
breakfast: black coffee everything bagel with "buttery spread" with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top

lunch: wrap with hummus, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and spring mix

dinner: for later i made potato "cheesy" soup


P.S. HT i am SO jealous that you have your own eggs to eat.
for dinner tonight I made:

spinach salad w/ tomato, cucumber, manouri cheese and tomato & tahini dressing
pasta w/ olive oil, thinly sliced fresh garlic, crushed red pepper, lemon juice, yellow grape tomatoes, and parmesan
zuchinni sauteed w/ fresh garlic & olive oil

my apartment smells so good and garlicky, I know I won't be having any vampire visits tongue.gif

--veggie burrito from taco truck at work

(went home sick--not because of burrito though)

--pho and ginger tea, cure for what ails me! (seriously this is my surefire meal for when i am sick and in need of comfort)

--more lemon and ginger tea
Ah I miss my old account...

What I ate today: morning for breakfast (but only because I was at my boy's house- I never eat breakfast) I had an egg with toasts. For dinner I had a coupl of cheese raviolis, half a piece of bread and a little pasta. I can't eat too much anymore, I get nauseous! Ive been feeling nauseous all day almost everyday, especially after eating!And I know fo sho I ain't no anorexic, so maybe I'm pregnant? hahaha JK. I don't know whats wrong with me, must be the stress sad.gif
-cuppa Earl Grey and a banana (and I was STARVING by lunch)

-big bowl of Greek tomato lentil soup from a stand in the market hall, a whole wheat roll, and a cafe au lait

-bunch of mashed potatoes, made with whole milk, real butter, minced garlic, and s & p
-2 pieces of rye sunflower seed bread with pate
-pickled beets
-rooibos blueberry tea with milk and honey, and some Lindt chili dark chocolate.... divine

Now (pre-bed):
-muesli with yogourt and honey
-2 more pieces of bread with pate, somewhat guiltily
Today for Breakfast: fat free organic vanilla yogurt with granola and a VERY strong cup of green and ginseng tea that still has me jittery, 7 hours later~
today for Linner:
knockwurst sausage and sauerkraut,
whole wheat couscous mixed with balsamic tomato salad
and stir fried carrots and yellow bell peppers on the side.

very tasty, actually, and vinegary-just the way I like it!

my meals are getting increasingly eclectic since I've moved out : )
Breakfast: --Mini Whole wheat bagel
--Better than peanut butter
-- Banana

--Plain Yogurt
-- Blueberries

Lunch: --Trader Joes Soba Noodles
-- Raw Zucchini and Carrots

Snack: --2 Wasa Crackers
-- 1 Babyel Cheese & 1 Laughing Cow
--Sliced Turkey

--Bento Box with sushi, potatoes, egg, greens, and soba

Dessert: --Greek Yogurt and blueberries

Also throw in coffee, tea, soda, water, etc.
spinach gnocchi with a blue cheese cream sauce

tortuffla ? it was chocolate gelato with coca powder all over it.

excellent wine

san pelligrino
late breakfast: toasted croissant with honey
a banana
strawberry and cherry smoothie

snack: a satsuma
summer fruits with ginseng green tea
handful of milk bottle sweets

dinner: tuna steak in ginger, lemon and spring onion marinade with roasted mediterranean vegetable cous cous
pineapple and mexican lime juice
For breakfast:
a honeycrisp apple
a cup of soy milk

it was a really good apple!

When I get back from the gym, I am going to make an omlette with broccolii and mushrooms. Yum!
breakfast: a toasted croissant with strawberry jam
a banana
green tea with strawberries, blueberries and echinacea

snack: a handful of blackberries

lunch: two pork, black pudding and bramley apple sausages with some Branston pickle on the side
a glass of cranberry juice

snack: a macintosh red apple

dinner: a bowl of pumpkin and pepper soup
lots of water

a mug of turkish apple tea
god, bunny, you are so good at eating well...

my day:

breakfast / lunch: leftover kung po jumbo prawns and rice with some water

dinner: gigantic ethiopian dinner with friends and two glasses of white wine followed by a pint of guinness for dessert..

bedtime snack: four rich tea biscuits.

I suck. I eat like crap.

Thank god(dess) I'm not the only person who obsesses about food....

Morning: cup of coffee with skim milk & unrefined demerera sugar (fitting since I'm unrefined myself)

Lunch: baked chicken strips with plum sauce, garden salad with Italian dressing, and iced tea

Now: 3rd cup of coffee

dinner will be a <cringe> Lean Cuisine Spa frozen dinner since it's yoga class tonight and I get home *JUST* in time to watch CSI. dry.gif
breakfast: bowl of nature's path organic optimum zen cereal, tea
lunch: microwaveable bowl of asian noodles (thai kitchen roasted garlic), smart water, V8
dinner: mixed veggies, cheesy broccoli rice, baked chicken
misc: chocolate obsession non-dairy frozen dessert
misc: bettermade crunchy kettle-cooked potato chips

All day up till now:

4 cups of strong coffee w. organic milk
about 6 satsumas

Dinner (now):
whole-grain pasta
gorgonzola sauce mix + organic milk

Probably some trans fatty crap like potato chips :/

breakfast: chocolate milk, muffin - bought from the newsagents on the way to college as I didn't unpack food before

lunch: chicken wrap sandwich, water

dinner: chicken satay and egg fry rice (with brocoli, babycorn, mange tout and bok choi). was yummy and i'll be having it reheated tomorrow.
"breakfast" (aka, really late lunch) - migas (fried pieces of corn tortilla scrambled with eggs) with feta cheese and a bottle of pepsi

bite size hershey bar

dinner - i'm making an awesome, thick veggie soup with chunks of corn on the cob and huge pieces of potato in a crock pot right now. i can't wait! i'll probably be eating the leftovers for the rest of the week!

Lynda: wacko.gif

Today I ate:
2 satsumas,
1 banana,
2 slices of whole-grain bread with sea food salad & tomato,
shrimp crepes
and 4 cups of coffee w. organic milk.
QUOTE(Lynda @ Oct 30 2007, 06:04 PM) *
Ok ill play along.

Mmm, no had it right the first time. No one cares what you ate. rolleyes.gif
Breakfast: banana with p.b., earl grey with soy milk

Lunch: Leftover pasta from last night (spinach-pesto-feta), and a monster salad: romaine lettuce, avocado, yellow pepper, grated beets and carrots, walnuts, sesame seeds, sesame dressing

Snack: dates, rooibos tea

Dinner: meatballs! with lingonberry jelly, and another monster salad, this one most of the same ingredients as the other one, plus cucumber and chickpeas, and with a ginger-chili-garlic dressing, 2 glasses of red wine

rooibos with soy milk. contemplating a snack.

ETA: Lynda, I would care, but you're a cuntwad.

(sorry for troll-baiting...)
* a toasted hot-cross bun with fig preserve
a bananito (mini banana)
a glass of pineapple and coconut juice

* a salmon fish cake
pineapple and mexican lime juice

* a soya chai latte

* salmon fillet in spring onion, ginger, lemon and soy sauce marinade on cous cous with sunflower seeds, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes.

* lots of water

* peppermint tea
herb salad mix, olives, tuna salad
chai cocoa
handful almonds
couple bites fresh pineapple
some reduced guilt chips from tj's
garlic and herb-laced tofu fried in olive oil, topped with local organic pre-made tomato pesto and fresh cooked spinach.

1. i actually cooked! yay!
2. it was really good. i ate it all.
3. i think i'm gonna barf, but in a good way!
Banana-spelt pancakes with cacao nibs thrown into the batter. Actual sweetened chocolate makes me break out, but I think these cacao nib things don't, so much. I enjoy their bitterness contrasted with the sweetness of the pancake.
tofu beer brat
i had some wonderfully delicious macaroni and cheese from the deli downstairs!

1 banana, 2 satsumas

100 g potato chips :/

2 Danish red hot dogs
2 slices of wholegrain bread
coffee w. skim milk, earl grey tea
le tap water
-organic yogourt with granola, earl grey with soymilk

-a salad with spinach, tuna, avocado, orange pepper and red onion, and homemade honey mustard dressing

-leftover lentils and mashed potatoes

-carbonated water and a shortbread cookie with jam

-a glass of port, a fruit salad with apples, grapes, kiwi, fresh mint, and honey, peppermint tea
First day of the flu

- 2 Tylenol flu caplets
- decaffeinated orange pekoe tea with milk
- frozen fruit mix (thawed) with raw demerara sugar

- 2 Tylenol flu caplets
- 1 cup Maruchan instant wonton soup (I couldn't find the good frozen kind I like)
- 1 packet Nongshim shrimp crackers
- 1/2 bottle of Bottlegreen ginger & lemongrass sparkling water

- 1 cup Knorr autumn vegetable soup
- 3 onion & rosemary flatbread crackers
- 1 leftover Pillsbury biscuit from last night

Snack (in planning stages):
- remaining 1/2 bottle of Bottlegreen ginger & lemongrass
- original Cup 'O Noodles

Yes it's junk food, but actual "food" food is not happy with my tummy today
breakfast: hot cross bun with fig preserve
pineapple and coconut juice

large lunch (no dinner): hamburger with salad, onion rings, BBQ sauce and fries
jack daniel’s glazed chicken wings
a Cosmopolitan

snacks: grande soya gingerbread latte
a strawberry and dark chocolate (no dairy) muffin
a mug of turkish apple tea
lots of water

2 slices of whole-grain bread
low-fat cheese spread
sliced tomato
1 banana

snacks during the day: 3 satsumas, 1 banana

low fat bean salsa, 1 slice of bread
pickled cucumber
sliced tomato

2 slices of bread w. low-fat cheese spread
sliced tomato
1 mug of Campbell's tomato soup

+ 3-4 mugs of strong coffee w. skim milk
& le tap water

i just ate a crap ton of smoked salmon. it was fantastically delicious and i felt like a ravenous bear.


I just ate a feta cheese & salad ciabatta (first meal I had today), and got change
on a 500 kronor bill in only 20 kronor bills. Don't think that has ever happened before.
I feel supa rich now because my wallet is supa fat. Must do that more often.

an Amy's black bean burrito
a soy yogurt and a Naked Juice
Thai food (spicy bamboo with tofu)
a ton of coconut-rolled dates, and then more after class

maybe some beets and beet greens later on.
- a strawberry yogurt
- an egg salad sandwich
- sausage and scrambled eggs (I love breakfast for dinner!)

Yeah, I know - boring, huh?
Day Four of the biohazard diet.....

- cup of coffee (finally! a whole cup doesn't make me barf!)

- 2 bottles of water.... meh, the coffee didn't agree so much

- some rosemary crackers and ginger tea

- omelet with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and marinated artichoke hearts
- 2 slices 12-grain toast

Bedtime snack:
- thinking of some iced tea and some more rosemary crackers with goat cheese

tomorrow.... I shall attempt salad!
i had grilled cheese and fries for lunch, not so healthy but it was good! smile.gif
breakfast: cup of tea & few slices of mango

lunch: left overs from yesterdays lunch - tabouleh, falafel, hummous, pita, & olives.

dinner: will be a spinach salad & pumpkin soup. mmm, I love the fall.

--Spinach, beets, peppers, turkey, and cheese salad
--iced tea

--4-5 chocolate amaretto pecans

--grilled chicken, beet, pistachio, orange, spinach salad
--diet coke

Dessert/Late Night Snack
--honey bunches of oats
--pumpkin + vanilla yogurt
--few pieces frozen banana

Now for some tea and latin homework

Fishsticks & mashed potatoes, ketchup. I'm such baby.

Now, coffee & ginger snaps! And perhaps a satsuma.

today at work we had a potluck thanksgiving lunch--it was soo good, homemade mac and cheese, mash potatoes, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, brownies, apple pie, rolls, wow---im stuffed smile.gif
Returning to the biohazard (flu) diet....

this morning: Cheerios with vanilla soy milk (makes it just sweet enough!), plain orange pekoe tea plus all the vitamins and drugs I can fit in a handful, and lemon-lime sparkling spring water

now (at the office): orange pekoe tea with 1 creamer and a bunch of painkillers

going for pho for lunch (mmmmm pho..... satisfies my need for something a little zingier than regular chicken soup)

dinner will likely be portuguese chicken using a new recipe from

and of course some Breyer's light French vanilla ice cream..... ice cream makes everything better!
5am soy yogurt

9am soy yogurt
cup of tea

11am kiwi

1pm whole wheat pita with hummus, tabouli, spinach, avocado
cup of tea

530pm vegan cookie and 2 carob peanut butter cups- during my nutrition class! oops.

830pm soy yogurt
thinking about another cup of tea. What I really want is another carob cup but I'm trying to save it for my boyfriend!

cheese and tomato sandwiches & coffee w. skim milk, 2 satsumas

a couple of small olive oil & sea salt crackers

sesame seed bar

3 small cookies & coffee w. skim milk
small glass of pisang ambon

clam and cherry tomato salad & low fat pink pepper dressing

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