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for breakfast:
cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and fresh strawberries sprinkled with brownsugar and more cinnamon - and an iced latte of my making.

for lunch:
a salad without greens - broccoli, red cabbage, carrot - with shitake salad dressing, apple slices, and about 1.5 oz. baked tofu.

I've pretty much eaten those two meals every weekday for the last 3 weeks.

raspberry rainbow jamba juice

brie omelette

rice cakes

small gala apple

smartwater with some vitamin stuff I put in it


some rice pasta with my own version of alfredo sauce--really turned out well!
I had 2 cups of coffee (ugh lack of sleep) 2 eggs, a protein bar after far....I know it's kind of sick and healthy. I had a busy night last night though....
Ok Im going to start here too. I think writing down everything i eat will help me control my portions and make me not want to eat bad stuff. Although Im a bad food-a-holic.

Breakfast: two eggo waffles with lite syrup

Snack: low fat chex mix

Lunch: two pieces of toasted wheat bread with half an avacado between.

Sorry...its only 2:30 here so thats as far as i got so far....
green mint tea
black bean burrito
Naked juice
craisins trail mix
a few handfuls of Munchos
3 squares (so far) of dark chocolate
mango/papaya/strawberries (all on sale!)

later: cinnamon tea and maybe some pinto beans and polenta. And I bet I'll eat the other 3 squares of chocolate.

I feel like I eat too much fruit and not enough vegetables. My beloved stew vegetables are no longer in season, so i don't crave them, and salads are soooo expensive (unless I make a crappy one with just iceberg, tomato, and cucumber, and, well, no).
This is so true with me too, hellotampon. I eat so much fruit, but its an effort to sneak in veggies. Even at restaurant sometimes, you order the salad and then its just iceberg lettuce and like 3 carrots. I eat veggie soup most days or spaghetti sauce with chopped veggies in it. I have to trick myself from time to time into eating them. And even though its not the best solution, I often resort to canned because its cheap and I don't have to worry about it spoiling.
Yeah it's weird because I'm not a vegetable-hater! It's just easier to eat fruit. I am spoiled so when I make salad, I need it to be all tricked out with different kinds of greens and broccoli, fresh mushrooms, avocado, sprouts, olives, etc (I don't include everything but I try to pick different things to put in it each time I shop). And it's expensive and it there's so much stuff that all goes bad at different rates and I have to lug it all with me because I'm constantly back and forth between my mom's house and my boyfriend's; school and work, etc. And I end up wasting food. Same goes for stiryfry. Things ike ginger and scallions always spoil first.

Dipping raw veggies in hummus is slightly less of a hassle to lug around, and I'll make pita sandwiches with hummus and tabouli and veggies, pizza with vegetables piled on.

I just don't feel like i have this problem in cold weather. I buy the frigging bag of "soup and stew vegetables" at the grocery store, which is cheap, chop half of it, put it in a casserole dish and throw it in the oven at work and then make the other half the next day. And it's good- I eat that until my armpits smell like sweet potato. When my body odor smells like fruit I know I'm not getting enough veggies. And right now my crotch smells like a mango. Sorry for the TMI, but it does.

Breakfast this morning:

Scrambled Eggs, fried Tator Tots, Diced Ham & Shredded Chedder Cheese all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. I think I had three all together. They were so good. I'm really thirsty though so I'm gonna go get some tea.

Good eats to all!
- flax cereal with nonfat vanilla yogurt and milk

- apple

- fat free beans and low fat cheese on top
- chicken tamale (this was a left over and kind of dry so the pug got some of it)
- black current herbal tea iced

- oat squares cereal
- apricot necture over ice

dinner? not sure yet.
-Green Tea
-5 Wasa 7-grain crackers

-Mini pizza: pita, homemade pasta sauce with red peppers, boca, tomato, and mushrooms, mozzarella cheese
-Spring Greens, carrots, with lime juice
-3/4 cup honey nut cheerios, 1/2 cup milk
-Quaker mini delight

-2 1/2 cups mixed fruit: pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, watermelon
-Small piece grilled chicken
-2 boca burgers
-4 chips and little bit of gauc
-Couple bites of pasta salad

Dinner: Hawaiian JalapeƱo Pizza; chicken wings marinated in Annie's Paradise Marinade; Beer and Ciders

Breakfast: Two slices of bacon and coffee with half and half
dinner last night
- fresh moz, tomato ad basil salad with balsamic and olive oil
- baked chicken breast with fig and onion marinade
- steamed broccoli
- black current tea iced
- one piece french bread
- one square dark chocolate

brunch made by husband and son for mothers day. happy contented sigh
- fratatta with tomates and basil and parm, and mushrooms
- sweet strawberries in cream
- cub decaff
- 3 pieces turkey bacon with .5gm fat per piece
- two truffles (mojoito and honey rosmary)

Lunch: Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mustard and mayo on a still warm from the oven demi baguette

Dinner: Spaghetti Carbone with a large salad with goat cheese with honey crumbles and more of said baguette and a couple of glasses of white wine which was popped for use in the Spaghetti dish.

Breakfast: apple pie (oops)

Snack: Sweet potato chips and tea (oops again)

Lunch: small cup of beans and polenta

Lunch 2: veg samosas

Dinner: cherries, cinnamon tea, bites of stir-fry I'm making for work tomorrow.
Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: green olive and feta pizza, cold.

Dinner: same as lunch

Snack: muffin
- oat squares with skim milk

- fish tace
- hochata (not too big)

- huge steamed artichoke with curried light mayo
- 4oz salmon filet with lemon, capers and fresh baby dill
- 1/2 banana and 5 strawberries with fatfree vanilla yogurt.
i am very full!
Breakfast: -Flax Pita w/jam
-Green Tea
-Vanilla Yogurt

Snack: -Banana
-FiberOne Bar

Lunch: -Healthy Choice Clam Chowder
-diet orange soda
-flax pita with turkey

Snack 2: -Apple
-Small bowl honeynut cheerios with milk

-Leftover wood fired pizza
-Chilled cucumber mint soup (BUST recipe tongue.gif)

Desert: -100 cal kettle corn
-peach applesauce

breakfast- toasted croissant with honey and raspberries
apple juice

snack- banana
pineapple juice
4 glasses of water

lunch- sushi
strawberry, blackberries and raspberry fruit salad
pomegranate and raspberry juice

snack at friend's house- a large white choc chip cookie
mini caramel shortcakes
haribo jellies
2 x chai tea

dinner- spinach and ricotta ravioli with sugo and fresh asparagus
2 slices of garlic bread
apple juice

wow to come over and feed me smile.gif
laugh.gif It was a good day.

My days are tending to be carb and fruit filled.


breakfast: toasted croissant with honey and strawberries
cranberry juice

mid-day snack: smoothie with strawberries, kiwi fruit, banana and apple (made by me smile.gif)

late lunch: tuna and soya endamame bean salad with oriental dressing
slice of tomato and broccoli quiche
strawberries and blackberries

dinner: small bowl of mashed potato with sage and onion gravy

lots of water throughout
That edamame salad sounds dreamy good!!
I am sticking with good munchies throughout the day...a nice workout (today would be perfect for a hike) a protein bar/shake for after hike, and a nice dinner.
Water throughout or tea except in the morning NO ONE can stop me from having coffee.
Er, only addiction really...
QUOTE(ChiqsRUs @ May 16 2007, 01:55 PM) *
That edamame salad sounds dreamy good!!
I am sticking with good munchies throughout the day...a nice workout (today would be perfect for a hike) a protein bar/shake for after hike, and a nice dinner.
Water throughout or tea except in the morning NO ONE can stop me from having coffee.
Er, only addiction really...

If someone said to me one day,"I'm sorry, but if you don't stop drinking coffee you might die," I'd have to start funeral arrangments.
the salad is divine although store bought (m&s simply food, uk busties)


dinner: toasted croissant with honey and blackberries (I swear I'll vary the breakfast some day this week, maybe today)

mid-morning snack: chocolate galaxy ripple bar (omg, I forgot how much I loved these! especially when PMSing)

lunch: slice of left-over broccoli and tomato quiche
low fat apricot yoghurt
a kiwi fruit

late afternoon: mug of peppermint tea

dinner: shared tapas- cous cous and tomato stuffed aubergine (eggplant) shell; potato slices in creamy sauce; baked goats
cheese in orange and chilli marmalade; breast of duck with apple compote; spicy beef salad in chorizo and
manchego cheese dressing; battered black tiger prawns with garlic mayo dip.
creme brulee (well, creme catalana) with strawberries
large glass of rose wine

lots of water throughout day
Breakfast: Skipped except for the coffee and h/h

Lunch: Two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup and chips and baked beans and a beer

Dinner: BBQ Chicken on the grill, coleslaw, steamed asparagus and beers outdoors!

ETA: Post #500!
too many muddy tummy hurts

breakfast: toasted croissant with honey
cranberry juice

lunch: beef ravioli in tomato sauce with french bread

dinner: bbq chicken fajitas with peppers, spring onion, mushrooms, salsa, guacamole and sour cream
several glasses of apple juice

snack: shared bowl of warm buttered popcorn with my sis
bottle (1.5 litre) of frambozen (raspberry flavoured brown ale)
So I have been doing the South Beach diet but I seem to get a little lenient on the weekends. Hee!

Friday night: Chocolate Martini, pork chops, vegatables, popcorn

Saturday: Kashi Go-Lean cereal and low fat soy milk, black bean patties, bacon, eggs, and three Fuzzy Navels.

I think today I have as much a sugar hangover as anything.
Breakfast: Cinnamon Swirled Toast with gads of butter and a couple cups of coffee with h/h

Two cups of Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint hot tea

Lunch: Chipolte Carnitas tacos and two glasses of agua fria con limon

Dinner: a couple of beers and likely a grilled cheese sandwich
Bagel with Butter & Strawberry Jam
2 Dad-pancakes.

My most favourite chicken caesar salad from my local grocery store.
Authur's Strawberry Rainforest Smoothie.
Fresh pineapple cubes.


Mmmm. Good day for food.
some snap pea crisps, some black bean jalapeno chips while still in bed

a pomegranate, blueberry, tropical-banana smoothie

a brown rice tortilla breakfast burrito made of chili flakes, scrambled eggs, lentils, and garlic

a little tiny bit of my roommate's spaghetti with spinach and soy meatballs that she gave me

1/4 banana

lots of smartwater

cucumber, red pepper, and tomato salad with mint, oregano, olive oil, and yoghurt

brown and white basmati rice sauteed with onions, garlic, bay, this cool seasoning I got with cinnamon, rosebuds, and other stuff in it, and chopped almonds

breakfast: a very berry muffin (cranberries, blueberries, raspberries)
mug of coffee

lunch: carrot and coriander soup with 3 small slices of seeded batch bread

snacks: fresh pineapple and watermelon wedges
a McDonald's Caramel Deluxe McFlurry
several cups of water and cranberry juice

dinner: leftover homemade chicken bhuna, lemon and coriander rice, 2x mini garlic naan bread

I've rediscovered the goodness of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches-almost everyday-for several weeks now. They are very quick to make and eat, and you can live healthfully on peanut butter alone. I've been eating them for breakfast and lunch, and getting through the day just fine. Maybe I've stumbled upon some new diet fad : P
Toast, with butter & jam.

PB & J sandwich.

Grilled cheese sandwich.
Baby carrots & mushrooms with bacon ranch dip.

Toast with peanut butter.

I hate that my family doesn't buy real groceries. I've just now realized why I've been starving all day.
the breakfast I just ate:

-a really good peach
-two slices of multigrain toast with cream cheese and sliced avocado
-two hard boiled eggs
-twinings green earl grey
cup of cinnamon tea
smoothie with a banana, soymilk, and a couple frozen strawberries
an apple
a few Newman Ginger-Os
lots of water
small cup of pina colada sorbet
spicy thai papaya salad
a plate of thai food- rice, tofu, and tons of veggies and basil in a light and garlicky black bean sauce
Breakfast: A cup of Vanilla yogurt
Chocolate Chip Banana muffin top
Gads of coffee with Half and Half

Lunch: 8-10 Pringles
Lots of water

Dinner: Adult Beverages and a grilled burger with cheese and bacon
my dinner was yummy

broiled tilapia with parm herbs and lemon
steamed carrots in a honey mustard sauce
herbed polenta
peppered wilted spinich

raspberry ice tea

h2o melon for dessert.
Two BIG cups of org ft coffee with half and half

Breakfast: Sausage egg and cheese on an English muffin (from a local joint not the golden arches)
A couple of glasses of sparkling water

Lunch: Grilled cheese with French fries and iced green tea

Dinner: Pizza and a salad

Plus: Adult Beverages
Are you all dieting for summer??? Not me:

Breakfast yesterday (Sunday): Scrambled eggs with cheese and dill, Bacon, toast and fresh berries

Lunch: Hot dog with buns and the fixings, coleslaw, chips, baked beans, sweet corn

Dinner: Meatloaf, salad and baked potato


Today: Breakfast: Toasted English muffin, berries, coffee
Lunch: Roasted chicken, cheese, lettuce and tomato in pita bread with Diet Coke and berries

Dinner: Greek Style Flat Bread and adult beverages

0400 this morning: huge mango cubed up with chili and lime juice

0900 instant coffee (yuck), toast with cream cheese and brown sugar on top

1100 another huge mango cubed up with chili and lime juice

1300 mint choc chip ice cream

1800 a can of pringles

1900 stir fried vegies in tortilla

1930 more mint choc chip ice cream

all day: lots of water.

no wonder i'm not losing weight. lol
Breakfast: Peach yogourt with granola and a cup of tea

Lunch: ham and cheese omelette with one slice of mutligrain toast, water

Snacks: Much batter of the cream cheese-pecan-chocolate chip cookies I made, and a few cookies, as well as 2 cups of rooibos with milk and honey, a handful of fresh cherries, and some Italian lemon soda with gin

Dinner: a moose burger (!) with mayo, dijon, ketchup and hot peppers, and a Moosehead (beer)

While watching hockey: more rooibos tea and popcorn

Breakfast: Iced coffee with h/h

Lunch: Turkey sandwich with all the fixings; diet coke and split a two scoop cup of Ben and Jerry's at an outdoor stand

Dinner: Grilled hot dog and apple sauce
Breakfast: cherries, rooibos tea and 2 pieces of toast with butter and avocado

Lunch: an egg salad sandwich that my mom made, and some of the cookies from yesterday with a cup of Tetley tea

Dinner: stir-fried chicken, coleslaw, and asparagus from granny's garden

Dessert: some mango slices

Right now: rooibos with milk
-hot rice with brown sugar, cinnamon, milk and peanut butter

-flavered water (tangerine, organic, yucky, healthy)
-carrot cake with cream cheese fronsting

-wasabi almonds
-dark chocolate with orange flavor

-cheese pizza with spinach, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, capers, fresh tomatoes and zuchini added
-huge wedge of h2o melon
bkfst - slept through it

lunch - canelitas, instant coffee

dinner - tortillas with refried beans, fresh guacamole, lettuce, and pico de gallo

serving of craisins trail mix
mint green tea and multivitamin
handful of grapes
bean/rice burrito
peanut chews candy
3/4 can of butternut squash soup
cup of cashew-carrot-ginger soup
bowl of salad (dandelion greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, orange peppers, sprouts, olives, tahini).

It's dark and rainy today, hence the soup. I'm thinking about another bowl of salad, and maybe some wine, and Boyfriend and I can curl up with a movie.
breakfast: two pastries
lunch/dinner: battered chicken, fries, hushpuppies and cheese sticks.
snack: small cup of ice cream

I felt bad after basically eating junk all day.
Breakfast: English muffin halves dripping with butter
Half a cup of hot coffee followed by an ice cold Diet Coke (which I slammed)

Lunch: Roasted chicken breast in a whole wheat pita with romaine, white american cheese, mayo and mustard
A ton of raspberries and strawberries

Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwich and a couple of strawberry daiquiris to beat the heat
Right now: whole wheat pita filled with sauteed mushrooms, onions, marinated artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and tahini.

Earlier today: half a can of baked beans, Wasa crackers with peanut butter, pickles, a chocolate Maya bar, lifesavers.
small can of tuna with crackers oh and some of those min 100 cal cupcakes and milk smile.gif for dinner am thinking meat loaf or chicken .
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