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fresh from the farmer's market, eaten immediately:

--pita bread
--artichoke hummus
--roasted red pepper tapenade with walnuts and pomegranate

Breakfast: Two fried organic eggs
Three slices of nitrate-free/hormone-free thick sliced bacon
One slice of wheat toast with organic butter
Lots and lots of organic coffee with organic half and half

Lunch: Warmed up organic pita pizza with organic mushrooms, mozzarella, scallions and pepperoni (from last night) plus
Adult Beverages!

Tonight's dinner: TBD + Adult Beverage
Red wine roast beef and white rice for dinner!

oh ya, and an oreo too! biggrin.gif
breakfast: coffee and toast wirh cinnamon sugar

dinner: pesto pasta chicken

snack: coffee

i may possibly have some yogurt and granola later, if I get hungry.
breakfast: handful of yoghurt covered and uncovered cranberries
orange juice

lunch: a watermelon, gala melon, kiwi fruit, banana, strawberry, tangerine, red and green grape and blueberry kebab (I was at a school health roadshow)

a cranberry and raspberry smoothie

mug of coffee and mini Valentine's cupcake (pink icing with heart sprinkles)

dinner: chilli con carne and rice with a couple of potato wedges, pitta bread, sour cream and guacamole
Bunny that lunch sounds fabulous!

Let's see. I guess I'll start with yesterday:

Breakfast: Two slices of whole wheat toast with lots of butter
Many cups of coffee and water

Lunch: Moroccan Stew (carrots, chickpeas, couscous, raisins, ginger, onions)

Dinner: New Mexican Green Chile Enchiladas with sour cream and diced tomatoes
a couple of Negro Modelos con limon

Breakfast today: Two slices of toast with butter

Lunch: Leftover enchilada with more sour cream and tomatoes
Diet coke
Cup of hot tea

Snack: Brownie with walnuts

Dinner: Bacon, cheddar, onion and mushroom omelette with sour cream and dill
Sliced and fried potatoes with ketchup
Organic baby green romaine salad with tomatoes, grated parm cheese and sunflower seeds with Cesar salad dressing
Couple of Modelo beers con limon
sunshine, it was!


late breakfast: porridge with diced mango
orange juice

snacks: a nectarine
couple of glasses of water

dinner: bruschetta with goats cheese, honey and fig (omg, so delicious)
penne pasta with mushroom, bacon, sugo, splash of cream and sprinkling of parmesan and black
2 glasses of rose wine
1 glass of water

another 2 glasses of rose

more water
cubes of extra sharp cheddar cheese for breakfast!

I should put this in the Sin thread as well.

*shakes head in shame*
cheese isn't a sin, pugs. wink.gif

breakfast: bananna and a cup of hot green tea

snack: two chocolate cupcakes

lunch: honey nut cheerios with skim milk

afternoon snack: cottage cheese topped with diced tomato

dinner: haven't decided yet?
Hey! I wanted to tell you what I ate yesterday at my new job. I think some of you will be envious. Let's hope that I remember all the components:

buttery soft beef short rib covered in sage-cognac demi-glace
white beans cooked in garlic, shallots, and truffle oil with truffled wild mushrooms

Woo Hoo! It was SO. FUCKING. GOOD. I have never had a truffle before, or anything that was flavored with truffle, so that was my first truffley experience. Now, I need to try an actual truffle.

After I got home from work, I had:

Chef Boy-R-Dee Ravioli
bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats.

What a let-down, eh?
I hate the warnings on cigarettes packs. It reminds me about death. My death.
Dinner: Pork tenderloin grilled; marinated in balsamic, garlic and rosemary
Butternut squash, edamame and Guinness.

Double post because everyone else must be getting ready for lent. Ha.

Lunch: Fish and Chips and an adult Cider
Glass of water
Cup of Chamomile tea

Dinner: Likely to be pork chops and red beans and rice and a side salad

breakfast: porridge

lunch: thai chilli crisps and guacamole

dinner: bruschetta with pesto, red onion and tomato
pizza with spinach, rocket, goats cheese and rustica tomatoes
baby figs in honey with scoop of marscapone

4 glasses of pinot grigio blush
-instant oatmeal
-leafy green salad with red peppers, avacado, spicy tofu, sprouts, tahini dressing
-large vegan peanut butter chocolate cookie
-shot of jack daniels
-falafels and stuffed grape leaves with hummus

-half a bagel with fake cream cheese, fried potato chunks, fake sausage
-blueberry soy yogurt
Yesterday: Breakfast:

Two fried eggs and organic chicken sausages
Two slices of toast with butter
Lots of coffee with cream

Today: Breakfast:

Scrambled eggs with Crimini mushrooms, mild (White) cheddar cheese, half and half and grape tomatoes
Chicken sausages

Dinner: Meatloaf (ground beef/pork mix) with garlic mashed potatoes with gravy and steamed carrots and a mixed green side salad with Annie's dressing

Toasted 60% whole wheat old cheddar cheese sandwich with chocolate milk.


Tuna with a little bit of light mayo and two garlic dill pickles, water, with a skim milk chaser.


Baked macaroni with milk.


Dill pickle popcorn, grapes, although not at the same time.
what is dill pickle popcorn!?
Choco milk for breakfast! cuture, you're my idol!
if i'm not mistaken dill/pickle popcorn is just a flavoring-- you know like white cheddar popcorn...

i had for lunch:
3 corndogs w/garlic + horseradish dijon mustard. yum, yum!
Scrambled eggs on toast
wheat crackers
a buffalo chicken salad
7 chocolate covered bing cherries
my 20w pregnancy menu for today:

two bowls of apple jacks with reduced fat milk
glass of tangerine orange 100% juice
celery and carrot sticks with ranch dip
a banana
cheddar, colby and swiss cheese slices with reduced fat triscuits
3 big glasses of water
2 glasses of V8 with dash of cayenne pepper
part of an orange that the mr was eating

and this is where it went completely off-track:
arby's beef and cheddar melt with tons of bbq sauce
curly fries with MORE bbq sauce (cause it's so good)
handful (or two...) samoa girl scout cookies

is that bad??
*rowr fj*

Dudes, I ate waaaaaay to much this weekend. I was out of town for part of it and have family visiting so any semblance of healthy eating has been out the window. Uhhhhh, I feel like a bloated, gluttonous cow right now.

Saturday for dinner I had jamaican stewed chicken, peas & rice, a calalloo (greens) pattie, and a fresh mango/strawberry/honey smoothie.

Yesterday for breakfast/lunch I had a blackened chicken salad w/ corn, tomatoes, avocado, tortilla strips, honey/lime/cumin dressing and a bloody mary, for dinner it was thai: tom kha soup, crab fried rice, pad ki mao w/ shrimp, choo-chee curry salmon, fried bananas w/ coconut ice cream.

Today for breakfast I had something called a Tahitian Maidens Dream which is a fat ass crepe stuffed with chopped bananas, sour cream and apricot puree. Dinner was seafood (crab, shrimp, cod) enchiladas w/ jalapeno cream sauce, black beans, and a foofie drink called summer delight which featured mango, banana and orange.


Chicken cesar salad with freshly grated Parmesan and cracked black pepper, one whole wheat pita and three glasses of water


Two slices of toast and two chicken sausages
Lots of coffee

I'm thinking dinner tonight is going to be Chicken Pad Thai
A thumping huge prune paczi, washed down with lots & lots of coffee....mmmm. Happy Fat Tuesday!
Sunday I was feeling all Italian:
Chocolate cannoli
Meatball sandwich
Linguini in clam sauce
3 litres water

Monday was all salad/sandwich:
Salad with banana peppers/olives/cheese/ham/tomato
French dip with a bag of Baked Lays
Turkey/bacon/provalone/avocado/lettuce/tomato sandwich & Baked Lays
Chocolate chunk brownie
Several Frescas
2 litres water
1 Miller light

Roast beef sandwich

Dinner is up in the air!
Lunch: Grilled chicken Caesar with parm and sparkling water


--Halibut done up all Greek style baked with tomatoes, zucchini, feta and onions

--Huge salad with three coloured peppers, feta, black berries, tomatoes and brazil nuts all drizzled with Annie's dressing

--Alfredo couscous

--Steamed asparagus with butter and a squeeze of lemon

--Glass of Zinfindel


Lunch: chicken and rice soup

Snacks: Combos, guacomole chips, and whole bag of chocolate covered bing cherries (yikes!)

Dinner: Veggie sandwich
Breakfast (noon): 2 steak & bean tacos (corn tortillas), 1 chorizo burrito (all from lauded paper-plated dive Conejito's)
Lunch (-ish...4 p.m.): scoop of beet & Asiago risotto, curried chickpeas & some raw broccoli dipped in tahini dressing (from work)
Dinner (9 p.m.): handful of walnuts, 1/2 tempeh reuben, Jameson and Pabst Blue Ribbon (ad nauseam)
half of a sprouted wheat bagel with vegan cream cheese
veggie sausages and red potatoes
small cup of peach soy yogurt
plain ginger tea and lots of water
I just had three free range eggs, a rasberry fruit bar (no sugar added! no sugar in it, all natural!) and a V8.
lunch: chargrilled vegetable and basil ravioli in butternut squash and sage sauce with grated pravalone.
Dinner: Whole wheat pita with lemon humus and a couple of adult ciders!

breakfast: porridge

snack: banana
cinnamon dolce latte

lunch: some french bread and chorizo with sundried tomato tapenade and olive oil with balsamic vinegar for dipping

dinner: chilli con carne on lemon and rosemary rice with sour cream, guacamole and pitta bread

I'm stuffed!
Breakfast- sprouted wheat bagel

Lunch- chocolate cookie

Lunch again- soy yogurt, antibiotic, ginger tea for the ensuing nausea

Dinner- bean burrito and soy delicious peanut butter zigzag

Two pieces of whole wheat toast with bananas on top with a large glass of skim milk

Pre-lunch snack: Whole wheat tortilla with flax seeds, with turkey, lettuce, tomoto, little mayo and mustard. Cucumber salad.

Lunch: The second turkey wrap, some pistachio nuts and a V8.

Had some chocolate milk in their some where and some grapes too.

Now I want chocolate.
breakfast: porridge with fresh raspberries

late lunch: shared antipasti plate with parma ham, salami, olives, rustica tomatoes, italian cheese, crusty bread
with oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping

2 large glasses of chilean shiraz rose

dinner: two portobello mushrooms stuffed with brie, tomato and sweet red pepper
princess evangeline
meant to post this the other day......

Breakfast - none

Lunch - corned beef on toasted white with provolone and mayo

Dinner - cranberry spritzers x 5 , orange jiuce spritzers x 4 , Scotch Eggs with gravy x 2 servings (4 eggs) and a few fried mushrooms with remoulaude (?sp?) dipping sauce.

I LOVES Scotch Eggs!!!!!!
breakfast: raspberry and apple porridge with sliced nectarine

no lunch

snack: cadbury's creme egg

dinner: chicken tikki masala, garlic and coriander filled mini naan breads, lemon and rosemary rice, mango chutney

lime and lemon spring water
zankou chicken

I love their lemon sauce, mouse!!!
mmm and their garlic sauce.....and their pickled beets.....
dim sum for lunch! sticky rice and shrimp dumplings and sesame balls, yay!
half a grapefruit and 4 chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. I had to give the rest of the batch to my coworkers and boyfriend because I was making myself feel sick. haha.
mmmm hellotampon, those cupcakes sound delish!

I've been good last couple of days.


breakfast: bacon sandwich (ok, maybe not that good)

snack: mango, pistachio and cashew cereal bar
peppermint tea

lunch: low fat tortilla wrap with soft cheese, blue cheese and balsamic roasted veg
fresh pineapple

dinner: pear and gorgonzola pasta with low-fat tomato and creme fraiche sauce

snack: small handful of sherbet lemons

much better today:

breakfast: raspberry and apple porridge with non-fat milk
cranberry juice

snack: crudites (cucumber, broccoli, red pepper and sugarsnap) with hoummous
serving of red grapes

lunch: sushi (three salmon nigri and three cucumber maki with soy sauce)
freshly-made cranberry crush smoothie (cranberry juice, raspberries and strawberries)

dinner: weightwatchers veg mash with sausages in cider and onion gravy
cranberry and raspberry juice

barbecue, barbecue, barbecue, chips, queso, barbecue and beer. lots of everything for four days and most of it was free.

god, my stomach hates me so much right now.
Totinos pizza rolls

and they were awesome!!!
I hade a beef stew with carrots, onions, peppers, potatoes, marinated in onion soup and slow cooked. It was yumtastic.

But now I want some cheese pizza!
breakfast: porridge with raspberries

no lunch

snacks: a plum
unsalted cashew nuts
cranberry juice

dinner: a toasted bagel with spinach and feta

hmmm, no wonder I have a headache.
Vegan manicotti for breakfast

a granola bar

Thai garlic dish with tofu

green tea with peach and ginger

Not nearly enough food today. I am busy. And lazy. And broke.


breakfast: porridge with raspberries and skimmed milk
cranberry juice

a grande skimmed hazelnut latte

lunch: sweet chilli chicken with spinach, butternut squash and toasted pine nuts in coconut and chilli dressing

snack: a carrot and orange muffin
three small belgain alpini (chocolate praline) chocolates

dinner: sushi
cranberry juice

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