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Breakfast tacos for breakfast and dinner. (They're my favorite comfort food). Oh, and a bunch of handfuls of Sundrop chocolate-covered peanuts in between with lots of milk.
Oh, the Kettle Chips! Have y'all tried the Cheddar Beer? To die for.

Lunch at a British-style pub (with actual Imperial pints and imported waitresses): papadoms, chicken satays, tempura-fried HUNKS of tuna. GameBoy had beef vindaloo and we shared a piece of chocolate torte for dessert. All kick-ass.

Also a half-pint of cider and a couple glasses of iced tea.
Last night went out for Italian and I had:

Antipasti plate
Mussels in spicy tomato sauce
Creme brulee
2 x large glass of merlot
Last night:

Grilled t-bones with LOTS of fresh garlic rubbed in
Baked potatoes
Iced tea w/lemons & limes (required for nourishment in the South!)
since i was in vegas and on the way home, its kinda greasy grub for hangover time.

brunch was a egg scramble with bacon and ham, hash browns and wheat toast....yumm!

dinner was toxic hell's chicken gorditas...yummmm
last night:

papaya salad
half of a vegetable nime chow with peanut sauce
tomka soup with tofu

That was the first time I'd ever gotten the tomka soup, because I always thought it had seafood in it. But the new menus last night said it was "a spicy cocnut base" and that you could get tofu or meat etc. in it. So I figured I was wrong about the seafood and it would be fine for me to eat. But today my boyfriend said that when he tried it, it tasted fishy to him and he thinks there was fish sauce in the broth or something. But to me, it tasted like a spicier version of their red curry, which tastes a little fishy to me but when I asked a long time ago they said there was nothing like that in there.

So, I'm confused. Is there anyone here who loves Thai food and could tell me whether or not I probably ate fish? I'm a vegan and I thought the soup was really good, but the thought that there could have been fish oil in there (I never ate fish even when I ate meat) is really grossing me out.
Yeah, sorry, hellotampon, there is fish sauce in Tom Kha. At least the recipe I have, and it's sort of standard.

If you really liked it, I can give my recipe and you could make it yourself and just leave out the fish sauce.
QUOTE( @ Aug 14 2006, 03:54 PM) *

since i was in vegas and on the way home, its kinda greasy grub for hangover time.

brunch was a egg scramble with bacon and ham, hash browns and wheat toast....yumm!

dinner was toxic hell's chicken gorditas...yummmm


Today I ate: spaghetti and pesto sauce cool.gif
Made and ate the nicest pasta from things I had to use up in fridge:

papardelle with chorizo, asparagus, button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and red onion in a sundried tomato, basil and garlic sauce topped with cubes of feta.

omg ggg NO i have to try that!

when i was in london a few years back i basically ate nothing but slow roasted lamb and mint potato chips. because, first of all, oh my god delicious, and second of all, how can you resist a potato chip with such an elaborate flavor? not just lamb, but lamb and MINT, and not just regular lamb, but SLOW ROASTED. *homer simpson drool noise* UK busties, do they still make those?

last night i threw together a suprisingly amazingly delicious meal; peppers and onions and mangos and chicken sausage with a little cumin for spice, served with a wild rice mix. yum.
Crap. Oh well. But I AM interested in the recipe, Polly.
rolleyes.gif I made herbed steamed green beans, twice baked potatoes, and grilled tilapia.


I ate Thai Basil Shrimp with sauteed onions and peppers with brown rice and a salad with chili vinagrette.

Tomorrow I am going to make tilapia fillets with puttenecsa sauce, sauteed greens and whole wheat pasta
Our Engagement Dinner:

Sun Dried Tomato Parmesan Pasta
Herbed bread and olive oil
Cesar Salad
Creme Brulee... Delicious!
lentils cooked with onions, curry, cumin, cinnamon, cloves and garlic, fresh artichokes with lemon butter, negra modelo dark ale. mmmmmmm.

who knew i could cook?
Is avocado good for your body? I know it's a "healthy fat", but how much is too much? I ate two in the last week, is that too much?
Also, is whole wheat spaghetti very healthy? Like I'm trying to eat healthier food, and I looooooooove spaghetti with pesto, but I didn't want to gain weight for that, so I bought the whole wheat one. How much better is that one from the normal one??
i don't think that's too much. There's this dermatologist, Dr. Perricone (sp? Too lazy to look it up now) who created a diet for people with rosacea and other skin issues and he has this list of "non-inflammatory foods"- the two main staples are salmon and avocado. I've heard it works after just a few days....hmm, I could live on salmon and avocadoes for a few days without any argument!

Whole grain pastas are better than regular pasta- I recommend De Cecco!
dani- whole wheat pasta is a little better because it is rich in fiber. with something like pasta and pesto, you should absolutely eat what you love, just in moderation and in reasonable portions. if you find at first that you don't care for the taste of whole wheat pasta, try mixing it- half whole wheat, half regular.

today i had:
ricotta mixed with a little sour cream and unsweetened special dark cocoa powder with fresh peach
whole wheat toast with peanut butter
BUCKWHEAT SOBA pasta. The darker the better. So good. and healthy too.

The last thing I cooked was : Spicy tofu from Korean market, my own brown rice, corn from fresh ears that I cooked and shucked the kernels from, and red peppers -- four for a dollar from aforementioned market, with garlic and broccoli, olive oil and hot pepper. Still a little plain, if you ask me.

YOURS sounds divine, bunny b!
Hellotampon, I'll post it in the barefoot and precocious thread so this one stays for food reports, not recipes.

I made salmon filets with a sauce made of pesto, roasted garlic puree, lemon juice, and sour cream. Also some rice pilaf with lentils (one of those Near East mixes- it was really good!)
so far today I've eaten
1 venti starbucks mocha frappuccino
1 very large whole wheat chocolate chip cookie
1 kahlua coffe (no likker)
1 more very large whole wheat chocolate chip cookie
5 or 6 pieces of gum ( I have issues with gum )

I could use a carrot smile.gif
I wonder what my blood sugar is right now?
Mmmm, I had the yummiest southwestern chicken sausage pasta, along with a salad of romaine, toasted pepitas, and cotija cheese w/ cilantro lime vinagrette. The best part is that I made it myself smile.gif

For dessert we are having slices of juicy, ripe mango and orange wedges with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and chile con limon.

White potatoes, chopped and roasted with sliced garlic sausage, and with green peas mixed in. And peach iced tea. Mmmmm.
went to the grocery today after work and bought lots of fresh stuff. came home and had a dinner of:

french bread with brie
a steaming baked (ok, micro-baked!) sweet potato drizzled with butter and a touch of cinnamon
and iced peach CIDER. yum.

i know it doesn't sound like much, but you should see what i did to the brie...
I made salmon filets with a sauce made of pesto, roasted garlic puree, lemon juice, and sour cream. Also some rice pilaf with lentils (one of those Near East mixes- it was really good!)

That sounds fabulous! Can I come over for dinner? cool.gif

What I ate today:

A gigantic iced coffee from Wawa this morning (I was running on 4 hours of sleep and had to open at work)

a couple of crackers with apricot & ginger cream cheese (samples at work)

2 hot dog pigs-in-a-blanket (the husband made dinner)

a few beers (Molson ice)

and some diet coke this afternoon.

SO unhealthy!
wawa! wawa wawa wawa!!! oh, pennsylvania! <3
MMMMMM pizza.
with -- chicken, artichoke, basil, and sundried tomato. With lime seltzer water.
O Wawa! Home to the elusive English Toffee crappuccino!

Today's breakfast included a dollop of full-fat Greek yoghurt with a splodge of fig jam & some toasted pistachios. At my desk. I find the dichotomy somewhat entertaining.
-a "protein-and-greens" whey shake thingy, mixed up as I was running out the door to get to work and trying to find my phone and so on
-one of those droolicious clif nectar bars (dark chocolate walnut flavor) for a snack
-more coffee
-brought lunch from home: frozen thawed shrimp with green beans and peppers, drizzled with soy sauce and sesame oil, plus a few slices of mango
-a multigrain english muffin with a schmear of peanut butter for yet another snack because snacks are what make the world go round
-even more coffee
-supper is probably going to be vodka-based and consumed at a bar. but if it's potato vodka that's like having vegetables, right?
bowl of muesli with additional raisins sprinkled on top.
grande skinny hazelnut latte.
half a pomegranate.
half a bag of roasted and salted cashew nuts.
litre bottle of water.
raspberry panna cotta.
two slices of peppeoni and onion pizza.
A huge piece of divine chocolate chocolate cake. With a strong cup of coffee -- for breakfast.
some "hunan dumplings" from the salad bar at work
a diet coke
a handful of potato chips
a small wawa italian hoagie
a few beers

nice to see the wawa love! i moved to PA from upstate NY about 3 years ago, and didn't understand my now-husband's obsession with wawa. obviously, now i'm an addict.

-supper is probably going to be vodka-based and consumed at a bar. but if it's potato vodka that's like having vegetables, right?

i think that's a totally fair assumption.
i grew up in southeastern pa. i remember when all wawas were small and with a stone face! now they are all SUPER WAWAS with GAS STATIONS the size of HELIPADS!

my best friend worked at wawa for several years!

other pennsylvania food items i miss (title this the "what i wish i ate" post):

--utz! and herr's (which are difficult to find out here) potato chips etc.
--tastykakes!!! (specifically the peanut butter kandy kakes)
--rita's water ice! (ya i know it's so not actually "gelato" but the mango + custard gelato is incredible)

i'm so happy i'm going back to visit PA next month!

I'm not even going to mention how many of the aforementioned products I have in my apartment.

Where in PA are you visiting?
outside phillay

what i ate tonight:
--tuna salad and some crackers
--negra modelo

A huge amount of original Rice Dream, because apparently that is all I can stomach reasonably these days.

paparadelle pasta with sweet italian tofurkey sausage and tj's tuscan marinara

tortilla chips

thai chile lime cashews

lots of water

A perfect banana

ugh. My stomach hates me.
Cheddar Nacho Fiesta Cheez Its
2 Hi- C Friut Pow juices
Cheddar and Sour Cream Lays Potato Chips
A handful of Life Savers
1 Sara Lee Cinnamon and Raisin bagel
1 Bacon and Cheese Toaster sandwich thing
1 Twix Bar and
1 Bottle Aquafina water (3 sips maybe)
*Somewhere during the day I forgot to cook.
I try to eat healthy, I really do, but the junkfood is sooooo good and easy to eat and be full off of.
Maybe tomorrow I'll do better, but I doubt it, because I'm undisciplined like that...Even though I was in the military where you supposedly learn so much disipline.
***(Thinking again, whatever happened to the Tarot lady Madame Mystic Opti, or something like that)***

Oh shiznit, Mouse - when the in-laws drove out to visit the grandchild, they brought us a case of Yuengling lager... wub.gif Now those are my kinda in-laws!

Breakfast: a super moist cinnamon scone & a medium skim Mexican hot chocolate with whip, extra hot.

Last night: Israeli couscous salad & a bowl of our first homegrown tomatoes of the season, dressed with just a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper - SO worth the wait.
QUOTE(brett @ Aug 18 2006, 01:14 AM) *


I'm not even going to mention how many of the aforementioned products I have in my apartment.

Where in PA are you visiting?

Wow, you girls live in PA? that's hot! I live in Philly! I used to live in Center City for 5 years, but I just moved to Manayunk(which is like 10 minutes outside Philly, so it's not too far away....thanks God)
Yesterday I had: mac and cheese.
I was sooo hangover I though it was better not to eat too much because I assumed it would come out in the bad way sad.gif

Dani, I live not far from you! I'm in North Wales.
No way! My uncle used to live there smile.gif
-bowl of shredded wheat and semi-skimmed milk
-vente hazlenut latte
-banoffe chocolate flapjack square
-bottle of innocent lemon and lime still spring water
-cinnamon and raisin bagel with peanut butter and strawberry jam
-papardelle with sundried tomato sauce, mushrooms and asparagus
-double Bailey's liqueur
breakfast - chai green tea, greek honey yoghurt and a pear
lunch - cranberry lemonade, spinach salad and homemade banana bread
dinner - rosemary garlic lemon chicken roasted with baby white potatoes, carrots and shallots, fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil salad, glass of merlot.
and for dessert sliced nectarines & plums with mascarpone, honey and vanilla bean sauce (recipe courtesy of The Barefoot Contessa)

I am stuffed to the gills blink.gif

A&W double Mozza burger, onion rings, half of my dinner companion's poutine, about a litre of Diet Pepsi, and a Drumstick caramel-centre, chocolate-lined, chocolate/peanut-coated vanilla ice cream cone.

My belly is still paying for this rare and oversized ingestion of fast food, which is why I'm wide awake at almost 1:30 in the morning.
ya'll eat so damn well. Cripe. Okay yesterday...

Breakfast: Hummus tomato and garlic salt tortilla roll-up
Large mug of coffee with some sugar free chocolate syrup
small cup of oj
midday snack: tortilla chips
Lunch: Campbells veggie & beef on the go-soup
The rest of the tortilla chips
Large apple
Bottle of water
Afternoon snack: 2 "monster" cookies (packed with oatmeal, pnt butter, choc.chips,andm&m's.
More Water

Dinner(out with friends) 2 Large ice teas with lemon
2 Quesadillas chicken, cheese and packed with veggies.
more salty tortilla chips with salsa and gauc.

Dessert(back at home): Chocolate fudge ice cream, milk, sugarfree choc. syrup, crumpled doritos ontop.

(did I mention I'm pregnant?)
grande skinny sugar-free hazelnut latte (yes, I am a starbucks whore)

tapas with boy's mum and we shared:

basket of bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
patatas bravas (fried new potatoes in spicy tomato sauce)
grilled asparagus spears
patatas gratinadas (layered sliced potato baked with cream and mild spanish cheese)
stuffed aubergine shell with cous cous, peppers, in herb tomato topped with grated manchego cheese
chargrilled aubergines, peppers, courgettes and artichokes with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette
grilled goat's cheese with seville orange and chilli marmalade

creme brulee
spanish honey and ginger cheesecake

LARGE glass of rose wine

a lot of food and heavy on the cheese and potatoes but oh so good!

litre of water
samosa with riata

fish tikka, nan, basmati rice

remind me to eat Indian food more often
Pig-out Sunday:

bowl of fruit & fibre with sliced banana
mug of coffee

handful of jelly bellies (gourmet jelly beans)

shared with boy:
large domino's pizza with garlic butter, chicken, sweetcorn, pineapple, extra cheese and herbs
chicken combo (chicken gougons and potato wedges)
garlic pizza bread
bbq and garlic & herb dips

ben & jerry's phish food

bottle of rioja
Ok so yesterday I went to this amazing colombian restaurant and had:
- shrimp cocktail
- argentinian steak with chimichurri sauce(a sauce of garlic, oil and other stuff)
- a dessert I don't know how to say it in english tongue.gif

-eggs benedict.
large mint mocha iced wawa coffee
half of a large bolthouse farms prickly pear lemonade

currently working on some plain pita chips and garlic hummous

debating about dinner. either mac & cheese or pasta with marinara sauce (i need to go grocery shopping! and i work in a damn grocery store.)
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