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what I ate today:

brunch: 3 x pork and granny smith apple sausages with some branston pickle
mug of tea

dinner: stirfried lemon chicken with pineapple served with basmati rice
glass of orange and pineapple juice

snack: 6 pieces of Nestle Aero bar
Twining's Cleanse tea (spearmint, milkthistle and nettle)

what I ate yesterday:

breakfast: coffee
orange juice

lunch: seared fillet of salmon with parsnip puree and a lentil and hazelnut dressing
a flirtini (vodka, orange liqueur, chambord, pineapple juice and fresh raspberries)
a large glass of merlot
lime and ginger cheesecake with raspberry sorbet
2x large glass of water

dinner: slice of homemade lasagne with salad

snacks: coffee and baklave
lightly salted tortilla chips with guacamole
3 x orange and pineapple juice
matzo ball soup from jerry's deli

what I ate yesterday:

breakfast: bowl of fruit and fibre cereal with skimmed milk
cranberry and blueberry juice

lunch: four cheese ravioli

dinner: 2 small tuna steaks marinated in ginger, spring onion, lemon and soy sauce with grilled asparagus
meringue nest with strawberry and champagne Haagen Daz and fresh raspberries
orange and pineapple juice

snacks: peppermint tea
slice of chocolate covered fudge
breafast:honey whole wheat bagel with vegetable cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion

lunch:steamed vegan juicy little buns, steamed bean curd and mixed veggies, brown rice

snack:1/2 a Berries go Mega Odwalla bar, 1 cheddar/mozzarella twist cheese stick

dinner:curried chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato and onion, tons of carrots and cherry tomatoes with ranch dressing, mango & strawberries
Breakfast: Egg white and swiss cheese omelette, coffee

Lunch: one slice cheese pizza, spinach and feta salad with avocado and pear, water

Dinner: Pan seared tuna, steamed broccoli with Mizithra cheese, smashed redskins, mango juice
(( I'm so glad that the punkrockboy is a good cook))

Snack: hot cocoa (mmmm...)
Dinner last night: Chicken stir fry with tofu, bean sprouts, pea pods, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, onions and celery served on brown Jasmine rice. Drizzled with home made teriyaki sauce. Yum!

Plus, it made for lots 'o leftovers. Squee!
Dinner tonight: New Mexican Green chili grilled cheeseburgers (fat ones!) and a side salad with Capra honey goat cheese and tomatoes drizzled with Annie's organic dressing and kettle chips along with a strong cider.

Life is good on a Wednesday night!

Tomorrow night: Chili or meatloaf -- TBD.
Breakfast: BLT on toasted whole grain, a dash of mayo, two slices of provalone & mushrooms.

Lunch: Same as breakfast

Dinner: Asian faux risotto with spring onions, sugar snap peas, basil, garlic, diced red peppers, sliced almonds, & a dash of Siracha sauce.

Lots & lots of water. I miss booze.
Breakfast: Meatloaf sammy on whole wheat with a light spread of mayo
4 cups of coffee and one cup of tea

Lunch: Two slices of turkey breast on Wasa and a couple of slices of cheese

Dinner: HOT chicken wings at the Bar and a LOT of strong Ciders
breakfast: bowl of tj's maple brown sugar frosted wheats, half a banana.

lunch: edamame with light soy sauce & lemon juice, brown rice california rolls with extra pickled ginger, green tea.

dinner: cappelini pomodoro, spinach salad with balsamic vinegarette, iced tea.

I had a little, fabulously girly breakfast by myself this morning:

-whole wheat toast with butter and a swirl of maple syrup
-a green apple cut into wedges with all-natural peanut butter
-a few pieces of dark chocolate
-lady grey tea with honey

Really hungry now though, and craving some eggs and sausage!
YUM, edie.

For dinner last night I had cherries, macadamia nuts and brie.
Zen Oatbran Raspberry Blueberry muffin

blood orange
3 pieces belgian chocolate

white corn tortilla chips
homemade pico de gallo
my version of gucamole
Dinner yesterday: Burger with cheddar cheese and bacon plus BBQ sauce, a huge pile of french fries and a couple of dark beers

Breakfast today: One whole wheat pita (with flax and oat bran) with a scoop of peanut butter and several cups of coffee with cream

Lunch: I might seek out some Chicken Pad Thai...

breakfast: vente non fat hazelnut latte
mango & passionfruit smoothie
organic blueberry yoghurt with mixed seeds

lunch: Scottish smoked salmon, lemon juice, pepper and rocket on wholemeal bread
one small slice of cherry cake

snack: a handful of vanilla sugar dusted pumpkin seeds

dinner: chicken stirfry with mange tout, baby corn, pineapple and cashew nuts in a peanut satay sauce
orange juice
small bowl of vanilla ice cream with mini chocolate flake

Huzzah for Sunshine! Me, 'n her, & Oprah all love Wasa!

I had to look up rocket. It is what I call arugula. Hmmmm.

Breakfast & lunch: Porkchop fajitas on whole grain tortillas with tomato, onions, guac, & a dash of sour cream.

Snack: Sugar snap peas.

Dinner: I want a pizza with anchovies & tomatos.
breakfast: one liter of water with one lemon squeezed in and a few dashes of cayenne (I haven't had a cold in over a year now...)

lunch: amy's cream of mushroom soup, a gala apple, a chocolate truffle, and a macadamia nut cookie

dinner: who knows? it's still five hours away...
Dinner: New Mexican Christmas Chile (New Mexican Chimayo red chile coupled with New Mexican Green Chile -- fresh roasted not chile powder) plus kidney and pinto beans and hunks of onion and squeezes of garlic. Oh, my---- goodness, I nearly forgot about the gas burner toasted New Mexico thick flour tortillas with a touch of organic butter and a cold beer.

I might make it back in the morning for a breakfast report. Depends how well this goes...
sunshine -- yum! having moved away from nm months ago, I miss the food, tho I packed some powders so I can enjoy the tastes. one tiny nitpick -- it's "chile."

now I want to make frito pies...
Breakfast: pecan and date cereal, a glass of water, and a cup of lemon ginseng green tea

shit I think I skipped lunch?

snack: kettle cooked chips with french onion dip

supper: bacon cheeseburger with french fries water and plain green tea

dessert: chocolate chip cookies my hubby made smile.gif

PS gogosgirl, your pup is adorable!!
breakfast: kashi go lean crunch with a banana and honey, coffee
snack #1: orange, one super small blueberry muffin, more coffee (with sugar this time)
lunch: cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, another orange, and another small muffin
snack #2: necco hearts
dinner: grilled chicken burrito (with brown rice and whole wheat wrap)

i think i should have some vegetables.
breakfast: bowl of fruit & fibre with skimmed milk, orange juice
snack: handful of galaxy minstrels
lunch: mange tout, baby corn and asparagus in peanut satay dressing, coffee
dinner: chilli con carne and rice with pitta bread, sour cream and reduced fat guacamole
weighwatchers raspberry fromage frais
lemon and lime spring water

psst, bunny--what's mange tout? i know it means "eat everything" but what are you referring to?
mange tout = sugar snap peas, I believe.

breakfast - whole grain toast with spicy peach jam, an orange, hot tea.
lunch - caesar salad, iced tea.
dinner - edamame, sushi (soft shell crab roll w/ cream cheese, jalapenos, and eel sauce, & albacore roll with cilantro, jalapenos and garlic sauce), green tea.

Aha! There you are, Yuef!

I mange it tout!
I am here, raisin my sweet. Will you be sipping on a tropical drink, in my honor, soon?

And now that you're here, I'm prancing off to bed. Sweet dreams! Lies, lies, lies everywhere said the father to the son... your peppermint breath gonna choke 'em to death... daddy watch your little black sheep run xoxoxo
Oh, you are too good to me. Nitey nite! /thread derailment tongue.gif
mouse, yuefie's right, sugar snap peas are called mange tout here. It's odd that sometimes we have completely different words for things, especially veg; AP mentioned below that rocket is know by her (and I'm presuming the States, then) as arugula, and of course there's zucchini/courgette and eggplant/aubergine.
yeah!! for the longest time i thought that courgettes were like, breaded chicken cutletty things. i have no idea where i got that from. it certainly made for some confusion. aubergine is a little more common, especially since we like to call purple things "aubergine" when we're feeling classy, but i'd never heard of mange-tout.

breakfast: whole grain toast w/ spicy peach jam & peanut butter, water.

snack: string cheese and a few slices of an apple, water.

dinner: chicken masala curry with veggies (red pepper, carrots, potatoes, peas, & spinach), brown rice, iced tea.

dessert: will be the rest of the left over apple with some warmed nutella!

I prefer "zucchini" to "courgette". hee, breaded chicken cutletty things.

breakfast: maple pecan danish
a banana
mug of baby tea

lunch: falafel, lollo rosso lettuce, cucumber, tomato, reduced fat houmous on italian flatbread,
greek yoghurt & honey with crunchy granola
peppermint tea
half litre of water

dinner: chicken szeuchan stirfry (red peppers, onion and carrots) with rice
2 glasses of orange juice

snacks: small packet of thai chilli crisps with small amount of salsa
a couple of pieces of chocolate
a mini caramel shortcake

Strawberry & Cream Oatmeal
A apple
Half glass of Orange Juice

A bagel with cream cheese
Applesauce fruit cup
Glass of water

Pizza with everything on it
2 full glasses of Pepsi

It looks like my diet resolution is not working out x.x The pizza wrecked my day and I was doing soooo well!
I'm going to roast my aubergines tonight! Hee.

Mouse, maybe it's because "courgette" was reminding you of "croquette"?

/further derailment
Yesterday's menu:

Breakfast: Slice of toast with peanut butter
Many cups of coffee with half and half

Lunch: Large mixed green salad with tomatoes and a sesame ginger dressing
Boneless skinless chicken breast, baked with a mustard and teriyaki glaze wrapped with a slice of bacon
Large glass of Peach Green Tea
Cup of hot Detox tea

Snack: Several glasses of water
Handful of roasted almonds

Dinner: Kielbasa with sauerkraut
I’m actually eating yogurt, granola with raisins and toped with fresh strawberries. I got it in the school cafeteria. I usually hate yogurt but with all the other stuff it’s really not that bad. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s good. I can never find breakfast food that I like that is good for me. Maybe I’ll start eating this more regularly. Yogurt is very good for your girly parts right?
last night i had a tomato and pesto gardenburger with brushcetta on toasted 12-grain oatnut bread, a salad of mixed spring greens and baby spinach with dried mixed berries, feta, rasberry hazelnut vinaigrette, glazed pecans, and chunks of havarti with dill, and topped off my whole gourmet veggie lovefest with a jack and coke. it was delish, so i'm having it again for breakfast. yes, the jack and coke too.
2 nectarines
lots of trail mix
processed meal- asian veggie soup
tons of jelly belly beans- regret!
tofu/chickpea/cauliflower curry
soup (butternut squash, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, shallots, garlic, and cayenne pepper)

Since I have to be at work for 7am tomorrow, I stayed home tonight and made the curry and the soup. My coworker is going to love me tomorrow when I bring in leftovers.
cherry crepes for breakfast, mmmm.....
Today's breakfast:

-one hard boiled egg with salt
-whole wheat toast with butter and apricot spread, mmmmm
-a cup of rooibos chai with vanilla soy milk and honey
-dark hot chocolate with a bit of milk and topped with chili pepper

Last night's dinner:

-leftover eggplant and zuccini (or should I say aubergine and courgette?) parmesan
-a pretty, colourful salad consisting of spring greens, red cabbage, grated carrot, cherry tomatos, and yellow peppers, with roasted garlic dressing.
-a pot of mojito tea (fresh mint tea with brown sugar and lime juice, and Flor de Cana rum).

I never knew that Brits called Eggplant and zucchini by those names, I only knew those as the French words for those veggies.
I'm hungry and I've eaten everything in the office (ie. an almost dead nectarine and tuna and beans) so I shouldn't be lurking in here, still lots of good dinner tips.

Australians also favour 'eggplant' and 'zucchini', colonial roots on display I guess.

I really want some cheese.
yesterday was my b-day, so i woke up to glazed croissants with almond paste from my favorite local bakery, and a cake for after dinner. we went to tahoe joe's steakhouse for dinner, where i had batter-dipped artichoke hearts with garlic lemon butter and fresh parmesan, a bowl of clam chowder with yummy sourdough rolls, a 20-oz prime rib (that i had to take home), green beans, and gargantuan baked potato oozing with butter, sour cream, chives, and bacon. the cake had to wait til this morning, but everyone knows morning-after birthday cake is the best. biggrin.gif
Awww man,

Anyone who likes pineapple then you have to try a Caribou Lou. It’s one part Bacardi 101 proof rum, one part Malibu rum and 2-3 parts pineapple juice. Pour it over or shake it up with some ice. It’s the best ice cold. If you really want to get f***** up then cut up a fresh pineapple and let it soak in the mixture for a few hours then fish it out and eat it. I think it’s my new favorite drink. I drank it pretty much all day today. I’m still all warm and fuzzy.
Dinner last night:

Homemade meatloaf, baked potato loaded with organic butter and sour cream, fresh cut carrots and sweet peas and a fab baby green organic salad with tomatoes and blue cheese crumbles with a ceasar dressing.

Yum, yum.

Meatloaf sandwiches for lunch -- or maybe breakfast!
hot fiber ceal, oatmeal, peanut chews, trail mix, Amy's "no chicken noodle" soup, veggie bites, pineapple, blueberries, chocolate, garlic rice.

It's the week before my period, so my stomach is growling nonstop. Unfortunately I have been eating packaged crap all day (I get no breaks during my 10-hour shift at work, how craptastic is that?), and then I had dance class and I am too tired/lazy to cook but I want some real FOOD!
Dinner last night: Bone-in Skin-on Chicken Breasts grilled with Herbs de Provence, Butternut squash with plenty of butter and a side salad of mixed greens and herbs with chunks of blue cheese, tomato and sunflower seeds.

Dessert: Cheesecake Pudding

Breakfast today: Two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter sprinkled with toasted flax seeds
Four mugs of coffee with cream
breakfast: toasted white chocolate and cranberry hot cross bun with scraping of butter
pomegranate, blueberry and acai smoothie
mug of tea

lunch: plain bagel (toasted) with cream cheese, chives and tomato
orange, pineapple and lime juice

mug of coffee

dinner: homemade chicken tikka masala with lemon and rosemary rice, natural yoghurt and 2 mini garlic & coriander naan bread
orange, pineapple and lime juice
Dinner last night:

Baked pork chop with Spanish rice, butternut squash, salad with feta, tomato and sunflower seeds washed down with a large bottle of Pelligrino followed by a couple of Strongbows. Yum.
Breakfast: Toast with gads of butter
Many cups of coffee with cream

Lunch: Slices of Organic Aged Cheddar and strawberries

Dinner: Soup and Sandwich

Washed down with a couple of Strongbows
Breakfast: Chicken, cheddar cheese, sour cream warmed up and wrapped in small flour tortillas.

Lunch: A medium hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts and a coffee fritter.

Dinner: Beef soft tacos washed down with Root beer

Dessert: Oreo cookies and a big glass of water.
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