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Breakfast:high fiber bagel with pepper jam

Lunch:salad with peanut dressing, thai basil shrimp with veggies and rice

Dinner:cream of cauliflower soup with fresh chives, asparagus sauteed in olive oil, a pinch of sugar and walnuts and some whole wheat baguette

Snack:Maple yogurt with walnuts and banana
Breakfast: Slice of buttered toast and three cups of coffee with half and half

Lunch: Half a chicken sandwich with swiss and a light coat of butter and a diet coke

some grapes

a nice leafy salad with a pile of spicy tofu, olives, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, etc.

pomegranite-acai juice and "super-antioxidant" green tea.

a vegetable sandwich

4 pieces of dark chocolate

a few coconut-rolled dates

a small package of oreo cookies.

I feel like everything I ate today was extremely yummy, except the oreos. I donated blood and the nurse made me eat them. I don't know if they were gross because they ARE gross or if it was because I was freaking out and didn't want to eat any food at all. Now when i think of them I feel squeamish.
ohhhh, what i ate indeed.

--trader joe's honey squares cereal with milk

(go to work, then meet up with rich uncle midday)

lunch, at the getty's restaurant:
--crab cakes (shared appetizer)
--ahi tuna nicoise salad with arugula, shaved fennel, red peppers, sardines, tiny olives
--espresso with twist of lemon "ala roma"

dinner, at la terza, with uncle and 8 other italian academics:
--rosso di montalcino wine
--amazing real tuscan bread with the most delicate, exquisite hummus i've ever eaten
--smoked salmon (shared appetizer)
--tuna with pine nuts (shared appetizer)
--pumpkin soup
--some of uncle's agniolotti (i have no idea what was inside these but i'm guessing very tender beef or maybe veal?***)
--rack of lamb with virgin olive oil and shallots
--some of uncle's pork belly (*homer drool*......SO glad i'm not vegetarian thank you piggy wherever you are now) (and baby sheep)
--tiramisu with pumpkin ice cream (shared dessert)
--"torta di nonna" with roasted pine nuts and real vanilla ice cream (shared dessert)
--fried riccotta with chocolate, blueberry and sour cherry dipping sauces

i am DONE. seriously. i could eat kraft dinner every night for the next year and not even CARE. i am that sated.

mouse, that sounds so good!

I had mussels in tomato, chilli and chorizo sauce (dipped soft brown bread in sauce too) and glass of rose.
salad with tomatos, cucmbers, onions. baked falafel, fat free tahini salad dressing, big scoop of hummus on top and a whole wheat pita to go along with it. yum.

and yeah mouse, that sounds sooooo good.
dinner last night:veggie meatballs with scallions and sweet chili sauce, rice and peas in coconut milk, sauteed greens, eggplant in sake glaze

breaky:soy breakfast patty, egg and cheese on a Thomas's Light Multi-Grain English Muffin

lunch:hot and cold buffet from Garden of Eden-grilled eggplant, tomato and raw mozzarela, barley salad, almonds, lentils, orzo, sundried tomatoes, blueberries, roasted vegetables, marinated mushrooms, chick peas,etc.

dinner:turkey burger with sauteed onions and mushrooms, rice and black beans, 2 Pumpkin Ales
snack;popcorn and fruit salad

Breakfast:brie and red pepper jelly on wheat toast

Thanksgiving: holiday-spiced nuts, brie, ginger stilton, crackers, grapes, turkey, gravy, cranberry chutney, vanilla sweet potato casserole, oven roasted brussell sprouts, cranberry and pine nut stuffing, sausage and apricot stuffing, green beans almondine, greens with goat cheese, roasted beets and carmelized walnuts, pureed parsnips, rolls, corn bread, chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, ginger ice cream, pumpkin ice crea, pecan pie, Myan Chocolate, Ginger chocolate.....
I'm drooling.
well, i didn't really have a thanksgiving so my food for yesterday consisted of pretty much just leftover mexican food, some mint milanos, and several beers, but last friday some friends and i had a potluck pre-thanksgiving feast (many of the contents inspired by amy sedaris' new cookbook) that was pretty awesome:

--deviled eggs
--cucumber salad
--chicken pesto ravioli
--beet gnocchi with rosemary and olive oil
--macaroni & cheese "muffins"
--cheese ball with crackers
--bacon-wrapped meatloaf
--sweet potatoes cooked with pecans
--pralines by themselves
--brie and grapes
--hot wings

for dessert
--"floating islands"
--lemon meringue pie
--gingerbread cookies

3 mini croissants with margarine and grape jam
one bite of a Snickers bar
glass of milk

It is now almost 4pm and I have no idea what to have for lunch, which I should have had hours ago anyway.
Breakfast: apple pie and water with a ton of lemon

Lunch: leftover Tofurkey, leftover sweet potatoes, parsnips, and acorn squash, more apple pie, tea

Supper: candy and Amy's meals
Yesterday I had a taco bell burrito (sans beans....god I hate beans) for lunch/dinner. A banana muffin and a fruit roll-up. For dessert I had 3 glasses of rum and coke and realized I've become a ligthweight.
Today I don;t know what I'll have. I want to et something greasy to help my hangover go away but I know that I'll feel guilty.

Yesterday I had a taco bell burrito (sans beans....god I hate beans) for lunch/dinner. A banana muffin and a fruit roll-up. For dessert I had 3 glasses of rum and coke and realized I've become a ligthweight.
Today I don;t know what I'll have. I want to et something greasy to help my hangover go away but I know that I'll feel guilty.
--perfect corn chips
--burnt habanero and cream salsa
--shrimp, avocado and spinach salad with mint-lime dressing
--a mojito
--cucumber-infused water

sweet jesus i love that restaurant
breakfast - quinoa hot cereal (chai almond flavor)

lunch - spinach salad with ginger dressing and fried tofu, miso noodle soup (the simply asian kind where you add hot water to the bowl)

snack - rice cakes and hazelnut butter, then a brownie

dinner - kale and parsley omelet with soy cheese (veggie shreds).

brunch: bacon, black pudding, potato scone and mushrooms
mug of coffee

another mug of coffee

snack: a clementine

bottle of lemon juice

dinner: home-made mexican chilli, rice, potato wedges, soured cream and guacamole
lemon cheesecke

orange juice
cashew granola bar
grilled ham and cheese
junior mints
....and very soon a pizza, as soon as the delivery guy shows up.
worst eating ever!

breakfast: 3 mini croissants with margarine and grape jam

Lunch: personal size pizza from Pizza Pizza with garlic sauce
Black Cherry Vanilla Coke

snack: pear

Dinner: more freakin pizza!
leftover cream soda

indulgence: Laura Secord hot chocolate with some frangelico
3 chocolate chip cookies
breakfast- bland scrambeled eggs and fried potatoes in school cafeteria
lunch-bottle of raspberry flavored water and white cheddar popcorn
dinner-frozen Freschetta pizza and Asian bagged salad (yummy), multiple glasses of water

So far today-
breakfast- cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese, half a grapefruit
lunch- leftover frozen pizza and salad, glass of tangerine juicy juice

Yesterday Breakfast :Cream of wheat with raisins and brown sugar

Snack: Whole wheat pita with avocado, spinach and tomato

Dinner: Pad Thai with tofu

Today: Four marshmallows.
yesterday i ate!

--at home, after realizing it was 6pm and i hadn't eating anything all day: half a pita with chicken, mustard & honey

--in venice before heading to the worldchanging book launch: slice of pizza from abbot's pizza (*drooooool*) with ricotta, red onion, garlic and basil

--at book launch: some sort of marvelous flaky rosemary cracker with some sort of roquefort or gorgonzola, tiny apples (looked like crabapples but weren't!)

--at party: a deviled egg, a shit ton of vodka and tonic
biscuits and gravy

double chocolate cookies

BBQ gold fish crackers

Brocolli and Chicken caserole with sweet rolls

Pumpernickel NYC boiled before baked bagel with cream chease, lox, tomoto and onions.

Trader Joe's samples of cake

Bread and hummus



chicken taco

a half pint of hagan daz lesser fat chocolate ice cream. It was chewy!
Dude,you have no idea.
I just ate an entire small order of chicken parmesan (with pasta) and half a small white pizza. I feel vile.
breakfast: yogurt, handful of pumpkin seeds, apple, coffee, coffee

snack before gym: kashi golean chocolate-almond bar

afternoon snack when I realized I'd forgotten to eat lunch: two handfuls newman's own prunes (yes! paul has prunes! who knew?), coffee

supper: multi-grain rotini with loads of garlic, olive oil, artichoke hearts, red pepper, basil, and tuna.

methinks I filled my fiber quota for the day.
breakfast: bowl of granola with organic milk

lunch: broccoli and cheese quiche, green beans, wax, beans, and carrots, and mashed sweet potatoes

dinner: 2 slices of cheese pizza and a can of pepsi

(I got progressively worse as the day went...)
Best Lunch Evah:

Spinach salad with dried cherries, hazelnuts & fresh goats cheese
Cold boiled fingerling potatoes with lots of salt & pepper
A really juicy Braeburn apple
A slice of ginger stout cake

Counteracts the breakfast of cream of wheat & a pound of peanutbutter M&Ms...
I had fresh mango and ice cream for dinner last night. Summer-tastic!
Today for breakfast:

Half of a grapefruit, whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey, yummy metropolis coffee with wildwood soy creamer and a touch of sugar. Simple, yet happy breakfast!
yesterdays's highlights:

brie and cranberry wontons
wnsleydale with cranberries pate spread on crusty bread
i sauteed up some yellow zucchini with salt an pepper--so simple, but soooooooooooooo good, i was suprised!

saved some for lunch today but forgot it at home. DAMMIT.
breakfast- slice of whole wheat toast with vegan "butter"
lunch- Amy's cheese enchilada meal, Asian salad
dinner- black bean burger, steamed broccoli and carrots
snack-english muffin with vegan "butter"
breakfast - fresh pineapple

lunch - brie and cranberry parcels with cranberry and apple coleslaw

snack - coffee and slice of rocky road

dinner - spaghetti bolognese and large slice of garlic bread

crackers with cream cheese with walnuts and cheddar with cracked black pepper

shared 2 bottles of red wine (between 2)
What I (gonna) ate:
I decided I'm not fucking cooking on Christmas. We're getting this delivered from Fresh Direct

I ordered it with the mushroom risotto, potato gratin, green beans almondine & the roasted brusells sprouts. It also comes with aus jus & rosemary ciabatta rolls and I ordered a salad with blue cheese dressing and for dessert, individual chocolate souffles which I will serve with hand-whipped cream.
Breakfast: Slice of toast (almost burned) with peanut butter, 3 cups of coffee with cream and sugar

Lunch: Salad with chicken and tomato

Snack: Couple slices of cheese

Dinner: Mexican dish of some sort

Drinks: Absolutely
slept too late to eat breakfast....

chicken sandwich with cheese, bacon, and a spicy peper relish sauce
crisy fries
iced tea with lemon

Late Breakfast: warm quinoa-couscous cereal
with dried fruit

Lunch/Dinner: spinach and lettuce salad
with goat cheese, avocado
pear and sunflower seeds

Snack: Hot Cocoa with cinnamon

Snack: Granny Smith apple w/ sharp cheddar

Breakfast: Two slices of toast with butter and three cups of strong coffee with half and half

Lunch: Chicken Cesear salad and a large bottle of Pelligrino water

Dinner: Bacon mushroom cheeseburger on a toasted English muffin with a light spread of mayo and the burger was topped with a dollop of organic sour cream and some fresh chives; not to mention a marvelous salad of mixed greens with crumbled honey goat cheese and cherry tomatoes and Shitake sesame dressing. Yum!

Glass of excellent 2004 Red Zin

I just ate a nasty ass fried haddock sandwich and the batter on it was too salty and now I feel like total shit.

sunshine, i want to eat what you're having!
Blackened Mahi tacos for lunch

a nonfat latte

Vegetarian Chili Dogs
with smart dogs and
Amy's veggie chili
(the punkrockboy made this yummy dinner for me)

Gumby CC you are welcome to chow anytime! My place or yours? I'll cook...

Breakfast: One slice of toast with peanut butter and several cups of coffee

Lunch: Chicken Gouda sausage chopped into mixed greens with tomato and Annie's Organic Shitake dressing

Snack: A couple of English hard cider beverages. Oh yea!

Dinner: Meatloaf, green beans, mixed salad and hard rolls

Alcohol: But of course!!! Mixed with a side of The Clash. I live by the River!
Highlights from the 21st to the 31st:

2/3 large tin of Quality Street
1 box mandarin oranges
3 candy canes, ground into a powder in the blender and poured over...
1/2 pint of vanilla Ben + Jerry's
(done two nights in a row because it was so good)
2 dozen shortbread cookies
5 glasses of champagne

And lots of peppermint tea to settle my poor tummy
Lots of veggies, lots of chocolate, lots of alchohol, oh, and there was sushi somewhere in there!
Today was my first day back to work (teacher) so this
was a big coffee day for me!

Breakfast: COFFEE!
one egg, one piece whole wheat toast

Lunch: COFFEE!
spinach and havarti salad with pear
one mango

Snack: carrot sticks

Dinner: cheese fondue
polenta w/ roasted red peppers

Breakfast: Orange juice and a toasted english muffin

snack: cheesecake pudding

Lunch: wings and hot sauce

snack: an apple

Dinner:cheeseburger with tomato and cheesy fries

Just made a carrot cake and I'm waiting for it to cool, so I can smother it w/ cream cheese frosting!

breakfast: oatmeal, blackberries, hot tea

lunch: potato & soyrizo rolled tacos w/ gaucamole, elote asado (buttered roasted corn w/ anejo enchilado cheese)

dinner: will likely be a spinach salad of some sort, left over blackberries and some iced tea I brewed last night. yum!

Bob's Red Mill "High Fiber" hot cereal with maple syrup- I normally eat a lot of fiber anyway and have no trouble pooping but with this cereal- wow! so satisfying (perhaps I should be posting in the Grody thread...)!

Sweet potato, parsnip, turnip, onion, parsley, dill, leeks, etc- roasted.

an apple, a pear, some blueberries and raspberries (the berries were 2/$5 and actually taste good even they they are from Chile or somewhere and have jet lag- probably because I haven't had berries in so long. Normally in the summer I'm used to local organic berries and conventional ones taste gross to me).

mini pitas stuffed with hummus and tabouli, ginger tea.

I spend so much money on food. Why can't all the disgusting processed crap be expensive instead?
--artichoke and ginseng tea! wtf! this is delicious--it kind of tastes like dirt but with the sweet aftertaste that artichokes give you

one of the perks of working in a very multicultural office is there is always interesting tea in the kitchen.
Ok, so please don't yell at me but I just ate two PB&J sandwiches and a big tall glass of chocolate milk. It's 12:00 a.m. here so I feel pretty guilty now. sad.gif But Mr. Pug and me just had a great romp and I was hungry. I gave a little to the dog so I didn’t eat it all. unsure.gif
Breakfast: two pieces of whole wheat toast, coffee

Lunch: avocado, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich

Dinner: Lentil and Basmati Casserole

Wow, I ate a lot of bread today!
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