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leftover fried up pork, sausage, kraut and spaetzel
scrambled eggs with salt and pepper
sourdough english muffin with smart balance and nutritional yeast
orange mango juice

cider at a cider press demo
elderflower sparkling water
sparkling blood orange - cranberry juice
large soy mocha

tacos with ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning and adobo, soft flour tortillas and hard corn shells, tomatos, shredded cheese and red hot chili lime sauce
dark chocolate mint gelato

slice of hawaiian pizza

--cafe mocha (an unusual splurge)

--yellow curry with rice
--chicken lemongrass clear soup
--fried wontons with sweet chili sauce

--2 pbr's

--2 negra modelos

--asada quesadilla

--tortellini with marinara sauce

--3 vodka grapefruits


--toast with raspberry jam and cheddar cheese

--some wheat thin veggie crisps

--bowl of corn chex

--mixed greens salad with baby tomatoes, avocado, salt & pepper
In addition to my bagel this morning, tofu and salad for lunch, I just ate an entire pint of soy ice cream. I hate myself.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I had 3 turkey dinners (one on each of the past 3 days):

my roommate's feast with his friends: turkey with roast potatoes and carrots, mushrooms stuffed with spinach, cheese, and jalapeno, bread, roasted sweet potato and assorted squash, a green salad, apple pie, and a few glasses of red wine. Oh, and a Moosehead (beer).

my dad's: turkey, cranberry sauce (v. impotartant), mashed potatoes, stuffing with ham and apples in it, turnip "puff", gravy, coleslaw, green beans, white wine, pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a coffee.

my mom's: turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, carrots, turnip puff, stuffing, gravy, pickles, beets, iced tea, blueberry cheescake, and hot tea with honey.

--bowl of corn chex with milk

--oat and honey granola bar

--jasmine rice with soy sauce
--avocado, tomato and crab salad with lemon

--two hefeweizen

oops. i didn't eat dinner....

breakfast: whole wheat toast with peanut butter, banana and honey

snack:fruit cup

lunch:salad with grilled salmon and raspberry vinagrette

dinner:roasted chicken breast, garlic sauteed broccoli, pickled green beans, salad and 3 dinner rolls


early breakfast: two Kashi Go Lean bblueberry waffles with margerine

brunch: hot water and lemon, bougie hamburger with balsamic red onions, tomato and mixed greens

snack:large pear

dinner:pork chops from the butcher, homemade apple sauce (with apples we picked from the orchard), roasted red onion and Brussells Sprouts (from the farmer's market) and Potato piergies (from the Polish grocery)...
I am a fancy pants.

apple cider
pomegranate-berry juice
Honey Bunches of Oats with Peaches

Progresso Lentil Soup with adobo and crumbled multigrain corn chips

strawberry popsicle
peach yogurt

linguine with butter and parmesan tossed with sauteed broccoli, red pepper, onion and garlic

tortilla chips with cottage cheese and garlic cilantro salsa
lemonade popsicle
I had this for lunch today. I'm in Salt Lake City for a business trip and I went to a Chilean deli for lunch today. The picture is of the milanesa sandwich and empanada I got. The sandwich had steak, melted cheese, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato and avocado on it. The empanada was ground beef, onion, raisins and an olive. It was so good, and I'm waiting for the heart attack now.
I love this stuff, even though I don't have a name for it besides "that mac and cheese junk I make". It's quick and easy and is good for when you haven't been to the grocery store in awhile.

Make a box of mac and cheese and stir in a can of peas and a can of tuna (both drained). For another variation, make a box of mac and cheese and add a can of drained kidney or pinto beans and a can of chili. One more way to make it is with a can of peas and a can of cream of mushroom soup. You can eat it as-is, or scoop it into a casserole dish and sprinkle the top with shredded cheese and breadcrumbs and put it under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese is melty and has some nice burny parts on it. Comfort food with a little extra somethin-somethin. I made the first version this evening, and it's all gone.
Mmm, I've made something like that (tuna, beans, cheese, paprika on top) with regular pasta, but not mac & cheese- I'll have to try yours next time!!
Breakfast: 2 soft tacos from taco bell from last night(horrible, horrible!)
lunch: a bag of m&m's
dinner: an apple and chinese diet tea.

not healthy at all but ive been eating like a PIG lately
Breakfast: sesame seed bagel with cream cheese
Lunch: Bean burrito with sour cream and Coke
snack: Peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bar
Dinner: spiral pasta with tomato sauce
dessert: black raspberry and chocolate chip ice cream

I eat horribly!

ooh, i mix tuna into my mac'n'cheese too! also good with some lightly cooked veggies and extra cheese.

i have been eating superbly crappily lately. i am joining a gym this weekend. and then i am going to eat foods that are as close to their original form as possible. meh.

2 of our last homegrown heirloom tomatoes (one Old German & one big blackish purple), cut into chunks & dressed with a little olive oil, balsamic, S & P

A mini log of herbed chevre from the wine shop down the road

Half a small loaf of rosemary bread from the local bakery

1 perfectly ripe pear

Half a Vosges Naga bar, split with my favorite co-worker

(and for after work, a demi bottle of cassis Lambec...)

I should eat like this every day.
Newman's Own Spag sauce with ground grilled chicken breast with tri-colour peppers, mushrooms, onion and heirloom tomato on top of spag squash with freshly grated parm cheese, an incredible thick slice of sourdough bread with organic sweet cream butter (I passed on the bread and butter) and a superb glass of Zinfandel.

All. For. Lunch.

Yum. What will the evening bring?
oh my god, we've banned vegemite!!!

breakfast: maple pecan danish
mug of tea

snack: a banana

lunch: toast with peanut butter and jam
mug of jam

large glass of rose wine

dinner: shared Che Ci Gai:Fresh mango and mozzarella wrapped in slices of chicken breast, deep fried
with mango sauce
App Guen: Golden fried crispy pancakes rolled with oven roasted duck and vegetables with hol
sin sauce.

Thai Gai: Breast of chicken with sautéed apples and pineapples in a Thai, fresh lemon grass,
chilli sauce with garlic fried rice.

Teem Bun: meringue and cream with strawberry, kiwi, grape and mango.

half a bottle of rose wine
a glass of moet champagne
half a jug of water

2 Cosmopolitans

6 vodka and lemonades

a litre of water
Sorry, Mouse, WHAT?!! Ban Vegemite?! Like the population of the US is dangerously at risk from excess consumption of folate?! Fuckin' A, man... So, what about Marmite, then? Or is that just letting the terrorists win? /rant
apparently the fda has only approved folates for cereals. W. T. F.

i don't think they've extended it to marmite yet but who knows? i think the big issue was that vegemite's label doesn't tell you exactly how many folates you might ingest, or something.
breakfast: can of diet pepsi
lunch: Spaghetti with tomato sauce and green bean almondine, iced green tea
snack: annie's cheddar bunnies
dinner: Digiorno cheese pizza and caesar salad

I post to make everyone else feel good about what they ate:)
Damn. I needs to be hanging out with the Bunnyb. She likes Thai food & the hooch.

In no particular order:

One orange & one strawberry popsicle
A cheddar brat wrapped in a toasted whole grain tortilla with mustard & cheese
Creamy mushroom/veg soup w/oyster crackers
Fried chicken with garlic mashed taters & broccoli
Three litres water
Two diet Dr Peppers
A few vodka & sodas...

Okay. More than a few, but I swear I wasn't drunk.
indeed I do AP! and we can hang out any time we're in same continent smile.gif.
Ahh broke mah fast with low-fat honey mustard chicken salad on a whole wheat bagel with lettuce, onions and tomato and lots of water

snack-Whole Grain Fig Newton minis packet

mid-day meal-an Annie's frozen veggie lasagna

dinnuh-turkey burger with portobello mushroom and fried onions, lettuce,tomato, onions, pickels and ketchup on a giant puffy pita, mashed potatoes wth fried onions, health salad, 3 bites of cake

snack-a handful of almonds, a fiber bar and a tangerine

Stewie is sexy.
accidentally ate those so-called mini meals today... mostly because I was busy and kept snacking instead of eating a proper meal. hmm. I guess it's good to not get ravenous, but I feel weird not eating a real meal.

a.m.: whole-grain toasted almond granola bar. coffee x 2.

later a.m.: small handful black raisins, couple spoonfuls raw cashews

early afternoon: stonyfield berry bash yogurt, apple

later afternoon: kashi golean chocolate turtle roll bar cause I was ravenous walking home from the gym and stopped at the health food store (yikes! nearly broke my teeth! it was like a rock... no good).

early evening: few bites of a leftover baked apple w/dried fruit and walnuts. rye crisp while waiting for tea water to boil. couple honey-roasted peanuts from the halloween stash. tea.

supper will be a real meal: baked chicken with garlic, steamed broccoli with garlic, spelt with bell peppers and garlic. mmm! no vampires.
Hey folks. Hoping this is the right thread (it's the only food-oriented one I saw) to ask:

Anybody know how long it takes MISO to go bad? I've had a (previously opened) package of it stored in a zip lock bag in my fridge for a couple months and there's no marking on the package to tell me how long it'll stay good for like that.
Barefoot, precocious and in the kitchen would probably be better place to ask, they are qute food savvy in there.
having a very bad comfort-food day:

3 slices of left over pizza with sundried tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, pineapple and sweetcorn (at least there was a lot of veg!)

mug of tea

apricot jam tart

handful of jelly bellies (gourmet jelly beans)
dinner: oven roasted lemon-garlic whole chicken
oven roasted brussells sprouts
savory pumpkin bread pudding
carrot cake for breakfast...just as I've done for the entire week much to the amazement of my co-workers and boss. is it really so strange that a girl should crave sweet,creamy goodness every day?
cereal bars
seven layer dip and tortillas

Damn...I ate like crap today, better have a serious supper
Haha, blak, I've done exactly the same thing! I often wake up craving sweets (maybe something about quickly bringing up the blood sugar, I don't know), so the combination of few groceries + an entire cake in the fridge = our fave breakfast!
a fruit and flax bar
acorn squash
sweet potato and parsnips
one serving of Craisins trail mix
an Amy's breakfast burrito
a cultured soymilk drink (because I am getting over a YI)
i took over my lease on the first (first, last and security) and i don't have a credit card, so this week i've literally been reduced to scraping the quarters nickels from between the couch cushions for gas money. i have been methodically cleaning out my fridge and cabinets:


-granola bar
-leftover black beans cooked with a sad, probably too old onion i found in the back of the fridge

-peanut butter and jelly sandwich
-black beans and rice (see above)

-lentils with cheese
-scrambled eggs
-seasoned nori

-turkey sandwich with what was left of the turkey, mustard

-generic kraft dinner

i got my paycheck just now and i am SO treating myself to a huge slap-up lunch tomorrow.
Last night I made a delicious oniony turkey loaf glazed with red pepper jam. it was so good that I could not stop eating it. I must have eaten half a lb. of meat alone last night, plus sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Anyway, I felt like shit today so I broke my fast with one of those Salad Bags---it was called Asian Crunch & it had peapods, radishes, noodles (which I stayed away from) & ginger dressing. it was pretty good.

For lunch I had more salad and half of a cheese blinz becasue I am getting my period any second and cannot seem to control myself.

THEN I had the most fabulous dinner ever. It was crispy rock shrimp with a sweet honey mustard and white wine sauce, asparagus, bok choy and pan fried udon noodles. YUM.

I stil want more foooooooooood.

brunch: bacon, herb sausages, tomato and mushrooms
2 x small cup of tea
glass of cranberry juice

snack: raspberry yoghurt
pint of blackcurrant and apple juice

dinner: nachos with mild salsa and soured cream
black cherry swirl ice cream
bottle of yellow tail chardonnay

a lot of water
dinner last night at favorite mexican restaurant:

-garden salad with big fat tomatoes, spinach, black olives
-cucumber-infused water (how they manage this i'll never know but it is exquisite)
-most light flaky crunchy corn chips EVAR
-burnt habanero and cream salsa (holy christ)
-2 negra modelos

seriously the chips and salsa at this place are so impressive that we usually just make a meal of that alone.
Dayum, mouse, you makeme miss Los Angeles!

though boston's Mexican food gets getter and better, it does not Match Los Angeles - or even Chicago!

It's better than it used to be, though. I don't know if you were in Boston to experience Anna's Taqueria, but it is great.

Yesterday I had the best chicken burrito with hot sauce, beans, guacamole and jalapenos!

And me and the boy had yellowtail Shiraz Grenache with salmon, rice, and tomatoes.
i luuuuurve anna's taqueria, wombat, even after living in LA! that means they are GOOD. el pelon is not too shabby either. but nothing will ever beat my favorite taco stand, "tacos arizas" on the corner of logan and sunset. carne asada TO DIE FOR.
Yummy Dinner:blackened catfish sandwich with dill remoulade and jalepenos served with salad with honey roasted sunflower seeds and a maple vinagette plus a few bites of my husband's delectable macaroni and cheese.
Dinner: Kielbasa and sauerkraut spinkled with cinnamon and steamed along with Honey Crisp apples and washed down with a Summit Winter Ale.

Ah, cold weather eats in the Upper Midwest. Yum Yum.
packet of instant oatmeal
coffee with soy cream
1 serving of craisins trail mix
salad with tahini dressing
half a sweet potato and a parsnip, baked in foil and drizzled with oil
several smallish coconut-rolled dates.
an Amy's burrito

Does that sound like a ton of food for one day? I feel so fat lately, but I have NO control over my eating. How many calroies are you supposed to eat to lose weight?

eta: I know I'm in the wrong thread so feel free to ignore.
tampon, that doesn't sound like a ton of fact, it doesn't sound like much at all, especially since it's all vegan. i think that caloric amounts to lose weight vary per person; just less than you normally would eat.

but please don't worry, that REALLY doesn't sound like a lot of food.
Ok thanks mouse, I just wanted some perspective.
what I ate today:

a banana

a grande non-fat gingerbread latte
a turkey, sage & onion stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich on malt bread with salad garnish
a butterfly cake

half a litre of water
bowl of chilli con carne with two slices of pitta bread

a satsuma

about to watch Grey's Anatomy with a bowl of tortilla chips and lime & coriander hummous.

Crap Food Day

Double eggnog latte
a slice of leftover hamburger thin-crust pizza
Lean Cuisine chicken carbonara
2 mini twix bars and 2 reese's cups
huge glass valencia oj
leftover linguine with vodka sauce and a ton of parmesan
some weird russian beer
Starved myself the entire day (save for half a bottle of Pepsi and a cupcake) so that I could eat:

Entire dinner-serving of vegetable lasagna
About a loaf of bread
Half a bottle of pinot grigio
Warm espresso cake with strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Water to wash down the last of the wine

*rolls self on floor and awaits Grey's Anatomy*

Two of my friends were celebrating their birthdays today at this great little Iitalian place, and I know how much I love the food, sooooo...yeah. This is what happened. And now I'm ready to burst. But goddess, was it good!...

If you ever catch me whining about needing to lose weight, please e-slap me, then kindly refer me to this post. Thanks.
Bunny, what is a butterfly cake?

Breakfast: 2 Kashi Go-Lean waffles with 2 Morningstar farms soy sausages and some 'lite' syrup

Lunch: Salad with sundried tomatoes, chick peas ,red onions and homemade raspberry dressing, 1/2 a slice of roasted veggie pizza

Dinner:grilled Mexican corn on the cob, sauteed greens and garlic, shrimp satay with almond-peanut sauce and Carribean Rice and Beans. from here. YUM!!!
jem, a butterfly cake:

IPB Image

basically a fairy cake with the top cut up to resemble butterfly wings and filled with butter cream icing. mmmm. I haven't had one for years and really need to make a batch.
Breakfast: Several slices of thickly sliced apple maple nitrate free bacon, scrambled eggs with swiss cheese, tomatoes and fresh dill and an assortment of fresh berries.

Lunch: HUGE grilled chicken caesar salad washed down with two pints of Summit Ale.

Dinner will be: A large helping of New Mexican Red Chili with lots of beans and some cervazas mas fina.
breakfast: cinnamon-raisin bagel with butter
lunch: 2 or 3 ritz crackers
dinner: practice Thanskgiving!- mashed red potatoes, green beans almondine, corn bread, cranberry, apple and pecan stuffing, mac n' cheese and yeast rolls
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