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I have become obsessed with reading everyone's posts! Maybe posting here will inspire me to eat better (so as to spare embarassment.. unsure.gif )
breakfast: 2 slices of honey-wheat toast with strawberry jam, Bolthouse Farms C-boost (yum..)
lunch: sm. bottle of water, meunster cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread, strawberry fruit leather, almond granola bar
snack: (this is gross) fries and coke
more um "snack: 2 garlic rolls
planned dinner: vegetarian chili over spaghetti and yummy cornbread
Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: French bread pizza
Snack: cereal bar and handful of trail mix
Snack part deux: tortilla chips
Dinner: Grilled swiss on wheat and tomato soup
breakfast: apple-raspberry-blackberry juice, a handful of almonds

lunch: a pear, whole grain roll, pepper turkey, basil havarti, butter lettuce & thick slices of the juiciest, yummiest heirloom tomato I've tasted in years.

dinner: we feasted like gluttons on a crusty hot loaf of garlic & onion bread w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar for dipping, slices of italian herb & olive gouda & purple moon cabernet soaked cheddar, sicilian cracked olives, steamed broccoli & asparagus, fillet of sole, & Sauvignon Blanc.

dessert: a handful of raspberries (I passed on the cheesecake everyone else is eating!)

several bottles of water throughout the day

that dinner sounds amazing, yuefie!


breakfast: raspberry and cranberry smoothie, lemon and poppyseed muffin

litre carton of pineapple juice

lunch: two baby wholemeal rolls with cheddar, pastrami and coleslaw

dinner (pigging out session): medium domino's veg-a-roma pizza (sundried tomato and garlic sauce, mozarella, onion, mushroom and green pepper) with a garlic and herb dip and a barbecue one.
more pineapple juice
a few spoonfuls of Dublin Mudslide from tub

bottle of lucozade

supper: slice of toast and honey

orange juice

Breakfast: plain yogourt with ginger-cashew granola and honey

Lunch (from my school's vegan soup kitchen): split pea soup, buckwheat, some kind of stew with carrots and spinach and other stuff, and an apple-cabbage-nayonnaise salad

Snack: cranberry juice and a sesame bagel with cream cheese and tomato

Dinner: homemade eggplant parmesan, steamed asparagus, spinach salad with artichoke hearts and walnuts

At the bar: a glass of red wine

Before bed: strawberry Jello pudding

large soy mocha
english muffin with smart balance and nutritional yeast

Real McCoy Original sandwich...mmm....all kinds of meat, hot peppers, dressing, cheese
lots of Yuengling
2 nuts and berries
a chocolate cake shot

hard corn and soft flour tacos with ground turkey, tomato, cheese, adobo, chili lime sauce and lettuce
more Yuengling

I think I may drink too much...


YUENGLING! *pines for yuengling*
so far.....
breakfast: english muffin with butter and strawberry jam
lunch: meunster cheese sandwich on wheat bread
dinner: black bean burger on an english muffin
with much snacking on tootsie rolls and lollipops in between

Edie, what is this vegan soup kitchen that you speak of?!
2 coffees at work

a handful or two of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies

dinner: curly fries, a meatball hoagie, 2 glasses of Yuengling
[lousy days at work require comfort food with the husband]

and now i'm working on a diet coke & vodka.
hey brett, I had annie's cheddar bunnies today too. my dog ate more than I did tho', they are like doggie crack or somethin'.

breakfast - a bottle of water, the rest of the raspberries from last night.

lunch: green apple white tea, leftover broccoli & asparagus, a nectarine & a plum, handful of almonds & cheddar bunnies.

early dinner: cajun salmon, a sweet potato and garlicky green beans. no dessert, too full!

My second day on the no-carbs diet: lunch meat with mayonaisse and half a pepper, dinner some pork grinds(is that how you call them?). I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE :'( I can't believe some people can go like this forever, but I can't ! I love my bread, and my french fries, and my soy milk and my ICE CREAM:'( I'm the kind of person that if he/she doesn't have anything sweet formore than 2 days, he/she dies! And i'm being serious, I feel soooo weak today, I slept all day long, I need my stuff!
So screw it, tomorrow I'll bid adieu to this no-carb diet.
Plus I'm PMS-ing so my appetite always increases:-D

O BTW, I was tlaking with my cousin today, she says that when you are on your period, you can eat ANYTHING you want and you'll never gain weight. IS THAT TRUE????
Mirabella, my university has a by-donation/free vegan lunch every day. There are usually 4 big pots lined up: soup, grain, stew, and salad, and sometimes there's bread. They're amazing! They live off of the $ donations, food donations from stores, volunteer initiative, and a small part of our student fees.

Yesterday, lunch was carrot-ginger soup, corn on the cob, a potato & black bean stew, and couscous salad with lettuce and radishes and homemade vinaigrette.
Monday I had a craving for organ meats. I had chicken livers sauteed with red wine, green onions, crimini mushrooms, & a bit of bacon fat.

Late last night I made a burrito out of it with boursin cheese.

I am weird. Must be running low on something nutritionally.
Aural, I can't believe I love someone so creepy so much. Organ meat burritos?!

Dani, I don't think your period has much to do with your metabolism so no, that isn't true.

Today I 'et:

breakfast-Multigrain English muffin with margerine and jelly, canteloupe

lunch-rigatoni ala sicila---tomato sauce, sauteed eggplant and fresh mozzarella

and dinner, oh my fucking GOD:

Je-mr. and I shared browned cauliflower salad with pommegranite syrup and tahini, a mezze plate with pickles, olives and pickled beets served with a medley of different pitas, a Mediterranean pizza with carmelized onion, shredded chicken, pine nuts, roasted slivered almonds and cabbage salad and the Vegetarian Combo, which was sauteed dandilion greens, cracked wheat and chickpeas in tomato sauce, lentil pilaf (smothered in carmelized onions---my god, my god) these amazingly lemony vegetarian grape leaves , Israeli salad and finally, the most sweet, buttery, delectable baklava EVER washed down with hot mint tea.

It was so fucking good. Our Dr. is in Bay Ridge, hence the trip to the ends of the earth, but now that we're aware of it's magic we're going to travel there again and again. And again.
AP, organ meats are supposedly or rather suprisingly good for ya. That being said, I just can't bring myself to. I.just.can't.

Dani, Jem is right. If you pig out during your period your body will metabolize it just the same.

Jem, I want your dinner. NOW. That sounds so good!

I'm sooo hungry and afraid that my fab dinner plans may have fallen through due to time constraints. And I barely ate today in anticipation of all the delectables I thought I was going to gorging on.

Breakfast: two cups of coffee with vanilla chai creamer, a plum

Lunch: raspberry white tea, a nectarine & some walnuts

Dinner was supposed to be at this great vegetarian asian fusion cafe with some friends before a concert, but they forgot the tickets and now we are running late. So looks like no green curry veggie chix served in young coconut, brown fried rice, spicy basil garlic & chili faux shrimp, crispy tangerine veggie chix, pad kee mao w/ faux steak, vegan sushi, fresh tofu spring rolls, and super yummy vegan banana cake for me! Instead is going to be a PB&J sammich. Harumph!

yuefie, tell me more about this vanilla chai creamer? i need to wean myself off of the coffeemate crap.

and what's in a chocolate cake shot? godiva, i'm guessing, but what else?

- nutrition for women (i know, i know) vanilla cinnamon instant oatmeal w/chopped walnuts & craisins.
- two cups of coffee w/vanilla coffeemate crap and milk

- an egg-white omelette w/mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers & onions
- celery & carrot sticks

- 1 or 2 oz of those veggie thingies that are like potato sticks

- quesadilla with shredded cheddar & monteray jack, onions, green peppers & black olives

i haven't had this healthy a food day in a long time.
my body's going to go into toxic shock. hee.
Maybe the reason you are having trouble with the low carb diet is IT'S NOT NATURAL. Your body needs complex carbs.

Yufie, if it makes you feel better, organ meats tend to have higher concentrations of toxins.

I just had an apple. Finally--I can get local apples that taste like something again. Yum.
I really really really really hereby resolve not to let busyness/stress keep me from eating breakfast. And lunch. Seriously. Today was just silly:

"breakfast": coffee, more coffee, two bites of mr. frog's blueberry muffin

"lunch": a handful of teriyaki turkey jerky, big mug of sweet thai delight rooibos tea

but supper! we made: garlic-basil whole-wheat couscous, pan-grilled chicken with orange-basil salad dressing, and steamed (ok, thawed frozen) asparagus tips. yay real food! fresh local plums and apples for dessert... plus a choco-chip cookie for me.

mr. frog also made some homemade roasted-pepper-tomato salsa that I'm dyin' to try after it marinates itself overnight. the whole house smells like roasted peppers right now.
Okay, so my friend hauled ass and made such good time he was able to call in a to-go order. Yay! So we got to eat the veggie sushi before the show. I am surprised out how good those rolls are, as they are pretty non traditional. My friends even had some made with brown rice for me, 'cause I like the brown stuff better and it's hard to find places that make sushi with it.

Mandi my dear, I hate to even admit this but the Vanilla Chai creamer is a crappy Coffeemate flavor mellow.gif I know that stuff is bad, bad, bad and I justified using it because I so rarely drink coffee. But bleh, I felt kinda crummy all day from it.

bowl of italian wedding soup
tastykake chocolate cupcake
diet coke
steak & garlic mashed potatoes
tortilla chips and roasted red pepper hummus

today, so far:
cinnamon streusel muffin (after they come out of the oven)

and i've pulled some chicken out of the freezer to thaw so we can have one of those campbell's supper bakes for dinner.
Soy mocha from Starbucks
Whole wheat English muffin with smart balance and nutritional yeast
Laughing Cow Cheese Bites

Fried chicken drumstick
Potato salad

Diet cherry coke
Honey Bunches of Oats cereal

Cream cheese on onion bagel
Arizona green tea with plum

Cheese pizza from Betos
Mortadella on English muffin with tomato and cheese
mouse - everyone i've met who's had yuengling and is not from here or has moved away reacts the same way! cold, cold bottles of yuengling, the yuengling porter too....can't beat it. not a big yuengling black and tan fan, tho. too bad it's not carried nationally - i think it would be easy to get people hooked tongue.gif i also love me some straub!
yeah, i think it's a combination of a: hella delicious cheap beer; b: pride in one's hometown, and c: forbidden fruit--i think the fact that they don't ship very far makes it precisely that much more desirable.
wow jem and yuefie's dinners sound delectable! mmmm.

what anoushh said about carbs: they are called an essential food group cos you know they're ESSENTIAL.

mouse, I have bad news for you: walkers sensations no longer make slow roasted lamb and mint flavoured crisps sad.gif. They do, however, now do slow roasted lamb and moroccon spice flavour.

my diet has been appalling this week but I've been ill. today I went shopping though and bought lots of goodies so I'll post soon!
walkers sensations no longer make slow roasted lamb and mint flavoured crisps

*falls to knees, muddying prom dress*

ANYWAY i had a burrito with rice and beans and a salad. and last night was some delicious sag paneer, basmati rice, samosa and papadom. oh india sweets and spices, how i love you and your $4.99 value meals of deliciousness..

(one of the reasons i love my neighborhood is the abundance of amazing cheap, non-fast food. there is also a tiny japanese place where you can get a salad, miso soup, sushi roll and tempura for 5 bucks. hmmmm....maybe that will be dinner!)
hot and sour soup with crab ragoon. mmm....
Nothing! And I'm starved!
breakfast: 2% Greek yogurt with honey and blueberries

snack:Gnu Banana Walnut Fiber Bar

lunch: leftover rosemary ciabatta and this:

dinner:fat bastard BBQ ---we shared brisket, turkey, pulled pork, corn bread, bbq baked beans, collard greens and various BBQ sauces
MANDO: There is nothing truly chocolate-y in a chocolate cake shot. Frangelico & Stoli Vanil. Sugar the rim of the shot glass, combine the hooch, shoot, & bite into a lemon wedge after. It's uncanny how much it tastes just like a rich chocolate cake.

I eat organ meats once in a blue moon. And I stand by my burrito.
multigrain spaghettini, alfredo sauce with sauted leeks, mushrooms, celery, zucchini and prawns.
and now i'm paying for it.
sigh, over to the foods that hate me thread.
Pumpkin spice latte with extra espresso
Black cherry yogurt

Mortadella on Italian with mayo
Big bowl of double chocolate brownie Ben and Jerrys

Fried chicken
Laughing cow cheese bites

Honey bunches of oats
Diet cherry coke
Tomato and kraft sliced cheese on buttermilk
Kava tea
AP--I wasn't saying not to eat them, just saying not to feel bad about not eating organ meat, either. I mean, Ben and Jerry's is bad for you if you eat it a lot (and milkfat has a higher concentration of toxins than skim, so there you go) but I do from time to time.

Anyway, I'm a vegetarian (for 26 years!), so I'm not the best person to get advice from about meat stuff.

I need to eat more. I never thought that sentence would come out of my mouth.

terrible midnight snack:
chee-tos and a glass of milk

breakfast: (amazed i had time to eat this morning!)
trader joe's fiber cheerio-type things
cup of coffee

anxiously awaiting my (for the first time in days) packed and brought from home (again, amazed i had time) lunch of:
--whole wheat pita bread stuffed with edam cheese, apple slices, smoked turkey, dijon mustard and mayo
--lemon yogurt
--a peach
--cranberry lemon granola bar

what will dinner be?
bitesize honey nut weetabix with semi-skimmed milk, strawberries and blueberries
pineapple juice

grande skinny hazelnut latte
skinny stem ginger muffin

weightwatchers orange and nectarine yoghurt


chantenay carrot and honey soup with three slices of crustless bread with spreading of butter

hickory smoked rib flavoured tortillas with lemon and coriander houmous

lemon and lime spring water
Kava tea
Mortadella on italian

Progresso beef and barley soup
Chocolate Fudge brownie Ben and Jerrys with almond butter

Valencia orange juice
Penne and linguine with parmesan and cabernet marinara
Salad with Caesar dressing and shredded Mexican cheese

Kava tea
Breakast: stem ginger muffin
cranberries and raspberries smoothie
pomegranate juice

Lunch: goat's cheese and chorizo bagel
pink grapefruit yoghurt

Dinner: goat's cheese and pesto tortellini with sundried tomato sauce, mushrooms and asparagus
pomegranate juice
kava tea
english muffin with nutritional yeast

dried edamame

almond butter and red currant jelly on italian
pistachio pudding
hot cocoa
2 rolling rocks

Anoushh, I wasn't calling you out about my burrito. I just stand by it's tastiness. Jem said she didn't know how she could love somebody so creepy. I'm creepy & I eat liver/boursin burritos. I dunno if they're related, but it's highly unlikely.

Sausage roll
Chicken Caesar salad
Sausage roll with cheese
Smoked cheddar
Vodka lemonade
Pinot grigio
diet Dr Pepper
diet 7Up
3 litres of water

Breakfast- plain yogourt, whole wheat toast with *real* maple butter, and fruit salad

Snack on a long bus ride - a bag of Munchos chips and a can of V8

When I got to work- an earl grey and a peanut butter and bacon sandwich, a few fries with gravy

midway through shift- a tuna salad sandwich and an apple juice, another earl grey to keep me going

before bed (actually about 8 this morning)- some chips and salsa

I just woke up- ate 2 pieces of kosher french bread with gost cheese and honey.
brunch: mango, strawberries, blueberries, pomegranate and red grapes

snack: two mini butternut squash parcels

dinner: domino's pizza (chicken, sweetcorn, pineapple, extra cheese, herbs and garlic butter)
garlic bread

mug of coffee and raspberry panna cotta
breakfast: toast with butter and coffee

chocolate milk

dinner: pasta casserole from work, green tea vitamin water

diet coke, considering a tuna fish sandwich
woke up late, didn't eat until dinner which was:

bento box with:
--salad with carroty gingery deliciousness dressing
--rice with savory seaweed powder
--"crunch roll" involving salmon roe and shrimp tempura
--california roll

--cup of coffee
--later on, a lot of tecate

--terribly fattening monte-cristo esque homemade breakfast sandwich involving egg, turkey, ketchup and cheddar on toast
--cup of coffee

--delicious italian bread with olive tapenade
--penne with gorgonzola and sundried tomatoes
--pinot noir
breakfast: cinnamon & raisin bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese
pomegranate juice

grande skinny sigar-free hazelnut latte

late lunch: stem ginger muffin
a dozen strawberries
lemon and lime still water

dinner: butternut squash, apricot and ginger soup
4 small slices of wholemeal bread with spreading of butter

fruit tartlet (pastry, custard cream, mandarin, pineapple, kiwi and strawberry)
yesterday, breakfast: kasha cooked in chicken broth (still getting over a cold), with a bit of nutritional yeast (sounds odd, I know, but so comforting and delicious)

lunch: baby carrots dipped in some leftover refried black beans mixed with fresh tomato and salsa. leftover roasted veggies (gold beets, sweet potato, onion). a couple pieces of candied ginger.

afternoon snack: a little dish of instant butterscotch puddin'. made with lactose-free milk yay!

supper: half a tuna sandwich on whole wheat. handful of peanuts in the shell. the last perfect plum from the box we bought last week. a bite of mr. frog's shrimp pad thai.

post-rockshow snack, very late: cinnamon puffins with la la la lactaid.

bunnyb. I must know, what are these stem ginger muffins you speak of so often? do you make 'em yourself? if so, I must have the recipe. I'm a ginger fiend!
flyingfrog, they're from starbucks! they are the autumn edition (I hope that their poularity means that it's not limited edition) muffin and they are divine. They are suppsedly skinny (low-fat) but they are iced and did I mention they are divine? I'm addicted!

If I could find a recipe I'd whip up a whole batch. The barrista who served me yesterday asked me if I'd had them before cos he's addicted too!

eta: okay, it's worrying that when I google these muffins to see if I can find a recipe the first two searches are for this thread unsure.gif.

late breakfast: lemon & lime weighwatchers yoghurt
blueberry muffin
pomegranate juice

snack: coffee and fruit tartlet

dinner: dolmades, moroccan butternut squash parcels, lemon and coriander houmous, baby potato and mint salad, chorizo, grapes, white stilton with apricots and crackers

pomegranate and raspberry juice

litre of water

One sausage pattie, two eggs fried over easy, one slice of whole wheat toast with butter. Two jumbo cups of coffee with half and half.

16oz water.
breakfast: cinnamon & raisin bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese
blueberry probiotic yoghurt drink

snack/lunch: lemon yoghurt
pomegranate and raspberry juice

early dinner: goat's cheese and pesto tortellini with amatriciana sauce and asparagus and mushrooms, grated
grated cheese on top
raspberry panna cotta
pomegranate and raspberry juice

snack: guacamole with oriental spring onion crisps
fry's turkish delight
yuck -
after a couple days of eating nothing but chicken broth and oj - i got bronchitis and then had an allergic reaction to the bactrim I was on - puking and hives everywhere, it was awful! - i finally was able to eat normally today.

red rose tea with milk and splenda
sourdough english muffin with smart balance and nutritional yeast

orange crystal light
stonyfield farms black cherry yogurt
cottage cheese with tomato, black pepper and salt
2 pieces of italian bread spread with smart balance
laughing cow cheese bites

leftover pork tenderloin, boiled new potatoes and carrots
edy's ice cream with chocolate caramel-filled footballs, grand touchdown or something it was called...yum!
pork, sausage, and kraut with spaetzel (sp?)
ice water with lemon
a couple sips of rodenbach red before I began to feel ill - still suffering from the allergy!

1/2 fuji apple salad and 1/2 turkey artichoke panini from panera
D' Peach Mode drink (kind of gross, I thought)

espresso brownie
big cold glass of milk
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