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Bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and blackberry preserves stirred in.

Probably helped by being the only thing I've eaten today, but it was sooooo goooood.....
My breakfast was simple and perfect: a cafe au lait, some plain yogourt with honey, and a piece of whole wheat toast topped with goat cheese and avocado. (It was really heavy on the dairy, I realized only after writing that.) Heaven!

I just made myself some gnocchi and stirred in a sauteed mix of garlic, onions, pesto, red peppers, artichoke hearts, and spinach, and topped with goat cheese. Tasty, but the gnocchi was weird and sticky. I was disappointed that I didn't just use pasta. No more gnocchi in this house!
ok, so yesterday: for breakfast I had a boiled artichoke with a dipping made by butter and salt. BIG mistake. Even now when Im remembering it, I feel like puking.
for lunch/dinner: a #12 burger at the delicious Johnny Rockets', and a caramel light frap at starbucks.

today;s anticipated breakfast/lunch: rice and a side of cucumber. maybe some dumplings, maybe not. im trying to go into the japanese diet haha!
breaky: croissant with honey
pineapple juice


kiwi fruit


lunch: leftover spaghetti bolognese minus the spaghetti
pineapple juice


slice of toffee fudge birthday cake

2 mini moroccan butternut squash parcels
2 mini feta and herb pasties
2 mini wholemeal rolls filled with wafer thin honey roast ham

3 large glasses of red wine

more coffee
profiteroles and cream
For dinner: E Coli tainted spinach salad, yummers! ohmy.gif Seriously, I just finished eating a spinach salad (Earthbound Organic brand) when I saw this on the news. unsure.gif

*I just thought I should share this with those of you who live in the US: E Coli outbreak linked to bagged spinach

*cross posted in barefoot


Chicken sub
Diet Coke
Bag of salt/vinger crisps

Thai veggie noodle bowl
Diet Chocolate soda

Phish food ice cream....

My friend and I threw together a simple, European-feeling dinner:

-a bowl of green olives
-a bowl of cherries
-a whole baguette, sliced into small rounds
-2 kinds of cheese: plain goat cheese and St-Aubin
-(Canadian) spinach sauteed with garlic, onion, cumin, freshly ground pepper, and 15% cream
-a bottle of port

We listened to Edith Piaf and smoked a Gauloise afterwards (not a total affectation; those are my favorite cigarettes)
So far today I have eaten brown toast with, variously: soft boiled egg and parmesan cheese; soft goat cheese; M & S crab pate. Water, Lucozade (slight hangover) and lemon and aloe vera green tea.
tuna salad with light mayo and dill pickles
swiss cheese
I went to a local festival earlier so I binged! Apple dumplings, ham and beans, roasted almonds, corn on the cob, cornbread, BBQ chicken. mmmm......
breakfast: bitesize honey nut shreddies with semi-skimmed milk
mug of baby tea

elevenses/lunch: grande skinny hazelnut latte
skinny iced stem ginger muffin

snacks/sugar-fix: bag of Haribo starmix
2 bottles of Lucozade

dinner: 2 sundried tomato, pesto and mozarella stuffed portobello mushrooms with potato salad and 3 cheese coleslaw.

half pint of Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide

more coffee
Two liters of water before nine am.

I wanted fried chicken & waffles for breakfast. I settled for chicken tenders. And coffee with whisky. And two Stella Artois. And a shot of Jaegermeister/Red Bull. Sadly, I am not drunk.

For dinner we will have either gingered salmon or grilled balsalmic raspberry game hen with spaghetti squash & a nice salad. Lemon sorbet for dessert.
Breakfast: Gouda chicken sausage, two fried eggs and coffee.
Lunch: Jumbo chicken cesar salad with a glass of red wine.
Supper: Grilled cheddar cheese sandwich and a Guinness.
Dessert: Chocolat pudding with whipped cream and a cup of tea.
First post in the Lounge!

a cup each of Irish Breakfast tea and Earl Grey with milk and splenda
Chocolate protein shake
2 eggs scrambled with herbed goat cheese and fresh salsa heavy on cilantro
sourdough english muffin with smart balance and nutritional yeast

a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte with an extra shot of espresso
a Yuengling Porter
linguine with Muir Glen cabernet marinara, smart balance and lots of parmesan

tortilla chips with salsa and cottage cheese
kava tea
fruit and fibre with semi-skimmed milk and strawberries
pomegranate juice

vente skinny hazelnut latte

gala and canteloupe melon slices

chicken, sicilian lemon and herb crisps

litre of water

haribo sour mix shared with friend

cajun chicken fettucine
spiced rhubarb yoghurt

Midnight Snack (ok, 3AM snack):
Almond butter and red currant jelly sandwich on whole wheat white bread

Lady Grey tea with milk and splenda
Chocolate protein shake
Whole wheat English muffin with smart balance and nutritional yeast

Earl Grey with milk and splenda
Power-C Vitamin Water
½ Can of New England clam chowder
Asian salad greens with Caesar dressing

Frozen Grapes
Cottage cheese

Chicken breast tenderloin with sesame orange vinaigrette and dried cherries over asian salad greens
1 slice Tastefully Simple beer bread
2 yuengling porters

God I love this thread, I'm such a food peeping tom.
Today I had like 7 swedish meatballs wit mashed potatoes, then a grilled cheese sandwich oh and an apple for breakfast. After eating the apple I drank one of those chinese teas to lose weight. bad, bad.
Had mussels tonight cooked with lots of garlic butter and then served with an amatriciana sauce - mmmmmm!
everyone has to stop with the having of mussels, i am DYING here!

--roast beef sammich with pepperoncinis
--lemon yogurt
Lunch: Banana, ham and on a hole wheat pita and vanilla pudding.

Dinner: Spagetti and bread with butter and cheese.

Snack: Two peanut butter cups and a handful of sour candy.

Drinks: Green tea, fruit punch and lots of water.
mmm...I wish I had roast beef with pepperoncinis, mouse...

got home too late to post this..

Way too big of a Midnight snack:
Big bowl Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese with parmesan on top
Bowl of frozen berries, frozen cool whip and drizzled almond butter thawed out for 10 minutes – it was like peanut butter and jelly ice cream!! Sooo awesome
Handful of edamame

English Breakfast tea with milk and splenda
Chocolate protein shake
Sugarfree Red Bull

Chicken salad sandwich with spike made from ripped-up rotisserie chicken on buttermilk bread
Diet coke

rosemary ham and cheese sandwich with dijon on buttermilk bread
10 (!) glazed chocolate popems....damn you, entenmanns!!

Late Dinner:
curry rice bowl with smashed potatoes and green peas
lichee black tea
a doublenut (double espresso with hazelnut and foam)
a bronco (iced double espresso with cream)
a Pabst Blue Ribbon

Despite all that late-night coffee, consumed to keep me awake so I could watch a couple bands play, I passed out immediately when I got home. I must be immune to caffeine, I guess.
Gasp! -Just realised I haven't had mussels for ages, must have soon...
Well, I just had THE unhealthiest lunch ever: A bowl of fries with salt and mayo, AND a full fat coke.
Bloody lovely it was.
Back to my usual veggie wholefood later.
breakfast - Bolthouse Farms Perfetly Protein Chai

lunch - cucumber and red pepper slices, manouri cheese, kalamata olives, hummus, lemonade

dinner - lemon garlic chicken, broccoli, sliced tomatoes w/ sea salt & pepper

From yesterday..

Lady Grey with Milk and Splenda
Chocolate Protein Shake
Slice of beer bread with smart balance and nutritional yeast
½ can New England Clam Chowder

Rosemary ham and cheese sandwich on buttermilk bread
5 chocolate glazed popems

Chicken breast tenderloin cooked with lemon, garlic and olive oil
Beer bread with smart balance
2 Yuengling porters

Evening “Snack”:
Waaaay too many Brooklyn lagers
Pria bar
Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese with peas
Tortilla Chips with Basil Hummus

breakfast: weetabix minis with honey and nuts, milk and sliced strawberries
orange juice

lunch: slice of toast and nutella

snack: mug of coffee and twix finger

another mug of coffee

dinner: filo prawns with sweet chilli dipping sauce
scottish smoked salmon parcels stuffed with marscapone and spinach and creamy lemon sauce and
crispy potato slices
chocolate chip peanut butter cookies(all day, I nibbled on them here and there)

cold cafe mocha(Bolthouse makes the best drinks!)

polish sausage

now what to do for supper?
--whole wheat pita filled with: sharp cheddar, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, walnuts
--peach nectar

bunnyb, i can only deduce 3 things. either:
a. you are an amazing cook
b. you live with an amazing cook
c. you eat out at great restaurants every day
hehe, a bit of all three I'd say! I ate at home today but wish I could say the stuffed salmon was home-made (although I do make a nice marinade for salmon, I've never attempted to stuff it myself).
Bacon, lettuce and tomato with light mayo on toasted multigrain bread.
I want another one. Save me from the bacon winking it's vulva and tempting me from the stove in my kitchen. Help me Jeebus. unsure.gif
Oh, come on, bunny_b -- only God can make a salmon!
Red Rose Tea with splenda (I hate being out of milk!)
Boathouse Farms C-Boost
Stonyfield Farms mocha latte yogurt
Beer bread with smart balance and nutritional yeast

Lean Cuisine Thai Chicken (my faaaavorite frozen dinner)
Basil hummus and tomato on buttermilk bread
Pria French vanilla crisp bar
Red Rose tea with Splenda
Tootsie roll

Everything bagel with whipped cream cheese
Bowl of Edy’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Almond butter and red currant jelly on buttermilk bread

hehe wombat.

breakfast at starbucks:
cranberries and raspberry smoothie
tall skinny hazelnut latte

lunch at tgi friday's:
jack daniel's glazed chicken wings
mozarella dippers with marinara dipping sauce
barnumint baileys (baileys, mint liqueur, oreos and vanilla ice cream)

bottle of detox lemon, lime and ginger water
bottle of lucozade
mug of coffee
hershey's smore bar

dinner at home:
slice of toast with mashed avocado and bacon

150ml tub of Cherry Garcia
vanilla yogurt with walnuts sprinkled in

planned lunch:
leftover tortellini

ended up ordering sushi with coworkers & had:
miso soup
garlic albacore roll with spicy tuna
breakfast-vanilla yogurt with french vanilla granola, canteloupe

lunch-mixed green salad with house dressing, chicken marsala, Italian bread

Yummy Yummy Sushi with Je-mr. for dinner!
miso soup
avacado salad with sesame dressing
'sushi pizza' on with assorted fish, avacado, eel sauce,scallions and spicy mayo on a popped rice crust
spicyseared pepper tuna roll
Black dragon roll (scallop tempura, mango, eel, tuna, etc

and three triangles of white chocolate Toblerone.
3 cups Red rose tea with milk and splenda
Chocolate protein shake
Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and fresh salsa
Whole wheat English muffin with smart balance and nutritional yeast

Chicken sausage gumbo soup
Bolthouse Farms C Boost

Homemade vegetable lo mein
Bowl of raspberry swirl ice cream

Sea breezes and a blueberry crunch: blueberry stoli, sprite and red bull
½ a Primanti’s corned beef sandwich with fries and coleslaw on it (anyone who’s been to Pittsburgh should know about these – they RULE)
Breakfast: Two fried eggs, one and a half chicken sausages, one slice of toast, 3 cups of coffee with half and half and Splenda

Two cups of Hibiscus tea

Lunch: Chicken Cesar Salad and several large glasses of water

Dinner: Likely beef stew or roasted chicken and veggies
breakfast: iced stem ginger muffin
mango and passion fruit smoothie

mug of coffee

snack: parmesan reggiano and black pepper kettle chips with hummous

snack: mug of very strong cuban coffee
cranberry and orange muffin

dinner: chilli tacos (with lettuce, tomato, cheese and salsa)
strawberry trifle
Dinner confirmation: Beef stew with a fantastic glass of Chianti

Dessert: Sugar Free Strawberry Jello with a scoop of whipped cream

Coffee with a shot of Bushmills and whipped cream
yogurt, veg friendly candy corn, tums, yogurt, salad, alcoholic cider, wine.

wow. i suck.
breakfast: a light hot poket

lunch: cherry coke at the movies, went there to watch Jackass 2, one of the best movies EVER.

dinner: a sandwich of bread with provolone cheese. horrible , horrible, now im all nauseous
We went to the mall. the mall is for fat people. We are fat. We ate and ate. I am ashamed.

lunch:Panda Express orange chicken, fried rice and greasy sauteed brocolli

snack: a few licks of my husband's mint and chocolate frozen custard

dinner:a baby fatburger, plus bourban chicken and some lo mein

I feel vile.
half a bagel with honey walnut cream cheese that tasted like garlic because the challenged individual behind the counter didn't change knives.

a small handful of pretzels

tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream

cheddar sour cream lays

12 hour shift at the diner:

-2 eggs over easy with brown toast and blueberry jam
-stray fries, dipped in either mayo or gravy
-earl grey tea with honey
-some hard candy from the bowl
-diet pepsi
-a chicken souvlaki
Bowl of Banana-Flax-Almond-Green Matcha Tea Cereal
Red Rose Tea with milk and splenda

Lean Cuisine Chicken Carbonara
French Vanilla Pria bar

Many cups of blue moon and yuengling
Fried chicken
Pulled pork on a roll

Sheetz Shmuffin with bacon, egg and double cheddar
Melon Propel

not the healthiest day :/
breakfast: mug of coffee and banana

bottle of lucozade

snack: two chocolate snackajack rice cakes
mug of peppermint tea

shared the following tapas for late lunch:

basket of bread with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette
patatas bravas - fried potatoes mixed in a spicy tomato sauce
berejenas rellenas de pimientos - stuffed aubergine shell stuffed with cous cous, peppers
in herb tomato topped with grated manchego cheese
queso de cabra al horno - grilled goats cheese with seville orange & chilli marmalade
parrillada de vegetales - chargrilled aubergine, peppers, courgettes & artichokes with olive oil & balsamic
butifarra negra - sliced Andalucian black pudding with onion & apple chutney
gambas rebozadas -black tiger prawns coated in a coriander lemon batter with a garlic mayonnaise dip

large glass of water
1/4 large glass of rose wine (wasn't feeling too well so didn't finish)

peppermint tea

dinner: turkey, mashed potato, carrot, brocolli, onion and sage stuffing and lashings of gravy


litre of water
Red Rose Tea with milk and splenda
Bowl of vanilla-flax-almond-green matcha tea cereal

Almond butter and red currant jelly on buttermilk bread

Linguine with cabernet marinara and parmesan
Salad with tomato and Caesar dressing

Doghead Chicory Stout
Sierra Nevadas
Some really good fries and a chicken tender at the Roger Waters show!
one of you brits should really eat some penguins so i can do so vicariously. and some slow roasted lamb and mint crisps. and drink some ribena.

for a min there I was wondering "wtf would we eat penguins and where did that idea come from?" and then I realised you meant penguin biscuits! laugh.gif
and crunchie bars and coffee crisp and kinder eggs and all sorts of awesome crap we don't get across the pond (well, canada does, but we don't).

hehehehe yeah, doesn't everyone know that stereotype of british people as rabid penguinivores!??
wheat toast with fake butter and yummy throat tea with honey; followed by lots of water, another piece of toast and then 2 pieces of pizza with everything on it and a coke.

sunny delight with 2 dayquil, a banana, 1/2 cup of fruity cheerios with soy milk, and currently; some homemade chicken soup. a tangelo stands by for later.

dinner will probably be some greasy cheeseburger with fries or something from quiznos. eek.
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