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QUOTE(wombat @ Sep 6 2006, 12:21 PM) *

Oo, I did not know the pit would prevent browning! That sounds delish.

what are "coronation grapes"

Coronations, I believe, are a variation of concord grapes from the winery area of Ontario. They are very sweet, seedless and dusky. So dang delicious!
thanks, lloli. Concord grapes would have been my first guess.
wombat, today actually! smile.gif Although I did take some to work with me (in a fruit salad with mango, kiwi and blueberries) but didn't have the appetite to eat it so think I'll have it for breakfast tomorrow (along with another portion to make up for today!) I'm going through a phase of pomegranates and nectarines.


a nectarine
slice of toast with honey

grande skinny, sugarfree hazlenut latte

a bounty (chocolate bar with coconut)

chicken, bacon, sweetcorn and tomato salad
carton of cranberry juice

water, water and more water

yeah, not much of an appetite

a nectarine
a luna bar
a spicy tofu salad wrap
ginger-lemon tea
my frigging weight in coconut-rolled dates, which are delicious!

the wrap came from a new health food store and cafe in town. I am jumping up and down for joy. Finally, another local place to eat! My boyfriend and I used to spend an obnoxious amount of time at the other health food store/cafe until it closed a year ago. We still miss it!
what i ate when i visited parents (in no particular delicious order):

--delicious grilled steak
--beer battered and fried: onions, zucchini*, yellow squash* and sage leaves*
--homemade devils' food cake I MADE
--pear* arugula* and parmesan salad (amaaaazing)
--green beans*
--sandwich spread, brie, red pepper tapenade on toast
--peach* and raspberry* smoothies
--soft boiled eggs*
--yeungling lager <3
--rita's water ice mango gelati
--down home historic vale-rio diner eggs sausage hashbrowns/tuna melt
--pesto* pasta
--roasted red peppers*cherry tomatoes* and garlic*
--real fancy olives
--garlic bread
--ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce
--chicken and squash* risotto
--dutch baby (basically a gigantic yorkshire pudding)

99% of this was made at home, and any asterisks mean that that stuff came from the backyard. can you guess what i miss the most about living at home? (the answer is food)
Mouse, that sounds AMAZING. I'm so impressed with how much came from the back yard.


-Happy Planet "Mango Peach Party" juice for breakfast
-nothing for a long time as I waited at the clinic for 6 hours
-late lunch- half an egg salad sandwich, some raspberries, a spinach and ricotta empanada, some dark chocolate caramilk
-dinner- homemade mini pizza with pesto, zuchinni, mushrooms, and tomatoes
-(black AND green) earl gray tea with honey
-a few glasses of gin'n'limonata

Now I'm eating the rest of that Caramilk before heading off to bed.
Holy god Mouse, I want that, particularly a dutch baby!

I had:

raisin bran with rice milk

thai bowl, spring onion style with some kettle chips

tofu pad thai

tom kha gai

thai ice tea
tortilla chips and salsa con queso
a bowl of canned mini-ravioli
tastykake chocolate cupcake
coffee (starting overnight shift at work)
fancy-schmancy turkey sandwich from work
Pomegranate tea
chocolate chip cookie

i'm debating whether i should eat "dinner" or not now... it's 3 am.
pomegranate tea? mmmm, brett, who makes it?

breakfast this morning:

mango, kiwi, blueberry and pomegranate salad
a low fat stemmed ginger muffin
a glass of pomegranate juice

it's this stuff. I think the company is called POMwonderful. I got it at work (whole foods). HTH some!
QUOTE(mouse @ Sep 6 2006, 09:00 PM) *

can you guess what i miss the most about living at home? (the answer is food)

Oh god same here! But not because we would get ingredients from the backyard, but because people would cook YUUUUMMY stuff for us! aah i miss all the peruvian food sad.gif
mmm homecooked is the best. i also forgot to mention the tomato* basil* and feta salad.

pomegranate juice is so good.
I've been eating like absolute crap.

yesteday I had a handful of pine nuts, a soy chai latte, a chicken, tomato & scallion quesadilla, a nectarine, ice green apple white tea, a grilled cheese sandwich on whole grain bread, a vanilla jello pudding pop, half of a dagoba hazlenut bar and several bottles of water.

the day before I had hot tea, half a pancake, iced green tea, handful of bbq chips, half a turkey sandwich & pickle, iced nectarine white tea, a couple bites of spicy tuna mac 'n' cheese, a rice crispie treat, and several bottles of water.

today I plan to mix in a vegetable dangit!

I need to stop skipping meals.

The remainder of today:

a nectarine
a packet of thai sweet chilli crisps (chips)

chilli with red and yellow peppers, coriander, potato wedges and sour cream

a LITRE of pomegranate juice

a Cosmopolitan

a Barnamint Bailey's (Bailey's liqueur and oreo ice cream cocktail)

bottle of water before bed

brett, I'll check it out - thanks.
bunnyb, you're in the uk--do they still have slow roasted lamb and mint crisps??? *drool*

what i ate:
--salad with imitation crab (what IS that stuff, really?)
--mango juice
--simply chex chex mix. i have been waiting for them to make this stuff for A LIFETIME (chex mix without all those pesky pretzels and crackers and stuff)
Today, at the hospital coffee shop:

1 bowl of chicken and vegetable soup with orzo (sooo yummy!)
1 Diet Coke
3 small chocolate chip cookies

1 bowl of the same soup
1 ham sandwich
1 cup chocolate pudding
Fat-free French vanilla cappuccino

It's so much better than the regular cafeteria food.
Breakfast- 2 pieces of whole grain toast with spicy peach preserves, a pluot and a cup of vanilla roobois tea

Lunch -wilted spinach salad w/ thinly sliced red onion, toasted pine nuts and hot balsamic dressing, a sliced heirloom tomato w/ salt and pepper, pineapple, mango & red grapes, baby carrots with roasted red pepper hummus, and iced tea.

Dinner- salad with cilantro lime vinagrette, cotija cheese and pepitas, veggie taco & bean burrito, ice tea.

Dessert- 1/4 of a pint of Haagen Dazs sticky toffee pudding ice cream. I was successful in the vegetable quest, but screwed it up with the ice cream I devoured. And hot damn, was it good!

breakfast: pad thai

lunch: banana and some kettle chips

dinnerish item/snack: provolone sandwich with red pepper spread, basil, and tomato on pretzel bread

oh, some rice milk


Tempest, I like your name/icon combo =)
Ooof, I ate a lot yesterday, but it was all soooo goooood!

honey ancient grains and raisins, plus milk
some organic strawberries

a glorious flaky, salty, creamy feta, roast red pepper, caper, olive panini from Liberty Bakery

a little snack for porch lounging with my pal after shopping:
some montisano cheese
a slice of rosemary ham
a small chunk of Georgian bagette(made only with sea salt, flour and milk)
a honey lager
more coronation grapes
small piece of dagoba lime and macadamia chocolate

coffee to power on to the dinner party

2 glasses of pinot gris
bbq salmon with dill sauce
greens with strawberries and chevre
roast potatoes
grilled asparagus
mayan chocolate ice cream with raspberries

lloli, I want to eat what you ate!

mouse, I'm not sure but I'll check the next time I'm in a supermarket, they're Walker's Sensations crisps and you're not the only one on the board who has mentioned them, so I'll need to give them a try.


bitesize honey & nut shreddies with sliced banana and semi-skimmed milk
baby tea


grande skinny sugar-free hazelnut latte

bottle of mango & passionfruit juice

2 small (snack-size) feta & herb pastries and 2 butternut squash parcels

5 pieces of mushroom pakora

a kiwi fruit

3 cups of pomegranate & raspberry juice

slice of caramel shortcake

Breakfast:whole wheat toast with light cream cheese and grape jam

snack:Odwalla Peanut crunch Bar

lunch: Thai---salad with miso ginger dressing, shrimp, cashew and veggie stir-fry, white rice

snack:pear, Gnu Banana Walnut Fiber bar

dinner:2 veggie corn dogs, a bunch of organic frozen peas with Earth Balance canola spread and sea salt.

Yesterday I had a small cone of peach ice cream from The Brooklyn Ice cream Works and it was DELICIOUS.
my eating habits have been shot to heck lately, too busy, mr. frog not around to remind me it's time to eat a proper supper, a casserole disaster that scuttled my cook-for-three-days'-worth-of-meals plan... bah. I need to remember to eat during the day so "supper" doesn't become three tortillas smeared with peanut butter cause I'm too hungry to cook!

anyhow, today:

breakfast: coffee. greens & whey protein shake.

snack: spelt-blueberry muffin. MMM.

lunch: big bowl of wild greens with scrambled egg and fresh basil on top (am I weird? I love scrambled egg on salad), vidalia onion dressing, two teeny delicious plums.

snack: a wicked awesome apple, I forget the breed, it was a new one I hadn't had before. coffee.

supper: roasted beets and blue potatoes with salt and fresh sage and raw pumpkin seeds. handful of tortilla chips whilst waiting for the beets to finish roasting. a few leftover dark chocolate chips from cookie-baking last week. another teeny delicious plum. I have a hunch my big bag of teeny delicious plums is going to last, oh, three days if I'm lucky. plums = love.

and now, I'm eyeing the coffeepot again...

also, jem, what is this gnu bar of which you speak? I saw some in a health food store recently, but was in a rush and didn't check 'em out... they are like super-high fiber, yes? do they taste good? I'm always on the lookout for grab'n'go snacks, but so many of the packaged bars are full of corn syrup and processed crap and things I can't pronounce, which makes me cross.
breakfast- oatmeal cooked with peach nectar, dried peach chunks & cinnamon, peach ginger tea

lunch- toasted provolone sandwich, salad w/ extra sicilian olives, iced tea

snack- the biggest, ripest, sweetest white nectarine I've ever encountered. seriously, it squirted when I but in it to it and the juice ran down my arm. I felt like I needed a shower, heh.

dinner- will be chicken & veggie curry over brown basmati rice, which is soaking now.

dessert- I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gonna have some more of that sticky toffee pudding ice cream laugh.gif

2 cups of coffee

orzo with spinach and red peppers

beefaroni (super classy)

3 large glasses of cabernet

some nico/velvet underground thrown in
Thanks, Ophelia. Glad you picked up on it. smile.gif

Lunch today:
Roast beef sandwich
Side salad w/caesar dressing
Pink lemonade

Same (not much variety in the coffee shop)

Imminent snack:
Slice of Dutch apple pie

White zin

2 Granola Bars

Pasta salad and meatballs at a baby shower
Baby shower cake

Mid- afternoon snack
baby shower cake
Diet coke

Beer (pale ale)
Chinese takeout consisting of crab ragoon and garlic honey chicken and fried rice.

Later, Vermonty Python ice cream and more beer

Warren Zevon and Velvet Underground thrown in as well.
QUOTE(flyingfrog @ Sep 8 2006, 11:35 PM) *

also, jem, what is this gnu bar of which you speak? I saw some in a health food store recently, but was in a rush and didn't check 'em out... they are like super-high fiber, yes? do they taste good? I'm always on the lookout for grab'n'go snacks, but so many of the packaged bars are full of corn syrup and processed crap and things I can't pronounce, which makes me cross.

Froggy, they are not bad. I'm not going to lie and say, "mmm, delicious, better than Turkish delight", but for 130 calories you get nothing but whole grains and fruit---and 12 grams of fiber. Try one, they are not bad. I also like the Lara Bars and the Odwalla Bars. No shit in any of the, just fruit ,grains ,and sometimes, nuts.

breakfast: low-fat stem ginger iced muffin
baby plum

lunch: green and kalamata olive and rosemary foccacia square
roasted red pepper, oregano and mozarella square

snacks: 2 baby plums
1 nectarine

dinner: meze: falafel, dolmades, courgette and cheese fritters, marinated olives, tzatziki and houmous

planned late night snack with movie: guacamole and guacamole tortilla chips

several glasses of water and pomegranate and raspberry juice throughout day
jem, i will have to try the gnu bar. it sounds good, i am also a fan of the larabar. have you tried cliff nectar bars? like larabars, they are five ingredients or less. there is a good chocolate one.

breakfast: half a cup of coffee

lunch: (post weekly weigh in) banana, apple, chocolate iced donut, iced coffee

dinner will be veggie burgers, fresh vegetable salad with balsamic dressing, mini ice cream candy bars. i'm potlucking with a friend and will bring the salad and dessert. her husband will cook us veggie burgers while we socialize with beers. he will be excited about the ice cream candy bars, as he likes sweets.

i just made a big pot of vegetable barley soup for the next couple of days. i cut myself some slack on saturdays, though.
I just googled gnu bars. A lot of carbs, but I dig that they have a lot of fiber in them. Wonder if I can find them at GNC or Whole foods perhaps? Trying to find something to eat other than random granola bars for breakfast or snacks.
Cold stone creamry ice cream....they smashed a brownie into vanilla ice cream....swirled in carmel syrup..... and added pecans.....I feel guilty.....but I did share a bowl so not super guilty

sassygrrl, have your tried luna bars or gensoy bars? Gensoy makes a chocolate mint bar to die for.....
I thought luna bars were okay. Never tried genasoy..have to look them up next time I'm in the health food store or grocery store.

Ummm...cold stone creamery rocks....
I first came apon Gnu bars at Sumac, a super little organic/asian-y type grocery store in brooklyn, then couldnt find them anywhere so I ordered them online. THEN I found them yesterday. At Whole Foods. Ha-rumph.

I also like the Odwalla bars. And the Lara bars are the shit.

My friend Vanessa and I took a car ride out of the city and went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods yesterday. I got so. much. food. Nuts and granola and all sorts of frozen goodies and cheeses and golden beets and spices like Herbimare and Hungarian Paprika and simmer sauces and staples like whole wheat couscous, beans, etc...but! I digress.

What I'm eatin'.

Brunch: mediocre spinach dip and delicious Thai lettuce wraps from The Cheesecake Factory

Dinner:salad of romaine, giant black olives, onion and fresh tomato with balsamic and olive oil, veggie meatballs with marinara and whole wheat linguine

Breakfast:Van's Hearty Oat N' Honey waffles with Earth's Balance Spread and Pure maple syrup, plus two veggie sausage links

Lunch:Roasted Red Pepper and Portabello Mushroom tower with melted fresh mozzarella and basil oil, rigatoni with marinara, sauteed eggplant and more fresh mozzarella. It was so good. Eggplant and fresh Buffalo mozzarella are two of my favorite things.

I am planing on making Je-mr. some sort of shrimp and spinach curry for dinner. I am so full right now I can't imagine eating dinner, but when I do, it will be lunch leftovers.
I love Larabars!

Anyway my boyfriend took me to Fresh City today and I had the Spicy Peanut Satay veggie stir-fry with tofu. I ate half and took the rest home, and I just finished it. I feel all warm and fuzzy about myself, having eaten only this one thing today, even though it was probably 674857658 calories in itself and now I'm eyeing the Liz Lovely cookies I got at the co-op.

Also, I drank an entire bottle of peach wine last night. I will never ever be able to control my eating.
larabars are good! I like the spicy chocolate one. but I LOOOVE the clif nectar bars, every single flavor. so good. I am definitely going to try the gnus. thanks for the tip.

today has been mostly stupid random eating, because I was busy working:

breakfast: 1 leftover mini whole-wheat maple scone from a party yesterday (not bad, but I'll use more maple next time), a bowl of plain stonyfield yogurt with a chopped plum and a handful of oatbran (a last-ditch substitute for wheat germ, which I was out of), cinnamon. not bad. wheat germ would've been better. coffee.

think I forgot about lunch. more coffee.

snack: few bites leftover chicken. a good kiwi. a spoonful of peanut butter. a cup of rooibos chai.

rallied for supper! with: steamed beet greens with shredded fresh basil and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil and salt (very intense), half a perfect ripe tomato, a crispy-fried egg, a roasted sweet potato.

keep the rally going for dessert!: choco-peanut butter nondairy frozen dessert. served in a coffee mug, because I'm classy like that.

so is it lame that I'm already excited for lunch tomorrow? during the supper rally I constructed lunch to take in... leftover roast sage chicken shredded and mixed with whole wheat couscous, sweet onion, chopped peppers, the other half of that tomato, and a drizzle of vidalia dressing. I kind of can't wait.
I woke up at 4pm, so....

"Breakfast": I went out to a café and had an excellent chicken sandwich with avocado, cucumber, and cheese, as well as a big bowl of tomato-seafood chowder (with mussels still in in the shells, squid, and shrimp), a melon-berry smootie, and a latte

Dinner at home with a friend was a barbequed tuna steak that he marinated in I don't know what, and some baked sweet potatoes and apples with balsamic, olive oil, garlic, and cheese (I made that and was ecstatic that it was good- I don't cook much)

After dinner we had three strong gin&tonics and I had a tequila and tonic at the bar.
edie that chowder sounds amazing. i've been dreaming of mussels lately......mmmm.....
I love mussels.


breakfast: two dusty rolls with grilled bacon, potato scone and tomato
large glass of orange juice

snack: banana

dinner (at favourite italian): plum tomatoes stuffed with goat's cheese
papardelle with pesto, rocket, marscapone and sundried tomatoes sprpinkled with
grated parmesan and black pepper

2 large glasses of red wine

@ cinema: a cosmopolitan
106 ml tub of B&J cookie dough

litre of water
Bunnyb, what cinema can you get a cosmo and a pint of B&J?? I wanna go...

Been dreaming of mussels as well....
o/t: isn't it FANTASTIC?! I was in heaven! It was an arty cinema with huge, comfy leather seats (you can even get a sofa!) that I am going to from now on!

Mmmm, thinking of having mussels tonight in a tomato sauce.
This isn't today's food (so far I've only had coffee), but I thought I'd share the exquisite meal I had at Cambridge's Harvest on Sunday night. I chose a fixed price menu for 46 bucks and got a terrific beet salad peppered with little cubes of cheese and lying atop some kind of infused oil. For my entree: mahi mahi (grilled to perfection) atop a bed of shaved yellow squash. For dessert I chose the zucchini cake (it was just ok) and a gorgeous little white custard cake. Oh. My. Goddess. That custard! I keep thinking about it more than anything else. I've always been a dessert fiend but this custard was really amazing. If you go, get the cake just for that little side. It's really ambrosia. Plus it comes with this raspberry sauce and blueberries. YUM. Oh, and try the Ruby Red cocktails. They're lip-smacking.
what I ate for dinner: lamb bhoona with pilau rice
naan bread
vegetable pakora

several glasses of orange juice
gross burger. ugh. why did i do that.

i really want mussels.... like in the shell with a garlic pepper butter sauce, with thick bread to sop it up......
MMMMMMMmussels. best ones I ever ate? at a country fair, after running a 5k in a chilly fall drizzle. at race's end was the food area of the fair... and I ran into a friend who's an organic mussel farmer. he had huge cast iron kettles of mussels steaming in white wine and shallots. I stood there all sweaty and slurped 'em down. MMMM.

also o/t, the cinema I used to work at served b&j peace pops, I'd never considered frozen food at movies before, but people loved it. we also had real homemade popcorn with real butter and nutritional yeast, omfgyum.

breakfast today: several handfuls of blueberries with blueberry yogurt, cinnamon, oat bran. coffee.

lunch (eaten at my desk over the course of, like, 1.5 hrs because I kept getting interrupted): steamed kale with sesame seeds and soy sauce, leftover roast chicken, half a leftover tomato. choco-peanut kashi crisp bar. ginger energizer tea. (trying not to fiend on coffee too much.)

snack: handful each raw pumpkin seeds and black raisins.

supper: not sure yet. possibly something involving the frozen shrimp, red pepper, and sweet potato I have at home. dessert, for sure, is the plum-honey-oat crisp I made last night!

This is my first time posting in this thread because normally I live on CRAP.

But I'm having the first potroast of the comfort food. Beef chuck roast, falling apart, spiced perfectly (don't ask me to recreate it), potatoes, carrots, gravy....

This is why I always gain weight over winter.
The best mussels I ever ate were on a fishing boat in Nova Scotia. The fisherman trapped a bunch of mussels as we watched, then boiled them up right there. I was seasick and threw up my lunch but I still came out to eat some mussels, there was no sauce, that would have been mouth-shattering, but still they were amazing. So fresh and salt-watery tasting, with sand and little pieces of seaweed in them, and none of that too-strong fishy taste that I don't really like.

I ate soooo much amazing seafood when I was there. The school cafeteria actually had the best fish and chips ever- tender, falling-apart haddock. And the fresh, gigantic Digby scallops, pan-fried to perfection, were so tender and a little bit sweet. I think the best thing I ate there (and maybe ever) was at a local restaurant- a seafood lasagna with scallops, haddock, shrimp, and lobster, with a white sauce and cheese. I do declare, it's death row-worthy

Ooh, I made myself and my boyfriend breakfast this morning:
Hard-boiled eggs
Oatmeal with NO SUGAR, just cinnamon and fresh, cut-up strawberries
Tropicana orange juice
Peet's Sumatra cofee, black.

Deliciousness.I'm so proud.

Usually he makes me breakfast.
QUOTE(duplessix @ Sep 12 2006, 01:01 PM) *

This isn't today's food (so far I've only had coffee), but I thought I'd share the exquisite meal I had at Cambridge's Harvest on Sunday night. I chose a fixed price menu for 46 bucks and got a terrific beet salad peppered with little cubes of cheese and lying atop some kind of infused oil.


I don't know what my deal is lately, but beets, jalapeno peppers, and anything pickeld with vegand salami on open faced bread has been very popular with my cravings.

Mr GGG is snipped, so I have no idea why, but, beet salad *Homer Simpson Argh Drool*
frozen green beans with garlic, nuked in the micro....mmm

kombucha tea...not bad...

garlic hummus, with 9 grain pita bread. mmm

i still have edamame, mashed potatoes, chicken and rice to eat or nibble on. yay
not a marvellously healthy day:

bacon sandwich
large glass of apple juice

another large glass of apple juice

a bottle of water

a packet of mini jelly babies

spaghetti bolognese (with mushrooms), grated cheddar, slice of garlic bread and two slices of foccacia with sublushed tomatoes

glass of pineapple juice

mug of peppermint tea

I may treat myself to a few spoonfuls of strawberry & champagne Haagen Dazs later
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