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bunny, I think philadelphia makes a strawberry cream cheese - if you're in the u.s., I think it's right with the other cream cheeses in the dairy section. I've also seen it at delis and bagel shops here in nyc, with the fancy spreads. back when I was able to eat dairy I sometimes mixed my own fruity cream cheese spread for toast/bagels... just stir a spoonful of preserves into a spoonful of cream cheese and blend really well.

and I'd like to know more about this fig and feta situation. mmmm.


cherry clafouti (homemade! last of the cherries!)
a few spoonfuls leftover refried beans, cold from fridge (am I crazy? I love 'em cold)

turkey in a whole-wheat tortilla
handful of dry-roasted peanuts

spinach, tomato, tuna with maple-fig dressing (bottled, not homemade, but delicious)
sweet potato
a few more bites of clafouti, and a bite of dark chocolate with ginger pieces

then I stayed up late working so I needed a snack, but was lazy, so said snack was simply instant oatmeal.

I drink a lot of coffee.
I worked in a jewish bakery as a teenager, and one rather dorky guy would come in and get two GARLIC bagels with STRAWBERRY cream cheese, with this look on his face that said: Don't dare laugh or make a comment!!

I like garlic, I like strawberries -- but, TOGETHER?!?!?!
Carmelized Onion Cheese? Those are only my two favorite things to eat. Sounds good, Ophelia!


a couple of multi-grain tortilla chips
3 big spoonfuls of peanut butter

Peanut Butter- what kind do you buy? I can't believe all of this time I have been buying Peter Pan, and Skippy is obviously the best. I found out when I was on vacation and had to buy that brand at a store that had limited selection. Now i can't quit eating it! Mmmmm it's so good.

ophelia, you got that at trader joe's, didn't you! i'm obsessed with that stuff. mmmmmm carmelized onion cheese.....

last night:
--whole wheat pasta
--homemade sauce with chicken, mushrooms, carrots, basil, oregano, tomatoes & cream

too stuffed for anything else! a salad would've been nice but i didn't have any. i had some yams ready to cook but they had gone bad, since my fridge is totally on the fritz. *sigh*
so far today:

bowl of fruit and fibre with skimmed milk and pomegranate and figs
mug of coffee

another LARGE cup of coffee

grilled goat's cheese with orange marmalade
courgette and cheese fritters with home-made guacamole (I am so excited, it's my first attempt! Could have had more garlic) and double gloucester and red onion kettle chips.

planning to make dessert when I'm not so full and have grilled figs -drizzled in honey- with marscapone.

flyingfrog, I'm in the UK and checked the Kraft website and we have Philadelphia or Philadelphia and Chives. Boo-hoo, our selection sucks royally compared to the US.

So far today:

a yogurt-covered granola bar
a pita with chicken shwarma, tomatoes, lettuce and tahini. Oh god, it was good.
a bottle of diet pepsi.

No coffee! I wasn't sure if I'd survive the morning, but I'm trying to kick the habit.
just to add to flying frogs comment- I use to work in a bagel shop and we made our own strawberry cream cheese..

Just plain crm cheese and Strawberry preserves. I would add just enough strawberry stuff to make it really really pink.
post blueberry mornings cereal (it's really good) w/ fat free milk

Breakfast: samosas, chickpea thingies, and soy ice cream (normally I have a healthier breakfast, but Tampon Boy suggested this)

Lunch: Fresh fruit cup, a few rice cakes, herbal tea

Dinner: Millet with sea salt and nutritional yeast; tiny chopped veggies, basil, cilantro, and Annie's low fat "Gingerly Vinagrette" rolled up in a piece of lettuce

Dessert: another rice cake, grapes, and a luna bar.

I tend to pig out after the sun goes down.
I'm trying to be more conscious about my eating patterns so will try to do this every day this week:
-raisin bran with milk
-big leafy salad with tomato, carrot, smoked tofu and a creamy peppery dressing
-big hunk of black olive rosemary bread(YUM!)
-2 guavas
-gelato when I skipped out of work early and wandered around my favourite street in the city: passionfruit/papaya with banana/walnut. (Sooooo goooood)
-a couple of cherry tomatoes
-to come: prawn penang curry with mom's beans, our basil and eggplant straight from the farm with brown rice

I want those grilled figs!
hey bunny, I have a simple vanilla mascarpone & honey sauce recipe that would be divine on some figs. let me know if you want it.

breakfast - coconut creme coffee

lunch - half of an "Alpiner" omlette which consisted of chicken apple sherry sausage, sauteed onions (I had them leave out the mushrooms & added spinach instead) and a sherry swiss cheese sauce w/ scallions, half of a bran muffin, fresh fruit (melon, red grapes & blueberries) and ice tea

dinner - sixteen ounce Jamba Juice coldbuster smoothie w/ femme boost.

PLEASE! I ended up not making dessert last night as I had no appetite and then ate salsa with lime tortilla chips quite late. Ah well.
"Tampon Boy" rolleyes.gif

bunnyb -- Imagine me being in London in 1996, *craving* tortilla chips and salsa after clubbing, and the closest I could find was fritos, which I dipped in curry.

and that ain't very close.

I'm SOOO GLAD you guys have mexican food now!

I am seriously overdue for another trip to someplace fun.

A decade later and we have a little more Mexican food but restaurants are few and poor (except for new ones in London that I need to try!) I think it's because we have a very little Mexican population in the UK and it will take us a few more decades to catch up, I'm sure! We do, however, have the best Indian food (outside of India, of course), especially here in Glasgow... A great amount of Italian restaurants too. /derail.

today's breaky: mango, pistachio and cashew bar

lunch: spinach, avocado, bacon, sundried tomato and parmesan shavings salad
slice of garlic bread
slice of the boy's pancetta and garlic pizza
glass of fresh orange and lemonade

mango and passionfruit frappacinno

lemon and lime spring water

dinner: small bowl of spaghetti bolognese with grated cheese
2 small slices of herb bread
strawberries and cream

glass of pomegranate juice
mug of peppermint tea
mmm the Indian stuff in London was SO much better of course/ derailer


Had a nice little salad I made myself: Boston lettuce, lemon, barbecued chicken.

Had a donut and am now craving chocolate. Damn!! I gave it up for a long time, and when you do that, you stop having cravings.

I have not been pleased with my food consumption as of late. I want to stop eating so much. I am on Weight Watchers and my portions have been out of control lately. Also, I am very intrigued by vegans and raw foodists--any of you 'round these parts care to share? Any advice?

Today I 'et:
cream cheese and grape jelly on whole wheat toast

Odwalla Carrot Raisin Bar

Roasted tomato bisque
mixed greens with balsamic vinagrette
turkey burger on whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato and sauteed onion

Amy's Frozen Veggie Loaf with mushroom gravy, corn and peas and mashed potato meal, whole wheat bread with some sort of Organic heart healthy Spread

a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and raisins
Cocoa Via Heart Healthy Chocolate almond bar

I only drink water. Or seltzer.

Yesterday I 'et:
cream cheese and grape jelly on whole wheat toast
honey dew, cantelope, pineapple and watermelon fruit cup

Gnu High fiber Banana Walnut bar

Carmelized onion bread
orichette with peas, mushrooms and chicken in chicken broth with parmesan cheese


Mexican corn on the cob with all the vile and delectable accoutrements
Shrimp, Onion, Pepper and Zuchinni Fajitas with pico de gallo, black beans, rice and flour tortillas
Cocoa Via Bar

raw walnuts

i'm supposed to be doing this low-carb low-fat high-protein diet, so today i made a stir fry with garlic, a portabella mushroom, some green onions, some frozen broccoli, and a tilapia filet.

and now i'm going to go eat some doritos and totally ruin that, because i'm PMSing.
I fasted for the past few days, eating only the occasional piece of organic fruit and lots of water and homemade lemonade. I broke it with 11 pieces of sushi (for $4.95!), and then some baguette, goat cheese, red wine, and dark chocolate. Then stale popcorn at the bar. Not the best way to break a fast. But delicious (aside form the stale popcorn).
I need to start a fast.


bowl of oatmeal crisp cereal w/ fat free milk
2 chicken soft tacos from taco bell (i never eat there either)
1/2 crispy chicken sandwich from burger king (i know)
2 big pieces of double-layer chocolate cake w/ choc filling (really cheap kind and it was dry)
small salad w/ carrot slices and raspberry walnut vinegarette dressing
edie52, that meal sounds so fabulous! (not the stale popcorn, though - had it been fresh...).

my partner and i purchased quite a few bottles of maritime wine during our recent visit there, and last night i opened a bottle of red. it was grotesque. i was soooo sad, i had to pour it down the drain because it was bad (i think oxygen ruined it, as the cork was quite stained and it looked like air had seeped in). pouring wine down the drain is like a sin to me.

anyway - this morning i had waffles (the frozen kind), with heaps and heaps of tiny sweet blueberries and lovely maple syrup. sooooooo good! i'm sad i only have one waffle left and no more blueberries.
Whole grain wheat bread with cream cheese and pumpkin curd
Blueberry tea with a touch of sugar
I tried one of those "Jazz" Pepsi's last night -- Black Cherry Vanila Cola

It tasted a LOT like Classic Coke.

I tried one of those "Jazz" Pepsi's last night -- Black Cherry Vanila Cola

It tasted a LOT like Classic Coke.

banana and fig smoothie
large kiwi fruit

lightly toasted bread with nutella

pasta with asparagus, chorizo, sundried tomato pesto and topped with feta cubes

grilled figs with yuefie's amazing marscapone and honey sauce

lots of pomegranate juice and water
it's been cold and rainy and generally a kind of lousy day, so it's been comfort food all the way here.

hot chocolate for breakfast
grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch
macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for dinner

and now i'm working on cup #2 of sleepytime tea.
Uhh, I am so stuffed.

For breakfast I had a bowl of maple brown sugar shredded wheat and a cup of hot tea.

For lunch I had half of a toasted onion bagel w/ butter, a handful of red grapes, and 2 glasses of iced tea.

My friends suprised me with a birthday dinner. I thought I was dropping by to pick up a gift and they informed me I was staying for chow. We had homemade lemonade, crab cakes, along with hushpuppies, roasted sweet corn on the cob, broccoli w/ holandaise, raspberry almond oatmeal bars w/ oatmeal cookie ice cream. It was all so rich, tomorrow I am going for a jamba juice w/ fiber boost!


2 pistachio chocolate chip cookies
3 sausage rolls (not all at once)
1 Drumstick ice cream cone

Not a fruit or veggie in sight. I might suck down a nectarine or something before bed.
breakfast: 2 bowls of oatmeal crisp cereal w/ fat free milk
lunch: nothing
dinner: wheat thins w/ fat free cheese, light turkey and mustard (i like to make little sandwiches w/ them)., and about 8 Mother's cookie parade cookies(you know, the bad kind), 1 piece very bad blueberry pie.

no wonder my IBS has been acting up
Happy Birthday, Yeuf!!! That birthday dinner sounds luscious!

Yesterday I 'et:

Arrowhead Mills Hot cereal with canola margerine and flaxseed sprinkles

high fiber sesame crunch

green salad with ginger dressing
miso soup
spicy yellowtail and salmon rolls

Morning Star farms fruit and grains Raspberry-Pear Yogurt

2 glasses of chardonnay
beet and orange salad on greens with balsamic vinagrette
cumin-rubbed salmon with black beans mango salsa and greens
a few bites of a ridicuously fudge-y butterscotch brownie

and entire bag of BBQ soy crisps sad.gif

Since we were talking about savoury bagels with sweet toppings, I'm reporting that I ate sweet bagel with savoury topping: toasted cinammon and raisin bagel with goat's cheese and chorizo.

also consumed today: 2 LARGE cups of percolated coffee
1 pomegranate
1 raspberry filled doughnut

breakfast- 1 fresh, hot bagel with roasted butternut squash dip, and pomegranate juice
lunch?- leftover baguette with goat cheese
dinner- my friend made 2 curries, one with a tomato-cream base and lentils and onions, and the other with coconut milk, tofu, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and red peppers- we ate it over brown basmati rice
2 apples picked that day! (friend's mom has an orchard)

then later- ouf- yellow tail shiraz, homemade apple cider, and a bunch of straight jager...
mmmm edie, you've really put me in the mood for a bottle of Yellow Tail now! A chilled Chardonnay.
piece of cracked wheat and sunflower toast with yummy organic peanut butter and peach raspberry jam

veggie laden dahl with brown rice
moroccan millet stew
raw veggies with a curry hummous

some freshly picked blackberries

roti canai(yes! found 2nd place in town with this!)
coconut curry beef(rendang)
prawn sambal
homestyle malaysian chicken
coconut and ginger rice
a few sips of tiger beer

watermelon berry gelato while wandering down the street after dinner

2 guavas
cheddar, zuke, yellow pepper, chipotle garlic scramble with same toast as yesterday
Dinner: Spicy Red Pepper spaghetti sauce with added grilled chicken served on spaghetti squash and a fresh mixed herb salad with Shittake salad dressing and a short glass of Sin Zin.

Snack: Sugar free brownie bites.

Lunch: Chicken Cesar salad and sparkling water with a slice of lemon

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese with chunks of farmers bacon mixed in with a dash of cinnamon and dill.


breakfast: a leftover lemon-cornmeal scone spread with organic mandarin all-fruit marmalade. a red plum. coffee.

lunch: kashi choco-almond bar, handful of snowpeas dipped in hummus. more coffee. I was saving my stomach-space for...

polish supper with the polish relatives. which involved:

-borscht (red for me, white for mr. frog)
-golubki (stuffed cabbage)
-pierogies (meat-filled / sauerkraut-and-mushroom-filled)
-mashed potatoes with dill
-carrot salad (that is, shredded marinated carrots)
-plum cake

...that's RIGHT.
Today, so far:

1 frozen microwave mac and cheese
2 glasses of Crystal Lite iced tea

I am going to bake some chicken tonight. Which I swear will be eaten with a vegetable.
Pig out Sunday:

breakfast: a banana, a glass of water

lunch: ikea, baby! had swedish meatballs with loganberry sauce, chips (fries) and gravy
slice of dime bar cake
glass of lemon and lime juice

snack: mug of baby tea and a kit-kat

dinner: hickory smoked rib tortillas with hummous
tub of ben & jerry's peace of cake with the boy
couple of glasses of dr pepper

more water
breaky: bowl of honey nut shredded wheat with chopped banana
mug of baby tea
Strong coffee with a splash of half and half, so far. It is early for a no work day...
no lunch cos breakfast was kinda late.

snacks: bowl of cherries
a nectarine
3 fig rolls (biscuits)

lots of water

dinner: pasta with prawns, aparagus, pomodero tomatoes, tomato and basil sauce and feta cubes
half a tub of ben & jerry's caramel chew chew.

That's just----now I've seen everything.

Why is this thing in mah food thread?!?

have you tasted the ignore function jem? honestly, it's sweet (and resumes the thread -which I love, btw- to normalcy).
bunnyb, I'm in love with your avatar!

Today I got back to DC, but before coming back, I had: frenchfries and then for "lunch", two pieces of sushi salmon roe. Those little balls are so yummy.
No, Bunny, how does it work?!? Help!!!!
jem-luv, go to "my controls" and then click on "manage ignored users" on the lower left.

a turkey sausage, pepper & onion sandwich on semolina bread. the size of wisconsin. i kid you not.
probably about 30 ww pts in and of itself.

oh, and the equivalent of *count em* SIX mojitos.
mmm. that sandwich sounds goooood. so do mojitos.

been a weirdly scattered day, brainwise and menuwise.

-odwalla berries go-mega bar
-mini lemon cornmeal scone, leftover homemade
-slice of turkey with mustard on a hearty rye crisp
-green peas with nutritional yeast (total comfort food)
-tiny bit of leftover spinach and green beans in soy sauce, from last night's supper
-a whole-wheat chocolate chip granola cookie, leftover homemade
-apple with a spoonful of peanut butter
-mug of tea
-vodka'n'soda with extra lime
-... sure, make it another
-I need to put a real meal in my belly pronto!
breakfast: bowl of porridge with sprinkling of sugar and sliced nectarine
glass of pomegranate juice

about to make light lunch:

toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel with nutella and strawberries on side
mug of baby tea
Thanks Mando!

I had the best lunch today---green peppers stuffed with a mixture of rice, chick peas, black beans, kidney beans, assorted sauteed vegetables and a little bit of cheese, with sides of brocolli and sweet potato.

Dinner was 2 Gardenburger Portabello Mushroom veggie burgers served open face on 2 slices of wheat bread with light mayo, ketchup, lettuce, onion, tomato and sweet pickles.
bunnyb-- is there a day when you DON'T have pomegranate? rolleyes.gif

You guys are inspiring me to make mojitos -- I have everything but mint leaves.

Last night: We are both still tired from the party, and have a couple jars of leftover salsa. So I bought some whole grain chips with no transfats AND some great avocados.


Avocados. Take off peels, take out seeds, and mash em up.
Put in a little salsa.
If you don't have salsa, put in a some cubed tomatoes, perhaps a little onion, garlic or the hot pepper of your choice.

Don't put in sour cream.
Squirt a little lemon, not lime, and mix it through, it's not for taste, it's just to keep the green from going brown.

and that is all.

People (like cheap restaurants) admixing too much sour cream in guacamole = place in hell.
Mmm, guac. Mine has lightly-fried garlic(tummy issue with raw), avocado, lots of cilantro, lime, salt and sometimes tomatoes, plus one avo pit to prevent browning.

Yesterday: some wonderful coronation grapes
a peach
a few spoonfuls of leftover mango black bean corn salad
small bag of smartfoods popcorn
a smokie on whole wheat bun

I had no real appetite as I was feverish.

Today: part of a mealy peach(yuck!)
some whole grain cereal with raisins and 1% milk
a few of those wonderful coronation grapes
a piece of my annual pie, with peaches, boysenberries, blackberries and unsweetened ginger whipping cream
Dinner will likely be an antipasto platter with salami, a baguette of some sort, artichokes, salad, strawberries, watermelon with roasted peppers and zukes.
Oo, I did not know the pit would prevent browning! That sounds delish.

what are "coronation grapes"
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