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Peruvian chicken with creamy cilantro sauce
avocado salad
rice n' beans
a frozen Three Musketeers bar

(And my evil husband is making Guiness ice cream, but it is not part of my Weight Watchers experience, so I a m staying the hell away from it.)
Devil Burger (basically a veggie burger with feta cheese) from Flying Biscuit
Diet Coke
Phish Food ice cream (I'm going to start GI diet tomorrow).
Guiness Cheddar on apples and a runny goat "brie" with cranberry hazelnut crackers and fresh blackberries.
water, two cups of coffee, dried apricots

two huge chocolate chip cookies.

another cup of coffee.

i have the worst eating habits ever.

(flyinng biscuit! damn, i miss that place. atlanta has the BEST food.)
breakfast - 2 pieces of wild oats birland bread toasted with whipped chive cream cheese and sliced tomato, a pluot (apricot/plum hybrid), and a cup of pink lady apple green tea
lunch - left over chicken veggie stew (made from the left over roast chicken & veggies) and mango lemonade
dinner - spinach salad with candied pecans, grape tomatoes, red onion, asparagus tips and strawberry vinegarette, and another cup of pink lady apple green tea
snack - 2 squares of TJ's organic dark chocolate with pecans and rasins

total stomach contents for today:

2.5 leftover hamburger patties
5 plain slices whole wheat bread
3 large black plums
2 small chunks cheddar cheese
0.25 long english cucumber
2 spoonfuls of nutella
1.5 litres crystal light iced tea
2.25 litres water

going out of town tomorrow; had to empty out the fridge,

oops, make that 3 spoons of nutella.
2 over medium eggs
4 pieces morning star veggie bacon
1 baby gala apple

1 thingy of generalized mesclun greens with goat cheese, almonds, pomegranate seeds, and red bell pepper with a raspberry vinegrette

1 piece of toast with butter
Some rice milk

1 orange cranberry scone

Contemplating ramen right now, not sure. Everything but breakfast was free, so I have to decide whether I want to "spend" my resources by eating the ramen. I'm so poor it's pathetic. Thank cod I work at a grocery store.
I had pizza with ham and pineapple for lunch.
It's true what they say -- it sounds gross until you try it!
Last night I had company for dinner, last minute.

I threw together some salmon cakes, and the Royal Red shrimp I had gotten while I was on vacation at the Gulf. Also, asparagus wrapped in bacon and a cold tomato/basil/mozerella/balsamic salad.

And of course today, leftovers. For breakfast I had a granola bar.

ETA: Doodle, I may have to kick your ass for reminding me about nutella. Now I have to make an emergency trip to the grocery. A spoon is the only way to eat it! smile.gif
mad.gif GOBDAMMIT!!

She just HAD to say the Nutella thing, huh?!?


Anyway--last night we had pork chops fried without coating, italian green beans steamed with herbs, and brown rice.

*puts clothes on in a mad dash and grabs the keys*

Gee--thanks for the Nutella jones, Y'all!
For lunch: Whole Foods Collard Green Coleslaw (fantastic and only available in the summer months!) and a HUGE Pellegrino mineral water.
hehe, quietmadness, I take it you don't check out the BUSTing tr*lls thread?



a cosmopolitan
spinach and ricotta canneloni with slice of garlic bread and cheese

a bottle of evian

a mocha

a chorizo, fig and manchego cheese tart served with salad, crisps and olives
cox and bramley apple juice
panna cotta with strawberries

Mmm Manchego cheese.

Last summer I went to return a library book and they were having some fancy fundraising party -- took a bite of waxy, grayish cheese I figured would be bitter and it. wasn't. it was Manchego. The greatest.

eta: you guys got me craving nuts, I got some roasted salted cashews, almonds and macadamias.
breakfast - 1 bottle of smart water, 1 Wellness smoothie, 1/2 Kashi granola bar

snack - another bottle of smart water, other half of granola bar

late lunch/early dinner - hot & sour soup, crispy curry beef dumpling, ku ting crispy shrimp, plum tree beef, pao hu, house lo mein w/ extra veggies, and hot tea.

Heh. Thought of you busties in the grocery store. Emergency Nutella trip.... smile.gif And drumsticks for the freezer. Can you tell I've been PMSing?? Ha!

Grande Mocha
KFC for lunch
Cold Pizza for dinner
Boddington Pub Ale
Key lime cheesecake (yes, was having a Golden Girls day)
1 bowl of raisin bran mixed with flax flakes and rice milk

1 thing of organic garden salad
1 piece of toast with organic earth balance veg spread
small cuppie of rice milk

1 bowl mac 'n' cheese
One egg, sunny side up
One slice of fried bacon
One slice of turkey breast

Four cups of coffee with half and half -- Zing!
Ugh. I didnt do the right thing, and just nibbled on half a package of ramen noodles last night. Couldnt sleep for shit and woke up at 4am STARVING! So I got up and ate a granola bar.

For some reason, my running has been making me really hungry. It wasnt so much like this when I first started. But now I cant get enough food! I'm hungry all the time.

Lunch - Yukon gold potato soup from the coffee shop down the road and... a sugar free Vanilla nut latte. Yum!

Leftover taco salad made from last night's dinner complete with green chili and topped with green onions

Large bottle of Pellegrino

A handful of lime and spice rubbed almonds
Mug of coffee
Bowl of fruit and fibre with semi-skimmed milk and sliced banana
Glass of cranberry juice

Cubes of feta wrapped in parma ham
Tiger prawn and pepper skewers with sweet chilli dipping sauce and side salad
Glass of merlot
Glass of water

Later I'm probably going to have more coffee and a couple of slices of the cream cheese (Philadelphia) cheesecake I have in the oven, mmmm...
Ughh...truckloads of veggie eggrolls.

QUOTE(yummymum @ Aug 22 2006, 11:40 AM) *

For some reason, my running has been making me really hungry. It wasnt so much like this when I first started. But now I cant get enough food! I'm hungry all the time.

Because exercise like that makes your metabolism get faster, burning more things faster than before(especially energy) therefore you need to replenish what you burn wink.gif
breakfast: muesli with skimmed milk and raisins, pomegranate and figs.
glass of cranberry juice.
Counting the minutes till my lunch -- Romaine with fresh squeezed lemon and cubes of spicy chicken breat, tomatoes from a neighbor's garden, and sobo noodles with sesame, hot pepper and pesto
  • Cup of black tea
  • Nectarine
  • Chocolate mint Maya bar
  • Copious amounts of water since I was parched when I got to my desk.
this makes me so hungry. I've had nothing but a bowl of cereal so far today, and copious amounts of coffee.

but we had a last-minute dinner party last night, and I ate:

-quinoa with toasted sunflower seeds and raisins
-cumin-roasted veggies (eggplant, carrots, onions, turnip)
-roasted chicken with tons of garlic, lemon, and rosemary

other dishes present but not eaten by me on account of issues with dairy and avocadoes:

-vichysoisse with fennel
-mac & cheese
-guacamole and tortilla chips
-vanilla ice cream

there was a lovely peach cobbler, too, but we dropped it on the floor so we didn't get to eat it. BAH. peaches are gonna disappear soon!
Bowl of golden maple oatmeal
Cup of coffee with soy creamer
Morningstar fake-ass-chick patty, couscous with chick peas and diced tomatoes
A Kaluha "B-52" drink (while I watched in awe of my co-worker making home-made flan, which I will eat later)

And yes, I had a drink at work. It's friday. So kill me. tongue.gif
I ate like total crap today. I work at a gas gas station and usually bring my own meals and snacks but I forgot all my food so I ended up foraging for vegan stuff.

Clif Bar
small bag of Veggie Crisps
Peanut Chews
trail mix
cranberry granola bar

I guess it's not that bad but I'm dying for a huge salad or some fruit now!
lets see.....

honeybunches of oats with soy milk
homemade chicken salad sandwich(yum)
100 calorie chocolate chip granola bar
some edamame....
2 cups of broccoli
and an apple.

i figure if i make breakfast and lunch routine, i can change up dinner.
For lunch I had leftovers from last night - sort of a Thai curry, with noodles I cooked in broth, coconut milk, lime, basil, garlic, and ginger, with quorn, carrots, edamame, mushrooms, and green beans. To mine of course I added lots of red pepper flakes. When I make creamy anything I like it to be very peppery/spicy.
I made honey mustard salmon steaks, mango couscous, brocolli and salad for dinner and. it. was. so.good! ph34r.gif
Something I ate yesterday made me sick:

for breakfast- plain yogourt and granola, coffee, and apple cranberry ginger juice
later, went out for sesame bagel with artichoke spread, and a latte
snack- cup of tea and a mushy kiwi
dinner- rice, tomato and lentil curry, chips and guac, and pita bread
later, some red wine and apple vermouth

I suspect it was the kiwi....

french onion sunchips and a glass of lemonade. damn do i suck.
Edie, never eat a mushy kiwi!!

Cherry turn over, and cheez-its....I usually eat way better, but oh well.
3 beers
3 pieces of pizza
3 hundred pounds
Three pretzel sticks.
A can of mandarin oranges.
Several kettle cooked chips.

Going through some shit. Having trouble eating. At this rate, I'll be skinny by next month.

I want what MSP ate yesterday. That sounds freaking great.
Yesterday was all rainy and yucky and i had to go off to the hairdresser instead of helping my guy pick up our place for his birthday party. So I bought us a gourmet pizza on the way home for a nice surprise.

We drank some wonderful Pinot Noir with it. It had:

Sundried tomatoes
Portabella mushrooms

and of course -- cheese!
Mmmm, sounds like a nice pizza (and saddens me as we were going out last night to our favourite casual restaurant and I was going to have goat's cheese, sundried tomato and parma ham pizza but was ill instead. Sniff.)

today has been a little short on food as still not 100%:

brunch: grande skinny sugar-free hazelnut latte
cranberries and raspberries smoothie
mango, pineapple and pomegranate

snacks: two moroccan butternut squash filo parcels

dinner: basil chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pasta salad
mini raspberry swirl cheesecake

litre of water

peppermint tea and two small pieces of baklava.
100% Grass Fed Ground Beef hamburger with Organic Cheddar Cheese and Farmer's Market bacon with baked pita chips and a State Fair award wining dill pickle. Yum, yum, yum, yessssssssssssssssssssss.
Today I totally pigged-out.
For breakfast: pita bread with cheese(that almost made me wanna puke! I don't know why my taste has been so delicate lately sad.gif )
For lunch: One of those microweable lunchs, from Lean cuisine(thai chicken with thai coconut rice, DELICIOUS) and then an apple.
For dinner: pita bread with chicken and mayo and mustard,and a strawberry smoothie.

I feel like I've gained 4000 pounds. I generally only eat once, or MAX twice a day, and when I pig out it is always because I'm getting my period soon ( i screwed up with the pills, forgot to take them for 2 days and I got my period 2 days ago, ahh sad.gif )
dani--me too! I feel like I can't eat anything without wanting to puke.

breakfast: 2 soft boiled eggs
3 slices Morningstar veggie bacon. I love that stuff, sooo good!

lunch/dinner: slice honey wheat toast with organic balance spread
handful peanut butter puffins
sliced up heirloom tomatoes with some kosher salt
thing of blueberries
slice of muenster

Today, so far:

- oversized bowl of Quaker Corn Bran with 2% milk
Let's see: Today at the Fair with my BFF:

Bagel 'sammich with Canadian Bacon, egg and Cheddar Cheese
Cheese Curds
Wild Rice Corn Dog
Hot Dish on a stick
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Iced Coffee with a splash of milk (milk is healthy, right?)
Iced Orange Pekoe Tea
Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky
Slow Roasted Turkey 'sammich and a beer

this was on sunday:

breakfast-baked chicken
lunch-2 large pieces of chocolate, raspberry-filled b-day cake
dinner- 8 chocolate covered and raspberry-filled donuts
A bagel with strawberry cream cheese.
A frozen pizza thing that was wretched
Olives, swiss cheese on crackers.
A big bowl of tomatoes and cucumbers with ranch dressing.
breakfast - strawberries and red grapes, whole grain toast, vanilla roobois tea w/ splash of milk and honey

dinner - curried butternut squash soup, salad w/ tomato, avocado, sharp cheddar, toasted pine nuts and honey dijion dressing, garlic and sesame wilted spinach, marinated london broil.

several bottles of water throughout the day smile.gif

Ok, so today's food, including the early-mentioned bowl of Quaker Corn Bran with 2% milk: a nectarine, a plum, a cheddar cheese sandwich, one single-serving frozen linguini carbonara, a big chunk of homemade meatloaf, and a salad with Paul Newman's raspberry and walnut dressing. And in my near future, a caramel-centre Drumstick ice cream cone.
Bran flakes with milk
2 slices of organic whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter
handful of strawberries
big oatmeal cookie
2 pieces of emergency fried chicken
a few spoonfuls of cole slaw
a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes

I dunno about you ladies who feel like you've eaten a lot. Apparantly, I can out-eat a few of ya, cause this was a pretty non-snacky day for me!
raisin bran with soy milk

1/2 a thing of fig and feta salad

piece of muenster cheese

a small piece of red dragon cheese

even smaller piece of carmelized onion cheese

a few pieces aussie licorice

red grapes

thinking strongly about making macaroni--I'm starving...I know it's late but ooooh man. Soooo hungry.

1. where can I buy strawberry cream cheese?
2. Fig and feta salad? mmmm, what else did you have in the salad ophelia? I have figs to use up and that sounds so good.
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