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Full Version: When The Food You Love Hates You
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I'm a Diet Coke fanatic too! Have 3 a day sometimes. Been trying to diet lately, so eating a lot less, notice that it does give me heart burn if I drink too much on an empty stomach. Ugh!
I was really bad for diet coke too. I switched to caffeine free and in a few weeks I totally stopped craving them. CF doesn't have the same 'bite' but after a few days you get used to it. I'm really really glad I made the switch because I was effectively able to cut them out almost completely. If I didnt live with my parents I don't think I'd even buy them. When I was a diet coke head I would have 3-5 a day. Blech.
I think I'm allergic to milk/dairy. My boyfriend is in med school and knows a little bit about these things, and he says that he doesn't think it's lactose intolerance because I throw up whenever I have it, instead of having 'lower' problems.. I love ice cream and cheese but I'm going to have to cut them out. Last week I ate an ice cream cone and then I came home and had to lie still or else I felt like I would barf. Not good.

Anyone else have a similar reaction? I should probably go get tested to see what it is exactly..
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