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All 750 mL gone... that was easier than I thought. OOPS>>.

Mary J. Blige LOVE HER. Listened to the entire CD twice now. Sing it, sister. Well, did I ask too much/more than a lot/you gave me nothieng/etc I forgot the lyrics love is a temple love is a higher love......... you ask me to enter but ehn youm ake me crawl................. YEAH WOMAN

She's better than U2. Oh yes I said it.

Jello limbs.

I never drink anymore, so low tolerance and I don't know how i drank the whole bottle. this is a first.

Room spinning. eyes crossing. We get to carry each other.... onnnnneeeeeee

I love Busties. That means you.

And Mary J.

Sad that I am going to go and take up the whole damn bed right now. IT's good 90% of the time, but the other 10% not so pretty.
"Well I'm not gon' cry, I'm not gon' cry, I'm not gon' shed no tears. No I'm not gon' cry, it's not the time 'cause you're not worth my tears..."

Ahhh, I so heart Mary J.

And the wine I just drank was great too. But not as great as all that damn cheese I ate. Oh wait, I lied. The wine was farking fantastic. And now I am buying a new dress to go with my new shoes. I love online shopping.

I love busties.

Yuefie, why the ehll don't we live on the same coast at least? You are my soul sister.
*sigh* I know my love, I know.
Or I could time travel to 1999 when I live d in Hell A. Les igh.


ahh 99, the good ol' days. wish I knew ya back then too! cause we could be frunk together and singing "2000 zero zero party over oops out of time"
i just fell flat on my fat ass in the kicthen and broke my wine glass.socktopi are cute and I want one now

Oh, I love Busties! "Early" night, only 7 cosmos, wonderful, wonderful conversation with BGP at bar, feeling so right, renewed my love for humanity as a whole. I feel clarified, like buttah. Think I'm gonna go post like I've been meaning to for the past couple of days......I love YOU!
7 cosmos?!? wow. sixelacat. you can drink. i had 6 cosmos one night and blacked out the rest of the night. my friend said i acted normal. funny. i don't remember much.

2 1/2 cosmos and i am plowed. yeah, the older i get, the less i can drink. plus, i'm not into drinkin' like it use to be. i hate the feelin' the next day.

those drinks were strong. damn, would be nice to have a boyfriend...that's all i'm thinkin' right now...and how tipsy i am...and how i love pizza late at night...just had 2 slices...and how i want breakfast in the morning...yeah, i am premenstrual....
Yeah, stargazer, my friends and I consider it one of the perks of age, being able to handle alcohol......getting a buzz without being slobbering drunk! We prefer to think of it as "experienced" or "professional" drinking, i.e. it really should be on our CV's......"Experience with Excel, Word, and Distilled Grains...."
Okay, one more addition to the CV before I call it a night: much to my chagrin, while I LOVE rock, techno, dance, and some pop, apparently I can only *sing* country (thanks, twang of my childhood!). On the upside, I won $50 at a karaoke contest tonight for my rendition of "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma". I suspect I would not admit this were I completely sober, so enjoy tongue.gif ....
Yuefie, we have a socktopus. He was a Valentine's present from me to Architect Boy. So cute. I can definitely recommend.

Yuefie, I laughed soooooo hard when I read in my LJ that you fell and broke the wine glass.

I'm still laughing about it!

I hope your ass bruise isn't too too bad, but gawds that is hella funny.
You know what's GREEEAAAATTTT?? Castlerock Pinot Noir.

It's about 11 or 12 dollars. Nice and bright.
i am going out east on long island to the wineries this weekend so after hours of tastings i bet ill be able to come back and post here:)
the nice thing about being older and drinking is what my hubby calls practicing the art of buzz maitenece which for me means the right combinations of three sierra nevada's, one vodka shot, two red stripes, another shot of vodka interspresed with lots of water. and yeah I kept waking up to pee all night but I don't feel like complete shit today.
daaamn. the alcohol wore off before I was able to come in and write something really daft.

yes, it's monday. I'm mildly pissed. it was a party, damnit.
hehe, inebriated ramblings from mornington woulda been funny!
Damn these fish-bowl sized wine glasses (wedding presents!)! I'm only on second glass and it's gone right to my head. And I'm not sorry!!!
is there anyone else out there enjoying a friday night alone with a bottle of wine? i had the looooongest week at school, and by yesterday all i could think about was how nice it would be to get home on friday afternoon and drink some wine by myself in front of the tv. and i was right. this is FANTASTIC!!!! i'll be social tomorrow, damnit. tonight is all abotu me.....and maybe john cusack.
alone with a bottle of wine did you say? why yes, i think i shall. or i think i did, as the case may be.
my typo free post is a testament to the amount i am actually able to drink these days and still stay relatively coherent. is that a good thing, or a bad thing do you think?
it's because i can't sleep, still, and a glass or two (or three) relaxes me enough to at least lay down. it still takes a bit of self relaxation (A-hem!) to make me fall asleep but the vino helps me get into the sack anyhow.
how silly is that? i'm using alcohol to inebriate myself into bed. huh. where i then possibly take advantage of myself. all for purely medicinal purposes, you understand...

um, going to stop now. making far too much sense to myself. that will Never get me to sleep. gah.
consumed: one large glass of rose wine
shared bottle of rose wine (so a halfbottle)
glass of moet champagne
2 cosmopolitans
6 vodka and lemonades

my head hurts. a little bit tipsy. watching my typing. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah - will not make drunken relevations. at least, not this sober.
anna k
Before I could never handle alcohol, not getting a buzz or anything exciting from it. Now I get dizzy and drunk from just one glass of wine. It just flows through me like water and turns me into a giggling drunk.
anna k: you may have an intolerance to sulfites. some people (like me) dont have the enzyme to break down perservatives and additives. if you get irritatible or sleepy or a massive headache.. it may be the sulfites, not the alcohol. -just food for thought-
There is a label of wine out there that is pretty decent which is sulfite free (and Organic). Frey Wines. Google it. The prices are decent and the quality is superior.
as far as i know there is no such thing as a completely sulfite free red wine. they are often added during production but a certain amount of sulfites are naturally occuring in red wine so if it bothers you it's best to avoid it altogether and drink something else.

i am drunk!

and i went to a "period party" tonight where we played "PIN THE TAMPON ON THE VAGINA"

i pinned it on the elbow.


by which i mean "AWESOME"

(also i finally have internet in my aprttment and now can post DRUNKZ on bust insteat of just posting spber SOBER at workz. YAY MOUSIE)
Im making midori and pineapple cocktails tonight........
Midoriapple Slammers!!!
Ive even been collecting ice in tubs in my freezer ANd I have tiny paper umbrellas too.
Yay me!
wat sort of department has a fucking open bar on a TUESDAY night??

if i called in sick tomorrow do you think they'd be suspect?

i could have stayed home and got blitzed and had it feel less like work.
fucking holiday sanctioned parties. fuck you all.

beligerent drunk catlady

ps. fuck you all.
I had a party at my house once and apparently I went to sleep under the throw rug on the floor after everyone went home.

Also, I made out with an ugly skinhead with no chin. In my defense, he's one of the best kissers I've ever met.

And, I cussed out an off-duty cop.

I was really, really stupid in my younger days.
aww, fuck you too cat lady. you're awesome.

(ps, totally taking and meaning that as the drunk version of "i love you guys. no, no i really, Really Love You Guys!")
We used to call Midori and Pineapple drinks "Pearl Harbors" I love the dayglo effect.
[/color]How has this thread not been busy from the holidayz?!?! WTFFFFFFFF (disclaimer: I am really trying to leave in the tuypos, but speell check is mocking meeeeeee) Oh, and Im' drinkin' cause I've been working NYE and NYD, but i'm off the enxt two days YAYAY

K, like, an;yway dude.

Um, yeah, sok, what 2007 is bringing to me: a new apt (must move by end of Feb.), a psychoanalyst (cause apparently even my therapy needst o be retro), and a new gymn. In other words (or word-like substances) 2007 is the Year of Fixing Six! WOOT for ME! (most of this is bravado 'cause I'm reallly a bit scered shatless about all this change at once.__)

I usualy do reso0lution type stuff on my bday, 'cause that's actually a new year of life for me (the gregorian calendar is pretty much a mutually agreed aupon contsturct, like daylingt savings time, so it's just weird to me to really celetrate it. whatev.)

I am sooo into this movie i'm wathcing ritght now" The Sign of Four. Arthur Wornter as Holmes (1932) is so fasninating!!! It has this great homo-erotic scene whrer the prison bad guy is chastising h9is cohort and keeps slapippng him on the ass while he's schoooling him on being a smart bad guhy! The acting from this era whre they were trnasitioning from silent to "talikies" is so great to wathc: its like they have to ekeep reminding themselves that people can hear their lines so they don't have to over-emote1 FUN!

Kay....gingt o go lurk in more coerhent threads for awihe.....
Where's my Yuefie? Yoo-hoo, Yuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeefieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

It's okay, I'm only a little buzzed anyway. I swear. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I should go to bed. Yeah right.

Why can't it be next month already? I want my vacay and I want it now.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Aug 11 2006, 09:55 AM) *

I am sober, but I want to say: Don't Drink and Dial. Seriously. Or even text and dial. That way lies madness.

Have a good weekend everyone! smile.gif

I don't know why drunk dialing has become so popular, but it's seriously getting on my nerves. Theres nothing glamorous in sounding like a complete idjit on the phone.
Sober now: I'm glad I found Yuefie. Hee!
i'm a fan of the drunk dial, in proper context. as in a couple of weeks ago when a bunch of friends and I were "visiting" our friend who was bartending (ie: free drinks all night) and one of the group couldn't make it. Guess who received a group drunk dial call at about 1 am?

And guess who saved it to play back to us the next day...?!!
I can be down with the group drunk dial. "Weeeeee meeeeece you!" Other than that, not so much. No dialing, no texting, no PMing. I came home well lit the other night & had a lengthy conversation online with a buddy before my mind said, "Go to bed." So I did. Apparently, he had no clue I was hammered & was mad at me for just bouncing on him without so much as a goodbye.
I stay the hell away from phones when I am inebriated. However I do find myself online, generally proving what a fool I can be. See proof of that a few pages back biggrin.gif

Glad you found me too, raisin!

i am... very very very drunk. so drunk i do not know how much i've drunk.

hurrah for self-medication!
margarita night, i love you!!!

i think i had a religious experience on my fire escape with a cigarette and some palm trees. i love california. i love that i live here. i love my apartment. i am so goddamn lucky.
MMMMM Tequila.

I want some tequila right now, and my feet smell, not super bad, but slightly smelly.
Oh you lucky, drunky Busties!! I wish I could join you...I would kill for a pint of Harp about now or a Bourbon and ginger ale - yum. smile.gif
ugh, i just had two margaritas, and while not really drunk, I feel like crap. for some reason, lately tequila has been making my stomach feel gross. Of course, the fact that I had my first margarita on a completely empty stomach probably does not help...
Ugh, (((zoya))) tequila is NOT my friend either. Of course, vodka and I are quite tight. In fact, I think vodka is secretly a Bustie.
I'm going to a party tonight and after the week I've had I plan on getting thoroughly fucked up.
Zoya, for a while I had to stop drinking tequila because it was making me feel shitty.
yes, I think I'm going to stick with my old friend vodka. Good ol' vodka has never done me wrong. Sixelacat, I agree. Vodka is probably a bustie.

All I can think about is being bent over and getting fucked!!!!!!!!!!!
Indeed, CH, indeed.

So - I'd say I'm about a bottle and a half of red wine in for the evening. More, if Mr.Sexy-pants doesn't start drinking faster I'm stealing his glass - and I am fillled with love and revulsion.

Love - for all the women of the world trying their damnedest to be happy in a world that stacks every single conceivable deck against them. I want to hug everyone right now. Including YOU!

Revulsion - for the system I have to live in.


Maybe I've been reading too much radfem lately - my not-in-any-way guilty confession being I am (apart of course, from my hetereosexual marriage, which I can easily blame on needing health insurance and loving a man a whole fucking lot) completely in sympathy with the radical feminist cause and would be happy to embrace it fully were it not for the deeply transphobic faction and the aforementioned heterosexual marriage, which many would argue to be one of the root causes of women's oppression - her symbolic ownership by a male. Maybe I should embrace it anyway, to help counteract these forces.

I have the rare privilege of saying bollocks to the whole marriage as ownership thing. I really think that is one area radical feminism needs to fucking revise, as it makes people like me - with actual egalitarian partnerships - feel inconsequential; that cannot be radfem's aim - to make women feel shitty.

Mr.Luci makes more money than I do, or ever will, unless I develop a penis or a sudden taste for law or stock-brokerage. Which I can definitely say, despite my girlhood tendency to fashion lawyerly business cards (my dad was always thrilled to keep one in his wallet - god, I love my father so fucking much) is not going to happen. But economic inequality, while a factor for me, is not one for him. I have lost track of the number of times he has reassured me that it is "our" money, not "his." So I have a lot of economic as well as white privilege from which to approach this issue. Like - it seems - most radical feminists. Which is one of the things that chaps my ass about the whole radfem thing, however we all have things to be sorely and perpetually conflicted about and this is mine.

He makes more money, but we are not having children, which eliminates a whole lot of gendered baggage right off the bat. I honestly cannot recall one instance in which I was made to feel like anything less than a full partner, at least by him. But perhaps I am not the best person to speak to this as I have my own inferiority complexes which pre-date Mr.Luci, and which may - to my perennial consternation - require both therapy and temporary medication to overcome. But - whatever. My personal pain seems really insignificant compared with the rest of the world.

I seem to have lost my point. Ah well. I don't need to be coherent in here, right?

Fucking patriarchy. I miss Andrea Dworkin. Why does everyone so awesome die so young when fucking Dick "Darth Vader" Cheney has some sort of deal to live forEVER??

*Mr.Luci informs me that the most popular tattoo at the present time is the Kanji character for 'unique.' I must go drown in a vat of irony now.*

I love cheap red wine from down the block. Whoo Brooklyn!
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