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treehugger this inebriations or confessions?

Cause I'm inebriated. I wanna go masturbate. But I threw my bback out so it won't work. I may come back and edit this. If I can figure out how.

ETA: I can't even believe this crap is even newsworthy....leave it to america.
i'm not inebriated (for the first wednesday in forever...i'm missing out on the traditional weekly margs because i got work to do...but of course instead i'm on tagline isn't Most Likely Procrastinating for nothing) BUT i came in here to mention that today at our weekly art meeting, someone presented a shirt design that says "VODKA OR BUST". i was really tickled. i wish i had the means to make my own t-shirts because "VODKA IS A BUSTIE" would be the best verbiage. hmm.....wonder if the boobtique does their own production...?
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. i shoulda listened to the sideways dude, merlot is not the way to go, .my lips are fucking stained because it's ghetto wine adn i prolly made an ass o' myself. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, but it was yummy and shake it off.

fuck. did i say that already?

tomorrow is gonna be a long. fucking. day. fuck me in the goat ass.
oh god. we had a work party last night. I drank 5 martinis. my boss's 21 year old cutie nephew tried to make out with me. I had the wherewithal to tell him that was a VERY bad idea. Then I passed out on the couch. Please bear in mind I'm the top manager of the project I'm working on so this is probably not in best form. oh well.... it's the holidays! uhh....
missladyj, I went out with the girls this weekend, but the crappy podunk bar we went to had no blueberry vodka. I was ever so pissed. (But they did have very cheap Patron, interestingly enough, so I got all kinds of trashed on that. Tequila makes me a giggly mess.)
I made out with nephew of the boss at the 2nd christmas party the next night. Jesus god that boy can kiss. and has gigantic brown eyes. and perfect skin. and is just the perfect amount of rugged. I'm playing with a big fat fire. Gotta extract myself from that one.. oh yes...

oh, I learned to make martinis also. I don't know why, but I've been on a huge martini kick lately. as in REAL martini. not foofoo martini. a good, dirty (diryt??) vodka martini. I never even used to like them. Maybe I need something in the olives.. wink.gif
I am not drunk . . . yet. I ran out of hooch earlier this week & had been bereft. I'd been eyeballing a bottle of wine that my mom had on a shelf for decorative purposes. I pulled it down, dusted it off & checked it out. A Rothschild '89 Mouton-Cadet Bordeaux. I'm not dumb, I know Rothschild is a fancy name. I looked it up online. I am sitting here drinking a bottle of $200 wine. I think there are a couple more in the basement . . . Would it be wrong to go on an almost $600 bender by myself?
As I know for a fact you cannot purchase anything other than beer at this hour (and even that only until midnight), I would have to say: no. no it's not. (although I would probably save one bottle. but that's just me tongue.gif )
I decided to go with a $50 Cab & save the Bordeaux for when my BFF hits town.

And this whole "liquor store closes at nine & we can't sell anything but booze" shit is LAME. Dude told me that even the marg mix is 10% alcohol! How do they not sell mixers? It's retarded!
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 20 2007, 08:38 PM) *
I am not drunk . . . yet. I ran out of hooch earlier this week & had been bereft. I'd been eyeballing a bottle of wine that my mom had on a shelf for decorative purposes. I pulled it down, dusted it off & checked it out. A Rothschild '89 Mouton-Cadet Bordeaux. I'm not dumb, I know Rothschild is a fancy name. I looked it up online. I am sitting here drinking a bottle of $200 wine. I think there are a couple more in the basement . . . Would it be wrong to go on an almost $600 bender by myself?

Don't drink that wine! It's probably tainted with negative and dark energies!
Maybe it's cos I'm drunk, but I don't get it.
it's okay, AP, i don't get it either.

i will say this, though: that wine is too young to drink! it will hold in a cellar for at least another 10-15 years. 1989 was a fantastic year for bordeaux! don't drink it (but not because of some inexplicative dark vibes that no one understands....)

(((((((ap)))))))) you rock, darlin.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 21 2007, 12:12 AM) *
Maybe it's cos I'm drunk, but I don't get it.

I was making a joke about the illuminati. All in all, given what tesao had to say about it, I'd probably still drink it, for shits n' giggles.
That is a stunning bottle of wine !

Was it stored up right or on its side? Check the foil and make sure there is no wine leakage, make sure the wine is at the level of the foil. If you are going to store it, store it on its side.

But girl drink that shit, it is some excellent juice. It is also worth way more that 200$ As we speak hubby is looking it up in his wine nerd books . Because he is a total wine nerd.

here's some info :
Mouton-Cadet is the best selling bourdeaux. Hubby sez" Thats a fuckin awesome bottle!"

in 1855 the French decided that certain vineyards were better than others , so the Mouton Cadet vineyard is the top tier, meaning there are like six wines that are better. According to hubby and his wine nerd books.

Now he is looking up the vintage: According to the wine spectators ultimate guide to buying wine from 2001 what you have is a

"'89 a monster Mouton" and is "Best after 2006",

Hubby also wants me to ask if you'd be willing to sell a bottle. (which tells me you've got some seriously good shit!) PM if your are interested

enjoy! you deserve it !
Pasting this over from the okayers thread, cause I"m totally inebriated and I think I will be embarrassed tomorrow, and I should have some of this in the correct thread...

turbo...I'm willing to bet at $150.00, they'd be willing to substitute a non-wheat baseed pasta. 'Cause that's the price for the whole thing......

Oh, yeah, I'm drunkie tongight too. One of our guys retired tonight.

yes. I'm worse than I was last night and it's taken me at least 40 minutes to get this post outl. Yay me. smile.gif

I'm a happy drunk, at leat.


I have soo much hosee cleaning to do tomorrow.

yues, I know, my typing sucks rignt now.

((((again huggs for okayers))))

(I should just delete this whole post, just because I'm not so drunk that I don't see how SILLY it is...but I am drunk enough to leave it be....)

Wuv ya all, Okayers.

I shall be sleeping late tomorrow, I'm thinking. Bear drove me home so I can't go anywhere tomorrow till I go pick up my car.

I have never been so drunk as to leave my car somewhere.

But it is probably a good thing I did.

(I'ma copy this to the inebriated thread, just cause I know it's endind up to be funny.......)
mouton cadet is only a popular brand name. their wines are pretty generic and modest for the most part. the most important bit of information necessary here is one that we don't have: what region of bordeaux is this wine from? by which i mean: st. emilion? medoc? paulliac?

1989 was a great year for BORDEAUX, in general. some regions fared better than others. even in an off year, some fantastic wines can be produced in a region where most of the wine was mediocre at best. terroir is a very specific thing and can make or break a wine even in the best of years.

omg, there is no better way to get over a crush than to get drunk and watch cartoons and play video games with a friend. goood times. gah, i somehow ended up buying groceries on the way home but they didn't ahve kraft easy mac! i dont care what anyone says,l that stuff is awesome!

hugs and kisses to all my busties!
more vodka. I think I am drinking it so much because my girl who passed away in November would only drink vodka. Every sip is like an homage to her. Plus I don't feel like shit the next day.

I can no longer consume red wine. Very sad. Does horrible things to my stomach.

the upside is that it means more champagne, proseco, and cavas to drinks.
I should have posted in here last night. zoya and I polished off 3 bottles of Rioja (well, we didn't quite make it through that last bottle) and some whiskey. We both vomited shortly thereafter. My head hurts and I feel so ill but it was a good night!
....add to that that I puked in the bathroom in the bar as well.... mid-sentence to bunny I was like "I have to go to the bathroom", ran to the toilet and just made it in time to lose my dinner.

it was a fun night, though. ...and I forgot all about a convo / text with a friend I ran into, til this morning when I looked at my phone.. oof.
Oh, good God, what am I getting myself into? I have no business going to Scotland. I can draaaaank, ya'll. I know Zoya is just a slip of a thing even if she is a rockstar. I best not have to be carrying ya'll around!
oh don't you worry, AP, I can drink... I just need to stick to liquor (ie: vodka) when I'm imbibing heavily. Whenever I drink lots and lots of wine, I get sick. I forgot about that last night. Of course the sips of jack daniels alternating with the red wine didn't help... (I am far to old to forget about not mixing my liquors...)

ETA - get your ass over here, missy.. wink.gif
Excuse me, but I *can* drink (I'm Scottish/Irish so of course I can bloody well drink). I maintain that it was the milk that made me sick (taken as cure for hiccups); I have a tummy that is rotting inside and wine + lactose = very bad idea.
You what?! You WHAT?! Milk with booze?! That's a recipe for disaster! Hiccups: My friend swears by chewing on a mouthful of sugar; I take a drink, tilt my head back, hold my breath for thirty seconds, then swallow. Clears them up in a trice.

And, really. Mixing hooches like that? You know red wine is *always* a killah.

I worry about you two booze hounds' sanity over there . . .
Who on earth said we were sane? I'd call them out for lying.

Yeah I mixed wine, whiskey and milk like the crazy fool I am. I'm even crazier as I've been avoiding dairy for the last 4 or 5 months due to a food intolerance! Ah, the things you think are good ideas when you're drunk...
I think we were so giddy with anticipation of a long planned drinking night that we got a little over excited. I will be sticking to vodka next time. (maybe a wee nip of whiskey, but that's ok with vodka..) yea, laying off on the wine for a while..

the only thing that ever cures my hiccups is to take a big glass of water, and drink 10 swallows straight without stopping to take a breath in between.

I will be trying AP's hiccups remedy next time. I used to be able to cure my hiccups by holding my breath in a taxi, enroute from one venue to another.

I sniff a drinking challenge here ladies, to which I will say, with utter respect, you don't even know. I've been living in arguably the world capital of drink for years now. Slainte!
hiccups, swallow ten times while holding breath. that usually does it for me. wink.gif

due to a sulfite intolerance, i've not been able to drink wine or champange. i feel like i'm missing out on this awesome experience because a few of my friends really enjoy wine... but i do always seem to hear how badly it messed them up when they overindulged, so perhaps i'm better off.

oh and my beau and i got pretty wasted on cheap vodka last night, which seems to do some sorry stuff to us, but we had a great time nonetheless. danced all night. feet hurt so badly i couldnt walk on them today... and then i slept all frikkin day. i share zoya's sentiments... "I am far too old to.." be going out drinking and dancing all night long because i know i just cant hang like i used to.
I definately cant hang like i used to !
Sunday night I kept to my vodka tonic rule, danced for two hours , asked the house deejays to play some deep house but they were too young and said they had it but they had no clue what i was talking about. Puked than woke up and my knees and legs hurt
Speaking of vodka, I had me some vodka on Saturday, okay got drunk on Saturday at the bar, went up to a guy I fucked and said hey, that's all, bye! Then walked away. Then some duche bag asked me what I was doing afterwards, I told him that I was going home with my boyfriend, it's all I could think of.

The problem with premium vodka is that you can't taste it, when you can, then you've had too many. Mmmm grey goose-tastic.

I'm at home, house to myself, and as antisocial as it may be, I'm happily drinking red wine and watching DL'd movies on my own. It's been a really busy 2008 already, and to be honest I'm relishing some time/space on my own.

If anyone comes in later from the pub, feel free to drop by...
don't worry, syb... i'm here at home with the 'roo drinking champagne. i make myself feel a little better by reminding myself that it's only a partial bottle left over from last night's pizza and champagne valentine's date. (still has bubbles though!) smile.gif

enjoy your time to yourself!!
me! I went to see a band play tonight - and since I know about 5 people in this city (well, it's an improvement over the 2 people I knew when I got here) all of whom would probably run screaming if I dragged them to a loud/metal/math rock/ evil sounding band, I went alone. and I drank 4 vodka tonics. Then I walked to a pub where I thought that 2 of the 5 people I know might be, but they were still working, so I then walked a couple more blocks and got a gigantic thing of pan fried noodles that I love to death at a chinese place that is across the street from the bar I'd like to go to but am too chickenshit to go in alone since I know no one, and now I'm back here at home, my IM is all fucked up and won't log on, and I'm eating noodles and drinking a homemade vodka tonic because I'm a loser. woo.

now I"m gonna watch project runway on you tube. wahoo.
Miz Zoya, I know what you look like and know by your posts and generallly that: YOU ARE NOT A LOSER! You love your job, how many people can say that!
Sitting here sipping Pinot Grigio by myself... i dont know whats wrong with me today but i had a taste for some alcohol LOL This is the first time I've had Pinot-- or wine of any kind and its damn good! LOL I just wanted to relax but didnt want anything hard. Went and got some el cheapo Arbor Mist. Since I'm not a drinker, this will probably do me in for the night. HAHA My hubby and mother in law are in the other room watching Law & Order re-runs... I'm sure I'll be asleep in no time LOL
I have a large bottle of grey goose! alas, I'm going out tomorrow, no boozy for me. Crud.
So I forgot that I shouldn't mix alcohol last night. However, I wasn't even tipsy after consuming the stuff below and I feel fine today.

imbibed: a bellini, 2x strawberry margaritas, 2x large glass of Rioja, a limoncello, a shot of chilli vodka, a chocomartini
consumed: margarita ice cream (amazingly tasty Nigella Lawson recipe) and tequila jelly (jeez, was this strong; I much prefer vodka jelly)

I think a may have more bellinis tonight or maybe a bottle of Rioja that I've been saving.
Im not inebriated right now, although I should be LOL Just thought I'd share the conversation I just had.

I was watching episodes of Intervention online and somehow got onto the topic of drugs and alcohol abuse with my husband.

I ended up confessing to him that when I was 21 I tried marijuana a few times, ecstasy once (my God it was horrible) and that I was somewhat of an alcoholic before age 21. I thought it was a good idea at the time when I tried the X... but the side effects lasted far beyond what I expected or was prepared for. I swear to you gals, I was high for 14 hours straight and I went to a rave with my brother in law for my 21st birthday. HOW stupid was I???? And how irresponsible was HE for allowing his barely 21 yr old sister to try X! He didnt even try to talk me out of it either, why, cuz he was going to do it too! Anyway, all i remember about this drug experience is that my teeth were clenching very hard off and on all night, had to keep like 3 sticks of gum in my mouth to keep from clenching too much. I was dehydrated, and just miserable - I didnt want to be high anymore, but everytime I drank water it just intensified the high all over again until it finally wore off the next afternoon. I never want to feel that way again. It was awful. Some people might say that sounds fun... but I assure you it was not. The shame I felt walking into my sister's home high as 3 kites was unbearable. Of course my B-I-L didn't feel any shame because he did it on a regular basis. WOW.

Now, I'm 27 and i cringe at the thought of me ever using drugs. Especially with all the addicts in my family, what if I'd gotten hooked on some bad shyt. blink.gif I can deal with a lil alcohol and rarely drink. But if I do, its nothing stronger than an amaretto sour or a glass of wine. Like I said, I rarely drink (maybe once in a 6 month period). It just doesnt appeal to me anymore.
ok, post inebriated rambling....

I got so drunk last night. with visiting co-workers (as in, co-workers I don't really know, but they were from out of town.) went out for a drink, which turned into a lot of drinks, I got a text with some really bad personal news in the middle of it..and pounded more drinks. I feel like I made an ass of myself. god. need to not do that with work people. that I don't even know previously. ugh.

I am so fucking high right now, it's not even funny. I made hash cookies. Had one fucking cookie, and tasted a little batter from the tool thing from the kitchen aid mix master doohickey. Fucker I'm so high. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

It's fun to squish your face. Woooooooow. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Fuuuuucked up! Packing, cleaning, hella m'fuckin' high/half in the bag. Rockin' the retro station. Doin' the underpants dance.

after beau and i were teh annoying drunks at the end of the bar making out.... i turned to my right and saw some guy that i *thought* i went to high school with. i started shouting, 'hey we went to high school together.. do you remember me?' he's all 'no'. i'm like 'yeah, it's [knorl05], i used to have blonde hair.' after going on like this for five minutes sounding like a complete drunken asshole, i discovered it was his bro i was thinking of, not him. ha. ah well.
I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch.

(kay, it's whiskey, but still smile.gif )
in my wonderful state of inebriation, i've come to the realization that marriage is hard. Harder than I ever imagined, harder than I ever wanted anything to be. And I know that anything worth keeping is not going to be easy. It just sucks how people change once they've been with you for a while. I know i've changed in many ways. And not all bad or big changes. Its the little shit that irks me. But its also the little things that make me fall in love all over again. So fuggin complicated and crazy. Is this what I signed up for???? Damn that must have been in the fine print. I shoulda worn my super magnifying glasses. LOL But anyway, my heart, mind, and soul feel like they're on overload. This wine i'm sipping is slowly easing the stress one swallow at a time. I have no idea if i'm even making sense here. I'll care tomorrow when I'm sober.

Also, the idea of closure on old relationships is a crock. You can say it with your mouth, but it takes a long time for your heart to catch up. Shit I'm still dealin with that too. Myspace is like that meddling, annoying friend that calls you to say, "you'll never guess who I saw that asked about you today! And I gave them your email address!"... UUGH! Why not let sleeping dogs lie. Now i've got some other baggage to haul around. THANKS MYSPACE.

I think i'll go ahead and finish off this bottle. Have a great night all.

Mz Konphusion
Ah! This thread does not get NEAR enough taffic! Maude bless vodka, in all her resplendant Bustie-ness! Esp. because I havenot indulged in months. I'm offically one "toke" (or drink) over the line, sweet jebus. and listening unashamedly to Russell Brand streaming over the interwebs, and random "indi" rock on the stereo in the other room. You know that song Underdog by Spoon? Does anyone else feel like it's done by /Billy Joel's love child? Because seriously, trade a piano for a guitar and I would totally belive if someone told me it was early unrecorded Billy (something about their use of horns, and well, strings are strings are strings....). Maybe he just listened to a lot of Billy Joel in his youth.....

Carl Barat's street name is Lazybones......Russell Brand always makes me feel more together than he is.

And MGMT makes me want to do a naked happy dance in the living room. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors must think of me. usually I forget to care.

Last week my mother told me not everyone needs a reason to live, implying that it's acceptable to just do what eeryone else is doing for no other reason than everyone else is doing it. Sometimes she terrifies me.

Are many people outside of KC scared of clowns? becaue there are so many peole my age in KC that are scared of clowns, and I always assumed it was because of john wayne gacy. are theyt scary outside of that context?

And in general the universe is a neutral place for most, yes? I mean, not manyh sensible people thing the world is "out to get them" or that, right? god, it would be really intersting to know the percentage of people that think the world is out to get them personally or is a malevolent place in general.l...

Well, I hope you enjoyed myh string of vodka-related thoughts. I've tried to keep speell ckek to a minumum (obvioulsy).
I AM TERRIFIED OF CLOWNS. Why would KC people be coulrophobic in relation to JWG? He was an Illinois boy, the sick fuck.
There are phobias of clowns here too (my friend has one) and I don't think there is a huge consciousness of Gacy... I always put it down to Stephen King's It and the urban myth of killer/kidnapping clowns (eta: the myth actually has context though with Gacy, yes?).
.... maybe it's WAY tmi considering the past few posts, but I am completely fascinated by JWG. acually serial killers in general. Ask bunny. Yes, I am a sick fuck. I also had a new drink recently called a gary coleman. rum and coke with a topper of guinness. sounds awful. tastes great.

Oh, don't get me wrong, murder is my fuckin' beat. I loves me the good grisly. I'm a sick fuck, too. BUT. CLOWNS. ARE. AWFUL. They always have been, they always will be. I physically assaulted a rodeo clown when I was eight because he wouldn't leave me alone. I popped him right in the junk, I did. I know it wasn't kosher, but I couldn't reach anything else, so the junk it was.

And yes, that does sound awful, Zoya.
yike! well enough people are with you that there is a name for phobia of clowns: Coulrophobia. I was reading something about this music festival on the Isle of Wight, called Bestival.. every year there is a theme that people are supposed to dress up to.. and I guess in 2006, they had to change the theme from "clowns" because they got so much email from people totally freaked out by it. crazy shit.

I know, that drink sounds shit, but honestly, it's great.
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