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I'm druuuunk. Wedding reception. Nuff said. tongue.gif
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Aug 5 2007, 02:16 AM) *
I'm druuuunk. Wedding reception. Nuff said. tongue.gif

Well of course you are drunk! This is the inebriated ramblings forum! I have had seeral margaritas and Ireally want my fiancee to pick me up and carry me to the bedroom. Okay, how wierd is it that I am pretty drunk and I really want to go for a run! or hav e sex! Btu I can go for a run by myself and my man seems more interesteed in watching "AirForce 1"

Okay so I locve you all and I am going to go seduce the man.

yaaaay pimms!
i am not drunk RIGHT NOW but OH MY GOD missladyj TAMALE GUY!!!! there is a tamale guy in my neighborhood of LA and he comes around with his little cooler full of tamales--cheese or chicken, $2 each--at around 1:30 and i swear to god every time i see him i fall in love. i bet he makes CRAPLOADS of money. seriously the most genius idea ever.

of course, it is LA, so there is also guaranteed to be like three tacos trucks in a five block radius of every bar in the entire city. mmmm tacos......
hey...we had a tamale guy where I grew up, mouse =)
Hell yeah! I'm druuunk! Asahi Super dry ftw! the japs sure know how to drink...
i am drunk. the other day i bought a buy two get one pack of three packs of cigarettes from the local packie (okay yes i am in LA no longer mass i know they aren't called package stores here but goddammit i am nostalgic). my friends and i finished off one pack tonight. i cannot find the others. i want to smoke a fucking cigarette. i know i have two packs floating around my aparmtnet. i could;ve sworn they were in my computer bag; they are not.

the local packie

Ooh, that means something entirely different here ... it's the far-from-nice shortened version of Pakistani. For a moment I thought you meant that and spelled it differently - I was stunned!

Carry on.
THE LOCAL PACKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha! I like getting things from the spaaaaaaaaah (spa). I bet you miss it in Mass., Mouse! LA is so different. *totters off giggling to self, very much sober, suddenly wanting a frappe*
omgz, i'm drunk drunk drunk! i made enchiladas for dinner cause my best guy friend came over so of course we had margaritas! two shots of tequila plus one shot of triple sex ahahah, er sec, pluse half a shot of limejuice ewuals they were way too strong!Does anyone know a recipe for sweet margaritas cause these were crazy!!!
omg everybody gets huuuuuuuugz! witha z, even. z, zebra, zebon, levon.....He was born, a popper to a pawn on a christams day, when the new york tiems said Gd was dead.... (heh, I should fix thepopper, but it give s it a whole new meanig, yknow)

I sooo less than three vodkaa. and mhy guys at work, er, ex-work. going away party rokcs, exp. if you don't haffta move n shit. Imma miss tghat job. an how sweet is it that one guys even looking for new jobs for me? helll, he's done more mob searching than i have! Bless. think imma start a blogg, sems the right time with everything all transitony.

pool. I shoudh kvetchk, but its a lttle too imbebrated up herek.......oh! hsite! I was watchign (Dont' laugh) Scaredcrow and Mrk.s kIng, and michael richardss was plahing a thug nad his name was PETRONUS!!!

OH, CC, I've gotta killer recipe! Lemme find kit....kay, I was gonna try to likn, bu tI ll just paste......

The longer the zest and juice mixture is allowed to steep, the more developed the citrus flavors in the finished margaritas. We recommend steeping for the full 24 hours, although the margaritas will still be great if the mixture is steeped only for the minimum 4 hours. If you're in a rush and need to serve margaritas immediately, omit the zest and skip the steeping process altogether.
4 teaspoons grated lime zest
1/2 cup lime juice from 2 to 3 medium limes
4 teaspoons grated lemon zest
1/2 cup lemon juice from 2 to 3 medium lemons
1/4 cup superfine sugar
pinch table salt
2 cups crushed ice
1 cup 100 percent agave tequila , preferably Reposado
1 cup Triple Sec
1. Combine lime zest and juice, lemon zest and juice, sugar, and salt in large liquid measuring cup; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until flavors meld, 4 to 24 hours.
2. Divide 1 cup crushed ice between 4 or 6 margarita or double old-fashioned glasses. Strain juice mixture into 1-quart pitcher or cocktail shaker. Add tequila, Triple Sec, and remaining crushed ice; stir or shake until thoroughly combined and chilled, 20 to 60 seconds. Strain into ice-filled glasses; serve immediately.

Dammite, now I want tacos.
in order to properly celebrate my birfday my best gay friend ( lets face it every Karen needs her Jack) made me "magic cookies" which fucked me up.

took the day off today, great lunch with hubby, champagne, wine, coffee, vodka in that order

feelin no pain bitches, no pain
yay missladyj - and yay for vodka - in the words of sixelacat "vodka is secretly a bustie" hell, I don't think it's even secretly a bustie anymore. It's full on.

as for me, my roommate and I hosted a dinner party tonight - we bought 3 bottles of wine, and the four people that came each brought a bottle of wine. we finished all 7 bottles. and we all had vodka tonics, too. Yay for cooking and friends and food, and I'm pretty damn buzzed.

I'm kinda apalled that I am the last person who posted on here, but it's been over a month, so whatever...

it's 8 am where i am
I"m tanked
went to a b-day party that pretty much took up all night. (started at a bar then went to th eparty)
I ended up making out with an alleged gay guy (well he kissed well)

and earlier in the evening, I ended up talking to a guy who said he'd email me and we'd hook up this weekend and have breakfast or dinner. caveat: hes 21. that is a LOT younger than me. I couldn't care less, but you know....

well who knows, he's not exaclty relationship material anyway - but could be a fun thing! haha

ok drunk bye.
oh god, I was drunk when I wrote that.

now I'm sick.

Okay first let me say that I am drunk, drunk, drunk, an d even tat took me a long time to wrie.

I loove you gals and just because I'm drunk dosen't mean that you gal's don't rock.

I'm listening o the barenaked ladies,the early stuff, and I'mfeeling very nostalgic aright now. I've been a bustie for a while, not a big, very involved one, but one since about 6 or 5 years ago and I always feel welcome ad like I know you guys - you rock!!!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not extremely drunk, but sufficiently tipsy to be happy and buzzed. I decided to start drinking what were probabyl triple screwdrivers while editing my Vietnam War essay. Vietnam will lead a girl to drink, really. I was just thinking about how I'm so glad I found this community, and how its nice to have people to relate to, because before I didn't really, other than certain friends, but this is differente somehow. Now I'm going to go to sleep. I have to work in the morning. But i still have 10 ohurs almost unti then so I'm good. Love you all as well, as missjoy said. We apparently are both drunks who are in love with everything and everyone, to the extreme. I likee it.
i've done gone and got shitfaced in a trailerpark bar and made out with my friend to the extent that the barkeep had to tell us to knock it off.

ah, the morning after guilt/shame. perhaps a shower and another beer will help with that.
playing tabletop galaga (as an aside, my company now has a galaga license and they are fuckin HARDASSES about approving designs. they sent back one because something was ONE PIXEL off) at a downtown LA bar that was open during prohibition (!!!) with drunk coworkers tonight i came up with the most FUCKING AMAZING idea--they should TOTALLY make DRUNK VIDEO GAMES. where they account for the fact that your reflexes are goign to be half a second off. you will SUCK at the game sober because you'll be too fast, but if you're three beers in you are A GOLDEN GOD. seriously, genius or GEEEEENIIUUUSSS????

(PS i love the bust too! you are the only people i can talk about sex with and not feel totally dirty)
Mouse. Wile E. Mouse. Wile E. Mouse Genius. Wile E. Mouse SUPER Genius!

An anvil just dropped onto my head.

There has to be some kind of drunk dialing game!
i am only ghere because i triedd fto ype in the "crush " thread and ended u[p having to retype evertything i wrote (much as i should this post ecccept i'm not because i'm lazyh and drunk and this is the lazy drunk thread so i dont have to).


AP. i love you as much as i can love someone on the internet whose fulll name i don't even know. i wish you woudl come back to LA so we could hang out opn virgil and normal and get drunk off whiskey cokes and sing "sweet caro;ine". STHERIOUSTHLY.

and like i kind of mean that about every bustie i love. come to LA and we wil lall go sing karoke.
MOUSE! You have put "Sweet Caroline" in my head, and sadly I own Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits, so on it goes! My pauvre neighbors....

Even more ironically, I am going to a kaoreoke bar Friday with my brother and socially repressed mum, because it may or may not be her 60th birthday (I'm not sure how old she is, and don't care to ask). Also my brother's girlfriend's HUGE Brasilian family, whom I have never met. Good times.

I will add more soonest.

or somethin..............

GO RED SOX (who i LOVE becaues i lived next door to fenway park for two years, but admittedly the two world series wins in three years have made you a lot less fun to root for....nobody wantd s to root for the champiomns...the underdogs are much more fun, sorry but ist TRUE)
Ha! So, if you root for the underdogs it's because you identify with them, but really, why do MOST of the population identify with the underdogs? I mean, 99.9% of the population identifies with .1% of people?! Statistacally, it's not....probable. What, exactly, are they justifying? I'm reallytoo drunk to work that through, but something's just not right somehwere in there.

Speaking of contridictions, I'm wondering about my brain a bit. Where I am, and what I believe in....holl holy dream!
Aaaand, one more post! Neil Diamond + booze = mental ambiguity. Did you ever read about a frog, then became one?

I am, said I.

Okay, how much is nature, and how much is nurture? I mean, if your mother is biologically part of you, how much of what you percieve of her is you? And how much is she responsible for, and how much are you responsible for?

I used to think that everything after you were 18 was YOU, but really 18 is pretty arbitrary. So then what? Adolescemt being a social construct, much like childhood and adulthood, HOW exactly do you draw a line and say: this is her, and this is ME!? What if you greatly admire your mother, or abhore her? Either way, how much is objectively you, and not how much you'd like/not like her to be? Is there any way to know where that line is?

And if you can identify what you think are her mistakes, and you don't make those mistakes, are you HER perfected, or are you YOURSELF? How do you know the difference?

And the vodka/bustie continues her little dance in my head, and all I'm sure of is her gender......
imbibed: one glass of rose wine
two glasses of white wine
two margaritas
half a carafe of red wine.
must sleep.
AWWWWW FUCK! why did I have to look at this thread?

now 'sweet caroline' is stuck in my head. However, my favourite Neil Diamond song is "forever in blue jeans"

yay bunnyb!!! woo! we're gonna tie one on like that someday soon dammit!

I am not inhebriated, but I have a day off tomorrow and have already determined that I will be drinking much red wine later.

so I am pre-inhebriated posting. and I will probably be post inhebriated posting.
zoya, where's the post inebriated post? huh?

hell yeah we need a drinking session soon; especially since last night I went to your favourite bar here and then discovered a nice little Mexican place (don't know if it's any good by your standards but my grub definitely filled a spot, as did the drinks.)
... I was too tired (read: passed out) to post a post-inhebriated post.... one of my co-workers and I shared a bottle and a half of shiraz, got all giggly, then passed out while watching old episodes of star trek. It's a glamourous life I lead, I tell you... hahaha

I'm always down for trying mexican food! and it's always good to eat mexican post-drink. I'm doing my damndest to find a place within a fair stumbling distance of said favourite bar...
The restaurant was three mins by car from said favourite bar, on the other side of the river. A quick taxi ride would be preferable as the walk would sober us up! It was definitely great post and during drink food!

Hmmm, I may have to withdraw my nomination of you as friend most likely to party like a rockstar! A tame night, by your standards wink.gif
oh whoops, that might as well have been inhebriated... I meant I'm doing my best to find a place to LIVE that is within stumbling distance of favourite bar...

QUOTE(bunnyb @ Nov 18 2007, 05:04 PM) *
The restaurant was three mins by car from said favourite bar, on the other side of the river. A quick taxi ride would be preferable as the walk would sober us up! It was definitely great post and during drink food!

Hmmm, I may have to withdraw my nomination of you as friend most likely to party like a rockstar! A tame night, by your standards wink.gif

yaaaaay wine

also. bunny, zoya - you, me, you, mexican, alcomohol... syb if we can kidnap her. wink.gif
I could be up for being kidnapped *holds out arm for twisting*
*twists sybarite's arm*

i'm just trusts me, ok? that is al. ;
I don't know how to say this but I have to. I just watched Transformers...and I liked it.! But it may have something to do with the multitude of cranberry margaritas I drank. Gah!

Cranberry margaritas = very tastey!
OH god, I think I am still drink. It's almost 11am and I am all dizzy and what not. I drank too much last night. all vodka. gah, my place is gross now cause i puked. I can'gt believe that, I never puke! but i did this time. cause i drank a whole small bottle of vodka. ughhhh. i wish i had pancakes.
*twist syb's arm hard* how does the first weekend in January in London suit you for your kidnapping? If it's after that then you and morn could come to mine and zoya's home city (it will be her home by then) - fancy a return to the dear green place? If we met up there then hopefully fina would join us...
yay! ps - I found a place in London to get **real** margaritas!! (ie: on the rocks with salt on the rim and made with premium tequila like they do in SoCal or Mexico, not frozen and too sweet with crap tequila like most places in UK & Europe in general)

...and there's always our new *favourite* bar in the new (well as soon as I find a damn flat) home town

in other drinking news, I woke up this morning (ok, well it was 1 pm) and had a drink of whiskey and water. I can't take complete credit for it, one of my co-workers foisted it upon me. it did wake me up, that's for damn sure.

Champagne... then white wine... then red... then "we should go have some beers" then flirting with the bartender - do a lot of women hit on you? Yes. But I only go home with them for money. (inner dialogue: He's got to be kidding!!!!) Later, he passes me a note: "200 hundred for spiritual release." I wrote back "Not that desperate. Go to hell." WTFFFFFFF??????
Unfortunately I won't be able to go anywhere until well into springtime, as there's work-related reasons to stay put. *feels like a tease* But I do love the green place so you'll see me over there at some stage!
zoya - where where where? I have cravings...

syb, you are a tease.
hi mornington!! god, sorry I've been out of touch, I"m so flipping busy it's ridiculous..

the place is Wahaca and it's on Chandos Place in Covent Garden.

the food there is great - not tex mex like most people are used to in London, but it's more like the fresh food you'd get in mexico. I really like it. The quesadillas are great (stay away from the taquitos, they were a bit dry) and the little tacos are awesome.

The margaritas are the real deal. so so so good. The best I've had in London so far.

if you go, drink one for me! (or several)

in zoya news, two nights ago I drank about 10 vodka tonics whilst out with a bunch of guys that i work with, and I ended up making out with the captain of the local pro hockey team. nothing wrong with a good snog. well, a snog that was a wee bit more sober might have been better.... eh. whatever. Ahh Vodka, she's such a bustie... !!!

Are you there vodka? It's me, Bustie . . .

Or as I often like to say, some girls are sugar & spice & some girls are vodka with ice.

I've been up all night, but I haven't had enough to be plastered. Mmmmm . . . greyhounds.
blargh.... beer gives me the booze pooze. blink.gif
If I could find zing zang is the god forsaken town, and believe me it is.... SO bible belt.. no offense to those that love the sweet baby...I would have a bloody mary with a fluorescent pickle instead.
rumbly rumblins.
morn & zoya, we could perhaps go to the place where real margaritas exist in early January?
mornington last night. if such a thing is possible. I made out with gay men and danced like an idiot. I'm also not too sure how I got home... and now i'm in the library working when I want to go home and nurse my jumpy tummy. Bloody good fun though.

zoya, I'll have to go - and bun, yes, january. that might be a plan.
Vodka is especially a bustie. Blueberry vodka and sodas are my new favorite thing now i am up for the airport drop off and the only thing that I want is greasy food . otherwise I feel fine. oh and Rock and Roll Kareoke rules.
.... as I like to say... when life gives you lemons.. add vodka!!

being the un-pc woman I am, I drank kamakazis with my co-workers last night in honour of Pearl Harbour day.
Oooh, blueberry vodka and soda sounds ever so yummy! I'll have to try it.

And I have a habit of grabbing random cute boys' asses when drunk. This occurred like clockwork on Saturday evening.
llamas, it is delish! I totally recommend it !

zoya, I may be using that quote from you. HOw fantastic!
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