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Ah, vodka, blessed Bustie....(that bringeth the cursed heartburn, but whatev).....

Luci, radfem, like any social group, is using the concept of shame to bring members about to their own way of thinking. Feel embarrassed by that hetero marriage? Why, then perhaps you should rethink it. We're not telling you you're wrong, we'd never, we're just saying it's not likely egalitarian, because we don't think that it's inherently possible. You're probably just fooling yourself. Come, agree with us, we have Door Prizes of Rightousness!

My own ramblings tonight are about race. I am feeling, well, awfully white tonight. As kvetchies might already know, one of my closest friends (let's call her BFF2) has a boyfriend in a cult. Not just any cult, a "spin-off" of the Nation of Islam called the United Nation of Islam. While this group is obviously a cult (like, after school special obvious), I think it may be easier for her to dismiss my concerns because I am white. And then I feel incredibly guilty, like I am not giving her enough credit to assess the situation for herself. But, I think she is not thinking critically about the situation because she is not/has not been happy with where her life is currently in regards to her career and education. Like, she is not working towards a career she wants, and is not in grad school like she said she wants, but at least she has an "adult" relationship like she should have at her age (a whopping 33). But, because of the racial nature of his cult, I do wonder if she is dismissing my concerns because of my race. And then I am back to feeling like an ass for thinking that of her. I am 99% certain of where we stand, and am currently obsessing over the 1%.
ok, I figure this should go in here, it might help with the morning after..

I found this out a couple of weeks ago, but actually tried it myself finally and it works!! Take Prilosec or zantac (or any Histamine-2 blocker) before you drink red wine and you won't wake up with that red wine hangover headache!

I know everyone probably already knows this, but red wine naturally has histamines in it, which can make you sneeze (they do me, no matter how good the red wine is) or itch a little, and they are most of what causes that headache.

anyway, it works!!!
I was super loaded at the bar last weekend, (not this one past, the one prior). Hadn't seen my friend in ages, and in the middle of the bar decided it was a bloody brilliant idea to show hom my nipple piercing. I didn't take my shirt off, it was down the shirt, and it was fucking crazy packed in there. Nice CH, nice.

I thurs. nite I realized that there were for some reason not one but two bottles of absolut in the freezer which meant that immediately after work on friday I was going to have my ex-bartender hubby make me a dirty, dirty martini.

Which of course he did with the best vermouth I had ever had !

apparently my ability to drink two dirty martinis has been replaced by my ability to have one dirty martini, one one hitter and then pass the fuck out. I seriously have become a lightweight and I have a poker game tonight to get through. How the hell am I gonna drink beer, smoke cigarettes and play poker all fuckin night if ONE dirty martini knocks me on my ass? I am a) getting older cool.gif getting lamer. Suprisingly, I am totally okay with all of this.
fore classes of wine and a boddle more to go! do i think i should eat someting sin i haven't eatin today ??????????????????????????/
heeeeeey! i see a lot of my favourite busties have posted in this thread! it's nice to knw that we are al drunkies together. so anyhoo, stpatrick's day equals approximately 11 drinks for me, equals, i am writing this while leaning a whole lot to the right, unable to regain m y balance, omg, i have typedf a lot of words correctly. wow. awesome. i have a headache, i should go to bed. mwah!
kisses to evveryone
I'm having my yearly post-Saint Paddy's day hangover. A bottle of wine, 5 pints of cider and 2 shots of something (I can't quite remember what) will do that to a girl. I think that could definitely be classed as a binge. Ah well, I am actually from Ireland, so it's my patriotic duty. I actually had a really fun night, and my bf and I ended up walking home in the rain, singing. Happiness! Alcohol is my friend.
I too had a fabulous St. Paddy's was also a friend's birthday, so the girls and I went out and celebrated quite enough for both occasions! Three shots of Patron and who knows how many rum and Cokes later, and I was a very happy drunk. And a cute bass player petted me. Hee.
holy shit llamas, i think you had my st. patty's day. the bday, the three shots of patron, the liquor and (diet) coke... i got quasi felt up, but not by a bass player ;-)
Ok, that's just funny, and awesome! Patron is my friend (well, until the next morning). tongue.gif
Went to the local bar last night with two girlfriends and had 3 very strong vanilla screwdrivers (ok, one was a double so I guess that counts as 4) My local is an awesome dive bar that plays great rock music LOUD, and has a pizza joint across the street... one of my girlfriends decided that she would be the person who ran back and forth across the street and get us slices between drinks, which seemed like a great idea at the time - this morning, however, my stomach is a minefield and I can't stop farting. woo hoo!

I really wish I'd posted in here last night, instead of answering WORK emails (yes, I looked through my outbox this morning and I answered work emails....) at least the emails I sent were suprisingly coherent sounding, considering I woke up at 4 am, fully clothed, with my head on my computer and all the lights on in my apartment. (after which I stumbled into bed still fully clothed which is how I woke up not too long ago.) This, my friends, is why I try to limit myself on the drinking tip these days. smile.gif
i am stoned.....i can't even remember the last time i was stoned. over a year ago for sure.
so, to continue the story, while stoned i decided i wanted some toast, so i put some bread in my really old and finnicky toaster oven. then i got really mesmerized by something else and forgot about the toast. apparently my ancient toaster decided to not shut itself off when it should have, and my toast had charred through, so much so that when i went to look at it it was ON FIRE. there was a flame. there was so much smoke in my apartment that my eyes were burning, and my goddamn fire alarm didn't even peep. any of you who read the cooking thread know that my fire alarm would not shut up the other day when i roasted some chicken in the wrong pan, but there was hardly any smoke then! this time there was an actual fire in my apartment and my alarm didn't go off! WHAT THE FUCK

also i've had the windows open and the fan on all night and my place still smells like charcoal. ugh.
would it be wrong to laugh? cos that story is both funny and scary.

could your alarm have run out of battery power after the other day?

shared a bottle of rose wine over lunch and now I am sleeeepy.
no, it's hilarious, bun laugh.gif

and i NEVER smoke, so it's even funnier that one hit (of course this is california, there is some very potent weed in this area) causes me to start a toast fire.
Last night my boyfriend threw me a surprise party. I got so drunk I threw up several times, couldn't sit up by myself, and was yelling and crying. I also took a shit in front of my boyfriend while he was in the bathroom with me.

My friends had to wipe the puke off my face after I fell over into a puddle of it, and carry me to bed- where I also puked on the blankets. I woke up today not remembering where I was or much of what happened.

I'm so mortified and disgusted with myself. I have never ever been even close to that drunk. I think the worst thing I've ever done drunk before this was talk loudly about TMI things. People are supposed to go through this when they're 16 and have never drank before, not at 22!

God I suck.
everyone has a puke story or a falling down in the middle of the street and waking up with black and blue knees and remembering falling down in the street. Or waking up with bloody knees and realizing it was from crawling on your hands and knees to the toilet, or waking up on the bathroom floor with your panties around you ankles.

I have always been a puker. Which is why I am still learning the fine art of buzz maintence.

for my sixth wedding anniversary, I threw up on my husbands shoes because I had too much to drink. I am a pro at puking, I know exactly when I have to and can usually make it to the bathroom or an alley in time. I have certain rules, like if I smoke pot I have to do it before I start drinking because if I get drunk then high I WILL vomit. I have discovered that if I am eating and drinking and getting too drunk San Pelligrino is like a magic elixer and settles my stomach then I can start drinking again.

This cat I know got drunk and broke out a side window in my car and then had to apologize to my husband cuz he parked it in the lot of the bar where this guy is the bartender to go dj at another club around the corner.

I'm feelin no pain right now, trying to get to the website I typed in buts and thought that was really funny.
(((ht))) all will be okay.

Here's what happens sometimes when I drink. I went to the bar on Friday night. The bar that I love going to is close to home. So I always have a rip roaring good time. And drink my face off. This usually involves me drinking tequila, although this past friday I had none. Anyways, my friend and I know a ton of the staff, so we are always the last to leave. Chatting with staff about whatever. So this past weekend, I showed three men my nipple piercing, and one of the bartenders a picture of my vch, then went on about how great a vagina I have. Then a bouncer tried to get me to come home. And I am now known as H's Vagina. It's not girls gone wild boobie showing though.

Then at our staff Christmas party, in front of many coworkers, I got absolutely shit faced. Like, we got there at 9:30ish, and I was at home, having puked my face off on the sidewalk outside the bar twice (then once at home), by 12:30.

The first time I met le man's friends, we started to drink at his friends house, when we got to where we going, I threw up. This was the first meeting with his friends of ages. Nice

No worries girl.
I have a great puke story -

I do a lot of my work via email and phone, setting up different projects. I got along really well with a colleague in London and became friends with her over the internet but we had never met. I ended up having to go London for work, and we decided that when the project I was on ended, I'd stay with her for a few days and just visit.

So I get to her apartment, meet her boyfriend, they pull out the futon in the living room for me, etc. We all get along great. We go have a great Chinese dinner, excellent conversation, jokes, fun, the whole thing. Then they decide they're going to take me to thier Local. And I decided I'd drink what they were having, which was hard cider. I had never had cider before. And I was having so much fun that I was pacing them on drinks. All I have to say is never, ever try to pace a brit in their local if you've never consumed the alcohol they're drinking. (and quite often if you have consumed the alcohol, just not in those quantities or pace)

I felt great and was having the time of my life. Until we got back to the apartment and all went to bed. It was when I layed down that everything started to spin. I barely made it to the bathroom before I puked my guts out. What's worse was the bathroom was right across the hallway from my friend and her BF's bedroom. So there I was, puking my guts (and chinese dinner) out, and trying to do it as quietly as possible. I get done, wash up, and go back to the futon in the living room.

I got about 20 minutes of feeling reasonable before the spinning started again and I had to puke once more. I decided, in my drunken wisdom, that there was no way I could go to the bathroom because they would know that I was being sick. So I went into the kitchen (which was closer to the living room and further away from their bedroom) and puked in the sink, trying to keep it as quiet as humanly possible. Just so you know, it's really painful to retch silently. God, what I would have given to be able to have a good, loud, heave. So I got done, cleaned it up, went to lay back down for another 20 minutes. Multiply this by about 10 times and you'll get some idea what my night was like.

Basically, I spent the entire night puking in the kitchen sink of a girl I'd just met in person for the first time, who was nice enough to invite me into her house with her BF, who'd never even talked to me before. I was so mortified when I woke up the next morning, after finally exhausting myself into about 2 hours of sleep.

Either they were really polite, or they really didn't hear me puking, because they were super nice and really concerned at the state of my hangover. They even got me some coca cola and saltine crackers to eat, and called me from both of their offices to make sure I was ok until they got home that night.

To this day, I'm still mortified. And she's never brought it up.

Does anyone else find passing out on a nice cool tile floor in the bathroom after you've been puking, actually kind of nice? Or am I just nuts?
On my 18th birthday, I went to the bar, we got there early, this is when there was such a thing as 25 cent draft night, and beer was $1.25 a bottle. I gotshit faced and was throwing up outside the bar, in the bushes, as all the other patrons were arriving.

One new year's eve, oh it was the new years of 2000! I was partying with people I work with, and got so shitfaced I threw up for 3 hours, straight, and I had puke coming out of my nose because I almost didn't make it to the washroom. Then to make matters worse, I was throwing up and it was coming up and I almost didn't make it to the washroom,it was in my hands, and I turned on the light, and got puke all over the wall of this person's house. That was the first, and last time I went over there.
When I turned 21 I went out with my friend Sareana and we went to a local bar. I was so happy when the bartender carded me cause I finally could get in. My friend ordered a Malibu Bay Breeze and I ordered a rum and coke. Then my friend started ordering me shot after shot. The bartender kept giving me doubles cause she knew it was my birthday. My friend suggested that I eat some bread so the bartender brought me a couple rolls. I was pulling pieces off of them all night and just swallowing chunks of bread trying to soak up the alcohol. Neither of us could drive obviously and Mr. Pug had already agreed to come pick us up when we were ready cause he was right down the street. I don’t even think we were there for three hours when Sareana had to call him. I had done so many shots I could barely walk. When I got into the back of the car I had to puke so I grabbed a McDonald’s bag from the floor of the car and when I opened it there must have been so very old food in there cause it smelled so bad I puked instantly. I missed the bag towards the end and had vomit all over my shirt. I didn’t know what to do with the bag so being that I was so drunk I tossed it out the car window on a semi busy road. I feel sorry for the person driving behind us that got hit with that bomb. When we got back to the apartment all of Mr. Pug’s friends were all there hanging out playing video games. I was so drunk and grossed out by the puke on my shirt that I started to undress in front of them all. They all yelled and averted their eyes. I went into the bathroom; puked some more, put myself in the shower to clean up and then Mr. Pug put me to bed with a bottle of water, Advil on the nightstand and a trash can to my right. I started spinning and then puked in the trashcan. I think I passed out after that. It was a great birthday.
i'm terrified of puking, regardless of the cause. i am also terrified of other people puking. i get really freaked out by it, irrationally, unless the person really needs my help in which case i can be okay--several new years' back my friend got basically alcohol poisoned and i somehow managed to get past it and hold her hair back and clean her up. but if i see a drunk person swaying near me, i immediately have to get up and leave in fear of them puking on or near me, and if someone pukes in my vicinity, my automatic reaction is to close my eyes and cover my ears. as such, i never get to the puking point while drinking. i can remember puking from drinking too much three times in my entire life, and i was thoroughly freaked out by all of them, and they were all several years ago. the last time i threw up was about four years ago when some friends and i went to a sketchy amusement park and i got really bad food poisoning. it was horrible. we were camping, and i puked all the way to the bathrooms--on the road, in the trashcans, on the grass, several times in the bathrooms, and then several times on myself in the shower. i still shudder thinking about it. and the worst part was, i was totally sober and fully aware of the wretchedness the whole time.
i'm terrified of puking, regardless of the cause. i am also terrified of other people puking. i get really freaked out by it, irrationally, unless the person really needs my help in which case i can be okay--several new years' back my friend got basically alcohol poisoned and i somehow managed to get past it and hold her hair back and clean her up. but if i see a drunk person swaying near me, i immediately have to get up and leave in fear of them puking on or near me, and if someone pukes in my vicinity, my automatic reaction is to close my eyes and cover my ears. as such, i never get to the puking point while drinking. i can remember puking from drinking too much three times in my entire life, and i was thoroughly freaked out by all of them, and they were all several years ago. the last time i threw up was about four years ago when some friends and i went to a sketchy amusement park and i got really bad food poisoning. it was horrible. we were camping, and i puked all the way to the bathrooms--on the road, in the trashcans, on the grass, several times in the bathrooms, and then several times on myself in the shower. i still shudder thinking about it. and the worst part was, i was totally sober and fully aware of the wretchedness the whole time.
I'm a puker when I'm ill; I continually suffer from stomach flu/upset tummy. The worst was the Christmas before last when I contracted a bug after my Christmas night out and after a day's hangover I continued to be sick for three days after that. Memorably I was walking to the cinema from the car and was painfully sick 6 times (it's a two minute walk but the amount of stopping caused it to be closer to 20mins).

I leave my throwing up until the morning after -sensitive stomach and all- and haven't vomited on the night for many years. I do have a disgusting story of one time I did: I was on holiday when I was 19 and I had drank a power of drink, mixing generously and someone handed me a shot of sangria AT THE BAR; I drank it AT THE BAR; I threw it (along with the other alcohol and whatever I had eaten lying in my tummy) up AT THE BAR. *cringes*

(((ht))) nerves + alcohol can do funny and horrible things to people; someone throwing you a surprise party can be nerve-wracking. I've hosted parties before and been incredibly drunk (other occasions where I have thrown up on the night) due to nerves. This was all many years ago and I am now a responsible drunk with hellish hangovers; can't drink like I used to (thankfully, as some of the drunken escapades have been tacky).
((everyone)) Thanks for adding your stories. I don't feel quite as bad anymore knowing that it even happens to busties!
I just drove home (hey! only a few miles! and all on back roads!) on five glasses of wine and now i am having a beer. druuuuuuunkie. love it. it's genetic. laaaaaaame.
dry.gif huh.gif mad.gif blink.gif unsure.gif

wtf? I don't want to pass judgement on you laurenann but I can't ignore that: drink driving is irresponsible and dangerous. this is one subject where I don't care if I come across as sanctimonious or out of line as that's better than dicing with your own life and potentially the life of someone else. how many people have stood in the dock charged with manslaughter and given as their defense that it was only a few miles or only a few glasses?

to admit that I think you must have been pretty drunk, shocked at your own drunkeness that you would do something so dangerous or completely incomprehensive of the dangers you posed driving under the influence.
ok, post inebriated.... oh god I got so drunk last night. I think i puked in the bathroom at the diner we ate at at 4am... I KNOW I puked here at home. I woke up on the bathroom floor. I am now in my bed. I cannot get up. I feel like I'm going to die. ugh.
did ya ever have one of those days where you finish your taxes, realize you are gonna get a refund ( state and federal) then had to deal with family members who are preparing to visit another family member in florida who has stopped the chemo and is waiting to die , which means listening to everyones fucking bullshit only to realize that there is a bottle of vodka patiently waiting in the freezer for you to add it to your ginger ale so you can relax and watch American Idol?

I just had one of those days and I have to say, thank you to the vodka in the freezer, thank you, thank you ,thank you.

that is all

carry on
Me, the roommate and a friend of ours were having a good ole time drinking and smoking some hookah tonight (mmmm, spearmint mixed with vanilla!) and our friend some how knocked over the hookah. So now there are five major holes in the carpet, one in the sofa, five on the coffee table (the sames coals from the carpet) and one on the remote control. It was really funny and the time....still is actually. But we'll see in the morning when there's better lighting. Needless to say, our security deposit is gone.

But at least we got a REALLY good laugh out of it. rolleyes.gif
Eek, puking. I hate puking, I've only puked twice. The first time I was 16 and I chugged a warm Corona. Within minutes it all came back up.

The second time was a bit more interesting. I was with two of my friends and we were all drinking tequila. My friend K and I were also smoking up while my friend M didn't partake. I did about four shots, it was my first time drinking tequila. My friend M, who's like 5'2 and very skinny did about 6 shots, I think. It wasn't long until M was running to the bathroom and throwing up in the toilet. Then K got sick too but since M was already using the toilet he puked in the bathtub. I kept telling myself I wouldn't throw up but the next thing I knew, I was puking on K's futon, reaching for an empty plastic bag to throw up into.

It was pretty bad. Since then, I've been very careful because I hate getting sick. If my stomach starts to feel a little bit funky that's when I start drinking water and eat something. Even if I want to drink more I just don't.
I went out drinking with an old friend last night - it's been weeks since I had a drink (the last time was when I was really sick, read below on Mar 31) and prior to that it had been awhile.... anyway, I wasn't super drunk, but really buzzed and proceeded to take pictures of my friend and me with my camera phone and text them to people. Including the guy I like. I woke up to a text from him that said "thanks. nice." UGH. can a hole just open and let me fall in now, please?
i puked from drinking for the first time since i've been old enough to drink (and i'm almost 25 now) last weekend. i had my girlfriends over and we were talking about work and our boyfriends and sex and marriage and i just kept pouring myself glasses of merlot. when i stood up to let them out, i just ran to the bathroom and hurled. ick.
i had to conetnerate really hard to searh for this rhtead and spell inebriated right. becausue i 'e wlasys wnated to post here.

m really ducking drunk right now. i alawys wanted to post here, too. tha'ts why i really had to dconcentratgt.

todyhah was a letsdown . an d os i'm drinking. okahy? it's cnot offen i drink liked htis. it's kind oif fun.
woo! I'm glad this thread has been exhumed!!

that's all.
i'm feeling sickly after my little vino-fest last night...and i can't believe i drunk-typed so much and to so many people! lol rolleyes.gif

i don't know how people can get drunk in public. i only do it on occasion in the comfort of my living room, so that when i stumble to bed i only have to go a few steps rather than find my way home!
Haha, I haven't ever actually been drunk (Boo Lust, you're boring!!) But I've taken care of tons of friends who were.

"Gayfriend, you're drunk."
"No I'm not!!"
"Yes you are. Here look, lie down"
"*He lies down* Oh shit, I am drunk. *promptly passes out*"
"*Lust laughs for like 46 hours*"

There've been funnier conversations, but this is the only one that comes to mind.
the ducking drunk was beautiful. I will probably say that the next time I am ducking drunk!!! nice one! hahahahaha
drunk drunk drunk.

well, actually not super drunk, which is worse. why? because I'm buzzed enough on 3 martinis (and I'm talkin' straight up vodka martinis, dirty - not some foo foo fancy martinis) to be fucking horny as hell, and not be able to do anything about it.

why, you ask? why indeed. Well, because I'm in some god-forsaken city on a god-forsaken work trip, and I had 3 martinis with my boss who is definitley a fucking cutie, but more like my big brother who I love to death. So i'm in a hotel and drunk on 3 martinis and really should just pass out, but arrrghh.

shit shit shit.

I really want to drunk dial this guy that I want to drunk dial (or text) but I can't. circumstances. -you know. fucker. fucker. fucker.

bleh. drunk.



oh god. wow. I was drunk.

Hello all, this is me posting drunk.

I have way too much to say because there is way too much going on in my life.

Basically: work=good, love=has become complicated. Shouldn't do because I'm in a long term thing and I love my bf. But my life has become random. It's not really but people are literally becoming seriously ill or dying allround me, people need support, I'm trying but at the same time career stuff is suddenly opening up giving me (maybe) offers which never happens and I'm freaked about everything. I love my work, want to puruse it as fully as I can but can never work at home which I really really need to do.... basically I hate where I live, we're moving soon but I'm going out of my mind just being here. Someone else has popped up from before which is confusing the hell out of me.

I just tried to reread the above; it doesn't seem to have too many errors so I'll let it stand... quite hard to post when pissed; I have totally edited already!

If anyone's around in the next wee while that would be cool...

Zoya, I'll miss seeing you!
sybarite -

I think I'm going to have to get a cheap flight for a weekend this fall when I get done with my big work project and come hang out. I have a feeling we could tie one, or two, or three on... hahaha

You know, I think we could smile.gif
Oh lordy, I am so fucking drunk! I think it's daiquiri plus antibiotics plus tired. I didn't think it would be that bad. But whatever, I'm having fun. I have one or two horny guy friends online wanting to see me on webcam but i'm just gonna keep teasing them and say no. mwahahaha! oh fuck, i sound lame.

p.s. does anyone else get a huuuuge craving for mexican food while drunk?
I get a huge craving for any kind of food when I'm drunk. I don't smoke pot, but I swear, it's like the munchies. It's bigger than the munchies. I've eaten a whole 12" pizza by myself before when I was drunk. And I also want to eat total crap, greasy food.

Mexican is definitely good drunk food.
i'm druuuuunk. roommates and i got a slice on the way home and then just made some nachos. yummy. loooove eating crap when i'm drunk! i went out drinking thursday, friday, and tonight. rock star weekend. gonna keep this up through my move and until work starts in september. i deserve it. but now it's time for beddddddd. good night!!!
At certain bars in Chicago, there is this dude who walks in and sells homemade tamales. It is so perfect. You can get your drink on and have excellent homemade Mexican food all in one shot. Heh heh I said shot Ha. I kill me!
zoya, I get a craving for ice cream every time I drink beer! I'm not a stoner either. It is bizzarre.

Here in RI, there is a place where you can get booze and Mexican well until 10 or 11, when the Mexican resturant part closes... but still how cool is that?!
I get hardcore fuckin' munchoes when I drink or get high.

I also get a craving for, errrrr, SEX! I turn into a horny little bugger when I'm intoxicated.
Totally concurring with the sex & Mexican food...which if you think about it, is a really bad combination! laugh.gif
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