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plant question - i have two ficus trees in my house and one is doing well and the other although it is not dying (has lots of new fresh leaves) weeps a really sticky substance that gets all over my floor. i have to scrub it up every few days or it gets really bad. what is wrong with my tree?
QUOTE(mouse @ Jun 10 2007, 11:01 PM) *
thanks polly! that's actually not what i have--the leaves on my plant are rounded on the edge and they're not as dark. however, a little more research leads me to believe that it's probably a polka dot plant smile.gif

Hmm, I always thought those were coleus, mouse. I guess I thought there were just a lot of different types of coleus' out there. Fascinating!
QUOTE(shinyx3 @ Jun 11 2007, 09:25 AM) *
plant question - i have two ficus trees in my house and one is doing well and the other although it is not dying (has lots of new fresh leaves) weeps a really sticky substance that gets all over my floor. i have to scrub it up every few days or it gets really bad. what is wrong with my tree?

Shiny, I found this for you:

Q: My indoor ficus is beautiful, but continues to leak sap. I trimmed it before the cold weather started, but I don't think that has anything to do with the sap problem. Please help. I'm getting tired of the sticky mess. (e-mail reference)

A: The sticky sap is caused by feeding insects or spider mites. Examine the plant carefully. Look for signs of webbing and white or brown scale insects attached to the stem or leaves. It is one or the other, but, in a worst-case scenario, it could be both! There are many products on the market that can provide control, if the problem population hasn't gotten out of hand. If the infestation is overwhelming the plant, then you would be better off dumping the plant and starting new. If you don’t fix the problem, the plant will die eventually.
Treehugger, trim your rubber plant slowly over time. I have read that can bleed (the white sap) to death if trimmed to drasitcally. I would trim a little bit at a time over a few months. Hope that helps. smile.gif
treehugger, eeewww. i do not want spidermites. i have some nontoxic spray that is supposed to be a good insecticide for plants. i will try that. thanks.
Good luck with the ficus trees shiny! Spidermites sound creepy ... spider and mite. ewww.

Hey all.... I have some neighbors that are really nice and have great plants... I want to fill my unused pots and wondered what types of plants would thrive, root, grow best after plucking a piece?

Ex. a beautiful rose bush (don't know the type) that's pretty large and full with tiny-ish blooms... could that work? same with gardenias?
Well... i'm still gardening and wanting to talk about it.

So excited to get a new tomato plant, but completely pissed to wake up this morning and find my dill pot had fallen off the porch and cracked my new tomato pot evidently because my hypocritical/party almost every night roomie had some friends over last night. I think all is well with dill and the tomato.. I'm just pissed cause of the disrespect of my things in general. I'm missing lots of antique drinking glasses, fyi.

Sorry for digression..... but if you read my post in "I've a bone to pick with you", you'll understand.

But back to plants:

My upstairs neighbor must have mopped her veranda and splashed chemical water on my plants. Now they have little white speckles, and I fear my basil may suffer, and is of course probably not edible now. I may just move my plants somewhere more safe, remove them from my roomie's enjoyment.

I'm not sure what the chemical was, and I don't want to just march upstairs and ask outright cause she's super nice, and it hasn't happened before... But I'd like to know what she used to clean with... sigh. I hope to pass her soon.

has anyone had any problems somewhat similar to this? What have you done to save the plant or rid it of bad stuff, if possible?

Are you sure the white speckles aren't a fungus, moonpie? I think there's one that leaves little white speckles.

So, my zinnias didn't make it. My chives are barely there. My basil is thriving, my mint is making a comeback and the tomatoes are steady. I need to put everything into real pots, though rather than the little temporary starter pots. Hopefully it will continue to grow then.

Except for the basil, I'm not having good luck growing herbs from seeds. I think this will be the last year I do that. I'm going to get the pre-grown ones next time. Cilantro, mint, basil, dill, maybe rosemary. I don't use rosemary too often...maybe in pork roast...y'know what else is good- I went to a fancy awards dinner and they had a rosemary sprig in each of the water glasses. it was so tasty and refreshing, maybe I'll start doing it everyday!
Polly, the speckles are all on one side of every plant on my front porch. It looks like a chemical splattered rather than lil'speckles... but I'll check it out just in case.... I guess fungus could be moving from plant to plant, but only on the side that would receive a splatter drip from the upstairs veranda?

Hmm... I don't know.

Anyways... My zinnias didn't make it either. My lavendar seed attempt bombed, but all my herbs and petunias have thrived (except for the splashy splash)...

All will thrive, but you gotta trim them down every once in a while to facilitate more growth. My dahliletta has taken off that way! I will give my roomie credit for helping with that one. I'm taking all my plants when I move, though.

I've been growing my pruned pieces in water for root growth, then I'm going to transplant into pots as gifts for people! Or just more basil!

I waited too long for jasmine and gardenia... next year I hope!

I hope I planted my tomato plant deep enough in the soil for a strong plant.... I just got it on Sunday so I hope to get some lil' salad tomaters soon!

Does anyone else, or you Polly tongue.gif , know of other plants that have water rooted to be transferred to container?
double post...
It's been so dry here, my flower garden is not looking so hot. Yet I had pull a ton of weeds threatening to take over. How the hell do weeds thrive, while everything else shrivels? Some kind of bug wiped out all my lemon balm, which had been flourishing.
i am REALLY PROUD of my houseplants. i didn't do so well with them mint plant died and my oregano almost died. but then i got the little polka dot plant and then i got another dollar-store plant (which my dad thinks is some kind of philodendron but neither of us are sure...if you know what it is, please let me know--it's the philodendrony one on the right--which btw has about tripled in size since i got it a month ago) and i repotted them all and have been vigilant about watering and talking to them and now LOOK at this! i am so proud:

i got that spider plant at the dollar store two years ago and now it's a MONSTARRRRR! also in the front you can see my new little succulents i got at the lotus festival. i want to start a little succulent garden...any tips for the best thing to plant it in? pot, large dish, etc?
Yep, that's a philodendron, mouse.

Spider plants do grow and grow- I have one at my mom's house that I got when I was 10, on a field trip to the botanic gardens. It's been divided up into about 4 pots now and they're all ginormous.

The one plant i wish I could get to survive is a Norfolk Pine. I've had a few over the years and I've never been able to get them much bigger than when I bought them and they only live a couple years. There's a restaurant near my house that has two of them that you walk between when you go in and they're both up to the ceiling, seemingly ready to burst through it. They're green and lush. Mine always wither and die.
Mouse, I am so jealous that you can buy house plants at the dollar store! They don't sell them like that here.

I read somewhere that you can use Coke as a weedkiller. Has anybody tried this? Just wondering if it works.

I have always wanted a big Stadhorn fern, like this:;fr=yfp-t-501-s
I had a small one a few years ago, but sadly my mother in law over watered it while I was away, and it never recovered.
ginger, my dollar store is amazing! they even sell produce!!! little bags of 3 avocados or 3 mangos for a dollar? hells yes!

thanks polly--a philodendron it is! i shall name it...uh, phil. tongue.gif

i really like noticing how my plants respond to the sun. the philodendron, spider plant, and oregano especially will actually turn themselves towards light (the polka dot plant and the succulents don't seem to really care). i rotate them regularly so each side of the plant has equal growth but it's pretty awesome how responsive they are. all the leaves turn towards the window. RAD.

in an interesting, related and also linguistic tidbit, if anyone has ever eaten jerusalem artichokes, they get their name not from the city but from the italian word for sunflower, "girasole", because they are related to sunflowers and like sunflowers they follow the direction of the sun. pretty cool yeah?

This is my new friend who I found next to the dumpster outside, pot and all:

Any ideas what he is?

Very interesting about the Jerusalem artichoke, mouse.
Another saved plant! I have friends that do plant-rescue around town around demolition or whatever sites... and then give the plants away for free.

My lavendar just hasn't worked out... and my petunia is definitely having problems... It's just been so Africa hot here lately! My tomato plant is making progress, but no tomatoes yet..
Peppermint and basil are just peachy!

What's a good natural remedy that wards off or kills pests on plants outdoor?
plant health question! this is my first time raising houseplants and while they've done pretty well so far, i am still pretty ignorant about things.

so, my polka dot plant has a little bit of whitish yellow mold in the soil, and my spider plant keeps getting this white dusty stuff on the terracotta pot it's in. google search results tell me: "A white or light yellow mold-like growth may indicate the presence of a saprophytic soil fungus, a fungus that lives on dead or decaying matter. The fungus will not harm the plant but may indicate unsterile potting medium or an overwatered plant." is this true? should i just leave it, or attempt to remove it, or repot?

as for the dust, i'm assuming it's also mold? what should i do? should i be worried for my plant friends? they both seem completely healthy otherwise, and neither my philodendron or my oregano have been affected either way.
Anyone know where I can by a mulcher/shredder that takes leaves and branches? I'm very frustrated here.
Had to resurrect this thread to report that those "As Seen On TV" Aqua Globes really do work. I have a dumb cane plant at home that was starting to have leaves turn yellow and wilty. I got a set of Aqua Globes, filled one up and stuck it in. I must have really been under-watering it because it sucked down an entire globe-full in 2 days. It's supposed to take 1.5-2 weeks! I was worried, thought it didn't work and I just drowned my plant (the pot has no drainage holes, either, so I really was concerned), but it didn't die. I filled it up again and now it's watering at a more normal rate. No more yellow leaves, the dirt feels moist, but not soaked and it's even growing!

Since it worked so well, I brought the other one to work and stuck it in the plant here.

Shop around for a good price- Amazon has them 2/$15, but I got mine at bed Bath and Beyond for $10.
Good to know. I've seen people set up similar home made things like that for tomato plants, but using pop bottles.
And they're pretty. I just wish I had some real houseplants so I could use them. My cats tend to chew on real plants, so I can't maintain them.
They are surprisingly pretty for as cheap as they are. You may want to open the box in the store before you buy them- there are a few color combinations.

Anyone know what kind of plant this is?

ETA: Nevermind! It's a Dracaena Rikki. And of course, it was a Bustie that knew it wink.gif
I just felt the need to point out that there is a plant called the Brazen Hussy. I am, needless to say, delighted with this.
And there is also a plant called Fishnet Stockings. I grew some on my balcony last summer...they did pretty well!
Does anyone know of any good, hardy houseplants I could buy for my office?? My office window gets alot of direct sunlight, but, the temp inside can flunctuate. I like to have 1 plant in my cubicle to make it feel a little home-y. Thanks!
I have found that spider plants can last in pretty much any situation. I like them because they come in green and variegated. the only need water once a week. they do grow fast and can get big. I also have English ivy, it's beautiful but it get's long.Here are some other suggestions. Cacti are always a good option for low maintenance and direct sunlight.
Well, it's been a positively balmy winter here in British Columbia! As anyone who's watched any Olympics probably know. wink.gif I've been itching to get back to gardening, snapping up small houseplants and cuttings everywhere I go. My zeal is showing; my neighbour entrusted me with a scraggly, overpotted monstera recently! Today, I even potted up a Scindapsus for Soulman's place.....

Anyone else got the spring gardening bug?
It's normally still freezing and covered in snow here but almost all the snow is gone and the weather has been around 5 or 6 above for the last week. It's been great. I've been doing some spring cleaning because we have these really old sash windows in our apartment with 3 movable panes and 1 stationary. We always leave all put 1 pane down which means I have enough room in every window sill to fit some window plants. I'm wanting to get a lot of herbs and easy to care for plants.

I'm going to miss having regular access to a veggie garden (at my parents). I'm so tempted to create a guerrilla garden in the back of our building.
Oh, we're totally going to do a guerrilla garden out back of our building! I don't think my roommate could be stopped. She was going to do it years back, before she was even staying at my place. Heh.

I need to figure out how to get more plants in my bedroom. It's SO small, there's no surface space left, and there's no floor space, really. There's barely floor space for me. So I've got to figure out some kind of clever hanging system, I guess. I REALLY don't want to go the old macrame route, and I don't want those pots with the plastic hangers. Anybody got any thoughts?
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Mar 15 2010, 10:30 AM) *
Oh, we're totally going to do a guerrilla garden out back of our building! I don't think my roommate could be stopped. She was going to do it years back, before she was even staying at my place. Heh.

I need to figure out how to get more plants in my bedroom. It's SO small, there's no surface space left, and there's no floor space, really. There's barely floor space for me. So I've got to figure out some kind of clever hanging system, I guess. I REALLY don't want to go the old macrame route, and I don't want those pots with the plastic hangers. Anybody got any thoughts?

You'll still have to use macrame things, or something like that, but one of LeBoy's friends took eye hooks and screwed them into the ceiling, then fed a sturdy dowel rod through the eye hooks (like 3 eye hooks for a 6 foot dowel rod- one on each end and one in the middle) and then hung the plants from the rod.

I'm looking at Ikea's site and I'm surprised they don't have some sort of wall thing that you can attach potted plants to. What about one of those shower shelving things on a tension rod (like this)? You could at least put a bunch of small ones on the shelves- probably wouldn't hold too many bigger ones.

You should post this question in the decorating thread, too!
I should post in the Decorating thread, you're right!

I'm trying to figure out how far back from the window I can place plants. I am south facing, but I can't remember what the bubble zone is for placing semi-shade plants, shade plants, etc., whatever distance away from the window. I once found a great graphic on the internet, but I can't find it now. Anyone have a clue?
Soulman build himself a shelf for the plant I gave him. Awwwww!!! How touched am I? Too bad it might not prosper; he has really poor light, which is why I've never given him a plant before. I am thinking of trying to supplement it with a fluorescent bulb. It would be really nice for him (and me!) to have some green in there, maybe it's worth investing in plant lighting.
You never know- I have a couple of plants at work that get no natural light and the lights around my desk are just halogen (I think- maybe incandescent....some kind of indoor flood lights- it's all recessed lighting) and these plants actually grow. Not just stay alive, but they have gotten bigger. I don't know how it happens. It's mostly a dumb cane and a dracena rikki.

Hmm. Well, I know there are lots of plants that will grow under fluorescents, like office lighting. Do you have those? That's what made me think of the fluorescent bulb, which I think I'll definitely try - get a little clamp on spot lamp. His plant is about 10 feet from a north facing window....that's really poor light, and it doesn't get supplemented by any kind of light b/c he's at work all day. I dunno...there is a sad looking dracaena there, it has survived for years, but it's only just surviving, if you know what I mean! unsure.gif Anyway, the new plant looks happy, but it's only been there a week, so we'll see. Not only has he built it a shelf, he's named it Harry. Harry Potted Plant. rolleyes.gif I feel maybe the good energy will help the little thing along, too. I think plants will do all kinds of things to please us, if we just give them love (and food and water and light!).

I'm getting kind of eager to try making a go of the balcony this year. I've taken on a roommate to help with the rent, and she is a keen gardener, so I think we'd be able to manage the watering between us. Ooh, plus she started a worm compost last September, and we'll get to use the castings on the plants soon....I can't wait! It's cool to think that some of the garbage that would have ended up in a landfill is going to feet my plants! I've been reading a book on organic gardening for indoor says plants that depend on chemical fertilizer pay for it with poor root development, and they actually get addicted to the chemical stuff - like, they really suffer if you take them off of it, unlike natural fertilizers. I might even switch to fish fertilizer if the worm castings aren't enough...I hear it doesn't smell as bad these days as the fishy stuff my mom used to use. *gag* blink.gif
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