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(sorry folks, I posted this in the wrong place! Still getting a hang of the new format)
Hi Dolores,

What hasn't changed with the new software, is that we still have all the same old threads, and we're still trying not to start a new one with each conversation. If you're just saying hey, why don't you try Kvetch or Okay?
I was not aware that I was starting a new thread. My post is meant for the Bacterial Vaginosis thread. Now let me see if I can move it down there. Thanks for your helpful guidance.
Hey thers Dolores. I believe the thread you are looking for is here. Like Dusty pointed out, we are self moderated and try to keep unecessary threads to a minimum as not to clog up the boards. Your topic fits quite nicely in the one above and I am sure that is where the people you intended to update are. I will go ahead and bump the other thread up to the top for you as well. Happy BUSTing!

yikes, by no means do I want to clog the boards, especially with something so err, private, not to mention that it is intended for a much more narrow audience! I feel like a dunce... how do I just remove the whole dang thing from the new threads page? I am desperately searching around this new format to figure out how to get it off, but have got myself all confused. Did the bump take care of it? Thanks.
Not to worry...
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