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Michelina, I too want to add my awesomest wishes and thoughts and support. I think of you frequently and will cross every crossable body part for you. I'm so happy to hear that the IVF process was so easy and painless.

Cristine, I'm thinking of you too. How are things going?
Michelina, I'm so glad to hear how well everything went and I'm sending all my positive wishes to you right now!

I'm ok, still not trying, though we've been having regular sex & I should ovulate in the next couple days if I have a regular cycle this month... but again, I'm not monitoring anything.
Thanks, Cristine and Fookie.

I am very concerned that it's game over for me. I started spotting yesterday. As I always spot before my period, I'm pretty convinced I'll be seeing red in a few days. I am hoping to do another cycle of IVF in September. I know it can take several cycles. But I so badly want to be pregnant now! Why is this so difficult?
((((( Michelina )))))
I'm sorry you're feeling so blue. I wish I knew why this had to be so hard for some of us.
Is there any chance this could be implantation bleeding? You mentioned that you were going to text a whole week early because you have really sensitive strips... I really wasn't aware that it was possible, except in a minority of cases, to get an accurate result that early. Even with a few days early the positive will only show in a certain percentage of women. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Fookie, thanks for your concern. I was hoping it could be implantation bleeding, but because I am a premenstrual spotter, I got totally freaked out because it looks exactly like the spotting I am so used to. I called the clinic and the nurse was very supportive. She said that spotting 5 days past a 5 transfer is a little late for implantation and a little early for period spotting. So of course, she couldn't even venture a guess.

The nurse encouraged me to not give up hope and keep taking my progesterone. She reminded me that the progesterone is supposed to prevent this early premenstrual spotting. I have a lot of experience with these suppositories. Once cycle I did spot at 11dpo, but the other cycles, I didn't have any spotting. So it really is anyone's guess what is going on. The spotting doesn't seem to be getting worse, and it is brown and very light. Not much reaches my underwear - mainly just on the toilet paper. So I am a little more optimistic than yesterday. But you know me - I am not the most optimistic! :-)

As far as the pregnancy test, I am planning to take a urine test tomorrow at 8 days past the transfer. It's like being 13 dpo although I have read that IVF pregnancies tend to implant a little later than normal ones. The blood test isn't until 16 days past the egg retrieval and in fact would have been 17 days past that but that day fortunately is Canada Day and the lab will be closed. My urine tests pick up 20 units of HCG. They are the most sensitive on the market. Of course, nothing is totally certain until the blood test.

Michelina, I hope you don't mind me popping in here and saying that I am following the situation and thinking of you and hoping for the best. The fact that the spotting is brown seems like a good's not bright red.

I am hoping and hoping and hoping and we are all here to support you.

Thanks, Zelda. It's always nice hearing from you. How is little Elliott?
OMG. I cannot believe it. I got a positive on an early pregnancy test! I am thrilled and am hoping to join the pregnant Busties in the other thread soon. I am pinching myself!
Michelina, Michelina, for reals!?!?!?!?!? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this day. I *knew* that brown spotting was implantation bleeding and not your period.


When did you take the test?!?!?!
Thanks, Zelda! I just took the test this morning. I've only known for 3 hours now. Seems so surreal. I think you can probably relate! I clearly remember the day you announced your pregnancy on this board.

Now I am waiting for some symptoms to show up. Crossing my fingers that my beta is nice and high on Wednesday.
OH MY GOD MICHELINA!!! I'm choked up with tears (of joy!) at this news. And it's not just pregnancy hormones! That is AMAZING INCREDIBLE FANTASTIC news!!!

I'm so so happy for you.
Michelina, what is a beta?

Don't let the no symptoms thing fool you. I hardly had any for weeks!
Wahooooooooo! Michelina!!!!!!
This is wonderful and fantastic news. I'm so happy for you.
Wow, what a difference 24 hours can make. I am giddy with joy right now, and hope it carries all the way west across the country and that you can feel my happiness for you.

Good luck on the beta!
Thank you, Funnybird and Fookie! It's wonderful to have such a great support system here. I know that you are all genuinely happy for me and that means a lot.

I am feeling some mild cramping. I think that's a good sign! The spotting seems to have subsided and I got another positive test today. I called the clinic. They said they'll book me an ultrasound as soon as they see a positive beta. I get my blood drawn on Wednesday.

By the way Zelda, beta is short for beta HCG - the blood test that tells the amount of HCG. I have been on the infertility boards too much lately! But I still refuse to use the terms DH, BFP, and baby dance. Not that baby dancing really applies to me anymore. Baby dancing is a whole new game for IVFers! :-)

My only complaint is with insomnia. I hardly slept last night. I think a lot of it is excitement. I also had major hunger pains overnight and was so famished this morning that I actually ate breakfast at home, before work. Seems kind of early for ravenous hunger, but I guess you never know!
Michelina!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! I had a really positive feeling for you this cycle, especially when you said you were spotting. That is the best news I've heard all day!!

Michelina, I am beyond happy for you.

Crying a bit. Best of luck on the beta, and we hope to see you on the preggo boards soon!
Thank you Cristine and Aphelendra! I can still just hardly believe it. I have a pretty good feeling about my beta tomorrow. I feel crampy and bloated, and my pregnancy test lines seem to be getting darker. I should put those damn tests away already. But I am just addicted to seeing that second line. :-)
Michelina, though I was told not to by my RE, I went ahead and tested several times before my beta. That's exactly what happened to me, and exactly what I was looking for - a darker line each time.

Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow!
Oh, Michelina! I just came by this thread to lurk and see how everyone was doing...and honestly I'm a bit misty at the moment reading your news. All good things for the beta tomorrow and the little bean! So happy for you...
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelina, that is just fabulous news!!! Congratulations, I am so delighted to read this!
yay yay yay! Michelina!
Thank you, Julie, Jenny, Aphelendra, and Nickclick!

I am officially pregnant (beta level of 225 at 4 weeks and 2 days) and I'm moving threads. So excited!
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