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Full Version: How To Have A Fun, Feminist Wedding On The Cheap (help!)
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My fiance (a he) and I are beginning to plan our wedding which will take place next summer. We've got a small budget (about $5k) and loads of family and friends who are very important to us.
I've tried asking my friends for advice, but so few of them are married, that it's been slow-going. We'd love to have a semi-casual cocktail-and-desserts type of event, but I'm concerned about some etiquette questions that Ann Landers just won't be able to answer. How can we please our families (his is more casual, mine more formal) and our friends (your typical punk rock/hipster/artist crowd) on a limited budget?
hello pamcakes. welcome to bust.
since we are a self moderated board we try to keep new threads to a minimum and run all new ideas through the community forum. please drop in there and ask where this topic would be best received and get the most replies. also, stop by the newbie thread and introduce yourself to everyone here.

have a great day!!
will do! thanks!
Hi pamcakes! Just to follow up with pepper's post...there is already a wedding thread in the Lounge. It's true that we do tend to like our topics consolidated, so I'm sure you will get a lot more responses if you ask your question there.

Here is a link to the wedding thread.

Good luck!
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