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The second that bathroom door started to open and I realized Addison wasn't alone in that hotel room I started to laugh uncontrollably. Hot damn, McSteamy semi-nekkid self made me get all swoony... I did like that Derek made a choice - "Meredith's not just an affair." 'Bout time. And I LOVED Callie dancing in the basement in her undies and sunglasses! Hee hee.

I missed pieces of things, as I was trying to simultaneously watch Supernatural. Bastard programmers.
Oh my god, I didn't even realize that McSteamy came out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam! Perfect.

I loved how Alex made a complete beeline to the bathroom, too. I guess it was pretty unethical, but come on, it's Alex. And he's been pretty cool lately with Izzy and helping that baby.

I liked the part in the bar when George was being stupid about Callie, and Mer called Callie a hot, sexy, dirty girl. I LOVE Callie. I love how she claimed the panties. So cool, and obviously an effort to get in with George's friends, which is cool.

I love Finn, though, and was thinking he might be good for Izzy when she recovers from Denny? I don't know. I'm just scared he's going to lose and not be on the show anymore.
I liked the scene when Alex went to the patient in the bathroom...yeah, he was making a point to himself that he's not with Izzy, but he also seemed to change the lady's mind, and she left to go have the surgery....that's a pretty good use of weiner in my book. And from all we've heard about Alex's skills on the show...he's good. heh.

LOVED Callie dancing in her undies too! I think she is the sexiest woman on that show....ok Sandra Oh is tied, but damn, she is HOT, and I adore her character. And I love that the chief is really understanding of the quirkiness of the lives of his surgeons. And if Callie ends up living in the house with everyone - that would be very cool!

I need to go to or youtube and watch clips from the show again.

I had the same sort of vibe about finn & Izzy, something so sorta Right about it, as now they've both lost the Loves of their Lives. maybe that's what the writers intend for us to think though? bc in a way, it is sorta obvious.

I gotta say though, the kid w/ the tree limb through his gut.
too similar the train accident w/ the long pole through the middle of the 2 people, and w/ them doing the gay guy w/ the brain tumor at the same time, the forced "tension" of who will live/who will Die at the same time,,
tired. I don't watch this show for the Medicine of it, duh.

that said..

I just so heart this show.
like no other show before it.

the world could be coming apart around me (as indeed it was storming pretty wildly during it last night) and I could

"Good use of weiner"?!?! I just laughed so hard at that.

The chief is sooo understanding. He came across a little intimidating on the season finale when he was staring at George, when he was trying to find out who cut the wire for Denny's thing. (Come on,it's not like I actually get valuable medical knowledge from this show.) But when they showed scenes for next week and Izzy is standing outside the hospital scared to go in and talk to the chief, I wasn't buying it. He's so cool. .....Wait, unless she's scared to go in because of Denny, and it's the scene of his death. That makes more sense.
i freaking love callie
QUOTE(freckleface2727 @ Sep 29 2006, 11:30 AM) *

the gay guy w/ the brain tumor

Oooh! Emmett! Emmett from QAF! I was so excited to see him! (He was one of my favorite characters. Unapologetic, emotional, lovely Emmett.)

Mirabella, that shot of Izzy standing outside the hospital reminded me of the thing in "Pushing Tin" where one of the air traffic controllers is trying to get up the nerve to walk back in the building after a "near miss" episode - returning to the scene of a major emotional trauma, trying to decide if they can or really want to subject themselves to that.
Holy crap, that WAS Emmett! I kept thinking, "Where do I know him from????" It was just so out of character that I couldn't figure it out.

Callie is awesome, she can dance in my room in her undies anytime, and I'm not even gay.

I didn't get to see the end, so finding out about McSteamy was a shock for me. Good for Addison. She and Derek have been over, so she should move on.

Taking a poll: Derek or Finn? Which do you choose for Mer?
kel - If you go to, you can watch the WHOLE epi, streaming on the site...I just got finished re-watching it. I love the epi even more on the second watching...I kept replaying the callie dancing scene...sooooo HOT!

I can't choose between those two...I'm glad its not my decision - I love them both!

Just give me more more more of McSteamy!!!
only viewers within the U.S. can watch the full episodes sad.gif
I LOVE that I can watch full episodes online. How incredibly cool is that? I wish other networks did it...I know NBC doesn't because I checked. I live in a rural area and we only get CBS and ABC. I don't have cable, so I don't get to see The Office or My Name is Earl. I wish they had the streaming thing!
i gotta say, i kind of hate derek, but finn is slightly boring. getting a little more interesting, though. i think mer needs to be on her own and figure her dark and twisty self out. meh. but of course that doesn't make good tv!
o/t: I'm in the UK so no series 3 yet and working my way through season 2. Anyway, yesterday I watched a few eps, one of which was episode 8 where Addison and Derek's friends visit. Savannah (Savvy) asks Addison to perform a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy to prevent her from ever contracting cancer, of which there is family history and death.

I'm curious what other people thought of this subject matter? I'm conflicted although I'm see-sawing more towards Izzy's POV. The thought of losing my sex appeal, sex drive, ability to have children and an early menopause all terrify me. I don't think it would make me less of a woman but it would certainly make me less me. Vanity-wise, I would be/am terrified of losing my breasts. and my ovaries, probably more so than anything else except for my senses of sight and hearing and my mind (I'm not being facetious: a debilitating disease such as Alzheimer's would be devastating for my loved ones).
Wow, I can't believe no one has commented about this week's episode! I mean, it wasn't very eventful, but there were some interesting things. Such as:

- Alex kept repeating things he heard other people say and then got credit for being smart enough to say it. Like, with the little girl he repeated what George said about the Green Lantern, and with Izzy he repeated what Bailey said about pain. WTF??

- I loved the shot of Burke standing with Izzy outside the hospital. I love Burke.

- Is there only one hotel in Seattle? There were what, like 5 staff members staying there at once?

- I'm guessing that a future storyline is going to involve the chief retiring and reconciling with his wife, and then a new chief will have to be picked, and there will be drama between Burke and Mc Dreamy. Just a hunch.
I'm just sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I. Missed. It. sad.gif

I tried to catch the episode online but my bandwidth or whatever isn't good enough. Waaah!!

What happened?
What happened with Deeny and Izzy? Did she kill him while operating on him? I missed that episode...Someone please fill me in...
QUOTE(free_spirit @ Oct 8 2006, 01:44 AM) *

What happened with Deeny and Izzy? Did she kill him while operating on him? I missed that episode...Someone please fill me in...


I missed it too. I was decorating a damned cake. I need to quit taking orders from people!
Where on earth can I watch it on line? Tell me, tell me, TELL ME!

QM - check - they have full epis streaming, and the premiere of this season pretty much covers the season finale from season 2.

BUT, since you're asking...Burke & Alex went out to take the heart from the donor body...there were 2 donors, both a match, and then Burke's heart died. he had to fight to get the other heart for Denny - to prove that Denny was higher on the transplant list...he was just behind the other transplant patient by 17 seconds.

At this point, Izzy takes matters into her own hands, hearing the news from Burke that Denny wouldn't get the heart. Izzy decided to cut Denny's LVAD wire, which is keeping him alive and pumping his heart for him....Denny agrees. He momentarily crashes, Izzy brigns him back, and now his heart values are worse, qualifying him for the heart Burke is waiting for. Denny asks Izzy to marry him....she says yes!

Burke gets the heart, brings it back, Denny has the transplant surgery, and its very successful. Denny has warm hands for the first time, now that he has good circulation. Meanwhile, back at the ranch....the interns get in trouble for "someone" cutting the LVAD wire, they hang punishment, they have to plan a prom for the chief's niece, who is terminally ill, and couldn't go to her own prom. Everyone gets all dressed up for the prom, Izzy does her very best to look HOT for Denny, Meredith takes Finn to prom, but then has sex in the exam room with McDreamy! That storyline is left hanging.....meanwhile, we discover that while they were at the prom, Denny died. Izzy is heartbroken, and the interns find her holding his body in the hospital bed...

I hope that helps!

Whoops...there was a bit of mis communication here. smile.gif

The episode *I* missed was this past Thursday. I tried to catch it online but my connection isn't good enough, plus the streaming epis aren't closed captioned.

What happened????? Please somebody???
It's not streaming video, but I often turn to this source when I've missed an episode of something I really wanted to see:

They recap the Grey's Anatomy episodes.

Sometimes I enjoy the recaps more than the episodes themselves.
Turbo and Chacha: Thanks! Y'all are great!

Treehugger: Yeah, me too. Danged cakes.
Watched Christmas episode from season 2 tonight: Izzy saying "'Cause it's what Jesus would freaking do!" to Alex was freaking hilarious.
Why do people always freakin' call me right at the end of an episode. I didn't see the last 20 minutes due to my boyfriend's imaginary crisis. I'll watch it tomorrow online, but I wanna know NOW what happened. *pout*
Wow. I liked McDreamy last night saying that Finn was the better choice for Meredith. But then, as real girls often do, she picked the bad choice.

I cannot believe that Callie and McSteamy are going to get it on! I'm very disappointed in her. He is an ass

The end with the Denny voice over was so sad and I really liked it, but now Izzy is a millionaire? Weird. I wonder where they are going with this.
am i the only one here who can't freaking stand derrick and isn't attracted to him in the least?? gah. and finn was just blah. i loved george but he's being such a shithead with callie; i'm happy she's hooking up with mcsteamy, girl needs some ass and he's obviously good in bed. i'm sure she has no intentions of falling for him. i actually think luke is the most appealing guy on the show at this moment.

christina has always frustrated me (though i identify with her the most) and i never really cared about burke, but i LOVED them finishing the surgery together. izzy is dragging out the pain thing; it's not really believable at this point. i think luke is going to end up going back to work with addison and become a brilliant gyno surgeon whatnot.
Derrick is getting on my nerves for the same reason my honey got on my nerves when we first started dating.

It is like, "yeah, you are going through a rough patch, and yeah it sucks... But you are trying to make yourself more complicated than you really are, and making the decision that you are not good enough for me, for me, is self indulgent and self martyring of you, get off it! JAYSUS!"
I thought tonight's episode was pretty blah. And depressing.

Does anyone else absolutly hate the way Meredith talks when she's trying to be frank with someone? Like when she told Derek about Finn in the elevator?
I hated the way m was totally oblivious to mcd's pain in the elevator, so focused on HERSELF that she failed to see the tears in his eyes.
I don't really get mcd being the hurt and wounded party in the disclosure of addi & mcs. yes she messed up First, but he fell in love w/ m pretty quickly after arriving at seatle grace and persued a relationship w/ her ardently.

but I loved george in the M & M when they started talking about denny & he scrunched down in his seat and said I'm going to my happy place. I really thought that w/ the exception of the callie thing, he was a stronger personality in this episode. I just so heart him.

is luke the jerk who talked about bailey's hormones? I somehow missed his into into things, but think he is the Devil.
Yeah, who is Luke?
sorry, not luke, i meant alex. for some reason i always want to call him luke. meh.

george is gay!
Yeah, Meredith is pretty annoying on a regular basis. That whole dark and twisty thing she kept repeating a couple episodes back. Ugh.

That doctor who was giving Bailey a hard time sucks. What I did like about this episode however was Bailey, who is just so wonderful and Alex who is turning out to be a pretty interesting character.

Why doesn't Izzy use the money for heart disease research or something similar?
sorry, not luke, i meant alex. for some reason i always want to call him luke. meh.

LOL it's all good, mouse! I barely started calling him Alex this season. Before, I'd always addressed him as Mossimo (from The Wedding Planner).
I heard on the radio this morning that Isiah Washington is going to be removed from the show because he made derogatory comments about T.R. Knight since he came out of the closet... how sad would that be, Burke being replaced (not to mention how sad it would be if he were a homophobe)?? They said Eriq LaSalle was a possibility.
I just emerged from Grey's Anatomy immersion. I watched the entire 1st and 2nd season over the previous week. Whew.

Finished the last episode 5 minutes before the most recent came on Thurs night (I've missed the first few eps this season).

I'm hooked.
T.R. Knight is gay??

to repeat sassy: T. R. Knight is gay?? (thinking of season 1 episode where everyone thought George was gay)

I would be devastated if they replaced Burke but the comments aren't on if they're true. Eriq La Salle I see still as Dr Peter Benton and that is so not Preston Burke (hee, same initials).
I assumed he had already come out for some it was common knowledge before the show, but apparently he came out in People magazine last week. Now I can't remember where I originally heard it.

I have a hard time believing he'll actually lose his job over this. Sounds like a lot of celebrity magazines eating up the story.
I'm not making excuses for Washington if he did say that, but I know that lately, many of my students use "f*ggot" as an all occasion word like they would use "asshole." I don't approve, and I vehemently let them know that it is an unwelcome word, just as much as the "n" word is unwelcome. I wonder how angry Washington was and what might have pushed him to say such a thing. Again, not making excuses. I hope he wouldn't lose his job, since he is so wonderful as Burke, but a public apology might be in line. Poor George. It's funny, I always thought he reminded me so much of my best friend, Ryan, who is also gay. It doesn't shock me that he is gay. His scenes with Callie were always a bit awkward to me. But then again, George was never supposed to be Cassanova, so that was probably intentional.
i think he's a great actor, and was supposed to be awkward with callie. and i think he's being really cool about the whole thing, like yeah, i'm gay, so? honestly, that's how it should be.

i'm appalled at washington. i think he should lose his job. if someone had said the same thing towards him using the n-word, they would be fired.

i certainly don't think eriq lasalle should play him! they look and sound nothing alike! oh, he's black and played a doctor, he'll do! psh.
This whole thing is very upsetting to me. I loved the friendship between George and Burke and to know that Burke may be a homophobic a-hole....totally ruins it! You would think that, being in show business, he would be used to homosexuality and be more accepting, wouldn't you?
Isaiah Washington Apologizes

...which pretty much confirms he did say it. *sigh* I'm so disappointed in the man.
Mouse: i think he should lose his job. if someone had said the same thing towards him using the n-word, they would be fired.

(Not to open up the never ending race conversation, but...)

I wonder: Are nigger and faggot generally believed to be of the same caliber of words? As far as how deragatory (sp?) and weight heavy (or, as I think I have heard some people refer to as "loaded") the words are?

***this part goes in confessions thread, but I'll say it here since it seems a little relevant now: I wonder if I am a closet or secret homophobe...I don't think I am, but sometimes I just feel funny when thinking of the sexual aspect of it, and to be honest I don't understand why or how people in same sex relationships can have those type of (sexual) feelings for each other...Even though I believe that people should feel free to love WHOEVER they want, I don't understand it. I feel worse because I have gay and lesbian family and friends and I don't understand how or why they feel that way but for some reason I never ask or try to discuss it to get abetter understanding...But how do you bring it up? What do you say with out sounding ignorant or judgemental???***
(I hope this post doesn't sound ignorant, etc. because these are genuine questions and thoughts to me in my mind.)
they're showing 2 reruns tonight.....i'm pissed.

re: language--that's a good question, if they're the same caliber of insult. i do think the n-word holds a little more weight as far as history of the insult goes, but regardless they're both slurs based on the nature of the person they're insulting, not their actions (like saying "asshole" or "slut") and i think that puts them in a different category.

re: homophobia--don't worry. "I believe that people should feel free to love WHOEVER they want" doesn't sound very homophobic to me. i don't think you have to understand it, you just have to accept it and support it. as for not being able to wrap your head around it, i'm sure you've known straight women who've dated straight guys you wouldn't have touched with a ten-foot pole. just cos you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there for someone else.
I consider both "nigger" and "faggot" to be about the same level when they are used as slurs. However, my black friends use the n word freely to each other, and my gay friends do the same with the f word. It seems to depend on who is saying it and how they are saying it. I never use either except when discussing the semantics of the words.

I don't know if firing Washington would solve anything. I'm not saying that his statement wasn't horrible because it was. I was deeply offended by it. However, I am saying that we live in a world of "jump to judgement" and people want to crucify the bad guy immediately. I think it's better that Washington live through the backlash, see how offensive he was to so many people and learn from his mistake. I don't think that punishment by firing would help Washington to become a less homophobic person or even a better person. People need the chance to learn from mistakes and become better people. I hope that Washington comes out of this a more sensitive person. Maybe I'm living in a land of lollipops and unicorns, but I've found that harboring anger and hatred when someone screws up is not always the best way to handle things.

With that said, I respect everyone's opinion about this matter. I don't disagree with the gravity of the comment and I certainly understand the sentiments expressed about firing him. Please don't mistake my outlook as judgement or preachiness. It's just how I feel, and that is what these forums are about.
Christina and Burke need to give it a rest, they were really pissing me off last night.
I agree.

Actually, I think everyone was pissing me off last night. The McNames are really starting to get on my McNerves.
seriously. again, i have to say that the only characters that aren't annoying me right now are alex and bailey. funny how that works. oh and addison's being okay.
I thought the McNames were McLAME out of the gate, but they are tremendously out of control.
I don't get how the whole situation, with Washington calling Knight a faggot makes Patrick Dempsey heroic in any way, yet that's what the cover of some mag like People said.

So I finally watched this week's episode on DVR this morning and I am in love with Alex. He is definitely the best character. I agree the McNames suck and always did. I kind of like how crazy Christina is getting though. And I'm worried Addison will go back to NY because she and Alex could be the dynamic duo of obstentrics!
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