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Well I know I was very close to crying in the finale. Even though I know that when characters hook up it is the kiss of death for a show, I'm glad that it looks like Meredith and Derek are going to get back together. However, that's not for sure -- he went back to end it with the nurse chick - I don't trust that....

I also got really sad at the end, but I'm not liking everyone hooking up.
I don't know about the hook-ups being the kiss of death for the show. I think Meredith has a lot more work to do on herself, and this is just the beginning for her and McDreamy. She made a couple major breakthroughs in her therapy sessions (namely, that she *wants* to get better and is beginning to get tired of her old patterns, not to mention, her discovery about her mother). And we've got to find out what's going to happen in the aftermath of Izzy's realization that she's not as in love with George as she thought. I mean, she screwed up his marriage because of it, and personally, I don't think she's done paying for that mistake.

Not to mention, I still hope to see Christina get more in touch with her feelings, although I have to admit, she's one of my favorite characters. She's *so* in love with her career and her success...yes, at the cost of all else... I mean, Momma Burke coming back to basically tell Christina that the reason she couldn't "keep a man" is because the double standard of either/or for women (either love or career...never both at the same time, god forbid!) is still very much in play definitely gave Christina some food for thought. But I loved it that Christina kept going, didn't give up her dreams of maintaining her edge as a surgeon (although Hahn, that dream-crushing, overconfident battle axe tried to knock it out of her), and finally started to put her issues with Burke behind her.

But I don't think they're done yet. I still think they have a lot more to go, many more issues to cover.
bump for freckle wub.gif whom i lurve.
thanks gt!

so, um, who watched it? the show just ended.
That was definitely a lot to take in all at once. LOL I don't even know where to begin. I will say this show is becoming more and more like the soap operas - everyone has slept with or is sleeping with everyone else. First off, so dang happy Rose is out of the picture (for now anyway)! I never liked her character. The whole episode was tense. I was biting my nails the whole time.

~I'm glad Christina got some action for a change. Hopefully that guy will become part of the regular lineup. I've seen him on another show, I like his acting.

~I'm sick of Izzy's jumping from man to man *I kinda understand why she does it though*.

~George and Lexi - blah! Two spastic people might just work lol

~Happy for Callie and Erica, even though I have no idea where that whole thing is going.

~Alex is just fighting the good guy role. I think in the end, he'll come to his senses.

~Derek and Meredith - I'm ready for the cat and mouse to end. Mer needs to get her act together quick.

~I love Bailey's attitude. She cracks me up. Can't wait to see what happens with her and Tucker.

~And the Chief, well its about time he put his foot down!! Those people are wild! I wonder what will happen with he and his wife this season.

Dang, did I leave anybody out?? I feel like an addict waiting for my next fix!! Now they're talking about the next episode is in 2 wks. GAAAAAH!!
Yeah, it was a lot to take in...and, I have to admit, kind of a draggy episode. It could have been edited a bit. I do find Meredith's character to be very neurotic, but as a self-confessed committment-phobe myself, I can identify with her character. I just don't talk about it as much. And I think Lexi was an interesting addition to the show. I mean, what a position for her to be in: unappreciated half sister of the "golden girl" surgeon, coming to intern at the same hospital where her sister works...that *has* to be tough. But she does it with a lot of personal strength, I think. Her character does, I should say. And yeah, Izzy drives me a little crazy...partially because she's so open with her heart, and I often wish I wasn't so damn cynical and could be that open myself. But I really didn't like how she was with George, convincing herself she was in love with him, enough so that he believed it, too. I know she wasn't intentionally trying to fuck things up, but she was so damn needy and didn't control her feelings before she made a mess of things. Which wasn't the most adult thing to do. But then neither is Alex's shit that he's doing, too. Such an f-ing reactionary jerk. Yeah, I get that he's hurt and damaged and all that, but, I mean, shit. Is he ever going to grow up and stop being such a boy-man?

Christina's still my favorite, unapologetically going for both career and her man (or at least she did when Burke was around). I hope the military guy comes back and Christina has another chance to prove to herself that she can go for it all and not get screwed over by another overly-sensitive egotist like Burke. And am I the only person who thinks Callie needs to cut her bangs again? I think she looked so much hotter with her rock chick bangs and not this straight, hair-tucked-behind-the-ears 'do that she's sporting now. Bleh. It's a snore.

And McSteamy just keeps getting hotter with every episode. I don't care if he's just on the show for looks. I could look at him all day.
OMG, I am SO happy that GA is back on the air, even if it becomes more soapy by the minute....I think its a little like Ally McBeal for the medical set - I mean, really - stabbed by an icicle???? Come on. Still, if that's what it took to have Kevin McKidd come in and stitch her up...I am all in! I drooled over him in HBO's Rome series, and I think he'd be a great addition to the staff. I'm guessing he'll be back...the trauma center just got dropped to level 2, and here's the hottie trauma surgeon stapling his own ass! YUM.

Yup, Christina is still my favorite character above all...she's strong, and fragile, and brilliant...and damn, I want her hair!!

Totally agree on Callie's hair...just looked a little flat last night.

And Go Chief!!! I can't wait to see where this one is going....though he really needs to get over his torturing of Meredith - yes she's special, but he edges on emotional abuse from time to time....dude needs some help with transference.

Mmmmm.....McDreamy. Certainly wasn't enough of him on this epi.
Oooo. Now, that I know you are a GA fan turbo, we might need to have a GA night. wink.gif

i read somewhere that alot of what happened in this week's episode is reflective of the drop in ratings for the show last year. Hence, the drop in the level of trauma. Either way, I'm glad part of the show will emphasize how they do in their jobs.

Man, I think McDreamy and Meredith are made for each other in the sense that they both annoy the crap out of me. I'm so over McDreamy. He is too whiny to me. I kinda like the storyline for Callie and Hahn. It seems sweet. And I agree that I like Callie with her curlier hair.

I love love the military doc. I tend to overidentify with Christina's character and totally find myself attracted to risk takers and innovators like she. So, I totally got how turned on she was by him when he took the staples to his wound minus medication. So hot.

Jury is still out for me on Lexie and heck even George. Izzy...I hope she works on her character being stronger and just some lovestruck doc.

I'm bummed that I have to wait 2 weeks for the next epi. dry.gif
NoooOOooo! I like Dr. Hahn! sad.gif
I don't regularly watch GA anymore, but I liked that character too. I don't know what the chemistry was like between her and Callie though...maybe I'll watch a couple of eps online tonight.
I'm so pissed off that I slept through most of last week's episode. I was so damn tired after my workday. I tried my best to stay awake, but I just couldn't do it. I made it through the first 15 minutes, and then...zzzzzzzz..... I've been trying to catch a re-run, but haven't seen it yet.

Pardon my evilness, but I actually don't like Dr. Hahn's character and won't mind seeing her go. I can't stand that she's so inhuman in her drive for success and perfection. I mean, Christina's equally as inhuman in those areas, but I can understand her motivation as an intern and now a resident. I don't understand Hahn's. She just comes off as unnecessarily bitchy to me. I was glad to see her get her comeuppance a while back when the Chief told her to be a better teacher.
well, i wouldn't be surprised if her demeaning behavior towards interns may be the angle they use to explain her leaving the hospital.
So, her leaving was due to the whole Izzy-Denny mess?? I liked that Denny was in flash backs. But, this season is putting me to sleep. I liked Dr. Hahn, and I thought it was awesome they were having an great lesbian couple. I miss the old GA, when it was actually fun to watch.
thirties, you can watch full episodes at
I didn't particularly like Hahn, but I was pissed they kicked her off because they didn't know what to do with a lesbian storyline. That was shitty of them.

I don't even know why I still watch this show. It's gotten really stupid and obnoxious, and yet I watch fairly religiously. But the way they've brought Denny back?! EYEROLL!
QUOTE(mouse @ Nov 12 2008, 10:55 PM) *
thirties, you can watch full episodes at

Thanks, but I don't watch tv on my computer screen. I prefer my big screen tv. I'm kinda picky that way.

I have to admit, getting rid of Hahn in seemingly a puff of smoke, without any preamble, was kinda dumb. And yeah, I think you may be right about not knowing where to go with the lesbian thing, faerietales. I'm still in love with the show, though. The new military guy's hot & cold dynamic with Christina is interesting and I hope she finds the strength to tell him what for. I also think the introduction of Merideth's old college friend is kind of interesting. Not that we need another skinny big haired blonde on tv, and this one with an accent, no less. But I find the whole "Death" and "Die" thing interesting, considering that death is such an underlying theme in Merideth's life. It should hopefully be interesting to see how this piece of her past will affect her present.

The Denny thing...yeah, I'm kind of rolling my eyes, too. But this show is nothing if not symbolic, so I'm interested to find out what Denny means for Izzy. Plus, I could spend all day watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan do nothing but read the phone book. That man is just plain HAWT.
I don't get the Hahn thing, b/c I thought her character was good.

Denny...yes, it's cheesy. But, he's hawt. He's hotter than Mcdreamy. I like that they added the new college friend. As TG said, it will be a way to her past. I'm hoping that they give Christina and military guy a really neat dynamic to work thru, b/c last season(and parts of this season) she hasn't been used much in the show.

The show has gotten so damn stupid, but I still watch it religiously.
I think Izzy has a brain tumour and imagining Denny is one of the symptoms (him saying "I'm here for you" so that she realises medically).

Christina and mcmajormchot interest me; nice dynamic indeed.

Hahn really annoyed me; I found her too cold, although she was contrastingly very warm with Callie and I found it too much of a split personality thing. Bad characterisation.
ooh maybe that means we'll get rid of izzy? haha. the denny thing is fucking ridiculous, though. this past episode was really sub par, and i am already an eyes-rolling fan. oh, and how fucking scary was mr ptsd lunging at yang before he kissed her? i thought he was going to punch her. not cool. oh and the aspie thing just had me rolling my eyes the whole time. just had to jump on the bandwagon, eh?

man, i really hated that episide! ha.
As a person who has slight symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome myself, I actually kind of liked that they featured a character with AS, even if they're not going to bring her back. Even though her symptoms were rather obvious and stuck to the typical AS symptoms, I'm glad they showed what it can be like for a person with more severe symptoms. And a woman, no less. Most of the AS characters I've seen represented in the media have been the typical 'nerdy guy' characters, so it was nice to see a successful female surgeon. Aspies aren't all just frustrated physics and engineering geniuses or Bill Gates-in-training computer masterminds.
Just to clarify: when I said that it was a nice dynamic between Christina and the mcscotty I meant that it was a nice dynamic for show, which has a lot of potential, but I agree with mouse that the aggression before the kiss was scary and that he obviously does have ptsd.

I doubt that they'll kill Izzy off; I think that even after all the contract disputes she went through that she's staying on now.
please tell me that danny is gone! please!

and um, what's the 411 with the riff between meredith and christina? is it the whole competition thing?
QUOTE(stargazer @ Nov 20 2008, 10:16 PM) *
please tell me that danny is gone! please!

and um, what's the 411 with the riff between meredith and christina? is it the whole competition thing?

Nope, he'll be around.

Christina is jealous of the whole "Deth & Di" relationship. She's very possessive and cannot believe Meredith had a life (a friendship) before she came along.
I think the competition has a little something to do with tensions between the residents, too. But I do kind of think Christina was right, that Merideth should have spoken up a little more to the Chief and not let Christina take a large portion of the blame for not managing her interns. I do think Christina needs to learn to be a better teacher (much as the Chief counseled Hahn a while back with regard to Christina), but I think they both were at fault for letting the interns get out of control.
So, is Denny back on the show b/c they're thinking of taking Izzy off the show?

I liked this episode because it was more about the new crop of interns. I also thought it was interesting competition b/w Mere and Christina about Di and the whole new relationship with Little Grey. Weirdly enough, I liked the voiceovers this show.

Can I say I love mcarmy so much! Yes he has ptsd, but there's something about redheads. What he said on her stoop was very sweet.
so, i've really questioned this season. it has been a total "wtf?" for me. i'm not understanding the whole denny plotline. does anyone have an interpretation as to why he is around? is it like a ghost of relationship pasts for izzy to talk about what is holding her back in her relationships? did i totally pull that one out of my ass? blink.gif

i am liking the storyline with eric stolz 'cause, well, i really like eric stolz. i'm totally stoked about the epi tonight. and for some strange reason...i find myself intrigued with the christina and pig killer doc relationship.
I think the Denny thing is really stupid. It's pointless and annoying and it's getting old. There must be some significant reason he's around but they're drawing it out waaaaaaaay too long now. I still think this show is stupid yet every so often i catch up on episodes online - i'm ashamed.
um, did anyone watch last night's episode? i need someone to talk about it with.

damn, i hope bff watches it soon. sad.gif
I just watched it. I didn't really like this seemed silly to draw out one storyline for three episodes. I mean, it would suck if the kid died but it's a hospital! It's not like it's the first time something like this has happened. But for once I actually liked the interaction between the characters (lots of communication, no one isn't talking to anyone else, people making up, etc) and didn't really like the story lines. I think the Denny thing was lame because everyone called that from the first time he appeared. It was really obvious that he was there to warn her about something and they dragged it out for toooooo long.
From what I understand about the whole Denny storyline is that he is in Izzie's imagination and what I have heard (although it was never confirmed) is that she is going to end up having some kind of brain tumor or something along those lines. Again, I don't know if that is the truth since I heard this over a month ago and nothing has come of it yet, but I do agree - I think it has been going on waaaay too long and I am pretty happy when they barely focus on Izzie. I keep waiting for it to end and it never does!

I'm pretty intrigued by the whole Yang and McArmy (haha, is that right? I can't even remember his name on the show!) and I really like the story arc with Eric Stoltz as well! I know he did the Mask movie but I will always remember him as John in Little Women with Winona Ryder. =) I missed last night's episode so I will most likely watch it on the CTV website tonight when I get home from work! I am actually liking this season a lot more than seasons 3 & 4.

Oh and I put the spoiler box up there just in case people wanted to be surprised. Hope that's okay!
thanks rogue for the spoiler. bunnyb said the same thing about a potential brain tumor.

ketto, i agree that things have been stretched out. the communication and intensity was great this episode. a nice change of pace.

what about mcsteamy's broken member? do you think it will teach him to relate differently to women? i mean, it is kinda obvious.
Yeah I don't know if that is actually what's going to happen but I said that over two months ago! they really have dragged it out and it's been so ridiculous.

The episode really annoyed me; I thought it was overblown and the characters were hyperbolic. Even Miranda; it was so overly dramatic that it was laughable ... until the last five minutes, when Eric Stoltz was executed McDreamy brought Mer to Christina - I actually cried!

The Lexi/Mark situation was some comic relief and it's just an obvious way to bring it home to him that she cares and he needs a proper relationship.

I liked Melissa George (can't remember her character's name) in last couple of eps and it annoys me that they are getting rid of her.

Christina and McMajor are the best part of the programme for me just now. I will keep watching because I doubt it can get any worse and I don't give up so easily. Does anybody else watch Private Practice? It has what GA is missing just now - strong, thought-provoking storylines (around the patients) and some well-acted characters.

rogue, it's funny you should mention Little Women as Samantha Mathis, who played the older Amy in the film, was Jackson's mother.
I'd agree. As much as I love Miranda, I think her reaction to McDreamy's decision to save the killer's life (well, yeah, so he could make it to his execution) was a little overblown. I get that she was very emotionally involved in her case with the little boy and really wanted the killer's organs, but I still thought her reaction was overdone.

Eric Stoltz, though... gah. Another guy I could watch read the phone book. I have a thing for red heads. Why I'm probably liking the McArmy character, too. I hope he and Christina get it together.

The Denny thing...yeah. That issue should have been done with a long time ago. And I hate that they used him to get Izzy to realize that she's sick. It's taken up way too many episodes, and it seems like the writers don't know what to do with Izzy's storyline, so they're making her sick. Lame. I'm sure they're trying to win back some sympathy for her character since she lost favor last season for sleeping with George. ...That kiss, though...whew. HOTT. I would certainly not mind having to take and re-take that scene with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

I was happy to see Merideth talking with Christina at the end. I hope they resolve their issues.
I just realized that Jackson's Mom was Samantha Mathis when I watched last week's episode, Bunny. And what's funny is that I recognized her slightly but what really got me to notice that it was her was because last weekend I watched The Mists of Avalon and she plays Guinevere in that movie. Because I had seen her so recently I was like HEY I KNOW HER!

And I too am so pumped that they finally got the Denny-Izzie story revealed. I can't stand Izzie either way but the whole thing was just annoying the crap out of me.

And Eric Stoltz's story was so sad. I don't know for sure, but I think I would pretty much be in the same boat as Meredith. Sympathy for the Devil, you know. I often find myself playing Devil's advocate, so you know. And I just used way too many metaphors for Satan. tongue.gif

Is there a new episode this week what with the Private Practice crossover or no?
Are peeps still watching? I thought this weeks episode was pretty good. Still confused about the Izzy thing...if Denny showed up for no reason that would just be stupid. There better be something else going on and they'd better tell me soon.

I didn't watch private practice because i don't care about it but I hope it doesn't interfere with Derick and Meredith too much. I'm sick of seeing people almost be happy on this show and then have it stolen away.

And I was soooooooooo pissed off with the way they showed Callie dealing with being single even though she said she wanted to be. She acted like it was the worst thing that could have possibly happened. I really enjoyed the time when I decided to be single and I was disappointed that she can never seem to be happy on her own.
i really liked the interaction between ptsd doc and christina in this epi. it was so touching to me. as for the izzy tip...i was confused by the blood work part, but my mom said she thought it was to disprove she was preggers. i wasn't thinkin' about pregnancy. who knows. i'm hoping meredith doesn't freak out on derek since she found a rose petal in their bed.

i agree ketto. this epi was better. i don't watch private practice, but i liked the overlay. i probably won't watch it after these next 2 episodes though.
any thoughts about this week's episode?

i felt a little, meh, about the episode. they are gonna drag out the whole izzy ill thing especially since i saw in the news that katherine heigel is leaving the show. i wonder how george will make his exit.

it also looks like they are focusing on the ego of mcdreamy with the whole g-d/doctor thing.
I was a bit meh about it too. I prefer the well-roundedness and even vibrancy of the Private Practice characters. I want more Sloane/Lexi and Callie/Arizona and even more Christina/Major (I say even more as they are currently featuring quite prominently).

Izzy dying will probably be dragged out until the finale. Poor Alex.

I'm interested to see how George will exit ... he's been so absent this season that I won't miss him much but I used to love George. Izzy I loved too, I've never been a hater, but this season's idiocy has bored me. I hate the writers for what they did to such great characters.

Meredith came across as stupid; why does she bring everything down to the superficial and what's with her beady, watery, red eyes?

One of the best things was the chemistry between Bailey and Sam; they worked well together.
There seems to be confusion about whether they're actually leaving. Apparently Shonda Rhimes says no.,,
I am getting so *sick* of the damn Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover. I wish they'd be done with it already, and I wish they'd never done it in the first place. 1) I really HATE to see McDreamy's god complex and I really don't like his character much when he gets that way (whether it's with the Pvt Practice crossover or on Grey's Anatomy alone). 2) I'm SICK of Private Practice and their attempts to jerk the audience's emotions around with their baby fever antics, and I don't want them to infect Grey's Anatomy with it. I stopped watching Pvt Practice after the first episode this season when the baby mania just got out of control (I mean, I *get* that the Pvt Practice clinic is a fertility clinic, but sheesh, enough already with the "will they or won't they save the baby!" drama and "babies are amazing, they bring families together" blah blah blah), and it's bad enough that they continued the crossover thingy with Addison sticking around to help one of McDreamy's pregnant patients (more overused "will they or won't they save the baby!" drama). Gah! Enough already! Go home, you damn Pvt Practice doctors!

Also, with the Izzy thing, she was having the blood tests done to check for any illnesses. Remember, she'd figured out that she was seeing Denny because he essentially had to give her a message that she's ill. So she had her interns do blood tests and CT scans under the guise of 'teaching' them, but it was really to see if she had any undiagnosed illnesses. If you remember in that episode, her interns found that one of the clinic patients' tests came back with cancer results, and Izzy's results came back clean, which she was ecstatically happy about. I think the interns accidentally switched the results and Izzy has cancer, while the patient does not. I'm sure that will become a plot point in later episodes.
Did anyone watch the season premiere of Grey's?
I liked the theme of people dealing with grief in their own way. But, they definitely dragged things out. I don't think there was a reason for a 2 hour episode. I wish they would've started with the elevator scene again for this episode. I think it was a little cruel to have us doubt for a second the bus accident victim may not be George.

I'm glad they kept Meredith and Izzy both strong and not becoming these shrills. I guess I wonder if they will continue to have George's death affect any of the characters in future episodes. But, it seems like the new focus is the merging of Seattle Grace with another hospital. I wonder if that may introduce new characters this season.

Star, I did. I do agree with your thoughts.

I thought it did not need to be two hours. My favorite part was the elevator scene between Bailey and Derek. I also liked the ending. I did like the subject of grief, and how it impacts everyone in different ways. Izzie is still getting on my last nerve. Yet, I think George dying will have the impact on her the most.
I personally had to put up with my mother screaming, "IT'S NOT GEORGE! HE ISN'T DEAD! NO ONE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED HIM! IT'S NOT HIM!" for the entire two hours (which I agree about; I don't think it needed to be two hours long - by the end I was grateful it was over). Does anyone else think this, too? Like maybe he will be off the show for a few seasons or one season or something but then he might come back? I think it's doubtful but my mother seems to be convinced and she is usually eerily correct about these things.

I have to be honest, I really like Cristina and Owen (whom I like to refer to as McArmy, hehe). I really love Kevin McKidd. Seriously, him and Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor just kill me (in a good way). I was pretty excited to see that McKidd had joined the cast last season. I just hope that this turns out to be another decent season this year. Season three was really lacking to me but they have picked up since then (in my opinion) and I hope it stays that way. I'm still tired of Izzie, though, and definitely wouldn't mind if she left the show. When she was laughing at George's funeral I thought it was pretty unrealistic and ridiculous. When they all started laughing it was a little much. I don't think that really would have happened IRL.

Wow, sorry for being long-winded! I didn't know I thought this much about the show! laugh.gif
I know that Izzie isn't gone for good but is anyone else glad that she might have disappeared for a while? I'm so tired of her character. I was really hoping that she was going to die at the end of last season. Bah.
I hope there is someone around here who watches this show. Tonight's season finale is TOO good.
Good god. I have been 'meh' about GA for a while but the finale was wrenching.
I somehow knew that Stupid April was being set up to do something colossally wrong all season, but I thought she'd just make a pass at Shepard or something. I feel sad for Mark of all people, although Lexie has always annoyed me. Loved the resolution of the Christina/Owen thing--not what I was expecting at all. Callie, unsurprisingly, was awesome.

It also occurs to me that there is less of the endless discussions of earlier seasons and more being communicated non-verbally--which is a nice change.
OMG!! April!! I so wanted her to be killed this epi and I know that it is sooooo wrong for me to think that.

I am glad that the show didn't drag out the whole "Will the Chief be killed or live?" They let us know that he lives and the shooter dies. I think he will resume reign of the hospital again. I think Derek was bratty in his assumption in how the hospital should/is run. I do not think he enjoyed handling the responsibilities associated with the position. So, I wonder if he will step down from the position next season.

I felt bad for Meredith. I think I've read that Ellen Pompeo is leaving the show after next season. I wonder if the miscarriage and the whole "the place I used to love" might be her entry way to being at the hospital differently.

I agree, Syb, that the whining has stopped on the show. I see Izzie's exit as being a big contributor to less neurosis being on the show.
I say it is one of the greatest TV shows that was created for all the women of the world. It is just amazing and I eternally love it!
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