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Full Version: Grey's Anatomy.. Bad Medicine We're Addicted To
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Isaiah Washington was fired from the show! Wow.
see? there are consequences for saying stoopid things. i wonder if isaiah washington is mad that he lost his job or is he mad that no one agrees with him [that it's acceptable to say what he said].
wonder how next season will be'll be christina laying on the bathroom floor in a pink (well, wedding) dress instead of izzie. not!
holy chit!

while I can't say I'm That Suprised, I am Still Hell Yah Surprised!!

I guess to me it's like kicking someone out of the family; you might want or wish to sometimes but you never actually do it.

why oh why do these actors have to be regular flawed people instead of just who we love on the shows they are on?

mixed feelings about next season.. and I have 0 plans to watch Addi's spin off, bc I think it looks lame.

on a side note: there is a new show on Lifetime.. Army Wives.. and there is a male character who very much has the Dr Burke kind of vibe.. calm, patient, under control,, he plays the civilian husband ( a psychiatrist or therapist) of a high ranking female colonel who is about to crack. (Christina who?)

one of the show's exec producers is from Grey's.
wonder if there is a connection?

thanks for the update faerie!
did anyone see the article where isiah washington was saying that they fired the Wrong Person??

that "tr knight purposely inflamed the situation in order to get a raise and a larger story line"?

am not sure if there has been any response from shonda & co, but what sour grapes.
Yep, saw the article. As if he needed to make himself look like more of an a-hole... rolleyes.gif
Didn't want this thread to die. I know last season was crappy, but I'm hoping this upcoming season will be better.
thanks for the bump sassy.

when does this new season kick off? I expect an obnoxious buildup to it well before hand but have so far not seen really anything here.

did anyone watch the premier of Addison's show (Private?) Practice last night night?
I didn't, bc what I saw last year on Grey's was enough for me to think 'no thanks.'

I saw that eisaha washington has a spot on the Bionic Woman I think it was.. which looked lame to me the last 15 minutes we saw of it.
Freckle, it starts tonight. I"m gonna watch and give it a chance, but my hopes aren't high.
thanks erin.

right after I posted this I saw a commericial, the Only commericial for it on tv.
weird how they've built up the spin off so much but then sort of sneak this one in sideways.. doesn't give me the highest of hopes on top of my pre exsisting ambivilance.

I saw TR on Ellen this afternoon & he said that George is "going through a lot this coming year", and is repeating his intern year rather than quitting medicine. (yah yah & no I'm not suprised but that is where they left off last year.)

optomistic thoughts!

ugly better also premiers right before it tonight!

Yeah. Not impressed. I'll give it a few more episodes, but I think i'll be quiting the show this season.
UGH! this show is so fucking lame. it makes me mad! meredith's sister is actually almost as annoying as meredith. almost. but not quite.

and the deer? the izzy/george thing? come ON! it was so stupid! and isn't derek the one who dumped her last season? now he's putting it all on always. what an ass. and she's stupid and whiny. this show is stupid.

Sadly, as stupid as this epi was....won't keep me from watching. heh. If I get one squinky, sparkling, mischievious smirk from Patrick Dempsey in any epi...I'll be watching.

But the deer....stupid. Fer real.
I'm not quite decided on what I thought about this episode yet. I liked it in the way that I have my cozy old Grey's Anatomy watching it with my housemate on the couch routine back, but other than that.... ehhh... not the greatest.
Yeah, wtf is up with the deer? Way to start out the season with a bang by jumping the shark, Grey's.

But that scene between McDreamy & McSteamy was teh hotness. "I came back for you." I loved that part best.
The "I came back for you" part was really funny. I think it'll make things more interesting if they're friends, hopefully.
Maybe I have lower expectations but I still love the show.

It was a bit cold but then thought that was down to the new resident/interns dynamic and it will take time to settle.

The McSteamy/McDreamy exchange was the best moment.

I liked Lexi and the echoes of past seasons (girl in the bar, Mer choosing between them both). I think Lexi and George will become really good friends.

Also liked the exchange between Cristina and Alex at end.

Oh, and does anyone else think that Alex is trying to look land act like McSteamy?
I also thought there was something missing in the episode.
I did not believe the "I came back for you" part though, sorry. He clearly came to Seattle to bring Addison back home to NY. but now that she has her own show, the writers have to do something... but the continuity was messed up.
I do like Lexi and how she helped George. why is Meredith so opposed to Lexi? did she know that Lexi existed before?
Missing JaneDoe/Rebecca. liked her. and yes, bunnyb, I think they're trying to make Alex more scruffy desireable instead of the good guy that fell for JaneDoe.
"I may thank you for this... but not today". liked that part.
i'm so disappointed in izzie. she's putting a lot of pressure on george, and she does not seem to care that she's ruining a marriage. i can't wait for callie to bust her ass.
the meredith/derek storyline seems superficial.
all of the characters seem off, in my opinion, like the energy is not flowing properly - there is absolutely no chemistry. it actually reminded me a little of house in that way - with all the new interns, and it's throwing off the chemistry and flow of the show.
i hope it gets better.
I think i've officially quit the show. I missed the second episode, and then last weeks. I saw the preview for this weeks and it looks pretty lame to me, so I think I'm done unless I come in here to find some glowing reviews.

I'm totally into "Pushing Daisies" now. It's so cute and well written.
wheee!!! callie FINALLY told izzie off! called her a traitorous bitch!!!! yesyesyesyesyes
I was so happy!!! smile.gif

So did Derek basically tell Meredith that he wanted to date other people??
Seemed kind of like Derek is back to stringing her along...and into her sister??? wrong!
Yeah, I don't get it.
so, great... I miss an episode, and it's one I really should have seen.
Callie told Izzie off?? love it!!
so far, not crazy about this season either. Did love Callie's telling off of Izzie speech. Izzie has gone beyond the bounds of annoying and Meredith is fast approaching in my estimation.
Well, I'm still a fan and I watch Private Practice too.

Jami, you can watch Callie telling Izzie off on the Grey's website (abc).

I loved Alex telling her off too; you can see why he would be so upset, part of him still loves her.

George is annoying me... why is he stringing both Callie and Izzie along? If he does love Izzie, as he said he does, then he needs to tell Callie instead of all the forgiveness crap. At the moment he's hurt her big time but if she starts healing THEN he leaves her, she's going to be crushed.

Supposedly Joshua Jackson is going to be on the show; as whom and for how long I don't know.
OOOO Joshua Jackson! I love him!
Joshua Jackson.. ooooh, now that sounds like some fun! who will he be the interest of?
and I'm tired of Lexie all ready.
the whole george/callie/izzy thing is tiring already. i wonder what it will be like for callie and christina to be roommates.

i was surprised how i touched i was when i saw george and izzy holding hands. i was like, "finally!"

wait...i missed it last and callie are breaking up finally? i read that derek may meet a new woman?
I'm taking a poll - is your heart in it this season, yes or no?

I've been, as ever, a loyal viewer. I wasn't sure at the beginning of the season that my loyalty would hold out, but I like enough of the story progressions now that I'm happy to stay on for the ride.

They really needed a character like Dr. Hahn badly - she's been the realist antidote to all the ridiculousness in the rest of the plotlines.

I also liked getting some insight into the reality of Lexi's relationship w/ her dad last night, but overall I find her character a little insufferable.
flanker, yeah, it is taking some time for me to get into this season.

one of my friends and i are trying to decide if dr. hahn might be a lesbian. we are both queer and were getting some gaydar signs from her. what does anyone else think?
You know star, I have decent gaydar mah'self and I did get a bit of a vibe too.

I was thrilled for Dr. Bailey. I kept thinking, it's about effing time and then she pretty much said that to the Chief, which made me giggle. I'm confused though, when Callie said she was fired did she mean completely or from the Chief Resident job? Because I think her character just belongs in surgery, not as a paper pusher/coordinator. And it just seems like they really gave that character a raw deal. She started out as this ass kicking woman and then made her an emotional wreck. Bleh. Back to Dr Hahn, I think she will be good for Christina in the long run. Oh and the way she called McSteamy out for being attracted to her skill & confidence, but not actually her was my second favorite part of the episode! Damn. I think her character is helping things along nicely. The whole George & Izzy no chemistry thing annoyed me, because I feel so over their little saga already. Lexi's character is also annoying, but man Meredith is an asshole sometimes.
Yeah, I also picked up some lesbian vibes. And if it turns out that she is, I hope they don't make a stupid melodramatic storyline with it, because this season is full of nonsense.

I'm mad at what they've done with Callie. She started out as this firm, respectable person, and on the last episode she seemed so childish. "I'm having a good day. Let me have fun and do these surgeries." It was annoying. No wonder they fired her. It's like she existed just to create some tension for everyone else, and now that they have Lexi for that, they don't need Callie anymore.

And don't get me started on Izzy and George.
I concur with Ms Yuefie and faerie. And my heart isn't really in this season, but I'm willing to give it a little bit more time (mostly because two girlfriends and I get together and knit while watching Grey's).
ya i still watch the show and love it, but YAH!

1.) Lexie is SOO annoying
2.) meredith is so mean for no reason
3.) george and izzy are just gross
4.) i felt SO bad for callie!
so, is mcdreamy even trying to get over meredith? or is his attempts at dating just to annoy meredith and to delude himself that he is over her?
I think he's trying to get over Meredith, and his first attempt just wasn't successful. I hope he pursues the nurse. She seems like she has more potential than the other doctor, and maybe even Meredith.

I also hope George and Izzy stop having sex and try to salvage their friendship first.

I'm glad Bailey's the chief resident and that she gave Christina the good advice she needed re: backing off with Hahn (and that she got her first chance to shine w/ Hahn already).

I can totally relate to why Meredith's been shutting Lexie out. I think she has a reason for doing it. But it's not necessarily a "good" reason.
I think Derek should go for the nurse.
I want Izzie and George also to stop having sex, because it's sort of gross to me. They remind me too much of a brother and sister relationship.
Also, picked up a gay vibe from Dr. Hahn.
I'm really happy for Dr. Bailey. But, I'm confused of where they're going to take Callie's character.
I can relate a little about Meredith shutting Lexie out. But, Lexie annoys the fuck out of me.

Is it weird that I miss Dr. Montgomery Shepherd??

Does anyone know if there are any episodes left? The writers strike makes me sad.
There should be an ep tonight (Crash Into Me pt. 2) and another after the Christmas.
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Nov 19 2007, 11:45 PM) *
I think Derek should go for the nurse.
I want Izzie and George also to stop having sex, because it's sort of gross to me. They remind me too much of a brother and sister relationship.
Also, picked up a gay vibe from Dr. Hahn.
I'm really happy for Dr. Bailey. But, I'm confused of where they're going to take Callie's character.
I can relate a little about Meredith shutting Lexie out. But, Lexie annoys the fuck out of me.
Is it weird that I miss Dr. Montgomery Shepherd??

I agree with everything you said! Meredith is playing games with Derek's head. She's pretty selfish. Izzie and George disgust me to the highest level. I didnt think Hahn was gay, just thought she saw through McSteamy!! I like Dr. Bailey, and I like Callie, but i saw that coming. I knew Callie wouldnt last as chief resident! But I love Callie's character. I hope she stays on the show.

Lexie IS annoying and a lil overbearing... how do you show up and expect someone to accept you as their sister when they dont know you. Thats a tough pill to swallow for Meredith... you know how she is!

Dr. Montgomery Shepherd is much better on Private Practice. I think that was a good move for her! That's an awesome show by the way.
I really liked last night's episode. It was good to see that the kick ass surgeons can fuck up too, that they are fallible and not just the interns/first yr residents.

Meredith grew as a person and is no longer shutting people out.

Izzy and George realised it's not working, which is good. It icks me seeing them together as know they are such good friends IRL.

I felt the chemistry between Derek and the nurse but we all know that he'll return to Meredith eventually.

I want Alex to get his shit together and be with someone secure who won't mess him up further. Although I liked the sweetness between him and Lexi in previous episodes.

konphusion, I love Private Practice! It's really improved from the pilot (which was meh) and I love the chemistry between the characters and the sexiness, quirkiness and humour in each show. I also have a crush on ALL of the male characters.
Ya, im glad that george and izzy arent together---i thought that was a bit weird

i wish meredith would just get her act together, b/c mcdreamy is gonna go to the nurse lady and thats gonna be more drama..

of course, this is a drama-show--so i mean what do u expect??
With this writers strike, we're going to be left hanging gals. I heard on tv they were scheduled for one more episode before the New Year, but because of the strike that's not happening either. BLAH!!! I am addicted to that show, and now they've taken it away from me *tear*... sad.gif What will we do without them??

George and Izzy... blech!!!! dry.gif They upset me anyway. I'm glad they didnt work out. Derek and the nurse...maybe. Still partial to looney Meredith. I dont know what to do with Lexie or Christina. They aren't my favorite characters.

But Private Practice is sexy, funny, its just a damn good show. And they're probably done for the season too cuz of the strike WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! sad.gif
it's on tonight (Betty too first) !!
Yay! It looks like a good one too. smile.gif

I really like the character development in this episode and the interactions.

I liked that there was more Callie; I've missed her.

I like Rose; she's cute. I'm not sure about Hahn; I didn't like her during the episode but at the end when she told Sloane that she has to leave who she is outside out of her job, I understood her more.

I heart Bailey.

Lexi doesn't annoy me and thought she was sweet in this ep (if a little responsible as a doctor with a known allergy). It's cute that her and George are going to move in together.

Yay for some dark Alex stuff and his cuteness with Izzy (" she brightens you", "shut up". hee)

Yay too for Cristina showing some heart!

Meredith and Derek's continual back and forward annoys me; I'm glad he's going to date Rose and that him and Mer said some things but I'm undecided whether I liked that he called her bluff or if it annoyed me... I can understand why he did it but no, she's not going to trust him if he kisses other girls and doesn't tell her so what does he expect? Meredith needs to get a grip though.
Thursday's episode almost made me cry. It was intense, but I was tearing up because I know this was the last one until that strike is over. What will we do ladies????? I"m addicted to this show, and I need my fix.
Any thoughts on the season finale?

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